Agents of Pleasure Ch. 24

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When Paige got home that night, she crashed. Eight or nine orgasms in the space of two hours tend to do that to the female body! She sent Chad a text saying she was going to spend the evening with the kids and invited him to join them, but he declined saying he was beat after a long week. Jimmy wanted to play “Candyland,” so they broke out the board games and played until bedtime.

Just as she was turning out the light in their room, her phone buzzed with the notification that a client was texting. “8:00pm? Who could that be?” Picking up her phone, she saw who…Ava Reed!

“Hello Paige,” it read, “I was talking about this with Mason tonight; were you serious about that suggestion you brought up at lunch?”

She tapped back, “Yes.”

“We wouldn’t mind trying it.”

“I mentioned it to Chad, he’s getting over the shock…LOL!”

“I bet!”

“We can try it on one condition, Ava. I want to bring a photographer!”

With that message, there was a long pause before Paige saw Ava tapping out a response; and it was fun to read! “WHAT??”

“LMAO…yes, I want pictures!”

Paige poured herself a glass of wine and sat down next to Sophie on the sofa. It was at least ten minutes before Ava’s response came back, but she smiled when it said, “We agree!”

The weekend was fairly busy seeing that three of the kids would be heading to school on Monday. Olivia was starting eighth grade, Sophie would be in sixth, and Jimmy was in Pre-K4. Paige tried to keep her mother out of it as much as possible so she could enjoy her upcoming date with Tom on Sunday night. The one thing Trudy did say was she would be home early on Sunday in order to help with the kids on Monday morning.

“Mom, you don’t have to do that!”

“No, I want to; Tom and I are going out earlier than usual, so I can be home earlier. It’s not a problem.”

“Okay, you two make your plans and I’ll fit the Sunday schedule around them.”


On Saturday night, Chad came over for an early dinner, and they took the kids to the park for a while. While Jimmy and Jamie were climbing all over the playground apparatus, the older girls sat on the swings.

The newlyweds sat on a bench, and Paige said, “So Honey, can you give me the details on the planning meeting you had with the Steadmans?”

“It was all pretty routine,” he replied. “The whole house was dated and they wanted that upgraded. They also wanted the driveway redone so that ten cars could maneuver without any problem. One of the biggest things was the patio. They wanted that expanded with a roof and pergola combination. A little unusual but the way Virginia described it, it’ll be good. Tom has a vision for that already.”

“What’s the estimate looking like?”

“Off the top of my head, $90,000. Could be over $100,000. Oh, by the way, Tom called Charlie Green yesterday with his estimate…came in right around $95,000.”

“Wow! Okay…that sounds about right!”

“Yeah, things are really picking up for Maxpro!”

“So awesome! But let’s change the subject now. At the meeting did Ginny mention the shower we had yesterday?”

“Only that it was a lot of fun! What’s your version? Did you get a good haul of stuff?”

Paige smiled, “Oh yeah! We pretty much don’t have to buy anything for the new bedroom; we got sheets, comforter, towels…we got it all!”

“That’s great!”

Then she grinned! “I also got something personal!”

“Yeah, like what?”

“Sex toys! A whole bag full of them!”

“Holy shit! Those ladies don’t mess around, do they!”

“Uh, no…they don’t; and you would have enjoyed watching the shower games we played too!”

Chad looked into her eyes with a wry smile on his face, “I would, huh? Things got a little crazy?”

“More than crazy; more like insane!”

“Oh my God! On a scale of 1-10, how hot did THAT get?”


“Damn! And you were going to bring what’s-her-name with you, right?”

“Oh yeah…Eve Prater…and she held her own right in the middle of it all!”

“You fuckin’ women are unbelievable; you make us normal guys look like amateurs!”

The redhead burst out laughing, “You think YOU’RE normal?”

Chad chuckled, “Maybe that was a slight underestimation?”

“Ya think?” When Chad chuckled she added, “I have something to tell you, Hon; and pretty much I wouldn’t be suggesting this to someone who’s ‘just normal.'”

He gave her that wry look again, “Uh oh, What have you done now?”

“Remember I told you about the cuckold thing that Ava and Mason Reed have going?”

There was a pause, “Yeah?”

“I told Ava we would be interested in doing her if we could take pictures!”

“The fuck you did!”

That response made her crack up some more, “Yeah, I told her that! Don’t you want to try this?”

“So you’re saying I’m gonna fuck this woman in front of her husband, you, AND a photographer?”

“Well, when you put it that way, YES!”

Chad flopped back and put his hands on the top of his head, “God! Where the hell is all this going?”

