Teresa Coming Out

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NOTE: All parties involved in this experience are over the age of twenty-one.

I wish to thank Lihle Nkosi for the kind and positive editing assistance.


As a lesbian there have been times when female friends and on occasion colleagues have asked me about my sexuality. Usually it starts out in a very tentative, frequently embarrassed manner. Some start with poor attempts at delivering a lez type joke, others want to know but are embarrassed about how to approach the subject, doing a lot of verbal tippy-toeing around their point; asking, but in a very abstract way.

Then there’s the more aggressive direct questioner:

“Well, don’t you ever feel as though you want a real cock?”

The latter is the one approach I find condescending and insulting, it has within it the presumption that lesbians continuously walk around with a strap on, and all we do is diddle each other all day! I gotta tell yer, I fucking hate strap-on’s, vibrators are great but straps, never!

I am more inclined to be receptive to the former approaches because I recognize that they are trying to show firstly an acceptance, but secondly a sensitivity which I find to be more honest. Many times the questioners are simply, and sincerely inquisitive but there have been others of whom the enquiries have been much more personal, expressing a true need to know, proving in the end to be latent lesbians who have struggled with their feelings and have never found a channel to fulfill their welling emotions, they are in fact, asking for help.

Thus it was with Teresa, a colleague with whom I became acquainted during my time at a previous Hospital of my employ. Teresa was twenty-two at this time, three years younger than I, and had qualified for the Register only six months previous. Slim build, really pretty blonde hair, dark green eyes, a wonderfully curvaceous body all wrapped within a gregarious and bubbly personality. Teresa loves to laugh and to be involved.

We had just finished our night shift on the surgical floor and were having breakfast in the Cafeteria. Teresa asked if I had a moment for a private chat, there was something really important that she needed to talk to me about. Unfortunately on that particular morning it was inconvenient, however, I told her,

“Look, were off tonight, so, if you’re available this evening we could meet for a drink, would that work for you?”

It was an invitation which was met with true appreciation.

Thus it was that we met at a local Pub, but try as she could to get around to her concern, her tense nervousness was palpably obvious. Finally, I suggested:

“Look, why don’t you come back to my place, this is obviously a subject you feel uncomfortable talking about and maybe a little more privacy would help?”

She agreed and off we went.

As I opened the apartment door I heard Caroline, also a nurse and my then partner, call out a “Helloooo.” Unaware that we had company she greeted me in the lounge doorway with a kiss, it was then that she saw Teresa behind me; a broad smile on her face but obviously a little taken aback by the nature of Caroline’s kiss. Never-the-less, the moment passed.

Naturally, Caroline knew of Teresa and was aware that she worked on the Female surgical ward, indeed, she liked all she had heard of her and had spoken to me about her before. Teresa, now away from a public environment quickly settled into a social conversation. It was quite obvious she adored her work and was enjoying the new found freedom of being qualified and out of the smothering effect of being a student.

Her inquisitive questions regarding the different specialties displayed a genuinely intelligent mind but it was beginning to become clear that her constant talking was an attempt to cover up her nervousness. Initially, I thought maybe she was unaware of the relationship between Caroline and myself; maybe nervous of being in the company of a lesbian couple; maybe the way I kissed Caroline had shocked her? However, over a couple of glasses of wine Teresa relaxed and when invited to join us for a Lasagna dinner already in the oven she readily accepted.

Over dinner the conversation moved away from work and we chatted about from where we all came, and our families. Teresa was visibly beginning to be much more relaxed and her humour was really coming to the fore, an area which I much appreciate as humour is a big part of my persona. I love to tell jokes and intersperse conversations with appropriate, or inappropriate, puns. In fact punning is a big part of English conversational humour! The bottom line is, we were all having a good time and the normality of conversation made for an entertaining interlude through dinner…

Cleared away anadolu yakası escort we returned to the lounge, Caroline brought the wine with her and we all settled into comfortable chairs. Caroline and I sat side by side on the settee and Teresa in an armchair with her legs tucked up beneath her, a fact of which I was glad of as it meant she was feeling comfortable in our company even though Caroline and I were sat holding hands. Maybe it was our holding of hands, that a short while later prompted Teresa’s opening enquiry…

“Would you two mind if I asked you a very personal question?”

