In My Bed


I’d been away for a week doing business interstate. By a stroke of luck one of the people I’d been meeting was flying to my home town and offered me a lift in his plane. I wasn’t going to say no. I’d be arriving home two days early and the trip would take half the time of a commercial flight.

I arrived home around midnight on Friday night. The play was in a lights out mode which was to be expected. I went very quietly down to my bedroom, planning to go straight to bed.

A little surprise. There was a sweet young thing dead to the world in my bed. Now while I have no objection to having a sweet young thing in my bed I must say I would feel easier in my mind if I’d actually put her there. (She wasn’t there in place of my wife, by the way. I no longer have a wife due to certain unfortunate circumstances.)

I decided that maybe I’d better bed down on the couch rather than disturb my unexpected guest. (I was assuming that the spare room was probably occupied. A quiet glance in as I went past showed that there was someone in the spare bed.)

Turning on the light in the front room I found that the couch was occupied. So was the large armchair, with someone small curled up in it. I tossed a glance in my daughter’s room, finding that yes, both her bed and the lower bunk were occupied. What had she been up to I wondered? A sleepover for all her friends?

I went back to my bedroom and contemplated the young lady therein. I have a king-size bed. The young lady didn’t take up much room. I could probably sleep on the other side of the bed and she’d never know. At least, she’d never know as long as I woke up first and got out of bed.

I turned on the reading light directly over the young lady, hoping to identify her. I was fortunate, as I knew her well. She was Julie, a long time friend of my daughter. Also, she was the same age as my daughter, eighteen. I didn’t mind being caught in bed with an eighteen year old. Damned if I was going to get caught with someone underage.

I stripped down to my underwear and slipped into the other side of the bed. Normally I sleep nude but I thought I’d better have some regard for Julie’s sensibilities. Being completely buggered I zonked right off.

I did wake up first. A lot of good that did me. Julie had migrated during the night and was smuggled up next to me, my arm curled around her waist, hand on her tummy. I had just happened to notice when I got in bed that Julie had stripped down to a loose top and panties when she went to bed. For her personal comfort, I suppose, and not for fear of offending my delicate sensibilities. Whatever the reason, her top had ridden up and my hand was on her bare flesh, which I found to be soft, warm, and silky.

Something that wasn’t soft was the morning wood I was sporting, and it was pressing firmly against the small of her back. I must have eased its position while still sleeping because it was standing tall, flat against my stomach.

I was considering ways of delicately extracting myself from this situation when Julie stirred, rubbed her bottom against me and yawned. She also promptly stiffened when she found that she was sharing the bed.

This was my cue to start tracing small circles on her tummy with the flat of my hand.

“Good morning, Julie,” I said softly. “Ah, may I ask what you’re doing in my bed this nice fine morning?”

“Mr Enson,” she said with a shocked gasp. “What are you doing here?”

“Um, I believe that’s the same question I just asked you,” I pointed out, my hand still rubbing those lazy circles on her tummy. It was possible that the circles were now a little larger than when I’d started.

“You’re not supposed to be home, Mr Enson,” Julie half wailed. “You must have seen me in bed. Why’d you get in with me?”

“Please, call me John. It’s seems more fitting now that we’ve slept together.”

“We have not spelt together, John,” snapped Julie, giving a rather nasty emphasis on my name.

“Unfortunately, we have. I say unfortunately because that’s all we did, sleep.”

“Very funny. You still haven’t explained how you had the gall to get into bed with me.”

“I Şerifali Escort didn’t have much choice,” I explained. “Every available sleeping surface seemed to be occupied by young ladies. Did you all have a monumental drunk last night? There’re unconscious young women all through the house.”

That got a giggle and a protest.

“No. We all stayed overnight because we’re all going out this morning. It seemed easier if we were all together. Then we wouldn’t have to worry about anyone being late.”

For some reason the sweep of my circling hand was getting wider. I could feel the edge of her breast at the top end of the circle and the edge of her panties at the other. It was about that stage that Julie registered something pressing against her back and guessed what it was. She gave a little gasp and tried to put a bit of space between us. I let her go, but tugged slightly on her hip to have her lying on her back.

With her on her back it was a lot easier to keep rubbing her tummy. I was back to rubbing my hand around in small circles but those circles were slowly travelling around. Her breathing was just a little harder but it stopped completely for a moment when one of those little circles had a nice soft breast under it.

“Um, what are you doing?” she asked.

“Just rubbing your tummy,” I pointed out.

“Ah, that’s not exactly my tummy,” came the unsteady reply as my wandering hand glided over her panties (not stopping) and down her leg.

