Mrs. Kaufman’s Sister Visits

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After that first night at the Kaufman’s I learned that Mr. Kaufman had been watching us from hiding places and enjoying the long build-up to joining us on the bed. He had been actively bi-sexual as a youth, but for many years he had let that part of himself go dormant. I am not gay nor bi-sexual, but I didn’t mind Mr. Kaufman’s attention, especially because he had so graciously watched his wife get fucked by me.

As that summer went on, we got together weekly to enjoy ourselves, and one evening we insisted that Mrs. Kaufman remain fully dressed but watch as her husband denied my ejaculation for about two hours. He touched, toyed, squeezed, sucked, and told me his fantasies about having Mrs. Kaufman restrained while men with large cocks teased and fucked her. My dick was never harder and more aroused. The resulting final cum-show was an explosion, and then I watched and kissed Mrs. Kaufman while her husband screwed her with his inadequate cock.

So went the summer, until Mrs. Kaufman’s sister finally made her visit. She had been delayed from her earlier plan, which gave the three of us time to give her visit some added thought. And it gave me time to find a job.

Mrs. Kaufman’s sister is Dr. Willoughby. Mrs. Kaufman said that her sister was the studious type in school. She went on to get a degree in English and teaches at a community college. During the weeks that our little fuck parties gathered in the Kaufmans home, we sometimes talked about this sister’s visit and what, if anything, we might do to entertain her.

When she finally arrived, we had only decided to be sure that her visit was pleasant and relaxing for her. Any hanky-panky would be entirely secondary. Years ago, Mrs. Kaufman had shared her husband’s bisexual interests with her sister, but nothing more. Dr. Willoughby did not know about our summer frolics.

We had considered several options, always discussed while I was fucking Mrs. Kaufman, including asking her sister to watch as Mr. Kaufman pleasured himself and me while the sisters enjoyed the show. Or, explaining what we had been doing and inviting her to join us. We considered introducing me as a massage therapist hired to give Dr. Willoughby a treatment, and see if she would allow me liberties with her body. In the end, we decided to wait and play it by ear and to introduce me as a friend of the family.

Mrs. Kaufman invited me to join them for dinner a few days after her sister came to town. Her photographs did not do her justice. Dr. Willoughby was tall and lithe, with smaller breasts than her well-endowed sister. Her hair was completely gray, prematurely, I would say, and straight, cut in a little bob. Her glistening eyes and high cheek bones and perfect lips made her look like an older fashion model, and she was indeed very stylish in her dress. She had been married but was divorced. I was gob-smacked by her beauty.

During the dinner conversation, Dr. Willoughby said that friends in her city had encouraged her to be a contestant in a local talent and beauty contest for older women. She thought it was ridiculous, but the prizes might be worth the embarrassment. She could win a European vacation and a large cash prize.

I think Mr. and Mrs. Kaufman and myself had the same idea at the same time. Mrs. Kaufman said, “I think you should do it.” Mr. Kaufman added, “With your talent and charm, I’m sure you’d be among the top contenders.” I smiled and said, “Dr. Willoughby, next to your sister, you are one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. Go for it.”

Dr. Willoughby blushed at the compliments and said, “I’m not worried about the talent competition. My piano playing is good enough. But there are some aspects that I find distasteful.”

“Oh?” said her sister, “What would that be?”

Dr. Willoughby replied, “Well, you know, the judges and the public seem to want to see ladies practically in their underwear.”

I smiled and asked, “You mean they make you walk around in front of an audience in just your panties and bra?”

Dr. Willoughby was startled by my words. “No, not exactly, but in a bathing suit.”

“I see,” I said, “I guess bathing suits are almost like lingerie.”

As luck would have it, my summer job was in a sporting goods company that sold a wide range of women’s bathing suits. I looked at everyone at the table and said, “I work in a place that sells bathing attire. Please come by our shop this week, and we can talk about choices that would satisfy you. Maybe if you found the right suit, you would be more confident about the contest.”

Mr. and Mrs. Kaufman smiled at me and nodded to Dr. Willoughby. “What a good idea,” her sister said. “You see, when you come to visit us, we help solve all Ankara bayan escort your problems.”

