It All Started With a Dream Ch. 01


It started with a hug. It was an innocent hug, made in friendship, an act of commiseration. One where you lean in, hug and then pull away; however as I was pulling away, she drew me in for a deeper hug. I followed suit and held her. There we stood, in my room, holding each other wonder what the other was thinking, our hands gently exploring each other in soft, warm caresses. It was enough to drive me wild, and then came her smell. As I was leaning in on her, my face buried in her shoulder, I could smell her hair, her skin, her being. The aura that emanated from her soul; her rich, intoxicating aroma that years from now I will remember. It pushed me over the top and I went against everything I told myself I wouldn’t do. Slowly, as if I were detached from my own body, I turned my head and gently kissed her neck underneath her earlobe. One taste was all I needed to continue, I was a man possessed, and unable to control the emotions I had hid away for so long. I kissed her again, and again, soft gentle pecks down the length of beautiful neck until I reached her shoulder. There was no turning back now, I had committed myself to this course of action, and now I was determined to complete it. I opened my mouth, hungering for her.

“Are you kissing me?”

“I am.”

I sunk my teeth into her neck, where the shoulder meets it. Not a flesh tearing bite, but a nibble, closing into a kiss. I could hear her moan as I did it, which only incensed me further. I now followed the same path as before, up her neck this time, biting and kissing as I went along. My hands eager to feel her flesh, raked up and down her back as I drew my nails into her skin, through her shirt.

“Would you like me to stop?” What was I thinking asking a stupid question like that? Ah, the chivalrous knight in me, trying to stop my desires. I knew she would say to stop. We had been playing this cat and mouse game for months, and this was as bold as I had become. One false move and it would all be over. One mistake, and everything, including our friendship would be…

“No, don’t stop. It feels good, I like it.”

I never looked up, never broke stride, never even made eye contact. I knew if I did, I would screw it up, and kiss her on the mouth. I wanted to make her want that, and then deny it to her. I continued my trek with my mouth around her neck, stopping to nibble and kiss at various spots along the meeting place with her jaw, all the while one hand exploring her back and the other running fingers through her thick, dark hair. Her body began to respond to my ministrations. I could feel her chest begin to heave in time with mine, her arms began to tighten, pulling me closer, and her hands began to explore me in tune to my own explorations. This had to stop. She was able to respond, move freely, and express her desire for me. I didn’t want her to be able to do that. If this were to continue, she would lose her interest in me. I wanted her to not only want me but to need me. I grabbed her hands and pinned them together behind her back, holding them fast with one hand.

“This will never do, you don’t get to touch.”

“But I want to.”

“First I’ll make you need to, then we’ll see what it is you want.”

I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold her like this and be able to give her body the full attention it deserved. I had to do something a little more…drastic. Holding her hands I maneuvered us to my wall locker, and pulled out my climbing rope.

“This will do nicely, now do I need to put you on the bed, or are you going to go there compliantly?”


“You took too long.” I changed her hand position so that they were now over her head and pushed her down onto the bed. Her knees buckled when then hit corner of the mattress, send her sprawling back and landing with a small bounce. This was unexpected, as I was still holding onto her hands over her head, and now falling with her, we ended up in a heap on the bed. My face was the closest it has ever been to hers. I could feel the heat of her breath warming my face, her hair spread out on my mattress framed her head like a halo, our noses almost touching; I was looking into the windows of her soul. Those beautiful blue pools of radiance that I used to sneak a look at to see if she was doing the same. They stunned me, like a deer in headlights, and this pause was all she needed. For one split second, I was off balance. For one second, I was too captivated to think. One second cost me my control. She pushed me over, rolling with me, until she lay on top of me. She sat up, her thighs straddling my chest; she moved for my last means Ataşehir Escort of escape…my hands with the rope.

“Now who gets to touch and who doesn’t?” she said. She had a little grin of triumph on her face. Now the roles reversed, she was in control. Holding my hands above my head, she began the same detail I had just performed on her. Every kiss was fire, every bite was ice. I could feel her supple lips in my soul. Her teeth rending my flesh sent jolts of pleasure and pain coursing through my body. She kissed down my neck, and in one fluid motion, lifted my shirt, while clawing my chest. Her nails bit into my flesh as they moved up my stomach to my neck like steely talons, an eagle with her prey. She pulled my shirt over my face and head, blinding me to what she was doing. This was going too far, I had completely lost control of the situation.

“Unhhh,” was all I could respond when her mouth made contact with my nipple. She had a three punch combo, massaging it with her tongue, sucking gently, and then grasping them with her teeth and biting it as she pulled away allowing her teeth to drag. The combination was making me delirious with desire. I had thought about this moment for a long time, I knew I wanted this, but I needed to know that she did, and wasn’t just playing around. I had to gain control. She went for the other nipple, to ensure that it wouldn’t be jealous, and I made my move. The raking, sucking and licking gave me all the strength I needed to force her over onto her back. I kicked out, bucking her higher up on my chest; she was off balance and falling. We rolled over, my face in her chest, my nose consumed with the fragrant smell of her perfume; I couldn’t help but nibble at her breast through her shirt and mine as we stopped.