In the back of my mind I had a flash thought, but Teresa continued:

“You two obviously feel a great deal for each other, have you lived with each other for very long?”

Looking at Caroline, we shared a wry smile and Caroline continued: “What you’re really asking is ‘Are we a lesbian couple’?” Teresa blushed but bravely continued:

“Yes. Yes I suppose I am.”

“May I ask why you’re asking the question?”

I never dreamt it could bring out all that then transpired!

Exhaling with a big “Whew..!” Teresa went on:

“Thank you, I am actually very relieved…”

She proceeded to tell us a story that although, as it must be, was very different in circumstance to our own it was also so; so familiar. Teresa continued, “As I grew into adolescence I became more and more aware that I always felt more comfort in the company of girls. I was very nervous of the feelings that I experienced about getting pleasure from seeing their bodies, everything was telling me that I was supposed to be enjoying the company of boys, and I tried to show an interest, really I did!”

“Although I ‘sort of dated’ at school it was never a real high spot of my life. I could even say I found it uncomfortable, I was never at ease and never allowed anything but the merest kiss, which I have to admit I didn’t like, all those boys knew how to do was grab and grope!”

It was all really quite confusing because in the shower after gym or Hockey, I found myself getting excited about seeing my peers naked and should we brush against each other ‘Wow!’ Yes, we all laughed about those situations, but truthfully I loved those fleeting touches, I relished in the feeling of intimacy that it engendered within me, feelings that I also experienced during sleep overs, I would cuddle up as close as I dare to the girl sleeping beside me, I loved those moments!”

I smiled to myself and my own memories of just that same scenario!

Teresa continued: “One day, I was eighteen actually, I had found a copy of Playboy which belonged to my brother. I took it to my room and was getting tingly all over just looking at these naked women, but then my Mum came in… Mum was horrified that I should be looking at this stuff. She snatched it away and was very angry… I got out of the embarrassment of being caught with it by saying that I was only looking at the fashions, and besides, ‘Mum;’ they only have what I have!”

“Well that stuff is not for you my girl!”

“I think it was because of this that I purposely found a School of Nursing where I could live in the Nurses Quarters; I even considered doing my training in the Army just to get away from home. I dated because it was what was expected of me and although I had some fun times it just didn’t seem right. I even lost my virginity thinking it was the right thing to do. What a fucking cluster fuck that was, I hated it!”

I got up to refill the wine glasses and having done so, Teresa went on:

“When I started at the Hospital…”

Pausing: Teresa dropped her head, and as her shoulders began to tremble Caroline and I realised she was trying to stop herself from crying!

Caroline reached out and taking Teresa’s hand, drew her forward to sit between us on the settee. Putting an arm around her shoulder, hugging her close and reassured her “It’s OK” before gently placing a kiss on her forehead. I put an arm around the front of her waist and for a couple of minutes we sat there holding her, stroking her, telling we understood and that it’s OK!

Moments went by before she looked up at Caroline and then to me, there was a look of emotion on her face that I simply felt drawing and endearing, looking to Caroline her expression told me she had seen it also. I leaned toward her, kissing her to show my recognition of her caring toward Teresa and as Caroline returned my kiss I felt Teresa kiss the side of my neck, it was a feeling of real sentiment and as I moved back across her face I softly kissed her lips, a kiss which was accepted and responded to, a kiss that drew Caroline in, in to kiss the cheeks of both Teresa and myself.

It ataköy escort bayan was an action that led the three of us into a long session of kisses, one to the other; it was a session of kissing that led to the movement of hands, one on the other whoever that person might be. Hands moved to touch faces, necks, hands ran down the sides of arms and around waists, almost simultaneously Caroline and I began to caress Teresa breasts, it was an action that caused the deep intake of breath on her part and evident murmurs of pleasure.

