An American Count Ch. 06


Author’s Note: As always, I am taking creative license with noble and royal titles and Austrian geography. Took a few days off writing for the Thanksgiving holiday so I hope everyone is still interested in the storyline. For those that have read some of my other stories, I have incorporated a few characters from those previous tales. I hope you enjoy the crossover!

Wagner 1 touched down at Detroit Metro Airport at noon that day and was met by two bulletproof limousines flanked by a pair of blue Michigan State Police cruisers. Gunther had arrived before the nobles and their entourage and set up the police escort for the Count’s road trip to his hometown of Gravel City and his meeting with the people Luke had entrusted with his financial and legal well-being. After the attempt on his life and subsequent wounding of his girlfriend, the Baronetess Sophia Lehner, in New York, Luke was taking no chances with his or his group’s safety. The police escort would encompass the entire 45-minute trip to Gravel City and the aforementioned meeting at Anderson and Sons Law firm then to his father’s home, now his home after the inheritance had completed.

Fifteen minutes out of the airport, the limousine carrying Luke, Sophia, and their maid/traveling butler, the blonde bombshell Anna, was speeding down I-94 when Luke’s cellphone chimed his alma mater’s fight song. He had received a text message from his good friend, Erik Decker:

Hey, man! Are we still

on for Remy’s at 4?

Tara’s working until 6.

Luke desperately wanted to meet up with his friends at Remy’s Pub, but given the events of the last few days, he wasn’t sure that he should. Luke had been Erik’s supervisor at the office where he had worked before he inherited the Wagner fortune and title. Luke had also almost lost Erik to a wicked car accident the year before and Erik had gone through a grueling series of physical therapy sessions to get back on his feet. Erik’s new wife, Tara, a red-haired hottie that reminded Luke of his own Sophia, worked at Remy’s and was the driving force behind Erik’s recovery.

“We should probably cancel the meet-up with my friends at the bar later.” Luke told Sophia as the caravan continued down the highway. “You should get your rest and we’re most likely driving Gunther crazy with the security issues on this one.”

“Oh, no you don’t!” Sophia retorted. “You need this, Luke. And so do I. I’m OK, and I could use a beer or two. You just tell your friends we’ll be there at 4. Let Gunther worry about the security. That’s his job.”

“OK, we’ll go,” Luke reluctantly agreed, “but the minute you start hurting, you let me know and we’ll be out of there.”

“Yes, Sire.” Sophia kidded Luke and batted her long lashes at the young Count. Luke delicately pulled his ginger lover to him and kissed her tenderly as the stretch luxury car sped down the highway, ever nearing its destination.


Gravel City sat 20 miles southwest of Lansing, Michigan’s capital city. The city’s big claim to fame was that the state’s current Lieutenant Governor hailed from within her borders and most thought she was a shoo-in to win the top office in next year’s election. Anderson and Sons office was on the fourth floor of the tallest building in town and Gunther met Luke and Sophia’s police-escorted caravan at the revolving door entryway.

“All clear, Sire.” Gunther exclaimed as he opened the car door for the noble couple.

“Thank you, Gunther,” Luke replied, “although this is Gravel City, not New York City. I don’t expect problems here, but I appreciate the effort. Your next stop is a bar called Remy’s Pub. Please have the detail do a quick sweep then make themselves invisible by the time I get there.” Luke ordered his security chief.

Gunther sighed as he obeyed the command, “As you wish, my Lord,” he answered, “But I do wish you would allow me to close the establishment to the public while you’re there.”

“Remy’s wouldn’t close for the president and they sure as Hell won’t close for me, Gunther.” Luke exclaimed. “Besides, it’s the Saturday after Christmas. It’s Bowl season. Even I don’t have enough money to shut Remy’s down during Bowl season!” Luke laughed.

Gunther puzzled at the meaning of “Bowl Season,” but said nothing. Luke and Sophia found the elevator and made their way to Mr. Anderson’s office. Luke had asked that the meeting last no more than two hours so that he could get settled into his father’s house then meet his friends at Remy’s for the get-together. Anderson and the accountants promised to be as quick as possible, but Luke still felt bored throughout the ninety-five-minute meeting. The only part of the meeting that piqued Luke’s interest was talk of the aerospace company of which Luke was now majority shareholder. Anderson told Luke that the company was planning a launch in Florida on January 2nd and, if all went well, then the government was ready to award three more contracts that would most definitely send the stock prices through the roof, potentially increasing Luke’s worth tenfold. Luke asked Sophia if she wanted to extend their trip for another day or two and attend the launch, şişli escort to which she readily agreed.