“She’s cute, Chad, Kartal Escort yes…she’s a little overweight, she just had a baby a couple months ago, but the good thing about that is that her boobs are bigger, way bigger than mine!” Chad’s mouth squinched up like he was going to say something, but Paige jumped back in, “Hey, don’t you DARE say what I think you might say!”


“You were going to say something you’d regret!”

“I was not!”

The redhead giggled at him, “Just don’t say it!”

Chad chuckled again and he started to say, “Babe, EVERYONE’S boo…” but Paige clapped a hand over his mouth.


Returning to Paige’s house there was a note from her mother that she had gone out with Tom for a couple hours. So the two of them got the little ones ready for bed and the older girls settled in front of the TV. That meant they could spend some time together on the front porch swing watching the sunset. They never did turn the porch light on, and at 9:00pm Tom’s car pulled up to the curb. Paige and Chad could see inside and before Trudy got out, she gave Tom what looked like a very hot kiss! Then he walked her up to the front door.

“Hey you two!” said Paige from the swing, “How was your extra date?”

Neither Trudy nor Tom seemed startled by her voice; Trudy turned toward the swing and said, “It was lovely! How did your night go?”

“Great! We were just talking about the estimates for Steadman and Green.”

“Sure you were,” Tom snickered, “You’re always talking shop, right?”

“Not always,” said Chad, “But we saw you in the car; it didn’t look like you were talking shop either!”

Paige’s mom didn’t bat-an-eye, “You saw us kiss?”


“Want to see it again?” and without hesitating, Trudy laid a hot one on Tom’s lips!”

“Mom!” said Paige (feigning shock.)

“Good night, Tom! See you tomorrow!” and she disappeared into the house.

“G’night you two,” said Tom as he started down the stairs.

Chad cracked everyone up by saying, “After our room is completed, maybe you can build a room for the two of you next!”

And Paige laughed even harder when Tom playfully replied, “Yeah, and maybe you’re an asshole!”

The next day was Sunday and rather than wait until later in the day, Paige and her mom worked hard to get everything ready for school early, like before noon! They laid out all the kids’ clothes and even packed the lunch boxes. Olivia had been bugging them to let her have a laptop/tablet for homework, and Paige had been saying no for over a month. But her commission checks had been so good lately that Sunday afternoon she took her to the Best Buy in Springfield and let her pick one out provided it fell within a certain price range. Olivia’s gratitude was displayed with tears, and that alone was worth the $175 the tablet cost!.

Another interesting thing that happened that day was when Tom came by around 4:00; he and Trudy sat on the porch swing for a while holding hands! Paige saw them through the window, and that sight brought tears to her eyes! She hadn’t seen her mother look so happy since before her father died! It was a really beautiful thing to watch!

Trudy came in a little later and asked, “Paige, we’re going to go out now instead of later, okay?”

“Absolutely, Mom, I figured you would; go ahead!”

“I’ll be home early.”

Paige stared her down, “Mom, go have fun; everything’s ready for tomorrow. There’s no curfew!” No sooner did they leave than the phone rang. It was Ava Reed! “Ava, Hi! I’m thinking this isn’t about real estate!”

Ava laughed out loud, “Uh, no. Mason and I were talking, and circumstances have given him the day off tomorrow.”

“Oh, my God!” Paige exclaimed, “Are you guys thinking what I think you’re thinking?”

Her client giggled some more, “If that means what I think it means, yes!”

The redhead laughed as well, “This is pretty sudden, Ava; three schedules are involved…mine, Chad’s, and my photographer. What time were you thinking?”

“Evening…the time really doesn’t matter; BUT, it would be best if we used your husband’s house for this because we’ll have to get a sitter.”

“Okay, let me make the calls, I’ll get right back to you.”

Chad picked up on the first ring, “I was gonna call you, Babe! Can I come over tonight?”

“For sure, my mother is out with Tom again, come right over! But, I want to ask you something, how busy are you tomorrow?”

“Very busy, things are crazy at work; why?”

She hesitated for a second, “Because I just got a call from Ava Reed. She’d like us to get together with them tomorrow.”

Paige could literally hear him suck in his breath, “Holy shit! Tomorrow?”

“Yeah, everyone’s real busy, so we’re thinking it could be tomorrow night. What do you think?”

“Uh, God…I gotta think. I guess we could; what do YOU think?”

“There’s more, they want to use YOUR house. They have three kids and need to hire a sitter.”

“Oh my God! This place is a mess, Babe!”

Paige laughed, “So what? We’ll Tuzla Escort only need the bedroom!”

“I’m coming over in thirty minutes, we can talk more.”

“Great, I’m calling Pernell Cannon to see if he can make it. If he can’t, it won’t matter anyway.”

