An Innocent


Liana sat nervously in the parlor. She was dressed in her best dress, and had all the rest of her possessions in a valise on her lap. A few months ago her father had died and now her mother said that she could no longer live at home. Currently, her mother was inside Laird Dylan McGregor’s study. Liana still hadn’t been told what was going to happen in her future. After a nearly half of an hour her mother and Laird McGregor came out of the study, and Liana felt her heart fluttering in her chest. This was the first time that she had seen him. He was tall, a good half foot over her own five feet five inches. His hair was a little longer than was fashionable, and the chocolate brown locks brushed against his tailored linen shirt. His hard lined face was cleanly shaven and not classically handsome but attractive in a rugged way. He was trim, with broad shoulders and not even a pinch of fat anywhere. Liana quickly realized that she was staring at him and her gaze flew up to meet his. His steely gray eyes met her green ones and he raised one eyebrow in question. Liana could feel herself blushing and turned to look at her mother.

Liana’s mother barely glanced at her daughter as she gathered her things. She gave her instructions on her way out of the door. “Its been decided, Liana. We both know that I can’t afford to keep you so you will be staying with Laird McGregor. He is too be your guardian until you wed.”

Liana felt her throat constricting and tears pooling in her eyes. By the time she looked up to question her mother, she had already left and Laird McGregor was standing in the doorway with his arms crossed over his chest. She couldn’t tell what he was thinking by his expressionless look. But how could he be thrilled with this. She felt that she should probably say something, maybe offer to leave. But before she could open her mouth he spoke.

“The housekeeper will show you where to stay. Don’t worry about a chaperone, my mother’s aunt lives here and that should suffice.” His voice was cold and not in the least bit reassuring. Although his Scottish brogue was interesting enough to listen too. That appeared to be a dismissal and he turned to leave.

“Wait, Mr. McGregor?” Her voice came out in kind of a squeak and she reached out to touch his arm. He stopped and turned around with a shocked expression, he wasn’t the type of person who ever had people question his authority. He raised a single eyebrow again. “I’m sorry I didn’t know what she was going to do, I’ll leave immediately. I have a few pounds and I’m sure I could get a job as a governess somewhere.” Her voice cracked a little in her nervousness and she unconsciously tightened her grip on his arm.

Dylan stared at the young woman that had just been thrust into his life. She was only nineteen, just out of the schoolroom. He had been a business partner with her father, although he had never met her before today. He had counted her father, the late Baron of Morton, as one of his only close friends. Unfortunately for the girl her mother was not as honorable has her father and was well, a raging bitch. He knew the girl didn’t know the stipulation in the will that left her at her house, and if he had her way she never would. The late Baron had spent his life protecting his innocent daughter from her mother. As further protection he had decreed that his wife would receive no inheritance without leaving the care of their daughter to his good friend.

He couldn’t believe that she Anadolu Yakası Escort was telling him she wanted to leave. He had made a promise to her father and he intended to keep it. “What?” He knew that he sounded harsh but he was shocked.

Liana was shocked and more than a little scared at his expression. She took that as a sign to leave. She made an effort to let go of his arm and clutched her bag tightly to her chest. While he stood their looking surprised and angry she admitted to squeeze around him to exit the door.

It was nice effort but he came to his senses at the last minute and slid a thick arm around her waist, and pulled her tight up against him, effectively halting her escape. Liana gasped as she was suddenly pressed up against his hard body. She could feel his warm breath against her ear as he leaned down. He didn’t seem angry now, in fact he even chuckled right before he spoke. “Nice try, but don’t try it again. I made a promise and you’re staying here until I have you safely wed to some poor sap.” He gave her a tight squeeze for emphasis. She was so surprised that she just stood there after he let her go and he had to give her a little push to get her moving. She could hear his chuckling as she ran up the stairs.