After the meeting, Luke and Sophia had the driver take them to Luke’s father’s house, now his house after the inheritance. Anna had gone with Gunther to Remy’s to check out the setting, so Luke and Sophia were, except for two security guards posted at each entry door of the two-story home, alone. Through Mr. Anderson, Luke had petitioned the city to allow him to move his father’s remains from the city cemetery to a plot in the backyard. Luke and Sophia walked through the inch of snow in the backyard to the immaculately groomed burial plot where Luke’s father now laid. The couple stood in silence for a moment, then Luke patted the waist-high headstone and began to walk back to the house. He looked back to see Sophia kneeling by the marker and speaking softly. The red headed baronetess then repeated Luke’s pat of the headstone then joined her lover on the back porch.

“What were you saying back there?” Luke asked as they went back in the warm house.

“Something between your father and I.” Sophia replied as she removed her jacket. “I may tell you someday, but not right now. Right now, I want you to show me around your home.”


Showing Sophia his father’s house took significantly less time than it took Luke to see all the castle. The whole of the modest three-bedroom home could have fit comfortably inside of the reception hall where Luke’s executive chef, Tobias and his other maid, Marie, had their wedding reception just a few days before. Luke’s room was just as he’d left it before he went to Austria. He could have used Anna and Marie’s services to clean the room a bit as there was still some laundry on the floor and a couple beer cans on the nightstand. Sophia, however, loved the room just the way it was.

“Luke, I love it.” Sophia told her boyfriend, eager to put his mind at ease. “This is where you came from and I want to know that part of you. Don’t be ashamed of who you were. I love you because of where you started.” The sexy red head let a sly grin creep across her face. “So, tell me… Ever sneak a girl up here?”

“Well,” Luke replied as he took a step toward the crimson-haired vixen, “just once.”

“And how did that work out for you?” Sophia asked, taking her arm out of the pink canvas sling and embracing the young nobleman.

“I’ll let you know.” Luke answered and locked lips with the ginger baronetess. He broke the kiss then sat Sophia on his humble double bed. Luke removed his jacket and shirt while Sophia worked first his belt then the button and zipper on his pants. She yanked his trousers to the floor then massaged Luke’s rising bulge through the cotton of his boxer briefs. Luke’s eyes involuntarily closed as the blood rushed to his groin and his growing cock peeked out from under the elastic waistband of his underwear. Because of the stitches in her left shoulder, Sophia pulled Luke’s briefs down to the floor with her right hand then began to pump the base of his pointing shaft while her lips parted and took her lover’s purple head into her warm mouth. Sophia teased Luke by tonguing his prick head but taking his dick in her mouth no further. Luke groaned and flinched as Sophia lightly sucked and nibbled on his most sensitive skin.

Luke wanted to grab the back of Sophia’s red head and slide his engorged cock down her throat, but he didn’t want to be too rough with his injured lover. She had saved his life in New York and, by his logic, Luke thought he should be the one using his mouth and tongue on her naughty parts right now, not the opposite. But he wasn’t about to stop the sexiest red head he’d ever seen from sucking him off in his childhood room. From the age of twelve until he left for college, Luke had dreams and fantasies of having women perform various sex acts in his room, but he had never turned those thoughts into realities. He had many opportunities to fulfill those fantasies, but fear kept him from going through with that fulfillment. Fear not of his father’s wrath, but of his father’s disappointment in betraying his trust. But this was Luke’s home now, and, if he wanted, Luke could have Sophia give him head on the kitchen table while he was carving the Easter ham. His room would do for now and he gently but impassionedly inched his concrete-hard aching cock further into Sophia’s pretty mouth.

Sophia allowed Luke to creep his long rod slowly into her waiting mouth until she felt his wrinkly sack against her chin and his prick head brushing up to her tonsils. Sophia unbuttoned her shirt but had problems unclasping her bra one-handed. Luke slipped his pud out of Sophia’s wet mouth and released the hooks on her undergarment, freeing her sweet breasts from their lacey imprisonment. Luke continued to disrobe Sophia until she was as naked as he was. Luke laid on the bed and pulled Sophia on top of him. He delicately slid up the bed until his back was propped on to the headboard and his cock was wedged between Sophia’s sexy tits. Luke pushed her amazing globes together as Sophia moved herself up and down her man’s prick, still slippery from her levent escort own saliva. Luke leaned his head back and closed his eyes as he tit-fucked Sophia’s cleavage, his dribbling pre-cum aiding his progress between her big boobs. Sophia licked Luke’s mushroom-like cock head every time his shaft thrust between her tits and Luke felt the buzzing in his sack begin. He gently pulled Sophia up to him until their faces lined up as well as their genitals. Luke reached his hand to his stiff organ and slid deliciously into Sophia’s soaking gash. She sat her curvy ass down on to Luke’s thighs and speared herself on the young Count’s rod while her mouth met his. Luke grasped Sophia’s hips and vigorously slammed her ass down while he thrust his prick upward, poking Sophia’s cervix and eliciting moans from her as the lovers continued their liplock. Luke once more broke their kiss and replaced Sophia’s tongue with her pink nipple. Luke sucked on Sophia’s tit while she ground her hard clit on his pubic area as they continued to fuck hard.

