An Office Affair Ch. 03: Caught In the Act

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After hanging up with you yesterday I noticed that your secretary (Tess) had put me in the book for a 2 pm appointment within 5 minutes of our phone call ending. That should work out nicely and we were scheduled for an hour meeting. We will get to go home for the weekend almost right after, and it will be Friday. Which means that most of the office will be gone by 2:30, they all slip out early. So I’ll be able to let you get a little loud. I look at the clock and finish up some things in the remaining 15 minutes before 4 o’clock comes. Then I go home for the night to rest up for the next afternoon.

Friday morning came. That morning of work seemed to crawl by while I waited for 2 o’clock despite how busy we were. Over the course of the day we both did an excellent job of not letting anyone else in to what was going to be happening later. We even managed to work in a couple disagreements with each other for the “benefit” of the rest of the office. Finally, it was five minutes to two. Time for me to head across the floor to your office. I grab everything I would need for the actual meeting and I head for your office.

When I reach your office Tess your secretary buzzes you to let you know I’m here. You tell her to send me in and I hear you say something else to her about bring you some contracts when they get here. I thank her and as I walk into your office I notice your face is hard as stone as though you were getting ready for a tough meeting with a someone you didn’t like, my face must look much the same.

As soon as I shut the door behind me, I see your face change from one of stern determination to one of lust and longing. I place my folders on a shelf near the door then lift my arm and make a “come here” motion with my figure. With that you are up and walking around your desk. Your dress shirt and coat compliment your curvy figure. My eyes wander down to watch Manavgat Escort Bayan your hips sway in your skirt as you walk to me.

As soon as you come in reach I lightly grab your suit coat and pull you close to me kissing you deeply. As the kiss breaks I spin you around and wrap my arms around you to hold you close.

In a hushed tone you ask, “So what about the account we are supposed to be working on?”

“Done, I think I worked out a nice compromise that people will believe we worked out together. The real question is, are you ready to earn those panties back.”

Your reply is to grind your hips back into me. “So what do you have in mind?”

I don’t bother answering. I just bring my lips to your neck. My hands begin to wander toward your breasts. Messaging them through your shirt. Every so often giving your nipples a little pinch.

You arch your back to meet the touch of my lips and push out your breasts with my hands. A slight gasp escapes your lips. It doesn’t take long before my hands are unbuttoning your shirt. Once your shirt is open you spin to face me. No sooner are we facing each other then our lips meet.

Without ever breaking the kiss we start backing toward your desk. As we move toward your desk, your suit jacket and shirt hit the floor. When we reach your desk my hands find their way to your skirt, stopping only briefly to give those nipples another pinch.

I hike up your skirt and am pleased to find that your still not wearing any panties. A quick brush of my hand finds that your already wet for me. I sit you up on your desk and slowly trail kisses and licks down your body. Nibbling on your neck, nibbling on your breasts through the bra you still have on. Tracing my tongue down your stomach.

When I reach your lady, I decide to be more aggressive with her today then I was during yesterdays Manavgat Escort “meeting.” Instead of teasing her today, knowing that you are already excited I go right at her. Sliding my tongue between her lips and licking up toward the clit. When I reach the clit I give a couple flicks to gage how sensitive you are. You respond with a pleasurable moan. So I continue flicking and sucking on your clit. Every so often I take a few moments to lick your lady from top to bottom. After a few minutes I insert a couple fingers. I slide them in searching for your G-spot while my mouth continues alternating licking and sucking on your clit.

I can tell you have already forgotten that you are on your desk in your office. The moans are growing louder, the gasps closer together. Just then your phone buzzes. It’s Tess on the intercom line from her desk. Between moans and gasps you tell me you need to take this and to stop for a moment. I remove my fingers but my mouth separates from your lady only long enough to flash a wicked smile and say “So answer it.” Then without another word my mouth is back on your clit.

The intercom buzzes again. Reluctantly you hit the button to answer it. “Yes…”

“Sorry to bother you two I know this meeting is important. But I just got the call that those contracts are ready and they can hold them until Monday I can run down and grab them today. I know it’s close to the end of the day, do you want them today or would you like to wait?”

This whole time I’m sucking on your clit and flicking it with my tongue. Which I know drives you crazy.

You try to reply to her. “Y… Yes go get them… I… need them.”

“I’ll get them right away.”

Just then an orgasm hits you. You slam you hands down accidentally hitting the com switch as you scream “YES… YES.”

Tess walk away thinking that I must really be pissing Escort Manavgat you off. If you being short with and yelling at her.

Back in your office.

As soon as the orgasm passes your reach down putting your hands on the side of my head. “Oh God I need you inside me NOW.” With that I come up and kiss you. Your juices still on my lips. Quickly I have my pants opened and they are falling to the floor.

Slowly I slide my cock inside you. You take a long gasp of pleasure as it makes it’s way into you. Allowing you to take it in. I hold it there for a second. Then slowly I start pulling back. Long slow strokes in and out to start. Soon they start to speed up. My cock sliding in and out of your wetness. The speed increases with every couple thrusts. Soon you are moaning and gasping with each thrust. By this time everyone will be out of the office so I let you get as loud as you want.

It has been a while since I have actually had intercourse with you. I’ve spent the week teasing you. Just yesterday I went down on you in my office, then called you and got you to cum over the phone. Finally you have me inside you. Thrusting and grinding away. Each thrust sending a new wave of pleasure threw your body. Your barely understandable anymore. But what I can make out sounds like “YES… FUCK ME… OH GOD YES”. More orgasms wash over you. Causing you to loose what little control you had left.

I stop just long enough to have you turn around and bend over your desk so that I can enter you from behind. I don’t take the time to get a rhythm going. After the first insertion I pick up where I left off with you on your back. I’m getting close now. Grunting in comparison to your very verbal response. We are both nearing orgasm now. My cock is moving in and out of you as fast as I can make it. Our bodies moving together is if they are one.

Then all of a sudden. “OH MY GOD!!”

We both turn our heads to see where that had come from. We look toward the door which we hadn’t even heard open. Having stopped in our tracks we look at each other for a second then back to the door and in unison. “Oh shit!”

To be continued in part 4…

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