An Encounter with Lisa


Lisa & I arrived at the condo after at two hour drive during which we got caught up with each other’s lives. We were a couple of stoner buddies who had been friends for years and were getting together this weekend, ostensibly, to catch up, hang out, and smoke some dope over the weekend. We had an odd friendship where nothing was taboo. We spoke about our sex lives and other matters openly and candidly in ways that would have made our significant others blanch. Nothing was different so far, during the ride up, Lisa had spoken of her lesbian relationships and I listened intently, as I spoke of my relationship with my girlfriend of three years, and she listened. It was a little nuts, but for four years, it had worked this way.

We went into the condo and I showed her around. It was my grandmother’s place and she had died a year and a half earlier. We still hadn’t sold the place, as it was a nice three bedroom condo at a ski/golf resort, and provided a nice overflow for houseguests during the summer. We got a couple of beers and settled down to smoke a joint. Lisa mentioned she had some acid and wouldn’t it be fun to do it this weekend? I encouraged her to get it out and let the party commence! We dropped, we smoked, we drank, and within an hour we were feeling no pain. I suggested a card game. Now what the exact rules were, I’m fuzzy on, but it was sort of like liar’s poker. We each drew a card and the one who had the higher card won. The loser on each hand could either answer a question of the opponents choosing, or take a bong hit.

The hits were a-flyin and so were the questions. They started out innocent enough but they soon turned sexual in nature. I swear to God, I’m not sure how it got there, but it did. I lost a hand and it was my turn to answer or hit. I was pretty stoned so I chose answer. The questions had been going along the lines of “What’s your fantasy that has yet to be fulfilled?” etc. Lisa asked me a question that I’ll never forget.

“Have you ever fantasized about me?”

Gulp. There it was. I’d be a lying fool if I said I’d never thought about Lisa in a sexual way. The day we met, she was engaged, and when the marriage ended, I was already in a serious relationship. The timing hadn’t exactly worked out for us. But here was this nubile, sexy, little nymph asking me if I’d ever fantasized about her. Truthfully, you could fill a pool with all the cum I’d spilled while fantasizing about Lisa. She oozed raw sexuality and her frankness with her exploits with men and women were a turn on as well. This was a woman who knew what she wanted in bed, and knew how to get it.

I looked her square in the eye and answered.

“Yes, I most certainly have.”

On the next hand, Lisa lost, and chose to answer a question. The genie was out of the bottle now, you know what came out of my mouth “Have you ever fantasized about me?” She answered as if it were the dumbest question ever.

“Of Course I have. Many times…”

Well, from there it got very interesting. I’m not sure exactly how long the questions went on, but it felt like 45 minutes to an hour. We peppered each other with very probing questions about each other’s fantasies & habits as they regarded to us. “What fantasy would you fulfill with me? Where’s the strangest place you’ve fantasized about me, have you ever fucked or masturbated at work?” etc. The questions, interrupted by the occasional bong hit finally came to a close without either of us jumping the other. I was stunned we weren’t already naked, but what are you going to do? We were friends and had never crossed that line before, or even admitted those feelings existed. Well, they were out in the open now, that much was certain. Lisa got up to go to her room and change into some more comfortable clothes. The combination of the pot, the acid, and the beer had my head in a million places, so I really didn’t give the previous two hours much thought. I sat down to watch some TV when Lisa came back out. She was wearing a loose fitting shirt and a pair of tights that had a black & white checker pattern on them. Sort of a harlequin look, if you will.

She sat next to me on the couch and we settled in to watch whatever was on, I have no memory of what it was. I looked over at Lisa and she looked up at me and without hesitation I leaned over and kissed her. Lisa’s lips were warm and inviting and within seconds our tongues were exploring each others. The position of Lisa sitting beside me was awkward so I lifted her up onto my lap. She straddled me and took my face in her hands. We continued our kissing while our hands explored each other’s bodies. I felt Lisa’s lovely breasts and her nipples got hard in my hands. Lisa had a firm grip on my head and was running her hands through my hair. I moved my hands down to her amazing ass and when I grabbed each cheek, Lisa thrust her hips forward, grinding into my crotch. My cock was as hard as stone in anticipation of this moment. I pushed my hips back to meet hers and I thought my penis just might push through my denim pants. After making out for several minutes, and Escort Ankara the lust was rising to a fever pitch, I asked Lisa If she had any condoms, as I, did not. I wasn’t anticipating this, and had not come prepared. Lisa whispered “No” into my ear just before putting her tongue in it. That sealed it!