The battle for control ensued. She, rolled me over again, much stronger than she let herself appear; I rolled back. We rolled on each other over and over, hands grappling, fingers entwining, legs tangling. My shirt fell, and I could feel her hair whipping my face as we wrestled. The sting was soft and sweet, I could feel each individual hair on my cheeks. I caught glimpses of her eyes; I could see the look of concentration, the glares she gave me as she fought for control. I could see that she wanted this, I could feel her desire. I could see that she wanted to control the situation though, which couldn’t be allowed. She had control for months, the ball in her court and now I was determined to be in charge of the situation. I let go of her hands, hugged her tight to my chest, and threw her over with all my weight. The sudden movement stunned her, and allowed me to grab her hands once more, regaining control.

“That was very bad. I told you that you couldn’t touch, and you did it anyway, awfully rebellious aren’t you? No matter, I’ll make sure you don’t touch again, until I let you.” I grabbed the rope forgotten, coiled up on the bed, and wrapped it around her wrists. The slack, I wrapped around the bed frame. Her hands now secure, tied into place over her head, I moved to her feet. Tying each one to a corner of the bed, she was completely subdued. Even her expression was one of resignation. Her eyes were closed, her lips pouted, jutting out like two kissable mounds.

Gods how I wanted to kiss them! They were staring at me, soft and luscious, radiating the heat of her desire. They spoke to my heart, begging to be kissed, pleading for the contact that had obviously been on both of our minds for some time now. I couldn’t give in. If I kissed them, I would give in to my desires, and end this, without knowing if she truly wanted me. I had to know.

I began to survey my handiwork, ensuring she was secure. Her legs spread eagle on the bed, with her hands crossed and bound over her head, she looked like a virgin sacrifice on an altar. I, the priest, ready to ravage her body with pleasure, pain, torture…all in the name of our gods.

“What are you going to do to me?” she asked. Her voice was tremulous, almost timid. Her eyes gave her away though. I could see was excited. They anticipated my every move, sparkling with the fire she had been repressing.

“That is going to be for you to figure out.” I pulled off my shirt, and wrapped it into a small blindfold, the finishing touch to ensure her disorientation. I wrapped it around her eyes, tying it behind her head, completing her domination. She was now mine, at least in body and desire. I began to work on the last piece of the pie.

I began to slowly unbutton her blouse, lightly brushing her skin with my hands. With her blouse spread to the sides, Kadıköy Escort I could see her creamy skin. Unflawed, perfect tone, as if the Goddess Aphrodite herself lay before me. I let my fingers drag lazily along her belly, feather-light touches in circles and swirls and lines, random movements that made her body respond in goose bumps. I leaned forward, placing my face only centimeters from her skin, letting her feel the heat of my breath as I breathed in and out. I could feel her anticipation, the anxiety, and the desire for me to kiss her skin. I let her hold that desire until I felt her hips move to position her belly closer to my mouth, and then backed away. My fingers began their trek once more.

I moved my hands up her torso, toying with her bra. Light flicks, momentary glances, enough to let her know my fingers were there, but weren’t moving in for the kill. At once, I stopped. Raising my hands off of her body, I held them in the air for a brief second, and then brought them down; claws bared, fingers spread, against her rib cage dragging them down her belly. The red marks left behind stayed for a moment, testament to her pain, but disappeared as her hips bucked upward at the same pace as I moved.

“mmmmm,” was all she could say. I could see her breathing begin to quicken, even her heart beat through her chest. I lay against her again, my mouth positioned over her skin in an almost kiss.

“Do you want me to kiss you?” I said it without moving my face from her body; I knew she could feel the vibrations of my voice bouncing off of her and through her.


“Do you need me to kiss you?”

“Oh gods yes! Please?”

I dropped my head, allowing my lips to touch her skin, the warm contact sending shudders like a wave through her into me. It was a slow, methodical kiss, and felt like an eternity. As my lips made contact, my tongue gently licked her. My lips closed, sucking as they came up. I released the kiss, my fingers once again trekking across her body.

Looking around my room I could see my next instrument of pleasure. One perfect rose. It sat there in its vase on my nightstand a voyeur to our experience, and eager to participate. Standing erect, with sweat glistening on its petals and light shining off of its thorns, it was the embodiment of what was happening. I was only too glad to oblige. But first I had to remove the last obstacle between me and my goal. I unsnapped her bra, opening the cups like a great tome, laying them flat against her already spread shirt.

“Oh my Gods!” I gasped. She was more beautiful than I had ever dreamed. Her breasts lay bare before me; small, firm mounds, crowned with areolas the shade of a summer sunset. Her tight nipples stood erect, a testament to her enjoyment, capping her breasts like jewels of pink amnythest. “Perfect,” was all I could manage to mumble.

