My Exhibitionist Wife’s Fun In A Small Town

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I have a beautiful wife who is 26, a slim tall beauty. She is very fair with stats of 34-34-36. We are married for more than 2 years now. We are kind of exhibitionist couple. She has flaunted her body on many occasions, including room service dares. She flaunts her body, whenever she gets a chance. She sometimes removes her clothing in front of dhobi itself (not inners).

The incident I’m explaining to you is my first post in this forum and a very recent one. This is the real incident happened with us when we were at cousin’s wedding in MP. We were in this small town of Burhanpur. Coming to our incident, there is this place called Khooni Bhandara, or Kundi Bhandara, where there are water tunnels and only one in the world.

This is a very long tunnel. It carries drinkable water to a tank of underground water. This is generally open, except for rainy seasons, as the water levels in the tunnel reach up to 150 meters. To reach the underground tunnel, we need to go by a very small lift. Only two persons fit in it. If you are fat, only one person fits. The lift is open, and you are sent into the tunnel which is not more than 4 feet wide. It takes 2-3 minutes to reach under the ground.

There were total 3 people, me, my wife and the liftman. Firstly, the liftman took me, dropped me in the tunnel, and went back up to pick my wife. As the tunnel is underground, and hardly any light is available. The liftman carries a big torch, to show, what exactly it is. We even use our mobile phone flashlights.

I was wearing shorts, as it was summertime, whereas my wife was wearing normal chudidaar. The material of chudi was thick. She was not wearing any inners, as we had some plans for flashing or exhibition, as we were in a small town. Below, she was wearing a transparent legging, which can be seen, due to her fair skin.

Due to summer, the water in the tunnel was just above my knee level. After some time, I heard the lift coming. There she comes, my wife, with the liftman. Liftman showed torch, for us to move ahead, and see the things. But as my wife was wearing the legging, she doesn’t want to come in, as the water will make it wet.

I was enjoying the place, as there was nobody except us three. I wanted her to come, but she was not ready. The water will drench her legging, and she has to be in a wet legging afterward. After some persuasion, I got an idea. I asked the liftman how many people come daily.

He said, not much, hardly 10-15. I told my wife in the Telugu language, as it might not be understood by the liftman, as we were in another state. I asked my wife to remove the legging, and just be in the chudi, for which she readily agreed. Then I made a plan. I was persuading my wife to enter into the tunnel with water.

Even the liftman, who must have been in the late fifties, was also asking my wife to go in the tunnel. He said, “Madam you have come this far, and this is the only such place in the world. Why don’t you join him, and play in the water? You may not get other chance.”

Listening to this my wife said, “That is there, I agree but my pant will get drenched, and it will not dry quickly.” I said, “Ok, why don’t you remove your pant and come?” Once I said this, the liftman was looking at me, without any expressions on his face.

My wife calmly and shyly said, “How can I remove?” I said, “What is there in that? you have your top till your thighs, it will cover.” Actually, her top was short sized top. Liftman was seeing us both on discussing

After some time liftman also added, “Your husband is telling so much. Why don’t you do it, the material of the top is thick.” Our plan was on the right track. After that, she said, “What if someone comes?” I said, “No one will come, our liftman will not send the lift above, which means no one will come.”

After hearing this, the liftman said “Generally nobody will come. If you want, I will not send the lift above, so that nobody comes. We will go after we finish, then only somebody will use the lift.” After saying that, he switched off the power for lift.

He said, “It’s closed, you guys enjoy, no one will come.” Now it was time for her to remove her pant, and we both know that she was not wearing anything under the legging. She was stuck at the moment, not knowing how to start. Then my eyes met with liftman eyes and we were looking at each other.

The liftman said, “I will switch off the torch, you open your pant,” and switched it off the torch. As soon the there was no light, the tunnel was filled with total darkness. As we were below 200 feet, from the ground, there was no sign of light.

Suddenly, my wife said, “It’s scary, can you please turn on the light?” As there was no place to stand, while removing her pant, she might fall. I also said, “Please switch on the light, as there is no place stand properly, and she might fall, not knowing where to keep her legs.”

After we said that, the man switched on the light back, now it was my wife’s turn to remove her pant. The liftman was showing that he was not looking at her, but was peeking glances at her. My wife wanted to turn and remove so that she can show her ass to him.