As Caroline kissed Teresa deeply, I lifted her top, unclipped her bra and exposed her breasts, my tongue glided in circles around her right nipple which was even now, quite hard. Caroline moving to the other tit did the same and Teresa, leaning back in the settee, gasped as my hand squeezed the hemisphere of her gorgeous breast on which I was gently sucking in and out.

I watched mesmerized as Caroline’s hand moved down, drawing her skirt up, opening her thighs and then molded itself onto the mound of Teresa’s pussy. My own pussy spasmed and I felt the wetness of my juices between my thighs. Teresa slowly, rhythmically writhed beneath us and I heard Caroline ask:

“Would you like to take this to the bedroom?”

Her expression said it all!

Taking her to our bed, both of us kissing her and each other, we undressed this beautiful woman, a woman who then willingly participated in removing the clothes of her seducers, touching and kissing every piece of naked flesh that came into her view. With the three of us now fully exposed to the looks of the other, Caroline and I lay her back, and as Caroline kissed her deeper and then deeper I caressed and molded her tits in my hands, squeezing and then sucking on first her nipples, and then moving to Caroline, sucking on her also, a vision that obviously had a wonderful effect on Teresa as she watched, her eyes wide!

For a short while we double teamed on her tits, kissing and sucking and then kissing each other. Teresa’s hands touched everything that was within her reach and as Caroline moved to kiss her tummy I moved up, lowering my tits over her face and began to stroke her forehead and her eyes with my nipples until she leaned her head back and sucked first on one, then the other “Mmmmm!”

Kissing her open mouth our tongues moved lovingly against each other and I followed this by kissing and sucking on her neck. It was while I was moving to kiss her tits again that she suddenly tensed, letting out a loud shrill, almost a scream, her lower body lifting from the bed! Caroline had moved between her thighs and her mouth was now wide open and fully engaged in enveloping Teresa’s clit, the sound of her tongue lapping over her. Once again Teresa’s body was writhing to the attentions of both Caroline devouring her cunt and me sucking and biting onto her tits and nipples. Her murmurs were now interspersed with statements, and exclamations of absolute pleasure.

Once again I gave her my breasts and her fervour of delight caused her to suck harder and harder. My own pussy was absolutely wet with anticipation, I moved myself above her and lowered my cunt to her face, her response immediate and wonderful! Her tongue was everywhere, in and out of my cunt, sucking on my pussy lips, then licking feverishly over my slit then biting on my pussy lips before encircling my clit, licking and sucking me in! Sensations of sexual bliss filled my body until, very suddenly, she was pushing me up and away, her body contorted tensely and she let out a deep sighing, very real scream, then an exclamation of:

“Oh FUCK!”

The sounds coming from Caroline were the squishing sounds of a flow of pussy juice that was coming and cumming! Caroline was gorging herself on the flow of cum that was evident all over her face and as hers eyes met mine, her pleasure was self-evident!

Breathing heavily Teresa was looking from Caroline to me and then back to Caroline, the look on her face was one of pure astonishment as she told us “I have NEVER, never ever cum like that, Oh Fuck, I feel as though I am floating!”

Caroline and I moved to her sides and a long session of mutual kissing ensued. Gradually Teresa began kissing her way slowly down Caroline’s body, moving down and sliding between her legs, kissing her thighs, before running her tongue over the lips of her Labia Majora, obviously glowing in the odour of Caroline’s love. Eyes closed, her hands moved beneath Caroline’s arse cheeks and with a deep tonguing kiss her mouth was taking in the wet pleasures of her first cunt!

Moving to sit astride of Caroline’s head, I lifted her head resting it on my mound. My hands ataşehir escort bayan caressing and kneading her tits, teasing the nipples between my fingers. Looking up at me, she smiled as she bit her lower lip in pleasure before we both watched as Teresa licked and sucked on her pussy.

Caroline was in absolute heaven, her pussy fucking up and down in time with Teresa’s tongue within and on her.