“You’re right,” I conceded, rubbing down one inner thigh before switching over and moving up the other. Once again my hand slipped over her panties, now rubbing her tummy again.

“Is this better?”

Probably not as I was now brushing against her breasts. Somehow or other her top got caught on my hand, resulting in it being brushed up and over her breasts.

“Not really?” she muttered. “Perhaps you should stop.”

Hand came flowing down away from her breasts, heading towards those panties. Just before I reached them she gave a quick direction.

“Not on my panties,” she said firmly, and then gave a little squeak when I did as told.

“Not under my panties, either,” she said hurriedly.

“Make up your mind,” I murmured. “This’ll probably help.”

I slid her panties down a little.

“There. Now you needn’t worry about them.”

At this stage my hand was scratching lightly over a small tuft of fur. She hastily grabbed at the trespassing hand.

“You can’t do that and you know it.”

I twisted my hand and caught hers.

“I can do that. I just did it. You won’t find me complaining if you touch me like that.”

I moved her hand and left it resting against my erection. I’d already anticipated her requirements and had pushed my own underpants down, freeing up my equipment. She gave a small jump when she found her hand pressed against my cock but didn’t say anything. My hand wandered back to her tummy, this time sweeping back up to her breasts. Her hand, I noted with interest, stayed where I’d placed it. She wasn’t actually closing her hand around my cock but she was resting her hand on it.

My hand trailed across her breasts, pausing to let me roll her nipples around then slipping back down. Finally I slipped my hand across her mons, following the curve until my hand was neatly cupping her mound. I started gently rubbing back and forth, the heel of my hand pressing firmly against her mons, pressing it down against her pubic bone.

Julie’s response to this assault upon her pussy was gratifying. She pressed up against my hand and her own hand finally closed, claiming my erection as her prize.

She gave a gasp and a little shudder when my fingers dipped between her lips, exploring further. For a while we continued this way, her stroking and feeling out my erection while I raised havoc inside her, stroking and probing her soft, moist, flesh.

Julie was breathing a lot harder now. She whimpered slightly when my fingers started playing around the area of her clitoris, the touch so close to such a delicate area heightening the sensations assaulting her. She was caught Göztepe Escort in a bit of a dilemma, wanting to both pull away and press harder against me. Unfortunately, this dilemma caused her some stress, resulting in her tensing up. I didn’t mind the tensing, but her hand was holding my cock rather tightly at the time. Not the most comfortable feeling.

I’m not saying that Julie was slow to think things through. I think it just hadn’t occurred to her that her best friend’s father would actually mean to seduce her. All of a sudden it seemed to register and a little bit of panic crept into her voice.

“Um, I’ve never, ah, that is I, ah, don’t, I mean you can’t,” she started babbling.

I pressed a finger lightly against her lips.

“If you’re trying to say you’re a virgin and you don’t do this sort of thing then save your breath. You’re not telling me anything new. There’s no rule that says you have to do more than what we’re currently doing. If you decide to go further then it’ll be your choice. Now stop worrying about it.”

To help her stop worrying I leaned over her and kissed her thoroughly. My arms went around her, holding her firmly against me, and then I rolled onto my back, taking her with me. Julie found herself lying flat on top of me, her legs straddling me, my erection just pressing lightly against her. I think her only objection was the exact position at which my cock was touching her.

“Why don’t you relax and sit up,” I suggested.

Without stopping to think it through she started to do that. She put her hands on my chest and started to push herself into a sitting position. She stopped awfully fast when she found she was pressing herself against my cock.

“Very funny,” she said, glaring at me. “I do that and you’re promptly raping me.”

“I don’t think it counts as rape if the girl throws herself upon the man,” I said, trying to sound as though I was considering the matter rather than laughing. “Like I said, it’ll be your choice. Are you going to sit up?”

She lay there, arms pressed against my chest, holding her slightly away from me, just enough away that her breasts were hanging free, lightly brushing against my chest. She was blushing, her pussy still pressing firmly against my cock. Unfortunately, not pressing firmly enough for me to enter.

“You’re never going to decide any younger,” I murmured, and her face seemed to blush even harder, despite the fact that she was glaring at me.

A look of resolution crossed her face and she took a deep breath. Then she continued to push herself up into a sitting position. Her lips happily yielded to the pressure of my cock and she started sliding onto me. Not very far on. Her hymen was there and it was willing to put up the resistance that her lips hadn’t.

Determined little thing. She bit her lip and pressed harder, wincing when her hymen gave and she started settling down onto my cock. Then she was looking triumphant and interested as she found herself sitting up straddling me, my erection firmly impaling her.

