Dear Diary Ch. 10

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– Dec. 1 –

So there we were. Marie and i against the wall, wrapped in leather. Tina in those sexy leather pants and bra standing over Sarah, who was bound to the couch face down over the back, her ass in the air covered in the barest wisp of lace.

Tina came over to me and smoothed my hair back from my face, whispering “It’s time for you to change” in a voice strangely touched by emotion. She took my hand gently, and led me over to Marie, who she spun back into place facing the wall. She put her hand on the back of Marie’s head and pushed, so that Marie’s cheek was held tightly against the wall. She motioned me to stand between her and Marie, and i slipped in between her stretched arms, my leather cased breasts against Marie’s back, and Tina’s front pressed against the whole of my back. Tina released Marie’s head, which stayed in place, and put her hands on mine. She guided my hands through Marie’s hair, and down her back, touching and caressing, all the while her lips at my ear, moaning softly with each new touch, sending electricity into my brain with each new sound.

Our hands moved down to Marie’s ass, cupping it, gripping it, stroking it gently. Marie’s hips pivoted involuntarily, pushing against our touch; I could feel Tina’s smile. She whispered in my ear “the key is giving the slave what they want, eventually, but only in the way YOU want, and only for YOUR goals, whatever they may be.” With that comment, our hands traveled over Marie’s shoulders, caressing the bare skin above the corset she was clad in.

Her breathing was audible now, her chest rising and falling quickly. Our hands slipped inside the material, and my fingers closed around Marie’s nipple; Tina’s pressure on my hands increased, and then we were pinching the nipple, Marie moaning in pain or ecstasy in response. I felt it stiffen under my touch; Tina guided my other hand to Marie’s ass, which was moving in small circles, in time with the pinches on her nipple. Then she used my hand to spank her hard, several times, causing Marie to cry out each time; there was no question that it was in ecstasy now. After the spanking we backed off, leaving Marie gasping against the wall. “See how turned on she is? I got what i wanted, the pleasure of spanking her and playing with her. She got almost what she wanted; only as much as i was willing to give her.”

She pulled me over to stand behind Sarah. “Your turn” she whispered breathily. I notice that Tina seemed to be getting quite aroused from the activities as well, her nipples were obvious, even through the leather, and her skin was flushed. poker oyna “What?” I answered. She turned me around and looked me in the eye. “I’ve seen how you are with Sarah. You obviously find her attractive. Well, she’s yours, now, entirely for your pleasure, to do what you want with. I think there’s someone inside you that wants the pleasure to be mixed with some power and possibly some pain; maybe there isn’t. Either way, your gorgeous roommate is sitting there, helpless, waiting for you to use her.”

I didn’t know what to do, or what to think, for a second. Then, for the next second, i felt a pressure inside me, whether it was fear, or restraint, or some sort of inhibition i don’t know, but it was suffocating. Then, the next second, Tina kissed the back of my neck, and it all sort of… went away. As if a door had opened for me, i realized that i could do whatever i liked, with Sarah, with college, with my life; nothing could stop me unless i chose to give it that power.

I decided in that instant that my life was going to be a LOT of fun. I turned and grabbed Tina by the breasts, swinging her around so her hips were against the couch, and kissed her fiercely, over and over, leaving her gasping for air when i stepped back. A smile blossomed on her face; she had seen into my soul and realized that i had, in fact, changed.

I wasn’t sure what all i wanted to do with Sarah, but i remembered the way she’d treated Josh, and decided it was time she learned what the other side felt like. I leaned over and whispered in Sarah’s ear “you are soooo sexy lying there like that; you can’t imagine the things i’m going to do to you, my little toy. And when we leave here today, and return to our room, you will still be mine to play with as i choose. Think about that for a while.” I couldn’t see the look on her face, since it was pressed into the couch by the straps.

I walked behind Sarah and grabbed her panties, yanking them off of her in one quick move. Then i hit her, and she yelled out. Frowning, i reached down and pushed a pillow in between her face and the couch; the next spank only elicited a muffled scream, which was much better. I might have felt bad about the spanking, but Sarah’s pussy was getting wetter with each strike of my flesh against hers.

Tina had moved over to where Marie was standing, and was dragging her across the room to the same couch that Sarah was on. “You didn’t know that Marie was a submissive, did you, Kelli? She is. Very” Tina said as she threw Marie down on the couch next to Sarah. With rough hands she pulled Marie’s clothes off, leaving her canlı poker oyna naked and gorgeous on the couch. Those same rough hands removed Sarah’s bra.