“See you in thirty!”

When Paige called Pernell, he didn’t answer; so instead of leaving a voicemail, she tapped out a “call-me-back” text. Thirty minutes later Chad walked in the door, and THEN her phone rang! Paige was giggling at the coincidences of life when she picked it up, “Hello Pernell!”

“Hi Paige, I was in the shower and didn’t hear the phone. How are you?”

“Very well, thank you! I was just calling to see if you had any plans for tomorrow night?”

“I’m flexible, why?”

“Oh nothing, I just need a photographer is all,” she could hardly keep from laughing as she added, “want the job?”

“Oh my God! Really?”

“Yes, can you make it over to my husband’s house around 7:00?”

“Damn, this is great! Text me the address and I’ll be there!”

“Very cool, if I text you the address, that will mean it’s confirmed, okay?”

“Got it!”

By this time Chad had sat down next to her, “Ya know what? I can’t say I’m not excited about the fun we’re gonna have, but you’re amazing me at just how dirty that sexy, little mind of yours works!”

Paige giggled, “It’s a gift! But if I’m honest, I’d have to admit it amazes me too! I’m also intrigued to see how Pernell handles this!”

Chad was going to kiss her, but Olivia walked into the room, “Mom, Amy Steele called and asked if they could pick me up for school. Is that okay?”

“Why would she want to do that?”

“She said she needed a ‘wingman.’ Not sure, but she said it would mean a lot to her.”

Paige looked at Chad, “A wingman?”

“This Amy girl has a situation she wants to avoid,” he replied. “A friend at her side would help.”

“Oh! I guess it’s okay; you’re not going to get in trouble on your first day are you?”

“Oh God no,” Olivia exclaimed, “Amy’s not THAT type of girl!”

“Neither are YOU! Okay…be her wingman!”

They got up and looked in on the little ones; they were fast asleep. Sophia was sitting on her bed playing with Olivia’s new tablet. “Hello Chad! Hey Mom, when do I get one of these?”

“Do you have $200?”


“Then I guess it’ll be a while.”

“Oh geez.”

The two of them went out to the front porch and sat on the swing again for a snuggle. “Hey Babe, your mother and Tom, two nights in a row? It must be getting serious, huh?”

“Yeah, they’re having sex now; it’s way-serious!”

Chad’s eyebrows went up, “No shit! Wow…where is this headed?”

“I have no idea really, but I did tell her to start working on HER future first…before ours.”

He looked at his wife pensively, “Should I talk to Tom about this?”

“What for?”

“Just to find out.”

“No, don’t do that…just let it play out by itself. I don’t want the macho/male thing getting into this.”

Chad laughed, “You think I would start kidding him about it?”

She looked him right in the eye, “Yes, I do!”

He laughed some more, “You think I’m an asshole or something?”

Paige laughed, “YES, I do!”

Just then Ava Reed called, and Paige was grateful for the interruption. “Hi Ava! Hey, guess what? We’re all set for tomorrow night at 7:00. Is that okay?”

“It’s perfect actually, we totally forgot that we’ll have to pick up Randy from soccer practice.”

“So it’s confirmed then, I’ll text you Chad’s address when we hang up.”

“Great, Oh my God, I can’t believe this!”

“Neither can we, hey Ava?”


“Chad’s cock is hard already!”

Trudy got home that evening around 8:30pm. Paige decided not to question her right then; her mother looked so happy and questions might spoil her reverie! Together they got the kids to bed relatively early and both of them turned in by 10:00.

When Paige awoke the next morning, there were several things running through her head. She shook them all off though; the number one thing to do was get the kids off to school. Olivia’s friend Amy picked her up on time, and she loaded Jimmy and Sophia into the car. This wasn’t her first rodeo, but she did tear up a little because it was Jimmy’s first-ever school day! When she walked him to the classroom door, he went in no problem, “Bye Mom!” and that was that!

On her way to the office she was free to call Marie. “Hello, Luv! Are you fully recovered from your wedding shower?”

The redhead giggled, “Oh yes, as Chad says, ‘I’m the energizer,’ I bounce back quickly! How about you?”

“I think I’ll just say that a lot of women’s get-togethers are so boring. This one wasn’t!”

“Ya think?”

Marie laughed, “I slept pretty soundly Friday night too!”

“Well, I’m almost to the office; tell me how your date went!”

“It was fun! I have to tell you, Joe is very smart, very well-read, and…he has a good sense of humor! We can make each other laugh!”

“That’s Anadolu Yakası Escort a big plus! It sounds like there will be date number three, huh?”

“Yeah, but again, when he walked me to the door, I made it clear I’m not interested in anything long-term. You know what he said?”