Luke felt his orgasm start in his filling sack and radiate out until it felt like pleasure shot out of his fingers and toes. His cock spasmed inside Sophia’s hot cunt and began to flood her with his seed. At the first blast of Luke’s cum, Sophia slipped her fingers to her pink nub and rubbed herself furiously. Just as Luke finished coating Sophia’s womb in his milky lava, Sophia clamped her pussy muscles on his spewing rod and let her own orgasm fire pleasure waves through her. The ginger beauty’s contracting snatch drained Luke’s cock and balls of every last drop of semen and when they had both finished, Luke and Sophia crumpled into each other on Luke’s boyhood bed.

“We’re going to need a shower before we meet your friends,” Sophia said breathlessly.

“Yes,” Luke responded, just as winded as his spent partner, “but we can be a few minutes late. Just lay here with me for a few…”


Gunther and Anna had gone to Remy’s Pub to check security and help prepare for the gathering. Luke had given Anna Tara’s cellphone number and the two women collaborated via text until they met at 2pm that afternoon. Anna and Tara were an immediate match for one another and worked like a well-oiled machine to prepare for Luke’s homecoming party. At 3:45pm the bar was ready for the celebration and at 4:15pm, Luke and Sophia walked through the double doors of Remy’s front entrance to the cheers of Luke’s hometown friends. Over the hexagonal bar in the middle of the center room, a blue and gold banner hung down proclaiming the town’s feeling for Gravel City’s favorite son:



Seeing the banner made Luke laugh out and clap his hands in gratitude. His best friend, Erik, hobbled over to him and wrapped him in a bear hug. Luke noticed the cane next to Erik’s chair and surmised that his friend’s physical therapy was ongoing. When Erik released Luke, Tara, Erik’s new wife, ran up to Luke and pressed her gorgeous body against his. Luke had always secretly lusted after Tara and he squeezed her tightly against his body.

“I’ve never kissed a Count before.” Tara said looking up at Luke. “Your girlfriend won’t mind, will she?” Before Luke could answer, Tara stood on her tiptoes and planted her lips on Luke’s, eliciting more cheers from the crowd. Erik limped up behind Luke and spoke into the young Count’s ear.

“Hey, get your own hot red head!” Erik kidded his friend.

“Already did, man.” Luke replied. “Erik, this is Sophia.” Luke introduced his lover to his good friend while Tara still held him. Luke playfully picked Tara up and set her on the oak bar top. “Now let’s get this party started!” The crowd cheered once more at Luke’s order and toasted their nobleman friend. Luke leaned into Tara and spoke softly, “Erik’s leg isn’t getting better, is it?”

Tara slightly shook her head no. “He’ll never be 100% again, Luke.” Tara answered the Count. “But he keeps going to therapy and he keeps trying.” Tara’s eyes began to well up with tears as she hugged Luke once more.

“Is there anything I can do, Tara?” Luke asked his best friend’s wife.

“Yes,” she answered. “Have a few drinks and talk about old times with him. We sure have missed you!”


Luke and Erik had more than a few drinks that night and they talked about old times until just before the bar closed. When 6pm hit, Tara ripped off her apron and joined the party, slamming two shots of tequila and cozying up to Erik and another woman that Luke was introduced to as “Dr. Janet.” By the end of the night, Luke swore that he saw Tara kiss “Dr. Janet” more than once. The party spilled on to the dance floor where the DJ whipped the crowd into a frenzy during the fast numbers then heated them up with slow, seductive tunes. Luke and Sophia danced the slow songs exclusively, much to the chagrin of most of the female patrons hoping to turn the Count’s eye.

Last Call was announced at 1:30am, signaling the end of Luke’s Welcome Home party. Luke and Sophia said their goodbyes to the partygoers then taksim escort weaved their way to their waiting limousine. Anna, Luke and Sophia’s maid, now their traveling butler, stayed behind to help with cleanup. Luke had housed the staff and security detail at a nearby hotel and another stretch luxury car sat in the parking lot, waiting for the blonde bombshell to finish her duties. Tara hugged Anna and thanked her for all her help, then the red headed waitress helped her drunk husband to their pickup truck for their short drive home. Anna was about to enter the limousine when she felt a hand on her shoulder and a soft voice in her ear.