“Oh fuck Teresa, suck my clit baby, put your fingers in my cunt and suck my clit.”

Teresa repositioned herself doing just as she was asked, and with eyes open she was looking up at us, her eyes smiled as her mouth became more and more frenzied in her attentions to Caroline’s pussy.

I was in absolute awe of the moment, not the first threesome we have been in, I have always loved watching my lover being eaten out by another woman, kinky maybe, but I love to watch. I know her reactions so well and I simply adore being an outsider watching it all happen in front of me but this time it was different, this time, was quite unexpectedly involved with the virginal lesbian experience of a beautiful woman not only having her first cunnalingus experience, but totally engrossed in a lesbian threesome.

Sure enough, it was not long before I felt Caroline’s head push back against me! Her knees already up, now moved more and more apart as her body began to tremble… I could see that Teresa was also sensing it, her mouth concentrating on licking and sucking the clit in front of her, in company with her fingers fucking into Caroline’s cunt…

When Caroline’s legs closed around Teresa’s head my fingers teased and squeezed harder onto her nipples. Her orgasm seemed to ripple across her flesh, her hands sprang to Teresa’s head, grasping her hair, pulling her face firmer and firmer into her cunt. Teresa was alive, she kept going and going as hot wet cum creamed from a tremulous body and into her eager mouth. Never faltering, she kept going and going, timing her licks and kisses to the slowing rhythm of the gifted pussy beneath her, finally moving up kissing her way across her tits and then to her lips; then looking to and kissing me, the taste of my lover on her kiss, wonderful and exciting to my mouth!

Pursing her lips, eyes closed and head back Teresa whispered, “I have never done that before, and I hope to never stop. Now, now I know who I am, now I know this is me and this is right!”

As Caroline rolled out from between my open thighs, my pussy was now fully open to Teresa’s view; she was almost frenzied in her sudden move forward, her hands slipped beneath my buttocks as her mouth, opened wide, her tongue pushing forward as she ravished against and into my cunt!

I collapsed back onto the bed, Caroline now kissing me deeper and deeper, her tongue reaching to the back of my throat as Teresa’s tongue was fucking deeper and deeper into my pussy, her hands molding and squeezing my Labial lips. Teresa was unstoppable, absolutely engrossed in gorging on my pussy, almost as though she was making up for lost years and abstinence of cunt!

As for me I loved every single moment of physical activity that was coursing through my body! Caroline kissing my mouth and then biting down onto my tits, sucking hard and deep on my nipples, biting the areolar tissue of my tits, whilst Teresa was kissing, licking, sucking on every crevice of my pussy, fucking my cunt with her tongue and then her fingers… I reached down, taking hold of her hand and guided her fingers to separate, guiding her to finger my arse and cunt at the same time, before I then pulled her face to my clit… Teresa proved to be a quick learner and as her fingers gradually began to pound back and forth in my arse and my cunt her mouth licked and sucked on my clit…

This was absolute bliss… Every sensuous part of my body was being stimulated and excited by two beautiful woman and women know, when an orgasm occurs under such circumstances, they know the importance of giving it their all and Holy FUCK did they ever!

As one orgasm rose and fell away within me, another occurred, rising and rising to the attentions of every sensation! From the base of my skull tingling electric stimulation’s flowed around my thorax; through my tits; traversing my torso; down and down again to my mound; simultaneously ascending up from my inner thighs too join together in the depths of my pelvis before exploding out from within my cunt, crashing its way from deep within and flooding every ounce of wet orgasmic cum into her mouth…

This was absolute and total ecstasy!

Teresa was exhausted before she would give it up. Breathing heavily she moved to my side only to be quickly replaced by Caroline! My lover hungrily licking and sucking up the continuing flow of wetness from within my pussy. Slowly, purposefully bringing me back down to earth with her love!

Satiated, we all three lay together. Lightly stroking; touching; kissing. We lay without the need for words, simply languishing in the loving joy of mutual pleasure and the wonderful inclusion of a new partner into our circle of Love…

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