“He said, ‘Then I guess you won’t mind if I ask for a short-term kiss?’ I thought that was funny enough to warrant a kiss, so I gave him one!”

“Ohhhh, and how was it?”

“God, it was pretty damn good, Luv; we might get a little more snugly sooner than I thought!”

Paige laughed, “You’re so silly, sexy too! So ‘snugly’ means you see sex in the future?”

“Maybe, but only if he keeps his head screwed on straight. Anyway, I have to get back to work, Paige. Oh, by-the-way, I have a date with Robert on Wednesday night. I might have to get myself a social calendar! Anyway, see ya later!”

Sitting down at her desk, Paige checked her messages. It was a good thing she did! Ava was asking for the address, “Oh my God, I totally forgot to text Chad’s address to them!” She sent it off to Ava and then forwarded the same message to Pernell. Out loud she said, “There’s so much going on, I really ought to get a social calendar too!” That thought made her giggle! She took another moment to try and visualize the upcoming event that night, and a familiar erotic shudder rippled through her. It took real effort to shrug that off, “Get a hold of yourself, Paige, you have work to do!”

First up was a phone call to Becky Freeman. “Hi Paige! How was your weekend?”

“Fantastic! My friend Marie and I went to my wedding shower at a client’s house, and I think my mother picked up a serious boyfriend! How was yours?”

“Ours was amazing! We finished the move on Friday and got back to Indianapolis on Saturday morning. That’s one of the reasons I wanted to talk to you; do you want to come see the condo setup?”

“I do! Did you use pineapples in your decor?”

Becky burst out laughing, “Uh, no! But it certainly looks a lot different than it did before. When can you come this week? Any day is fine, I took the week off!”

“Oh wow…okay…let’s see.” She checked her calendar, “I could make it late tomorrow afternoon, but anytime Thursday would be better.”

“Tell you what,” Becky continued, “how about you come for lunch at noon on Thursday. We can take our time.”

“Sounds great, I’ll be there. Oh, and hey, how was the party with your friends on Saturday night?”

Paige could have sworn she heard Becky breathe “Oh my God,” but out loud she said, “It was one of the hottest ever! How about I give you some details when you come on Thursday?”

“Are these details X-rated?”

“Double X…No, Triple X!”

“Oh my God!” Paige laughed, “See you Thursday!”

Pernell Cannon’s closing the next day was an early 9:00am. That meant they would need coffee for sure, but when she checked, there was no cream and no sugar; another thing to do. Grabbing twenty dollars from the petty cash box, Paige decided to walk since the Save-a-Lot was only one block down. She picked up a quart of Half-and-Half, and a large bottle of flavored cream from the dairy case then made for the coffee aisle where they kept the individual packets of sugar…and of course, they were on the top shelf, twelve inches out of Paige’s reach! Standing on the bottom shelf didn’t help; she felt like she would fall on her ass for sure!

“Need some help there?” said a familiar voice.

She turned and looked into the face of Charlie Green! “Oh my God, it’s you! Nice timing, I can’t reach the sugar packets.”

“Happens every time!” said Charlie with a grin.

“What does?”

“Monday is my shopping day, and it never fails that I get to assist a short, sexy female with these towering top shelves!”

Paige cocked her head to look at him. Charlie was stretching up and he was just tall enough to get his fingertips on the box and knock it off the shelf. When he handed it to her, he was grinning even bigger, “There ya go, Shorty!”

It took five more seconds, but then it dawned on her, “Oh Wow! You were joking!”

“Not a good one?”

Paige laughed, “Nerd humor! I gotcha!”

Then Charlie laughed, “I like to combine my chivalry with a joke now and then!”

The redhead winked at him, ” You need to hire a new joke writer!”

“I guess I do! So what is this, office supplies?”

“Yes, we have some early closings this week. Good thing I check the coffee bar.”

“Is that OUR coffee bar?” he asked with a sly look.

“ANOTHER joke! You are really on a roll today!”

“I try!”

Paige decided to shift gears, “How was your weekend?”

“The last three days were awesome! On Friday I closed a huge tech deal for one of my clients, So Vickie and I went out to celebrate!”

“I don’t think I met Vickie.”

“Right, I don’t think you have; and I don’t think you met Regina Lewis either (we call her Reggie.) She came over on Saturday and the three of us went clubbing.”

Paige gave him the eye, “Is that all you did, clubbing?”

Charlie guffawed, “Uh no, not all; I’m sure you know what else was involved!”

“I can imagine!”

“Yeah, we both have those ‘rich imaginations,’ don’t we!”

“Okay! Enough of the fun banter, I need to get back to work,” and she turned as if to go.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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