First Meeting


Curled up in a quiet corner of the lobby, she sits alone, a book in her hand. She has chosen this location for a reason. It gives her a chance to be alone with her thoughts, while still watching the lobby for any sign of Him.

A few people walk by, glancing at her. They see only what she allows them to see; a pretty woman, with large, dark eyes when she looks up. She’s dressed simply in a soft white blouse, long black skirt, and black boots that encase her legs to midcalf. She’s completed the outfit with a thin leather band around her neck. Few people take the time to get close enough to see it though. She’s left her hair loose and flowing over her shoulders, which hides it from most people’s views.

She smiles to herself, knowing that those who walk through this lobby know nothing of her. They don’t know that she came early to the meeting, on purpose. They don’t know that as soon as she got there, she’d taken time in the bathroom to prepare herself. That she’d gone in and primped and made sure that her appearance would please Him. No one would know but her the time that she had taken with her appearance that morning; that she’d spent over an hour getting ready.

She Bahis Sitesi was by nature, not someone who primped and fussed and made a big deal out of her appearance. Today though, was special. She had made sure to get a good night’s sleep. She had gotten up and taken a steaming hot shower, being very careful in her bathing. She’d taken care with her shaving, her hands slipping over her wet body as she checked for any stray hair that might displease Him. She had been so tempted to slip her fingers down to play as she stroked the lotion over her arms and breasts. She had resisted that urge, rubbing the scented lotion into her legs. If she was naughty, he would surely know it. He had a tendency to know when she even had the urge to misbehave. The last thing she wanted to do was spend her first night with him, in trouble.

The drive hadn’t seemed like 3 hours. She had gotten lost in her daydreams and thoughts of Him from the moment that she had pulled out of her driveway. Now, she was here, curled up in the corner of the couch, her book barely noticed as she watches for him. She hopes that she will see Him before He sees her, so that she will have those few Bahis Siteleri moments of just cherishing his look. She is so proud to be His and she wants to cherish those moments of watching others look at Him, knowing it will be her that will share his bed and life for the next few days.

Shaking herself from her reverie, she glances down at the slim silver watch on her wrist. Realizing how close it is until He will be coming for her, she tucks her book into her bag and tidies her clothes. She so wants to be perfect for Him, butterflies are dancing in her stomach.

Instinctively, she knows the moment that He steps into the room. They have been connected for nearly as long as they have realized what they are to each other. She knows that He feels it as well, because it is mere moments before their eyes meet. Later she will laugh to herself, but it was as if the rest of the world faded away. There was no one else in that room for either of them when He crossed to her and pulled her gently to her feet. They didn’t feel the looks when He took her into his arms, one hand burying in her hair as He kissed her. They didn’t see the smiles as He took her by Canlı Bahis Sitesi the hand and led her to the room that they would be sharing. They only felt and saw each other.

He had felt her before he heard her, before he saw her, her mix of elation and nervousness pulling to him across the noisy hall. His hand slipped into hers before she fully saw him, the little gasp of surprise turning to a purr of pleasure and she all but leapt on him, purring, “Daddy…” into his ear. Her kiss lingered and her arms draped behind his neck, interlacing her fingers together and holding him to her as he held her to him, hands sliding around her back and holding her chest to chest with him.

“Miss me babygirl?”

Her only response was another kiss, melting into his arms with a happy squeal.

“Let’s go, Mine.”

He led her to the elevator, holding her hand with a proud smile, her near skipping putting a little smile on his face. As soon as the elevator doors touched, he’s all over her, hand slipping up under her skirt to caress her bare, plugged cunt, her breath catching in a sharp gasp at the touch of her owner, her love, her everything.

“Good girl…I see you remembered.”

“Ye..yes, Daddy…”

His hands barely make it out of her skirt before the doors open, and he leads her out to the hallway, standing before the door to his room.

“It’s time baby. Are you ready?”

She smiles as he opens the door.

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