I pushed her off of me gently and stood up, my cock making an obvious tent in my jeans.

“I’m going to run down the hill and get some condoms.” I said, embarrassed all hell. “Hold that thought and I’ll be right back”

Lisa looked at me with a look of pure desire and said “Hurry back, I’ll try not to start without you.”

I hustled out to the car and raced to get some condoms. In what had to have been a record speed trip down & up the resort hill, I knocked on the door to the condo with the condoms in hand. Lisa answered the door wearing a cream colored teddy with red ribbons down the front. She had pulled the bottom into the crack of her ass to give the appearance of a thong and just like that, my dick was back at full salute! I closed the door and Lisa wrapped her arms around me as she pulled my face down to hers. As our lips reconnected, Lisa raised her right leg and wrapped it around my ass. My hands found their way down to the exposed globes of her ass and squeezed the perfection that was Lisa’s derriere. We made our way back to the living room couch and Lisa sat down and squeezed my crotch while I tried to remove my shoes.

“Hurry. I want to see it” Lisa whispered.

I removed my pants and shorts in one swift movement and stood before this gorgeous creature who wanted me every bit as much as I wanted her. Lisa reached out and took gentle hold of my rock hard penis and said

“Such a beautiful cock. Mmmmm” as she wrapped her lips around the shaft. I had never heard a woman say my cock was beautiful but I must admit, it was quite a turn on. So was the feeling of Lisa’s mouth moving up & down my dick. She had a technique of stroking the shaft’s lower half while sucking & licking the upper shaft and head. I was in heaven! She then put her hands on my ass and pulled me all the way into her mouth. I felt her nose at the base of my shaft and her tongue was licking all around in her mouth. How I didn’t cum right there on the spot I can only credit the drugs. Pot has a way of desensitizing my cock so I was loving this. Lisa pulled her head away from my penis and looked up at me.

“Take me now.” She said simply. Lisa stood up and removed the teddy while I hastily put the condom on my dick. When she laid back on the couch and opened her legs, I saw the most beautiful pussy I had ever laid eyes on. I like a vagina with thick lips, the kind that stick out a bit beyond the labia majora. Lisa’s were perfect. The inner lips spread like a flower and were wet from her arousal and I just about came right there on the spot. I knelt between her legs and placed the tip of my cock at her opening. I stuck the head in just a bit then pulled it out and rubbed it along Lisa’s clit.

“Mmmm.” She said “Fuck me. Please”

I put my cock into her dripping pussy and slowly let it sink in. I pulled it out just as slowly and then pushed it in as far as it would go. Hard.

“Unnh, God!” Lisa moaned.

“Oh my God, you are so tight. This feels sooo good” I groaned in return.

Lisa put her hands on my hips as my thrusting fell into a rhythm. Lisa was raising her hips with every thrust to meet mine. The feeling was extraordinary. I looked down into her beautiful face and her eyes met mine. What I saw was pure animal lust. God, what a turn on. The drugs were doing the trick because as good as everything felt, I wasn’t even close to cumming. What a bonus. I stopped thrusting and suggested we take it upstairs to the bathroom that had a full shower with a large bench. She smiled and said “Oooh, fun”

I climbed off Lisa and took her hand to lead her up the spiral staircase to the upstairs bathroom. My cock, still rock hard and wrapped in latex, pointed the way. I got the shower to the right temperature and we both climbed in. We embraced and kissed as the warm water flowed over us. I took a bar of soap and began rubbing it all over Lisa’s body. I stood behind her and coated her breasts with slippery suds. After tweaking her nipples for a bit I moved my hands across her midsection, soaping every exposed inch of skin until I got to her pussy. I let the soap fall and ran my slippery hands all over Lisa’s gorgeous pussy. I played with her nether lips while Lisa leaned her head back onto my shoulder and moaned in approval. My cock slipped into the crevice between Lisa’s ass cheeks and moved back & forth enticingly. I knew what I wanted next and pulled Lisa into the water stream to rinse her off.

When she was soap free, Lisa sat down on the tiled bench in the shower as I stood before her. I kissed her gently, then kneeled in the shower and began to kiss her knees. With every kiss and small lick, I moved my way closer to her pussy. I kissed both legs moving ever closer to Lisa’s cunt, now dripping with water and Ankara Escort desire. As my lips reached her pussy, I kissed all around the center of my attention, not wanting to get to the creamy treat too soon. I slowly licked around Lisa’s pussy, taking her inner lips in my mouth and sucking them in, one at a time, then both at once. When I finally placed my tongue on her clit, Lisa’s body jolted as if she’d been shocked.

