Mother is Debauched Ch. 02

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At my friend’s encouragement, I enrolled my son in a sex club to help him overcome sexual teasing by his friends. As a condition of enrollment, I had to participate in the love making with other boys. After my initial experiences, I am having second thoughts.

Later in the day after I saw the videotape of my son having sex with one of the mothers, my friend Beth calls. She asks me if everything is OK. I told her that my emotions were in turmoil and that we need to talk. We agree to meet at her place the next evening after dinner. Charlie will come over and do his homework with Bob at my apartment so Beth and I can speak freely.

Beth poured some coffee for both of us. As we sipped the brew, she asks me what is wrong. My body language must be strong. I pour out my feelings about seeing my son have sex with an older woman as well as my strong emotional reaction to engaging in a bout of teenager sexuality, myself. “I haven’t slept well since the weekend, and it is hard for me to concentrate at work. I keep replaying the vivid sex scenes in my mind.”

Beth asks me if I am having second thoughts about the Club. “Though I am wondering a bit about the roles of the Founding Moms, I think that generally speaking, it is good for Bob. I am not so sure about the state of my future mental health.”

Beth asks me to explain. “I am having loss of possession problems, giving up Bob to someone else who is not his wife.”

Beth looks me in the eye. “Are you sure it’s not something deeper, more sexual.” I must appear confused, because Beth points her finger directly at me.

Her voice is reduced to strong whisper. “I had some of the same issues when Charlie and I joined the Club. Can I trust you to keep a confidence? “

“Of course!”

“Do you intend to see the second tape on Bob’ sexual initiation?”

“Do you think I should?”

“Yes. You will find that the second Founding Mom, Audrey, is much more sexually stimulating than Shelia. She wears an outfit that pushes her breasts up and out and is open around the vulva. She also shaves her pussy. The total effect is a real turn on for the boys. She encourages experimentation and might let Bob come in the back door as well the vaginal area.”

I am blushing by now. “How did you handle the issue after you saw the tape of Charlie?”

“I rather not discuss it until you see it. We’ll discuss it next week.”

Friday Night

I drop Bob off at Shelia’s house and pick him up about two hours later. He is much more animated than the last week. I ask him if he had a good time. His eyes sparkle as he nods in the affirmative. “Do you want to tell me about it?” He only mumbles that the woman was hot stuff.

Saturday Night

I show up for my second rendezvous. I am ushered by Shelia into the same bedroom I used last week. In comes another young man who appears to be a little younger than the one last week. His name is Roy. He is not hung as massively as Cleve—maybe about 7 inches, which is not bad at all. I ask “what he would like to do. What gives him the most satisfaction?”

I am already pretty aroused because I could stop reliving the sexual romp several times during the week and projecting it to Saturday. I intentionally did not masturbate during the week because I didn’t want to dilute this experience.

Roy said that “once he taken a shower with a woman, he had found that two naked bodies entwined together in a water spray were very stimulating! Particularly nice was mutual soaping of each others bodies.”

I agreed that we could do that before the night was over. But I want him to come into me in a special way before we did that. First, I direct him to use his fingers to get me wet by exploring my vagina. He slips his finger between my pussy lips and strokes till my body temperature goes into high gear. “Please use your tongue on my clit,” I plead. My juices were flowing and I am ready for the next step.

“Kneel on the edge of the bed,” I direct. I raise my legs to his shoulders. This was what tried to do last week, but Roy is a better candidate because his penis wasn’t as large as Cleve’s.

Roy positions his penis head against my opening and then without further ado, I take him inside my eagerly awaiting vagina. I move my legs closer together so I could hold him in firmly.

Using my vaginal muscles I held him tightly. I could feel electrical sensations spreading throughout my vulva as Roy began fucking me in slow motion and my adrenalin is flowing. The pleasures are so intense, I had difficulty breathing. I use my right and left index fingers to spread my labia so that when he pushes forward, his hairs and pubic bone rub directly on my engorged clitoris.

“Roy, use your hands to caress my breasts and nipples.” He eagerly complies. Doing this causes Roy to lean forward and allows my ankles to go over his shoulders, giving me some leverage to push upward. Our bodies are melding in complete rhythm, with his penis in full penetration, stroking my inflamed vagina. My erogenous zones are glowing with heat, responding to Ankara bayan escort the pumping motions of his swollen member deep inside of me. My body begins shaking uncontrollably as Roy, breathing hard, pushes in and out with reckless abandon. Then total relief, as the soothing sensations of his creamy ejaculations spreads deep inside me, engorging my cervix, seeping backwards toward my opening and flowing onto my silken hairs. Luckily, I am on the pill or I definitely could become pregnant, even at my age.

