How Philosophy Lost My Virginity

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I had been in the apartment for quite a while. Taking care to give myself ample time, I had baked a chocolate cake for dessert, bathed in a soap filled bath after undressing quickly, and cleaned the entire back bedroom. The king sized bed was made up with thick sheets and thin comforters, and I, in an attempt to be romantic, had spread rose petals over the pillows. I only hoped we could make it to the bed.

Sometimes he would get excited and we’d end up making love on the floor of the kitchen. It was sweet, sex with him always was, but it wasn’t what I wanted tonight. No, I needed this too badly to let him take me on the cold floor. I knew he did too.

He never failed me when it came to sex. He was perfect in every way. In the bedroom, in public, even at work. A truly flawless man. Well, almost flawless. He had a few things about him I wished he did differently. He could be rough. He never seemed to understand that slow and steady was not necessarily a bad thing. I always took it though, because I loved him.

The day I met him seemed like a lifetime ago. We were in school, both of us, on the green just in front of the library. I was sitting in the sun on the sidewalk with my best friends, Jay and Liesal, undoubtedly dissecting something moronic like the point of life, when he stepped in my light and inquired about the possibility of having Liesal tutor him in philosophy.

Liesal, ever the humble one of our trio, immediately declined, and instead suggested that I tutor him, as I was supposedly much more patient and therefore more capable of teaching.

This was untrue, no one beat Liesal in anything, especially not me. I was smart, but not half as brilliant as Liesal. Jay was incredibly intelligent, though in other areas, and had taught me everything I needed to know about psychology my freshman year. I had convinced myself I would completely bomb my final in that class, but I pulled a perfect score with his help.

In short, my friends were the best I could have possibly asked for, but they were both also gay, and in love with each other. Not that I could blame them, they were positively gorgeous. Truth be told, I adored being in the middle of those two all the time. Whenever they fought, which they rarely did, I helped. And so when this unusually beautiful man stepped up and asked for their help, they glanced at each other, once more at me, and told him they couldn’t help, but I could.

He seemed desperate, and he was ridiculously charming, so I happily said I’d do what I could and he beamed with gratitude. We exchanged numbers and agreed to meet at the campus cafe next Monday to start. He turned and left, thanking me once more.

And to think I had just gone from hideously single without a chance in the world to optimistically engaged. All thanks to my amazing gay best friends. We parted ways and promised to eat dinner together, and I went on my way, around the shrubbery, skirting past some students seated on the grass and straight into the chest of Eli.

He apologized, looked down at my face, and asked me if I was alright. I had hit him pretty hard and couldn’t comprehend why he was wasn’t having trouble breathing. I felt my elbow go straight into his stomach. He didn’t even appear fazed. That beautiful face of his looked more perfect than ever up close.

I think I fell in love with him a little right then.

He apologized again and followed that with an invitation to have dinner with him. I accepted. I honestly thought he just wanted to get started with the lessons.

I called Liesal and Jay and explained myself. They were fine with it, told me it would be healthy for me to spend some time away from their “constant Granny bickering and get some dick.” I needed it, they said. They were addicted to dick, so they probably knew what they were talking about. I was a virgin, but neither of them knew that because I had told them once that I let a guy at high school take mine.

I was nervous about dinner. I realized in my next class that I had no idea what to wear. Eli hadn’t even told me where we would be eating. I liked being surprised, but loathed being unprepared. I called in Liesal to dress me, knowing he’d bring Jay along. I needed them both.

A few things about myself: I’m about 5’8, on the thin side without many pleasant curves, and my unruly brown hair always has an abundance of red curls in its midst. Jay tells me I’m an absolute babe, but I don’t see it.

My dark brown eyes are rimmed by perpetual black eyeliner, and my clear skin is scattered with immature freckles across my nose. I have way too many ear piercings to count, two tattoos too embarrassing to mention, some of them rather hastily done, and I probably classify as a hipster in several respects. Maybe Eli liked that. Maybe it turned him on. He didn’t know I had never been touched. How would he? I certainly wasn’t going to tell him. In fact, I made a silent resolution to tell him as little about myself as possible over the Escort bayan course of our dining. I didn’t want him to have any leverage over me. He didn’t seem like the interested type, anyways.