Tina reached down and grabbed Sarah by the hair, pulling her head up, then assisted Marie in sliding her hips underneath. When they had finished, Sarah’s face was buried in Marie’s crotch, Marie’s legs up on the couch, her head on the other part of the couch. “Eat, slave” Tina commanded, and Sarah began licking Marie, moaning into Marie’s private parts as my hand met her ass over and over. Tina walked behind me, and i heard some rustling. I heard her set something down beside me, and her hands felt great as they reached around and cupped my breasts. She deftly flicked the catch, and pulled my leather mini-bra off. Moments later she had tugged the leather bottoms off too, leaving me bare. I stopped spanking Sarah and watched as Tina stripped, first those gorgeous leather pants and then the top, revealing her fantastic body to all of us. I continued to watch as she wandered over to the couch, climbed on top of Marie, and lowered her sopping slit to Marie’s waiting lips.

I looked beside me and saw the things Tina had layed there: a vibrator, several dildos, and a huge strapon. I don’t know what came over me, but i just couldn’t go any further, and i ran to my room, locking the door.

You would have thought that was the end of the story. You couldn’t be more wrong.

It must have been the middle of the night, i’m not sure, when i felt someone familiar crawl into bed with me: Marie. She was crying softly, and i asked her what was wrong. “You left” she said simply. “Why is that a problem?” I asked in confusion. Her reply was to grab me and kiss me, passionately and tenderly through her tears. “Because i want you, Kelli, i want you so badly it’s burning me up inside.”

I had nothing to say. The moment was so pure, so perfect, that I did the only thing i could do: i wrapped my arms around Marie and kissed her back, the soft explorations rapidly moving into a more frenzied experience. Marie was nude, and it took me only seconds to pull of the shirt i had worn to bed. I threw the sheets and covers aside, and lowered my body down atop hers, reveling in the feel of her smooth skin on mine, her hardened nipples pressing against my breasts, the way her legs parted to let one of mine slide into place between them. Our hands explored each other thoroughly, softly caressing, sometimes squeezing gently. No hint of the games we had played earlier found their way into this moment.

It was I who took it further, rotating internet casino on the bed until my lips were poised at the gates to Marie’s tenderest areas, as mine hovered over her lips. My tongue touched her first, gently flicking the hard nub that was standing at attention, begging for my ministrations. A shudder ran through Marie as i sucked on it, laving it with my tongue. My fingers found their way inside her, one hand spreading her wide and the other slipping inside the oh so wet canal, curving up to find that elusive spot. As i slid the second finger inside, her lips found my clit.

It was so much better than anything i’d ever felt as her wet tongue gently stroked me. I came almost immediately, my juices covering Marie’s lips. I began to devour Marie, a new sense of urgency pushing me, my desire to feel her cum beneath me overwhelming all other thoughts. She didn’t disappoint me; not long after my third finger slid inside her, i felt her shaking under me, crying out my name as she did.

She must have been loud, i was too involved, i couldn’t tell; but i definitely felt it when hands that weren’t Marie’s started touching me. I turned to look and found myself rolled off of Marie, with Tina’s tongue darting into my mouth as she fell on top of me. I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her back, losing myself in the warmth of her mouth as her hands roamed my body, suprising me with their gentleness. I could hear that Sarah was in the room too; a quick glance showed her astride Marie’s face, using her hands on the lower parts of Marie’s body as Marie licked and sucked, bringing Sarah obvious pleasure.

The night passed with more of the same. Each of us wound up with each of the others for a time, licking, sucking, and generally cumming – a lot. Tina had toys; i won’t even go into the toys Tina had, but they were plentiful and effective. The memory that wakes me up in the middle of the night sweating is this: I am on all fours, horizontal on the bed. The dildo in my hand is deep in Sarah’s sweet pussy as my lips devour her, and one of the fingers on my other hand gently touches the puckered ring of her ass, never actually sliding inside, just teasing. Marie, sitting on the floor, her back against the bed, is hard at work licking my dripping slit, one of her hands around my butt, pulling me down to her mouth, forcing my knees to slide further and further to the side. Her other hand is ramming 3 fingers deep into Tina’s hole as she thrusts into my wanting pussy with a strap on. It was a haze of pleasure; i lost track of the number of times i came. So there it is, Dear Diary, i’m a virgin no longer. Innocence lost. But, for the joy and fun i’ve discovered, i don’t regret the departure at all.

xoxo Kelli

* * * * *

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