She was not finding the place to turn around. After much persuasion, she by standing there itself, kept the fingers in the elastic and slid her pant down. But she was finding it difficult to remove her pant out of her legs, as the floor was slippery. Then she had to lift one leg, and there was no support.

I asked her to hold the liftman, and I will get the pant out, without touching it to the wet ground. She kept her hand on the shoulder on of the liftman and lifted her leg. I cautiously removed her pant from one leg. Now she had to change her position.

Hence she had to move forward, where her breasts touch the biceps of the liftman. I am sure, liftman came to know that she was not wearing a bra or any inners. Once her pant was out of her legs, liftman took it and said, “I will hang this in the lift, so that it will not be drenched.”

There I see the pants of my wife is taken away by the stranger, we met hardly 10 minutes ago. Now my wife with the support of me was trying to enter into water. She kept her one leg in the water. She was unable to control her self, as the water was way above the knee and was touching her milky thighs and her pussy.

She suddenly lifted her top up, so that, her top shouldn’t go in the water. In doing this, she lifted her top showing her full gaand to the liftman, whose eyes were struck in shock. She was not wearing her panty, and her gaand was in full view of the liftman.

He touched her gaand, in disguise to support her. We entered the water and we’re going in the front position, There I fingered her. I can see the liftman who was standing near the lift, was trying to sniff her pant while showing us the light. His light was exactly on her ass.

After some minutes we were back to the lift. After getting up, my wife praised the liftman, about the place, as it was unique and was very nice. Then what my wife did, none of us expected. While in the water her top was drenched, as the water was till her waist.

Her lower part of the top was wet. She simply lifted her top, above her stomach, and tried to squeeze the water from her top. By doing this, her clean shaven pussy, and her stomach was in full view of both the males. Liftman couldn’t remove her eyes, from her stomach and pussy.

She was also not in hurry to cover up. She took her time to remove the water from her chudi, did the same thing with the back portion of chudi as well. Now it was time for us to go up. I asked my wife to wear the pant. For which the Liftman suggested that I go first, and she can wear the pant in the meantime.

I agreed, without knowing, that, if I had to go first, my wife needs to be in the water, as there was no space for me to climb to the lift. Liftman asked my wife to go back in the water and wait for him to return. I suggested that why she needs to come back.

You can take her up first and I will come in the next round, for which my wife said, “Its ok honey, I’m drenched now, by the time you come, I will remove the excess water from my top as well, as it is uncomfortable here.” (I understood her intention.)

Liftman also agreed for this. Then suddenly my wife lifted her top and removed it she was standing stark naked in front of us. The liftman was just looking at her and also adjusted the light to see her better. She gave her top to be hanged onto the lift, now my wife was fully naked.

Her top and pant were in control of a stranger. She tried to come back into the water, where liftman, in disguise of helping her, rubbed her boobs from back, and ass as well. Then liftman said to me, “You come, and madam, you be ready, I’m coming you to pick you up.”

I didn’t understand what he meant. But I think my wife understood what he meant, and said ok. I went to stand in the lift, seeing my wife fully naked, and the light was shining on her body. Liftman started the lift and we were on the way back up.

I can see my wife was pouring water on her pussy with one hand, and her other hand was on her boob. While going up, I realized, that her dress is in the lift itself, how she will get ready. She is totally naked now inside the tunnel.

We reached back up and I saw a colleague of liftman asking him why he was late. Why didn’t he send the lift back, to which he replied, there was some problem with lift motor. I got out of the lift and liftman was about to go back, when his colleague said, “You come out I will take the other people down.”

Then my heart stopped suddenly thinking about my wife, who is totally naked down there. The other two men are going now, to which the liftman said, “No I will bring madam first, and then you can go,” and started to go. His colleague observed the dress of my wife.

He asked, “What is this, whose dress is this?” to which the liftman replied nothing and went down. He tried asking me, I said nothing. I know my wife is fully naked down there, and now the liftman is going down. I cannot do anything as of now.

Every second seemed an hour for me. They came back up after few minutes, approx 12-13 minutes. In this time, liftman kept his lift closed again. Once they were back, the other person started questioning what has happened. He said the lift has some issues, ask madam, to which my wife smilingly said, the lift was not starting.

Then he took notice of the dress which was hanging in the lift is on the body of my wife and he felt curious. I and my wife left immediately from that place.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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