She wasn’t looking at me, seeming to be staring at nothing as she considered the new sensations going on inside her. She rocked slightly from side to side, getting a feel for what was happening. She was smiling smugly when she focused her gave back on me.

I nearly laughed as that smug look changed to one of shock.

“Oh my god,” she whispered. “What have I done?”

“A very neat job,” I assured her. “Do you know how to twerk? That’s the next step.”

“You’re joking,” she said, blushing again. She was blushing so frequently that I wouldn’t have been surprised to see her faint from blood loss.

“Ah, no. I’m sure you’ve seen pictures of girls twerking. Now imagine those girls in your current position and what do you think they’re doing?”

From the look on her face she’d never considered that twerking was anything but a funny way of dancing. I imagine she’d even done a few twerks in her time. (Irritating thought. My daughter was eighteen. If I caught her twerking she wouldn’t live to nineteen. Daughters are different to other women.)

Embarrassed Ümraniye Escort or not, she obviously felt she was committed. She’d started this and she was going through with it. Her bottom twitched. It couldn’t be called a real twerk, but she did start moving on me. After that first tentative movement she took a deep breath and lifted herself up on my cock and then pushed firmly down again. Her look of interest deepened, and she was moving again, head cocked slightly to one side while she considered the strange sensations she was getting from moving around on my cock.

It wasn’t just her, even if she did think herself in control. Once she started moving I was moving with her. Pulling back slightly as she lifted, pushing in firmly to meet her as she sank back down. My hands cupped her breasts, holding them and playing with them as her bottom bounced up and down, her enthusiasm growing by the bounce.

Humbling though it is, I think she’d almost forgotten that I was there as a person. She was concentrating on the delicious feelings stealing over her as she bounced on me, her excitement rising as we progressed. With a little bit of work I was able to stop her from continuous acceleration, finding a nice (not too fast) rhythm and holding her to it.

I have to admit that I found the whole thing quite sensational as well. She was hot and tight, her natural lubricants enabling her to slip smoothly over my own heated flesh, her vaginal passage rubbing against the head of my cock as it moved back and forth in her passage, exciting me.

I took it for as long as I could stand it. Julie was getting over-excited, starting to try to hurry me along. She was giving tongue, soft, guttural, cries seeming to leak out of her throat as her excitement built. Time, I decided, to finish this.

I rolled over, taking her with me, carrying her under me. Her legs seemed to just rise of their own accord, wrapping around me, and I drove in hard.

By hard, I mean I really nailed her to the bed, my cock plunging into her before bouncing back and driving home again. Her soft little cries were starting to turn into much louder shrieks as I covered her mouth with mine. She clung to me, clutching tight with arms and legs while I continued to drive in, lifting her up, forcing her towards the heights.

She started shuddering, her internal muscles clenching and locking onto my shaft, and I jerked and throbbed, letting her have the seed she so badly wanted.

We just lay there afterwards, Julie’s head resting against me, my hand idly closed over one breast. We hadn’t been there too long before her phone started chiming. She scrambled across the bed to grab, apparently completely unaware that she was still dressed au natural. I just watched her, admiring the view.

“Oh, god, I’ve got to get ready,” she gasped, grabbing her bag and heading towards the en suite. “I’ll just have a quick shower and be out of the way. We’re all heading off very shortly. You,” she said very firmly, giving me a hard look, “will remain in here and out of sight until after we’ve gone. I’m not having the rest of them think we might have got up to something in here.”

With that she vanished into the en suite. I remained in the bed, slightly bemused. She came pattering out after a short shower, carelessly naked, and very quickly got dressed. She gave me a smile and vanished, and I heard her voice calling out to the others as she trotted down the corridor.

Not the usual ending to any little indiscretion I might have. I relaxed back and actually dozed off again. When I woke up for the second time the house was quiet. I showered and dressed and wandered out for some breakfast, finding the place deserted. I’m not sure how many young ladies had stayed the night but they’d sure made a mess of the kitchen. I had breakfast and tidied up.

Then I stripped my bed and bundled the sheets into the washing machine. My daughter is a fussy young madam at times. It would be just like her to want to change the sheets on my bed as someone else had been sleeping in it. I could imagine the scene if she found the stains that we’d left behind.

Knowing Julie, she’d come back to the house with my daughter after they returned from their little expedition. From what Julie had said, they’d be out all day. It seemed to me that it would be only polite to invite Julie to stay the night. I’m all for politeness and doing the right thing.

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