“God, I thought you’d never get there…”Lisa gasped

I sucked the pretty little clit into my mouth and flicked it with the tip of my tongue. Lisa responded as I hoped she would, by pushing her crotch in my face and thrusting her hips onto my tongue repeatedly. After I gave her pussy a good tongue bath, I stood up and took Lisa by the hand. I stood her up and turned her to face away from me, bending over the tile bench. Lisa, knowing where this was going, responded by wiggling her ass back & forth.

“Ohh Lisa, I’m going to fuck you so hard” I groaned as I slid my cock into her waiting, dripping, cunt.

“Do it! Fuck me hard!” she answered

I slid my penis in to the hilt and grabbed her hips with both my hands. I pulled her against me as I began thrusting into Lisa wildly. The water falling all over us splashed between us as our bodies came together and apart repeatedly. Lisa reached down with her right hand and began to rub her clit as I pistoned in and out of her pussy. The feeling was unbelievable but I still wasn’t ready to cum. This was unusual, since I normally would’ve blown my load downstairs under different circumstances. The combination of the condom and the effect of the drugs were making me a turbo lover. I withdrew from Lisa’s warm, velvety sheath and sat her back on the tile, facing me. I approached her and placed my knees on the tile as Lisa raised her legs over my thighs. My cock re-entered the lusty furnace of Lisa’s pussy and I began thrusting for all I was worth. The look of passion in Lisa’s eyes hadn’t dimmed a bit as she kept breathing “Yes, yes, ohhh yes baby, it’s soo good”

It began to dawn on me that I wasn’t going to cum in the shower. I was mystified here, but since my hardness hadn’t flagged a bit, I wasn’t complaining. I withdrew once again, stood up and suggested we go somewhere else. Lisa looked at me in semi-amazement, then smiled and responded “Sure.”

We stepped out of the shower and began to towel each other off. I glanced at the mirror and saw Lisa’s image wiping off her thighs being reflected back. I don’t know what it was but a feeling of lust more powerful than I’d ever felt washed over me.

“Lisa, please, can I…” I began to stammer.

Lisa looked at my eyes, then my cock, still standing at attention. “Sure. Where would…”

“Right here, on the mat” I finished for her. Lisa laid on her back on the bathroom floor and spread those lovely legs revealing her incredible vagina. I quickly fell between them and pushed my aching cock into her wet, warm pussy. There was no gentleness at this point. This was pure, animal, need. I began pounding Lisa’s pussy with everything I had, determined to cum.

“Yeah baby, fuck me, fuck meeeee….” Lisa moaned and I felt the familiar pressure beginning to build in my dick.

“Oh God Lisa! I’m close, sooo close” I gasped, pushing my cock in and out of Lisa as if my life depended on it.”

“Oh Steve, cum with me” Lisa called out

I then felt something I had never felt before. Lisa’s cunt gripped my cock like a vise. So tight, that I thought I wouldn’t be able to pull out again. I could feel the muscles of her vagina ripple from the base of my penis all the way to the tip. It was a feeling unlike any other and I was powerless to stop what was cumming next.

“Oh Lisa, Fuuuucccckkkk!” I moaned as the most powerful orgasm of my life ripped out the tip of my cock. Lisa’s orgasm continued to literally milk my cock for all it was worth. I was worried the force of the semen pouring out of my dick would pop the condom, but it held. As our orgasms washed over us, we were both out of breath.

“Feel better?” Lisa asked when we both regained our senses.

“Jesus Christ!” I gasped. “That was…whew”

Lisa smiled and continued to dry herself off.

“C’mon” she grinned, “Let’s go to bed. You’re going to need some rest.”

After we were dried off from the shower, Lisa & I went back downstairs. As we walked into my room, Lisa looked into my eyes with an almost child like stare and asked,

“Steve, I was wondering…”

“Yeah?” I replied

“Well, I was wondering, if I could sleep in here with you tonight?”

I was a little stunned. It had never occurred to me, following our encounter mere minutes ago, that it would be any different than the two of us sharing a bed, but I suppose Lisa probably hadn’t thought of this as a possible outcome any more than I had for the weekend, and was treading on unknown ground. It was actually very endearing…

“Of course you can sleep with me. I hoped you would want to after…”

I never got a chance to finish Ankara Escort Bayan as Lisa’s lips pressed against mine softly, and she moved past me into the bathroom.