Dr. Willoughby said, “I guess I could do that.” Immediately, the thought of seeing this lovely creature in a bathing suit gave my boner an added pulse of pleasure.

Two days later, Mrs. Kaufman and Dr. Willoughby came into my store and asked for me to help them. My supervisor came over and said, “These two lovely ladies would like you to show them a selection of our bathing suits.”

“It would be my pleasure,” I replied, and I greeted the two sisters with little hugs. Dr. Willoughby could be rather proper and quiet, but she smiled as I drew her to me and kissed her cheek. “Come this way.”

The racks were full of one and two-piece suits. “May I suggest a one-piece suit for your purpose?” I said. “I think that would be more modest and give you more confidence.”

Dr. Willoughby and her sister looked through the collection and selected about a dozen suits. “Where may I try these on?” asked Dr. Willoughby.

To further our summer fun, and to include Mr. Kaufman, I suggested, “Why not just take these with you and try them in the privacy of the Kaufman’s home?”

“May I do that?” she asked.

“Yes, I’m certain that the store won’t mind.” I told her. “Our dressing rooms are small, and there isn’t the privacy you may want.”

“Same for you, Mrs. Kaufman,” I added, “If you would like to try on some of the suits, feel free to take them with you.”

Mrs. Kaufman caught on quickly and said, “Oh, thank you so much. Why don’t you come over tonight and help us make a decision about the suits?”

Dr. Willoughby looked slightly surprised by this suggestion, perhaps not wanting to let a stranger like me see her long legs and trim form on display with so little to cover her private areas. I thought it was all the better than she was shy and reticent. My cock was dripping just thinking about seeing her that evening.

“Yes, of course,” I replied. “About eight o’clock?”

The rest of that day, the Kaufmans and I texted each other with notes of excitement and suggestions. But we cautioned each other that it would be best to treat the situation carefully, always being sure that Dr. Willoughby felt secure and respected.

When I arrived that night, the Kaufmans and their guest were relaxing after dinner with second glasses of wine. Mr. Kaufman greeted me with a handshake, and Mrs. Kaufman greeted me with a kiss. Dr. Willoughby remained seated and only smiled at me. She was wearing a dress, that showed off her lovely lower legs.

“Let’s get out all the suits and have a look at them,” I said. Mr. and Mrs. Kaufman gathered around and Dr. Willoughby brought them in to the living room. As she held up each one, we offered our comments and eliminated several of the suits. Finally, we were left with three that we agreed would be best.

“Dr. Willoughby, why don’t you go into the bedroom and try on the suits?” I said. “And if you’re comfortable, come out and let us see how they look.” “Mrs. Kaufman, do you want to go with you sister?”

As they left the room, I’m sure that Mrs. Kaufman knew it was her job to be sure to convince her sister to let us men see her charms.

Mr. Kaufman and I listened near the door and heard the sounds of Dr. Willoughby as she undressed and put on the first bathing suit. Through the door we could barely hear her say, “My goodness, I don’t know if I could parade around in front of men in this.” Her sister told her she was being silly and that her own brother-in-law and a stranger would be the perfect audience for her to try it.

In a few minutes the bedroom door opened and out came Mrs. Kaufman, followed by her beautiful sister. Dr. Willoughby was stunning in a one-piece cream colored suit that pushed up her smaller breasts and then tapered to that triangle between her legs. I let my eyes travel up and down and inspect every small detail of this amazing woman. Her legs were very long and thin, producing a wide gap between her legs.

I spoke first, “I think that’s a winner!” Then I asked her to turn around. Her backside was small, but bulging just enough to please the judges.

“Wait,” I said, “you should wear your heels.”

She had left off her shoes, and I went to the bed room and brought her high heels back for her. I stooped and slipped each shoe on her feet and stood back.

“There, much better,” I said. Now, in heels that thrust her pelvis forward slightly, a trace of a cameltoe was visible. The added strain on the nylon between her legs displayed the outline of her puffy pussy lips.

Dr. Willoughby was rather shy about being stared at, but we tried to put her at ease as she tried on Escort bayan Ankara the other suits and modeled them for us. All the suits were equally revealing, and each time she came into the room my cock pushed down my leg an extra inch.