Jay finally settled on a simple yet classy outfit he conjured from the depths of my wardrobe. It was a sheer button up blouse patterned with tiny blood red flowers that he claimed would draw attention to my fiery hair, black skinny slacks, and white ballet flats.

After ensuring the ensemble was up to par, by asking Liesal of course, Jay insisted I show them what underwear I had on and had therefore planned on wearing. I had been partially unclothed in the presence of Jay and Liesal before, so I exhibited no hesitation in pulling off my fitted Beatles shirt.

I stood for a second, unsure of the possibility of impending scrutiny. I must have stood idle too long, as Jay came up behind me, reached around my trim waist, and unbuttoned my jeans, shucking them off my legs in a single smooth motion.

This was pushing it a little. I had often been topless with them, or at least in a bathing suit, but I had a nagging feeling that more was coming, that I should just expect to feel awkward in the next few moments. I was right.

Taking their silence as an okay on my appearance and undergarments, I bent down to pull my jeans back up, trying to think over the weird tension that had settled in the room. I straightened up to see Jay and Liesal eyeing me like a tiger watching a defenseless child.

Never before had they looked at me with such sincerity, with such ferocity. Jay had the oddest look on his face, accompanied by a heady glint in his eye that betrayed remorse. Why would Jay be resentful? He hadn’t done anything to be sorry for. Yet.

Liesal audibly licked his lips, drawing the roaming eyes of Jay to him. Jay knelt beside his boyfriend and nuzzled his abdomen with his lips. Liesal moaned. I started to back away, not wanting to intrude upon what was likely to become a noisy and messy fuck session. I didn’t mind that they would probably get cum all over my bedroom.

They never bothered to wear condoms as they intended to marry right out of college and as each of them were the other’s first.

I had walked in on Jay and Liesal having sex before, by accident actually, and had stood for several seconds wondering what to do. I knew they had heard me enter, and I kept waiting for one of them to shout for me to leave. It never happened.

Jay had been fucking Liesal with abandon, slamming his well-endowed cock into an eager hole. Though it was over a year ago, when we were sophomores, I remembered it clearly. Jay had been grunting away, and Liesal was rolling his eyes in uninhibited ecstasy, alternating between “Oh Jay, more,” and “Harder, fuck me harder.”

I remembered the similarities of today and then. That time Liesal had suddenly flicked his eyes open, stared me down, motioned for me to come closer, and pushed Jay off him. Jay looked surprised, then saw me and smiled. I walked closer as Liesal had gestured for me to do, and both of them got up and simultaneously apologized for what I had seen. They were so sorry, they said, that I had to see something like that. I replied that it was my fault, I should have knocked, but they brushed it off with another adamant apology. We had never spoken of it again.

Now, just like last time, I timidly took a step back, heard the floorboards creak loudly, and mentally chastised myself for getting into this situation.

Honestly, I had to get some sense of style.

Both heads broke away from a needful kiss and turned towards me. I murmured a half hearted apology and reached for the door handle. Jay crossed the room in three powerful strides and caught me by the wrist.

“Oh, I’m sorry May. We keep doing this to you. Here, um…just,”

And with that, Jay managed to unfasten my bra and slide down my underwear all in one fluid motion.

“Jay! What exactly do you think you’re doing?”

I was stark naked, and hurriedly splayed my hands over my breasts and crouched to cover my pussy. I had not expected this. Liesal hummed in approval and Jay leaned backwards to admire his handiwork.

By this point my cunt was dripping. Apparently noticing this, Liesal slid over to make room for me on the bed. I fell back on the comforter and closed my weary eyes.

“Now May, where’s your underwear drawer?”

I heard Jay rummaging through my dresser, drawers squeaking as they were pulled out.

“Ah, here. Mmmm. These will do nicely.”

I felt warm hands brush my stomach as Liesal laid the lingerie Jay had picked out next to me.

Opening my eyes, I saw that Liesal had picked up the set of undergarments in order to further inspect them. It was a white lacy thong I had never worn, too thin to provide any actual reassurance, too thin to even hide my lips, the opening of my cunt. The bra Liesal held was white as well, a seductive half Bayan Escort cupped thing with no real support to be had.