“If you’re done working, I was wondering if you’d like some company tonight?” the voice spoke seductively in Anna’s ear. The Count’s right-hand woman turned around to see a stunning brunette with breasts nearly as large as hers and a gorgeous pair of blue eyes that rivaled her own.

“You are the one everyone calls ‘Dr. Janet,’ Ja?” Anna asked the beauty before her.

“Yes,” responded the sultry physician. “Dr. Janet Ellenson, actually. And you are Anna, right? May I ride with you, Anna?” Janet asked.

“Where are you going, Fraulein Doktor?” Anna asked in response to Janet’s question.

“Wherever you’re going, beautiful.” The doctor replied as she moved closer to Anna and pressed her lips to the buxom blonde’s own cherry-red mouth. Anna pulled the brown-haired goddess closer into her and parted her lips with her probing tongue. Anna broke the steamy kiss then held the limousine door open for Janet. Gunther, the head of Luke’s security force, came up to Anna and voiced his objection.

“Anna, this woman has not been cleared.” The executive guard stated. “No one must have access to the Count or his staff unless thoroughly vetted.”

“Oh, Gunther,” Anna answered, “you worry too much. I plan to thoroughly ‘vet’ the good Doctor tonight. And if you’re lucky, Herr Sicherheitsmann (Mister Security Guard), I may let you ‘clear’ both of us afterward.” The fair-haired beauty placed a light kiss on Gunther’s stern lips then she entered the back seat of the limo next to her new brunette friend.

It was a ten-minute ride to the hotel that stood on the outskirts of Gravel City. In that time, Anna and Janet had explored a good deal of each other. Neglecting to raise the smoked-glass partition, the limousine driver nearly ran two red lights as he kept one eye on the road and the other on the Sapphic action in the spacious backseat of his long vehicle. Janet, the smaller of the two women, had climbed up on Anna’s lap and kissed the blonde as her skirt rode up her thighs revealing a tiny triangle of yellow fabric quickly dampening from her excited slit. Anna helped Janet’s skirt ride up by slipping her hands under the grey material covering the auburn-haired doctor’s ass and flipping it over her hips. Just as Janet popped the third button on Anna’s white shirt, the limousine skidded to a halt less than three inches from the broadside of a forest green Chevy SUV. The driver hurriedly ran to the back of the car and opened the door for the two women. Janet exited first, yanking her skirt back down over her sexy butt and thighs, followed by Anna who didn’t bother re-buttoning her shirt. She kissed the driver on the cheek and thanked him for the ride with a wink and a smile, then took Janet’s hand and led her to the elevator that would stop at the third floor where Anna’s room awaited the new duo.

Anna whispered something in German to the black-suited security guard tasked with protecting the third floor and the sentinel merely nodded. The two women entered the sparsely furnished room and once more locked lips. They removed each other’s clothes as they kissed until Janet was left in only her 4-inch stilettoes, closing the gap on Anna’s 5’10” frame, while the busty blonde stood mid-room wearing nothing but an aura of lust. Anna laid Janet on the queen-size hotel bed and lightly raked her painted fingernails across Janet’s shaved mound, eliciting a slight squeal from the dark-haired doctor. A quick bead of moisture escaped Janet’s slit and Anna ran her tongue up the length of Janet’s gash to catch the morsel of nectar before it hit the bedsheet. Janet’s hands gripped the coverlet on the bed as Anna set to work on her sensitive clit.

“By the way, Fraulein Doktor,” Anna commented before she dove back into Janet’s sweetness, “I was kidding Gunther about getting his turn. I want you all to myself tonight.” Anna’s tongue pierced through Janet’s slick pussy and she once more tasted the creamy fluids the brunette physician was offering. Anna traced two fingers around Janet’s puffy cunt lips as her mouth returned to the doctor’s buzzing nub. The fair-haired devil then plunged her two tracing fingers into Janet’s wetness and found the ridges of her pleasure spot inside. Anna’s nails danced across Janet’s G-spot as her mouth continued its vacuuming action on her hard button. Janet cried out as Anna added one more finger to her slippery twat. The third finger was the charm as a powerful orgasm blasted through Janet’s body, causing the auburn beauty to arch her back and open her mouth in a silent scream. As electric jolts of pleasure careened through her, Janet contracted the muscles in her pretty snatch around Anna’s trio of digits and covered them in her Heavenly wetness. Anna slid her fingers from Janet’s hot box and licked the panting practitioner’s cum from her slender digits.

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