Dr. Willoughby said, “I like them all. What do you think?”

That’s the opening I needed. I spoke up, “You’re right, they all are excellent because you have an excellent body for modeling.”

She blushed.

I went on, “I’ve sold many women’s bathing suits this summer, and so I do have some observations, if you don’t mind.”

Dr. Willoughby looked at me and nodded. She was standing in front of us in a white bathing suit, in her heels as I rose and walked to her.

I touched the top of the bathing suit, “It’s important that the fit be just right here,” and I lifted her suit slightly, producing a bit more stretch and pressure between her legs. Then I let my hands flow gently down her back and over her buttocks. “All seems good here.”

I stood in front of Dr. Willoughby and asked her to raise her arms out to the side as I put my hands under her arms and slid them downward to her hips. “Good, ” I said.

Then I asked her to raise her arms up over her head. This made the suit stretch even more, and I noticed a more pronounced effect on her pussy mound. “Excuse me,” I said as I cupped her breasts with my hands and pretended to adjust her suit to better fit her tits.

“I think there’s a small problem here,” I said about her breasts. “If I may, I’d like to do a little adjusting.” Before Dr. Willoughby could respond, I turned her around so that she wasn’t facing her sister and brother-in-law, and I quickly lowered the top of her suit to reveal her breasts and nipples.

She was transfixed and didn’t resist as I pretended to make a few changes in the inner cup pads. Then I stood back, examined her bare breasts as she stood with her hands over her head, then stepped up to recover her tits. I turned her back around and said, “There, that’s better.”

Everyone was silent for a moment until Mr. Kaufman said, “Yes, I see that is better.” Apparently, Dr. Willoughby accepted what I had done as the work of an expert in the subject.

While she stood in front of us, I sat back on the sofa with the others and stared at her pussy mound and asked, “How do you feel about letting an audience see the outline of your pussy?”

I said this and rested back, not knowing how she would respond.

Dr. Willoughby said, “Excuse me?”

I looked at Mr. Kaufman then at Mrs. Kaufman, and back to Dr. Willoughby, “Well, this suit, and the others, too, are very flattering. The only thing you should know is that suits like this are designed to reveal a woman’s anatomy. Are you comfortable knowing that right now your sister, your brother-in-law, and I can see clearly the shape and cleft of your pussy? In fact, one of the other suits also revealed the color of your pussy hair.”

“I wasn’t expecting such frankness,” said Dr. Willoughby, clearly embarrassed.

“Oh, I don’t mean to offend,” I said, “just to help you.”

Her sister joined in, “He’s right, the suits are perfect, but they don’t leave much to the imagination.”

I was feeling confident. I was just ten o’clock, and I had already got Dr. Willoughby to let me see her tits and to talk about her pussy in front of her relatives.

“There are several things you can do,” I told her. “First, you can wear an undergarment to hide some of the most personal details down there.” “Second, you can trim your pubic hair or remove it entirely to prevent embarrassing revelations of that lovely jet black hair that we saw earlier.”

I could see that Dr. Willoughby was thinking and that her head was spinning about what I had just said, and the Kaufmans seemed content to let me continue taking lead.

“There is another factor you should consider,” I told Dr. Willoughby. I stood again and gently lowered the top of her suit to reveal her breasts to the rest. As I calmly rubbed my finger over her small nipples, I said, “A hazard is that nipples will show through these suits and create a problem. Let’s see what happens when yours are stimulated and pointy.”

After a moment of publically playing with Dr. Willoughby’s nipples, I replaced the suit and we all looked to see if her points were visible.

“Ah ha,” I said, “no trace of nips here. That’s good.”

I went on, “But what do you want to do about this down here,” as I touched the top of her swollen pussy mound. “Here’s the problem,” I said as I traced the visible slit down until it disappeared between her legs.

Dr. Willoughby seemed a bit unsure what to say or do. Thankfully, her sister broke Bayan escort Ankara the tension, “Well, I think this advice is what you need, and we can help you with whatever you want to do.”

Finally, we invited Dr. Willoughby to sit down as we brainstormed. Mrs. Kaufman said, “Lots of women today do remove their pubic hair. I see lots of ads for hair removal. Even tanning salons do it.”