No way I was leaving the apartment in just this to cover my privates. No way.

I voiced my skepticism and complaints about the underwear. Giving up as quickly as I started, I sat up and spread both legs, revealing my wetness, showing my two best friends my glistening untouched cunt.

Jay breathed in deeply and mimed putting on underwear. I spread my legs farther, reached across to snag the thong, and stuck a single slim finger up my cunt.

Liesal whimpered and moved closer. Realizing I had them right where I wanted them, I pulled out my index finger and brought it up to my slightly parted lips. I immediately shoved two fingers in my pussy with one hand and sucked loudly on the finger wet with my juices. Liesal dropped onto the bed next to me and lowered his head.

He flicked his tongue over my nipple, then showed no hesitation in drawing it into his mouth. It felt unlike anything I had ever experienced before. I had never been kissed, much less suckled.

I didn’t think things could possibly get any better until Jay buried his face in my pussy and started stroking my trembling lips with his tongue. He pulled gently at my labia, parting my full pink lips with his free hand, and chewed lightly on my clitoris. Liesal whimpered with need and sucked harder, all while fumbling with Jay’s jeans for a button.

I bent to offer my help, thus encasing Jay fully in my wetness, and heard him hum and sigh with pleasure.

“May, you wouldn’t believe how great you taste. Really, you’re as juicy as Liesal.”

Both of my friends were still fully clothed, rubbing their hardening dicks with their hands. I stopped for a moment, reveling in pleasure, and thought about how this one incident might influence our relationship. I couldn’t stand to lose my two closest friends.

Sitting up with a start, I said “Liesal, Jay, stop. That’s enough. This isn’t right.”

They both straightened unwillingly and looked me in the eyes. Even without speaking, I knew they wanted to know why, wanted to know what had happened to make me insist on ceasing this unprecedented experience. I didn’t have an answer, how could I?

They must have seen it in my face- how badly I wanted it. I couldn’t stop. After only minutes, I was as addicted as a heroine junkie. They didn’t even miss a beat in pushing me back on the bed and finishing what they had begun.

Biting and suckling my left nipple one last time, Liesal knelt to join Jay at the meeting of my thighs.

I could feel two tongues converging, shoving their way inside my vagina, doubling the ecstasy. I shuddered my way into the biggest orgasm I had ever had, and came down slowly, with Jay and Liesal continuing to lick.

Snatching my thong, I stood on shaky legs to pull it on over my wetness, then struggled into the seductive bra. I stalked to the bathroom, leaving Jay and Liesal feverishly making out behind me.

Shutting the door to catch my breath, I smiled at the moans coming from the bedroom.

This wouldn’t change anything, though it might happen again. This was healthy for all of us, especially me. My diet of sex was in need of revision, and my best friends were willing. Knowing that was a major comfort to my frazzled mind.

Looking in the mirror, I realized I had so many reasons to love Liesal and Jay. They were so good to me. I added some eyeliner, and replaced my chapstick with a dark red lipstick. I maintained a strict diet, and my teeth have always been unusually white and straight. My mother looks much like me, with perfect teeth and a thin frame. My dad contributed his height along with sperm, and I had grown another inch since my freshman year of college.

Some guys were shorter than me, but Eli wasn’t. He was about 6’2, with porcelain skin and deep blue eyes that made the ocean look weak. He kept his black hair long enough to run your hands though, which I had thought about doing many times since our first class together.

He was so attractive. I knew I needed him. Masturbation just wasn’t doing it for me anymore. I needed a real man to stand behind me and kiss my neck while unbuttoning my shirt. A real man to push aside my long hair to lick his way down my body. I needed sex. I spent hours daydreaming about the wild sex I would have whenever I met the right guy. Nothing is more appealing to me than the thought of being naked in a faceless man’s bed.

Once they had finished in the next room, Liesal interrogated me about what to say at the restaurant, and Jay insisted he walk me to Eli’s dorm room. Honestly, they could be so imposing.

I crossed the quiet campus, passed the giant Rochester University sign, and effectively dodged all living people while listening to Jay drone on about how good this would be for me. How seductive I looked. How he hoped this worked out, he liked Eli. I hoped it did too, Escort but I wasn’t about to encourage him.