Grasping the rose, I could feel the thorns biting into my skin. I positioned the rose, bud first against her forehead, dragging the flower across her skin. I moved it like a paint brush, an artist painting swirls of colorful fragrance over her nose, cheeks and mouth. The room was so quiet, all we could hear were her moans of pleasure, our breaths and hearts beating in time, and the rustle of rose petals against skin. I ensured she had every sense of the flower, except sight, before I moved it down her throat and around her breasts. Making smaller and smaller circles around her left breast, the flower slowly ascended the hill, until it brushed over her nipple, bending it under the force of my will. I pulled the flower away, and moved my mouth in the same fashion, kissing and nibbling my way to the top. When I reached the pinnacle of my climb, I sucked her nipple into my waiting mouth, massaging it with my tongue, before dragging my teeth closed against it. I pulled away, stretching it before I let go. With one last flick of my tongue, I sat up ready to repeat the process on her other, jealous breast.

Positioning the rose over the first nipple so that the bud was open and over it, I made mock sex with the nipple and flower; gently thrusting the flower up and down as if her nipple were some kind of shortened phallus. I repositioned the flower, exposing its dark, sadistic side to her chest, dragging the thorns across the expanse between her two breasts. The thorns left miniscule red scratches causing her to buck and moan; a smile on her lips. Back and forth across her chest the thorns bit in, as if the flower had a desire all its own and couldn’t decide which tempting mound of beauty to violate next. Moaning and wiggling Bostancı Escort against her bonds, I could see she wanted to react. She wanted to return the touches and pain, return the pleasure the flower and I were giving her.

“What do you want?” I asked. A simple question, asked many times before to her, often with an answer I didn’t want to hear.

“You,” She replied.

“You have me, I’m sitting right here.” I moved the flower to begin its teasing journey up her right breast.

“Unhhh,” was her response to both my statement and the flower’s. The flower was now gently fucking her nipple, up and down with twists and turns, swirling around it like a top. I could see her mouth try to form words, but the rose’s ministrations prevented her from coherent thought. I waited for the words I’ve wanted to hear for months, I brought her to the brink of her desires, the pinnacle of my patience and self-control to hear those words come from her lips.

“I want…no need you here, next to me, holding me, inside me, and I need it now!”

It was everything I could do to keep from bursting with excitement. Everything I had waited for was here, the goddess of my affection lay bound before me, needing me, and I was toying with her. I couldn’t stand it any longer; I couldn’t hold my desire for her back for one more second. I placed my lips on hers, locking them in an embrace. As our mouths parted, our tongues darted back and forth, shoving each other in the dark of our mouths, beginning again the struggle for control. The passion and desire was brought up in us, like magick, our very essences swapping into each other entwining our souls like the ropes that bound her to me. I kissed her harder, opening and closing my mouth, exploring her body with my hands. I squeezed her breasts, stroked her arms and neck and made love to her mouth with my tongue. Her body responded to mine, our hips gyrating and grinding, trying to burn our clothes away with the heat of friction and desire.

All this was more than I could stand and I knew she wanted the very thing I did. I could feel her body, taste it on her tongue, smell it in her skin, we both had waited for this moment and now we were about to commit to it. I pulled my face away from hers, biting her lip as I left and kissed my way down her body. I kissed over her breasts and the scratches left by the rose and my nails, sliding my naked chest against hers until I reached her pants. I was primal. My movements were animalistic, like a primitive man bent on procreation with his chosen mate. As I unbuttoned her pants and ripped them off, the only thing I could think about was burying my face between her…

“Your ID card please.”


“I said, can I please see your ID card.” The gate guard stood over me in BDUs, his gun holster empty, holding a card scanner and his hand out towards me.

I fumbled in my pocket reaching for the leather fold that held my stupid ID card. I looked around trying to get my bearings as I handed it to him. The bus. The bus between Camp Walker and Camp Carroll. I had gone to the PX to do some shopping, and was tired from a late night of talking with her. I must have fallen asleep. The card scanner’s beep brought me out of my stupor. It was a loud, annoying chime that brought me back to reality and the depressing feeling that it had all been a dream.

“Thank you,” he said as he moved down the bus, checking others, no doubt ruining their days as well. Even the weather was against me. I looked out the window, overcast as usual. The trees looking sad as their branches reached out to each other, trying with all their being to embrace, but knowing that they can’t.

The guard stepped off the bus, and we lurched forward through the gate. As the bus made its way to my stop, I reflected on the dream I had just had. It was wonderful; it was what my waking self would never admit to wanting. My subconscious knows me better than that though, it revealed the truth. True, we had hugged many times, drawing each other together when the other would pull away, holding each other just a little longer to feel the warmth of each other’s body against our own. But, was this something that could happen? Was this a premonition, or just an overactive imagination?

The bus pulled up to my stop, and as I got off, I wondered to myself about the dream. I didn’t pay too much attention to my steps as I walked to my room, the scene of my imagined boldness. I couldn’t help but remember how it all started, with one hug, held for an extended time, caresses and touches made by two confused souls, and one man’s passion overtaking his common sense. As I unlocked my door, I couldn’t help but think about seeing her tonight, and holding her in arms in that moment before we walk out the door to walk her home. I couldn’t help but wonder, “what if I just turn my head to her neck and…”

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