I added, “Maybe it’s not that big a problem. Maybe this only requires a little bit of attention. Weeks ago, I went with your sister when she got a Brazilian wax, and the results are amazing.”

All three were looking at me. “Frankly,” I said, “I prefer a bare pussy.” “Mrs. Kaufman, why don’t you show your sister how it looks?”

Game on!

My dear old family friend, Mrs. Kaufman, in front of her husband and her sister and me, rose up and unclasped her skirt. It fell to the floor. Underneath, the fit of her pastel panties let us imagine her puffy pussy lips. She lowered her panties in front of us and let her sister seen her bare pussy lips and the multiple folds of her inner lips that protruded from them.

“I looked at Mrs. Kaufman’s pussy, then at her sister, “Isn’t that nice?”

Dr. Willoughby said, “I didn’t think it was true, but you three have been doing naughty things all summer, haven’t you? My dear sister said that I might get fucked by a young man with a very large cock if I came to visit, but I thought she was teasing me like she did when we were teenagers.”

I was taken off guard. So Mrs. Kaufman had not kept our secret.

Dr. Willoughby stood and I could see passion in her eyes for the first time. She said, “I’ll take off this bathing suit, I’ll show you this pussy, if you let me watch my pansy brother-in-law suck your big dick in front of us.”

Mr. Kaufman smiled. I smiled. Mrs. Kaufman smiled.

In no time, my briefs were being pulled down and my cock lept into view, bouncing up and down as my balls swayed beneath. Dr. Willoughby looked at her brother-in-law, “Do it.”

He knelt on the floor between my legs and tongued my dick head, making it dance around before he drew it into his mouth. Deeper and deeper he sucked me in. Then has he stroked and sucked on it, Dr. Willoughby stood and slowly removed the bathing suit. First her breasts again came into view, little puffs of flesh with tiny pink points, then farther down her torso she pushed the white suit. Finally the top of her black pussy hair came into view.

My cock stretched harder as she revealed her entire pussy to us. Jet black hair, more flowing than curly, covered her mound and swirled down between her legs. Her slit was still visible, but a bit hazy because of the lovely locks. My cock was pounding.

Mrs. Kaufman was undressing, too, and has her husband continued his excellent work, she said, “Watch this.”

Dr. Willoughby sat and reclined her back attains the sofa. Her legs parted to show me more details of her pussy. Her sister was on her in an instant, licking her pussy and treating me to a show of lady love.

We enjoyed ourselves like this for a while, then I shouted, “Change partners!”

I lost no time in positioning myself over the good doctor. The Kaufmans sat and toyed with each other and watched as I dropped down to penetrate their sister. We kissed while my cock dangled down just barely grazing the cleft of her pussy lips.

Both Kaufmans came over and assisted. Each held a leg of Dr. Willoughby and stretched her apart as my dick found its mark and began gently pushing for entry. After a little pop I felt the welcoming warm wetness of a new pussy. We kissed as I inched into her. She was tight and apparently had not had the stretching effect that she was getting now. After a gentle but persistent ten minutes, I was able to fit completely and begin the process of proper fucking.

In time, Mrs. Kaufman and Dr. Willoughby were on their knees, side by side, so that I could fuck one, then the other, and back and forth. Each time I withdrew from one pussy, my cock rested just enough to continue into the other. Over and over we did this for quite some time while Mr. Kaufman contented himself by licking the one without a cock and getting an up close view of the cock pounding that his wife an sister-in-law were getting.

In the end, the girls voted to let Mr. Kaufman have the honors of making me cum. But it took a while. I had been so aroused for so long that my cock went into sort of a trance. It could be handled, sucked, jerked, stroked, but its stiffness would not end with a cum salute.

Only when the two lovely ladies came and spread their legs over my outstretched arms and ran their juicy pussies up and down my upper arms did I start to feel the eruption coming. I was able to give a brief warming as the geyser started pumping. Spurts of warm cum leapt for joy as I looked at the perfect mature ladies and dreamed about tomorrow when I would remove the hair from Dr. Willoughby’s pussy.

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