I loved my friends, but I wasn’t nearly as hopeful as them. No guy had ever wanted me before, why would Eli? Obviously, optimism isn’t my strong suit.

I peered across the lawn and saw Eli leaning against the base of his dorm building. Even from this distance he was breathtaking. He saw me get and started walking towards us.

The next thing I knew Jay was saying “May, you stay here. Give me a minute alone with him.”

Of course I resisted, and he insisted. Typical. He swaggered over to Eli and motioned for him to take a step further away. I heard hushed whispers and a sharp sigh. It didn’t seen to be going well.

“May, I see you moving over there. Just a minute, okay? One minute.”

“Honestly Jay, can we please go? You’re scaring him.”

Eli just laughed a deep manly laugh and said he wasn’t scared, and that he’d comply with “all those unnecessarily stated rules.” You could just tell he was great.

Jay stalked over to me, wrapped his arms around my waist, and reminded me to behave myself. I giggled and told him I would. He was apparently satisfied and started to leave, mumbling something about a craving for a nice fuck. I guess Eli made him horny.

I turned to watch him go and felt a strong hand on my waist and another on my right shoulder. I could feel his heat through my flimsy blouse. I usually would have mentioned something about personal space, about how he should slow down, but stopped when I realized that to Eli this was purely an academic relationship. I needed to remember that this man was not here for my pleasure. He only wanted to pass philosophy. If I continued to think only about sex, I could ruin something great before it even began. No no no, that simply would not do.

He leaned towards my ear in order to be heard over the wind and said we had better go before the restaurant got too busy. I acquiesced. I’d do anything this Adonis told me to. He offered me his elbow, really, what a gentleman, and proceeded to make small take.

We discussed the weather, university sports, and what we intended to major in. He was a senior, I found, and intended to get a teaching degree in high school level mathematics.

This struck me as odd. Philosophy wasn’t required for that type of degree. He caught my look and said that he knew it was a waste of time, but that his parents had graciously agreed to pay for all his college expenses, on the condition he take one class outside of what he needed. His parents, according to him, were like mine.

They were absolutely wonderful, and only wanted the best for their only child. Eli specified that he found philosophy fascinating, so he had decided to take that as his one class. He was happy with it, very, he just needed some additional help keeping Socrates mentally separated from Aristotle.

This made sense to me. I intended to major in social services, or sociology. I wanted to help people. I guess that impressed him.

By this time we had crossed the campus and were walking from block to block. Eli apologized, saying he wished he could have driven, but I wouldn’t let him worry. I liked to walk.

We neared the doors of the restaurant, and looked inside to see it was entirely filled. People were lined out the door. Eli explained that this was a new restaurant, its opening night in fact, and that he really wanted to try it. I suggested we wait, but he didn’t want to. I suggested we walk to another, but he said it looked like it might rain. I didn’t mind rain, and told him so, but he wouldn’t have it. I was beginning to get frustrated.

He finally admitted he had thought this could happen, so he had cleaned his dorm in case we had to go there instead. That was fine by me. Seeing where this guy hung his hat? I’d say yes to anything involving his presence. He took my hand and pulled back in the direction of campus. I started laughing, tripping over his big feet, and he turned around and picked me up. This would not do. I demanded he put me down. I wasn’t that much smaller than him, but he was much stronger. I pretended to sulk, and in doing so quieted down a bit. I leaned towards him. God, he smelled so good. I resisted the urge to kiss his neck. I was beginning to feel overwhelmed. I could feel myself becoming wet at the meeting of my thighs. This was happening too quickly. I wouldn’t do it this way. He must have sensed the change.

He put me down immediately and apologized. I said it was fine, we were only being silly. He took my hand again and fell into step beside me. There was nothing wrong with this, I told myself. He didn’t take things too far. We were silent, stopping and realizing simultaneously that things had crossed from acquaintances to something more sobering.

He looked at me, I looked at him. I think I moaned slightly. He leaned in. I had never even kissed anyone before. Now or never, I thought. I leaned toward him. He tentatively wrapped a hand around my waist and another around the nape of my neck. Just his touch underneath my mass of hair brought goosebumps. He licked his lips and I did the same. He pulled me closer, then covered my mouth with his.

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