We proceeded with our individual pre-bed rituals. I crawled into bed naked, as that is my preferred method of sleep, and when she emerged from the bathroom, Lisa was wearing a beautiful red satin camisole/nightgown that appeared to fall to her mid thighs. Again, another example of how this woman, this minx, this gorgeous sexual dynamo, could turn a seemingly ordinary nightgown into a sexually suggestive outfit.

We crawled into bed and turned out the lights. I’m not sure I was ready for sleep, as the combination of drugs were still doing unusual things to me. The pot and the beer, not to mention the exertion from the previous round of sex play had me sleepy. Yet the acid had me wired. It was an odd, but not unpleasant feeling. I slid next to Lisa under the heavy blankets to embrace & kiss her. We laughed about how things had worked out for this weekend. She asked me if I had planned it this way all along.

“I swear to God, I really didn’t think this would come about. Otherwise, I probably would’ve brought condoms.”

We both giggled as our lips met. Lisa was an incredible kisser, her lips were so soft and her tongue crept very lightly along my lips & mouth. It was almost as if she was waiting for my go ahead to be more aggressive. As the kiss continued, the passion grew with it. My hands slipped along the satin smoothness of her midsection as I searched for and found her lovely tits. I could feel the nipples begin to tighten and harden under the fabric as my cock responded in kind. Lisa’s hands had found my semi-hard penis and began to slowly stroke it softly, up & down. As her ministrations on my cock brought it to full attention, my right hand slid off of Lisa’s left breast and moved down her body to the nexus at the tops of her thighs. The hair around Lisa’s pussy was of short length, not closely shaved but not very long either. My hand grazed over the hair as my fingers quickly found her wet, slippery pussy lips. Again I marveled at the beauty of this cunt. My fingers were doing all the seeing I needed. As I gently, and effortlessly slid two fingers into Lisa’s quim, she responded with a shudder & an moan into my mouth. He hands picked up the pace a little on my cock and I involuntarily thrust my hips a bit forward in reaction. The passion & lust was building at an amazing pace, but I wanted this to last. Every moment in bed with this creature was time to be savored, like a fine wine or 12 year old scotch.

“Lisa?” I asked, barely able to pull my lips away from the soft, wet, heaven they were in.

“Hmmm?” She responded

“Would you like to 69 with me?’

Lisa responded my pushing her lips against mine quickly and giving my cock a squeeze.

“Oh yeah lover.”

She pulled away from me as I threw the covers off of us both. The only light was a faint glow from somewhere outside the room. It was dark, but there was enough light to see what was going on. Lisa positioned herself on top of me as I lay on my back. I watched in rapt fascination as her thighs settled on either side of my head and her soaking wet pussy lowered toward my face. The lips of her vagina extended out in clear arousal and were just begging to be licked. Just as I was about to take the pretty lips in my mouth, I felt her mouth envelope my cock in warm, wet glory. Lisa’s tongue went to work on my cock as if her life depended on it. Meanwhile, I placed my hands on either side of her hips and pulled the wet treasure before me down to my mouth.

My memories get a bit hazy here. I remember getting lost in pleasure that was all encompassing. The feeling of Lisa’s talented mouth on my penis as well as my efforts to lick and suck every square centimeter of the most beautiful pussy I had ever seen, combined into a swirl that simply felt like…Well, if there’s a heaven, for me, it’ll feel something like that. Lisa had pinched her lips around the head of my cock and was flicking her tongue against the tip as I was pushing my tongue as far into her as it would go. Lisa quickly lifted her mouth off my prick as gasped,

“My God, I want to fuck you…”

“The feeling is soo mutual” I groaned, sitting up.

We both came to our knees and embraced, pushing our mouths together. The juices from each of us became mixed in our kiss, all of her wetness which coated my mouth & face, as well as her saliva and my pre-cum from my cock. It all mixed into quite the delicious cocktail.

“Mmmm, bend over baby, I want you from behind.”

“God, Yesss” Lisa groaned.

I took up position behind her with a perfect view of her perfect ass to entice me. I slipped a condom on, as Lisa reached between her legs and spread her pussy lips apart in preparation for me. I moved up and inserted my cock into her sweet vagina for the second time that night. I felt Lisa’s fingers tickle my cock as I slid into her depths. With my hands on her hips, I began to push in and out, settling into a rhythm that was comfortable for us. Lisa’s moved her hips back to meet my thrusts and the sound of her ass slapping against my abdomen made for a sexy drumbeat. Lisa had both her hands on the bed as my balls smacked against her clit with every thrust.

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