My vaginal walls contract in orgasmic over drive as one orgasm after another pulsates through my body. I lose count, but I must have had six or seven. My climaxes are so strong that my breasts gyrate and heave in abandon, as I embrace him tightly. When my breathing returns to normal, I tell Roy “that honestly, he could be my lover anytime. And important to him, we could head to the shower for a special treat.”

With warm water pouring over our naked bodies, I use lots of soap to lather his body and encourage him to do mine as well. I rub my turgid nipples and soft breasts against his chest. Sitting on a bench in the shower, I place his soft penis and scrotum between my lathered breasts and begin breast fucking him. His penis swells with renewed life. The only problem is my mask keeps getting wet, making it hard to see. His eyes glaze in deep pools of passionate embrace as he leans back against the shower wall, soaking in the luxury of our close intimacy. I wash the soap off his penis and holding nothing back, I give him a real deep throated sucking, curling his penis between my tongue and the roof of my embracing mouth. After a few minutes, his body tenses and he squirts an amazing amount of sperm for a second ejaculation. The taste of it gliding down my throat is rapturous. I can’t get enough as I continued cupping his sac in my warm hands. Finally, Roy’s penis softens and his breathing returns to normal as I reluctantly release my grasp.

I ask him, “to turn the showerhead so that the water pulsates and to direct the spray toward my clitoris,” which I make fully accessible by spreading my legs and opening my labia with my fingers. “Don’t hold the nozzle too close, move the showerhead back and forth. Yesssssssss. That’s it!” The pulsating sensations of warm water spraying my clitoris feel wonderful. I desperately need one more orgasm to top off the session. It was if I was addicted. Soon, I could feel the heat rising inside, my body tenses and—“Oh my god, Yesssssssss!!!!!” I shudder and climax again, secreting more nectar on to my saturated pubic hair.

When we both cool down, Roy exclaims. “I never did that before. That was fantastic”.

My mind is laughing with a renewed purpose as I drain the many dry years out of my metabolism. I pick up a warm, fluffy towel and pat his youthful body dry, luxuriating in the fuzzy warm softness, as he patted me down. Reluctantly, I buzz Shelia and the inevitable knock on the door that ends our wonderful lovemaking. I am completely and wonderfully satiated. But I force myself to recall my ulterior purpose. On my way out, I make an appointment with Shelia to see Bob’s second tape.


Audrey welcomes me to the door when I knock. She said that it is customary for the Founding Moms to show their own tapes so that they could answer any questions so she will run the session rather than Shelia. Audrey is about 5 ft 5 inches and probably a few years older than Shelia. She is wearing dark slacks and an over blouse so I couldn’t tell too much about her physical shape. I would find out in a minute. She turns on the VCR and leaves the room. The tape starts as Audrey ushers Bob into the bedroom. I couldn’t help but feel like a censorious voyeur. Audrey tells him to disrobe while she retreats into the adjacent bathroom. When she reappears, wearing the outfit that Beth had described, Bob’s has an unbelievable look on his face. Beth is absolutely right. Audrey is a real “looker”! Audrey’s prominent boobs are huge. She is much bigger than Shelia or me. Being pushed upward by her outfit made them look like huge ships with pointy bows, ready to sally forth. To further accentuate her big breasts were her long slim legs holding up a slightly pudgy middle section. But the overall visual effect is sensationally and provocatively sexual, particularly for a novice.

Bob was staring down, probably at her silky smooth shaven pussy. She asks Bob if he wants a closer look as she lays on the bed and motions Bob to focus on her vulva. As directed, Bob is kissing and nuzzling her shaven pussy with youthful exuberance. Audrey sticks out her tongue to visually instruct Bob how to tongue her. Bob is going down on her. She appears to luxuriate in the clitoral stimulation provided by Bob. Bob is a quick study, tonguing her super sensitive organ exuberantly, and soon Audrey’s body is shuddering uncontrollably in a clitoral explosion. From her facial expression, I believe it was intense. She offers her breast to Bob, which he caresses with non-stop abandon and then suddenly sucks on her turgid nipples, protruding expectantly Escort bayan Ankara into his waiting mouth.