He stood in the doorway with his arms crossed over his chest. He was smiling as he watched the soft curve of her derriere as she ran up the stairs. She was shorter than him but not as short as some of the women he knew. Her slender frame contradicted the heavy swell of her breasts that he had felt when he grabbed her. She was innocent, he could tell just be looking at her. This might end up being fun after all.

Chapter two

Liana felt a little bit better after her nap. She still felt confused and abandoned, but she would rather be here than with her mother. Except for one thing, Dylan McGregor. He unnerved her, she had never touched a man like that before and she felt the heat rising to her face just thinking about it. His aunt, a elderly woman named Abigail, had visited a while ago and mentioned that dinner was formal and served precisely at eight o’clock. Abigail seemed nice, if a little eccentric and left soon after stopping by. It was just past seven now and a maid had shown up with a sapphire blue velvet gown. Liana was surprised and full of questions but the maid only said that the Laird had sent it up.

When Liana entered the drawing room shortly before eight, she was nervous. The gown was cut lower than anything she had ever worn before. The maid had pinned her dark black curls up, then let them fall around her pale shoulders. Liana stopped just inside the door. Dylan had stood up when the door opened and was speechless. Liana was beautiful. He could see just the swell of bosom above her dress, more than was acceptable for a girl her age but enticing nonetheless. He slowly looked up and down her body and his eyes stopped on her face. She was blushing and avoiding his gaze. She looked very unsure.

She watched Dylan walk towards her after he stopped staring at her. When he reached her he held out his hand. She raised her own hand and laid it into his and watched as he leaned down and placed a kiss on the inside of her wrist. She caught her breath when she felt his tongue flick against her skin. Just then the door opened and Abigail walked in. Dylan straightened and gave her a wink that started her stomach fluttering.

Dinner was torture. Every time that Liana’s Kurtköy Escort eyes caught Dylan’s she felt a stirring in her belly. His eyes were deep and warm and stared right into hers every chance they got. Finally the meal was over and she couldn’t help a sigh of relief. She spent a few minutes in the drawing room with Abigail and they retired together before Dylan joined them.

Liana couldn’t relax until she was in her room. She dismissed her ladies maid after she unhooked the gown and changed into her nightgown. The bed was huge and curtained with thick velvet drapes that would effectively block out any light. She was almost asleep when she heard a noise. It sounded like somebody was at her door. Liana set up and pulled the covers up to her chin. She heard the door open and then heard the lock slip closed. She started shaking, hoping that it was her maid. When the drapes around her bed were pulled back and tied open she saw Dylan standing in the soft candle light.

“Wh… what are you doing here?” She whispered.

“Ah, lass. I had to see you.” Dylan gave her a look that seared her to her soul and started to unbutton his shirt. She gasped when he laid down on the bed next to her. She started to protest when he grasped the cover and pulled it down. “Its too late for that Lia, you’ve been telling me that you wanted me all night.

At that she sat up straighter. “I have not!” She was gravely offended that he could think that.

He gave a deep chuckle and pushed her shoulder back into the pillows. “Aye, you have. It was in your eyes. Then before she could protest he pressed his mouth onto hers.

Liana had never been kissed before and was startled when his warm lips pressed against hers. He cradled her face in his hand as he made love to her mouth. In minutes she was gasping and felt a warmth pooling in her belly. Dylan took advantage of her gasping and slid his tongue in around her bottom lip. At her first moan, he pushed his tongue in deeper and slowly explored the crevices of her mouth. When he shifted and started kissing down the side of her neck, Liana moaned his name and tried to pull him back up to her. “Dylan, don’t….. stop.”

Dylan tugged on the collar of her nightgown, opening the front and sliding it down to expose one creamy white globe. Liana moaned and arched her back as he lifted the breast and ran his tongue around the nipple. When his mouth closed around it and started a deep suction she nearly came off the bed. He leaned up to see her face and gave her a sensuous smile. “Do you like this?” It was a rhetorical question, one that she was too embarrassed to answer. Instead she tried to pull his mouth back to her breast.