I hate to admit it. But watching my son having sex with an older naked woman is erotically exciting, and I am having a hard time containing my urges. I know my pants are getting wet inside. I wonder if I were home watching this tape, would I be playing with myself?

Bob’s caresses continue for sometime, as it seems Audrey has very sensitive breasts. Audrey is fingering herself while she plays with Bob’s penis. She may have climaxed again. By this time, I am sure Bob is having a hard time containing himself as his youthful vigor produces another hard on. Audrey lays him down and straddles his penis in a kneeling position, taking his thick member inside. She rocks up and down as Bob’s body tenses and obviously ejaculates inside her. Audrey gets on her knees and Bob enters her vaginal canal from behind. I am pretty sure it’s not her anus because he comes in too quickly. Bob is pumping her from behind. Since he has just ejaculated, Bob can fuck her for much longer. She turns her head to say something and thereafter, she begins playing with her clitoris and reaching back to touch his testicles, stimulating both of them.

Eventually, he grabs her back as he ejaculates into her a second time. Audrey eyelids are fluttering and her head bobs up and down, straining to hit another orgasm, while Bob is pumping away. She appears to be ecstatic, collapsing forward on the bed after Bob is finished. The tape ends.

Audrey walked back into the room. “Do you have any questions” I had many thoughts racing through my mind but I just focused on the mundane. “Is Bob finished with his orientation?”

“Sheila and I haven’t discussed it yet, but I think so. Either Shelia or I might check him out in few weeks, but I think he is ready to meet the other women.”

I am so horny by this time that I have to restrain my speed, to keep from getting a ticket as I drive home quickly. Fortunately, Bob is not home when I get there, as I head directly for the bedroom and my 8-inch black dildo with a curved head and protruding veins. I nearly rip off my clothes as I head for the bed. My pussy is so wet; I can’t believe it. As I masturbate with the dildo gyrating inside my pinkish red pussy lips, the images of Audrey and Bob race through my tormented mind. Tears form in my eyes as an earth shaking climax rips from deep inside my grasping vaginal canal. “Fuck, I am cumming.” I gasp for air as sexual tension exudes through small and then large, electrical charges, which tingle and pulsate through the tip of my clitoris and surrounding vulva. Involuntarily I rise up on my haunches to drain the last bit of orgasmic splendor as stars burst inside my skull. And then all too quickly, my naked body, clothed in pools of moisture, collapses on the bed. My sexual explosion is complete.

I am emotionally drained as the images as I visualize my son having sex on the screen with steamy Audrey all over him.


I sit with Beth, giving her a quick run down of the events. “Audrey was really hot!” I briefly relate the events on the tape. I don’t tell her about my reaction; but she probably guesses.

Beth surprises me by saying that both founding mothers do more than just substitute when necessary. They are in the active rotation with hardly a week passing without their direct participation. Beth thinks they are hooked on the sex with teenagers and they focus primarily on the younger, first year boys. Beth also thinks that they invite some of the graduates to come to the house when they are on school breaks.

“Can I trust your deepest confidence?” I nod affirmatively. “I want to break one of the Club rules by having sex with my son.” I am flabbergasted. “That’s depraved”

“Hear me out.”

“Ok, I am listening, but this better be good.”

“First, Charlie has a bigger sex drive to satisfy than once per week at the Club. I think he is masturbating every day. It’s very possible that he will stray outside the Club and defeat the main purpose of joining. Next, I was deeply affected by the club initiation, as I think you were. I am afraid that Charlie will turn to other women for all his needs, rather than me, his mother. And to be completely frank, the Club rules have limited my ability to have relations with other males and at the same time, the weekly sessions with the young men have made me extremely horny.”

Beth makes sense. Perhaps, I was feeling the same emotions. Why couldn’t I be the one to help Bob, I thought?

Beth continues in a conspiratorial tone. “The four of us could engage in our own club during the week in our own houses. This way we could help Charlie and Bob enjoy sex without permitting the boys to penetrate their own moms. You could take care of Charlie that way and I would do the same for Bob. Therefore we avoid incest,” she argues.

“Also, we would be there without the stupid masks, and the boys could see us helping their pleasure directly, which is the more normal way they will make love in the Bayan escort Ankara future.”

My mind swirls as I contemplate the four of us mixing it up in various combinations. “What about the Club?”

“I am sure Bob and Charlie can be trusted to keep our secrets; especially if we tell them that they could be expelled from the Club. As I said earlier, for the next year or so, they are going to spend much of their Club time with Shelia and Audrey. We have to step up to counter their influence.” I am numb.

Three months later

As I flash back to that fateful discussion with Beth, I wondered why I had been concerned. Bob and I have moved in with Beth and Charlie where we share the rent on their four bedroom house, a big cost savings to both of us. The boys act more like brothers. And about once per week, we have a joint sexathon, as I call it.

I vividly remember the first time we broached the subject to Bob and Charlie. Beth took the lead in explaining what we were going to do. Bob and Charlie exchanged glances when they realize both of them belonged to the same Club.

We talked about the only rule that we would impose—no copulation with your own mother. The only thing that Beth did not mention was our own involvement in the Club. We had agreed to keep that secret for the time being. All of us are a bit nervous and concerned, but the boys, I should call them young men now, seemed to be willing to try. Beth and I agreed that the first night we would stay in separate bedrooms with our own sons and then trade places at the appropriate moment. We would avoid other types of intimate partnerships until later. Beth and I set up the date with our sons for the next night.

During that day, I wondered if I had the courage to go through with it. It was difficult to concentrate on eating dinner as each of us exchanged glances. Finally Beth took the lead and grabbed Charlie’s hand as they went to her bedroom. I didn’t know what else to do, so I motioned to Bob to follow me.

I think the forbidden nature of our impending relationship heightened my senses beyond belief. I was shuddering internally, but I knew I had to control myself to make the experience pleasurable for him. First, I undressed him. His pecker was at full erection. It didn’t seem so small to me, and I praised his wonderful manhood. Perhaps his recent sexual experiences had helped stimulate some growth.

I did a strip tease for him, slowly removing my clothes, uncovering my mammary glands and the rest of previously private erogenous zones. He may have had fleeting glances of my nakedness before, but this was definite a different view for him. Yesterday, I had decided to do a partial shave of my pussy, keeping a few wisps of blond hair, but lot’s of eyeball exposure of my pussy lips and vulva, which was smooth to touch.

His eyes were bright with intensity as I asked him to lie down. I rubbed his body gently as if we had all the time in the world, and spoke gentle loving compliments about his maturity and love making skills. My mind glazed over in a mixture of love and sexuality at this surreal experience, loving and caressing my own son. I hadn’t touched his private parts since I washed him when he was a toddler. He had just a few hairs at the base of his circumcised penis, which was beautifully formed to my eyes.

As I cupped him gently, I could feel the tightness of his testicles within the scrotum. I took his hands and brought them against my breasts. He tenderly stroked my breast and nipple. I told him about my favorite spots as he touched me. I asked him about his spots of sensuality. Pre-cum began to collect on his penis. And my love juices were flowing profusely. I even had mild climax while he suckled my sensitive nipples, which was rare for me. I told him about the importance of foreplay and that most men neglected this important need. By now, he was in a high state of arousal. I can’t tell you how much I wanted his penis to return to the vaginal womb, but I restrained myself. I cupped his testicles gently as I used my tongue on his penis, curling it gently under and around his head. Bob began to breathe hard and I knew this was a magic moment for him and I, as I alternated a tonguing motion with sucking his throbbing erection. His eyes began to flutter as his boiling sperm began shooting through his testicles into his penis, quickly ejaculating in huge clumps. At this point, the whole experience overcame all my emotional inhibitions as I kept sucking him and jacking his penis until there was no more left. I swallowed all of his sweet sperm which coated my lips and throat in a thick layer of cream.

I asked him if he had the energy to do something for me. He nodded and with little urging began to lick around my clitoris and labia. I told him to use first one and then two fingers inside the vaginal canal to stimulate my insides while he was tonguing. After a few minutes, I told him to stop fingering and just concentrate on my clitoris. Soon I was convulsing in a series of shattering multiple orgasm as the spasms of forbidden pleasure overcame my body and mind. I couldn’t stop as he continued with youthful energy to suck me until I couldn’t take any more. My mind was overcome with emotional release and my body felt warm and responsive to his eyes seeking approval, as he laid his head on my bosom.

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