Dylan pulled the nightgown down farther and moved his mouth to the other nipple, giving it equal attention. When Liana felt his fingers on the outside of her leg she started to regain some sanity. “No, Dylan, please.” She tried to raise up off the bed and push him away. Instead he pressed his weight on to her holding her down. “Relax,” His voice was calm and soothing. She calmed a little until he suddenly pushed the gown to her waist and pulled it over her head. “Dylan, we can’t.” She was frantically trying to get his attention. He looked into her eyes and pressed his hand low on her belly, “Do you feel warm here?” His voice was a low whisper and it captivated her. She nodded. He moved his hand until it was covering her mound. “Here?” He asked. He heard her sharp Pendik Escort intake of breath before she nodded slowly. He slid his fingers through her soft dark curls and caressed the smooth skin hidden below. She jerked and tried to pull her legs together when his fingers brushed against her lips. “Don’t.” His tone was soft and enticing. She slowly slid her legs apart.

Dylan moved up her body and pressed his mouth to hers. Slowly he circled his fingertip around the damp entrance to her sex. As soon as he felt her relax against him, he gently eased his middle finger into her up to his first knuckle. “How about here?” She was distracted and stopped kissing him long enough to ask “What?” He moved his finger in and out unhurriedly, “Do you feel warm here?” She couldn’t catch a thought long enough to even nod. He pressed his finger fully into her at the same time as he pressed his tongue into her mouth. She arched her stomach against his. He slid his finger almost out and quickly pressed two into her.

Liana felt deliciously full. She felt a swirling in her belly that she’d never felt before. Sort of a pressure and she was starting to move frantically against Dylan. When she started to slide her hand down his chest to caress him, he suddenly grasped her hands and held them loosely in one hand above her head. He moved over her and she felt the hotness of his skin hard against hers. Dylan lifted her chin with his fingertips until she was looking in his eyes. “Now and forever, Lia.” His tone was firm and unyielding. “Say it.” He was rubbing against the juncture of her legs teasingly.

Liana gasped and tried to catch her breath. Now would be a good chance to stop it. But she couldn’t, all she could do was think about the heat that was throbbing between her legs. “Now,” she whispered, “forever.” As soon as she uttered the words, Dylan pressed his lips hard to hers. He reached down and held her nether lips open as he started to press himself into her. Liana gasped at the fullness that she felt. Dylan pressed in until he felt the slightest resistance. “Lia,” Her name came out a groan. When he said her name her body tightened unconsciously around him. He groaned again and slammed into her body.

Liana cried out when she felt the sharp pain deep inside her. She bucked, trying to dislodge his body but serving only to allow him to enter deeper. She could feel tears pooling in her eyes. “Dylan, stop. I don’t like this anymore.” He had stopped moving as soon as he was fully imbedded into her tight sheath. He smoothed his hands over her hair and wiped the tears from her cheek with the pad of his thumb. “Shh, it will get better. Just give it a minute.” He continued to whisper soothing words to her as he kissed and stroked her.

Within minutes the pain had eased and she was kissing him back as fervently as before. He ran his hand down the side of her body and slid it under her thigh. When he slowly pulled her leg up next to his hip she moaned and arched against him. He slowly pulled back until the tip was just barely inside her and thrust back in to his full length. He started thrusting roughly into her, and she met him at every plunge. He could feel his climax nearing, so he reached down to flick his fingertips against the nub of pleasure at the top of her sex.

Liana felt a tightening in her lower belly; she felt on like she was on the edge of something great. She lifted both her legs and locked her ankles behind Dylan’s back, pulling her up. The new position, combined with his fingers pushed her over that edge and she screamed her release into his mouth. Liana’s climax triggered Dylan’s and he quickly thrust in her shooting his seed deep into her belly. When his climax finally stopped he collapsed next to her, exhausted.

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