Aunt’s Plan Ch. 07

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I noticed my heavy breathing once I was empty. Her hands were still holding me as I moved backwards off the couch and fell on my knees. I dropped my head on her legs and my mouth tasted her pale skin moving up approaching her private area.

Before I got there she stopped my head. She stood up still holding me against her skin. I kissed her thigh and after a couple seconds she turned around and left me there.

Minutes later I approached her room and heard the shower running.

I had shot my sperm so I was okay with her silence and left to shower myself. I felt so refreshed after the shower. I found happily reading a book in the living room. She also looked very refreshed with a radiant smile I hadn’t seen in her for a while. She greeted me but I couldn’t make out her words.

I sat on the couch next to her but I could read the room and knew that it was better to be satisfied with what I got and take it slow. I rested my head on her lap and closed my eyes. Her hand caressed my face. I hadn’t shaved in a couple of days and there was a tiny stubble layer on the bottom part of my cheek. She seemed to like that section of my face so I decided at that moment that I’d be growing some facial hair for the very first time in my life.



“Can we keep helping each other out?”

“To help your Aunt Penny you mean?”

I loved her tone. It was simple and it made me know that Aunt Penny was a mere excuse for what we both wanted. At least that’s what I heard in her tone.


“We have to do our best to help her honey.” And she returned to her book.

We went to bed like perfectly normal people after that.

I was pretty happy too.


Aunt Penny returned!

I slept like a baby and was awaken by an angel. She made noise when undressing in my room but I couldn’t see much in the darkness. Before I said anything she was on top of me.

She kissed me like she hadn’t kissed me before. She was aggressive. Her mouth moved fast and her tongue in my mouth couldn’t find a resting place.

Maybe I wasn’t as perverted as she was or maybe it was the fact that I knew about Aunt Penny’s problem now but I wasn’t overly excited about what was happening at that moment.

I began to wonder about how serious her problem was. Was this harmful to her? I thought of drug addicts and how she seemed so healthy, about alcoholics and how active she was.

Or maybe I didn’t need to cum all the time like she does. Maybe I just don’t have that problem or I’m easily satisfied.

Then she broke our kiss.

“You better be honest with me.”

What was she thinking? “I am.” Could she read minds?

“Did you waste any of my precious sperm during my absence?”

I could feel her breath when she spoke. She always smelled good.

“What do you mean?”

“It was a long weekend and you were supposed to save it for me.”

I thought for a second and I wouldn’t call it a ‘waste’.

She asked, “Did you masturbate? You can tell me.” She gave me a small kiss.

“I did.” I lied.

“Mmm. You’ve been a bad boy. At least did you think about me while you jerked my cock?” She emphasized the word ‘cock’.

“I couldn’t think of anything else.”

“I’m glad to hear that but I must punish you.”

“As you wish ma’am.”

“We’ll have another boner day for you.” Poor me.

She kissed me again for a few seconds before sitting up. I could feel her ass resting just right about my dick. I touched her thighs but then she rose to her knees. With a knee on each side of me she advanced towards my head.

She stopped at my chest and motioned me to rest my head comfortably on the pillow. Then with one big movement I had both her knees on each side of my face. She smothered me and used my face.

I ate Aunt Penny in this position for a while. I tried everything I could but I was restricted by the pressure of her body sitting on my face.

At times she encouraged me, “Yes, this is what I needed.”

After what felt a long time she noticed that my eyes were trying to look towards my right. I wanted to see the clock.

“Don’t worry about the time. We’ll be here for a while John. It’s just 5:40 right now we’ve got till 6.”

She really wanted to punish me, in her way. I licked and kissed her lips. I tasted her inside with my tongue for what ended up being around 40 minutes.

40 minutes of eating pussy, feeling her ass cheeks with my hands, breathing uncomfortably. My thoughts, my worries, I had none.

My tongue was numb at breakfast. It remained this way as I lifted weights. At the gym I noticed a new inconvenience, Mom was more attentive.

Ever since breakfast she had been eyeing me. I didn’t think she suspected much but I knew I had to be more careful now, I couldn’t afford her prying eyes seeing me even distracted by Aunt Penny. So I decided to do the complete opposite and make sure she saw me checking out… her.

I walked up to her with this purpose. She was wearing very nice blue shorts and using the battle Ankara bayan escort ropes at one corner of the gym. The area had a mirror which she faced.

“I’m pretty much done Mom. How about you?” I asked while walking near her.

“Almost done.” She responded. Her eyes rose and she made eye contact with me through the mirror. I stood behind her and as soon as I knew she could see me I looked down.

As she roped her knees were bent and her butt stuck out. It was a pleasant sight and I made my point clear. I stared at that butt without shame.

Then she finished, picked up her water bottle and moved towards me.

“I’m finished.” In front of me she turned and with her hand down her side she slapped my leg just about missing my noticeable dick. “Where’s my sister?” She looked around and turned the other way hitting me again.

We left the gym and I had my own plan clear. Mom had to know I was after her.

“You seem distracted.” Aunt Penny told me when we got out of the car arriving home. She raised her hand to mess with my hair. My eyes involuntarily moved in Mom’s direction then back to hers. Mom noticed.

“Does he?” Mom said.

“It’s nothing.” I said and walked ahead of them. I knew this small interaction wouldn’t be overlooked by Aunt Penny but she didn’t say anything more. Instead, she and Mom began talking at a low volume that I couldn’t make out their words.

I sat on the couch and only observed them walk in after a couple of minutes. They both seemed a little irritated and sweaty.

There was a fat chance the fun would end if I wasn’t careful.

They both left to shower at the same time but even so Mom was ready for work much sooner. She kissed me goodbye and left. This time I followed her to the front door and saw her off. Really saw her off. I thought she looked sexy in her office pants so I took a good look as she walked to her car.

Then I turned around and sneaked in to Aunt Penny’s bedroom.

I waited on her bed until she got out of the shower. She had a towel covering all her assets but her face looked pretty just out of the shower.

She was strangely quiet and serious. She turned to face me without a word and dropped her towel. I took her body in with my eyes. Then she turned around and started looking around in her closet.

“Anything wrong?”

She stopped. “Did your Mom tell you where I was this weekend?”

I pondered this question for a few seconds. “Yes.” I said in a neutral tone.

She tuned to face me. “So? What do you think?”

“I don’t know.” She stared at me in silence. “I’m not sure. I do care about you and honestly I am wondering whether… we should stop if you know, it’s not good for you.” I looked straight into her eyes.

It wasn’t the answer she wanted. She seemed mad and gave me silence. My feelings were conflicted. I didn’t want to stop ‘the plan’ but I maybe the fun wouldn’t last much anyways. How bad could we get?

“Can I ask you something?” I said. She paused and turned around again.

She nodded and I asked. “Mom said that you’re doing great at work. Are you?”

Her face didn’t change but her eyes moved puzzled. “Sure. I’m on sales and I’m doing as good if not better than anyone.”

“Okay so how is this affecting you?”

“What do you mean?”

“Like, if you’re doing great at work, and you’re exercising and you’re not wasting your money or breaking up other people’s marriages, or just hurting yourself somehow. Then what is wrong with what we’re doing?” Her naked tits and her bare ass was good inspiration. This came out suddenly from me. It was the first time I had thought about it and suddenly I could rationalize our problem.

She thought about what I had said. “It’s been bad before.”

“Well, let’s keep not make it bad? Like the other day you spent work time here with me. Let’s not do that and you should be fine. Right?”

A small smile returned to her face. She nodded at me and she looked so much hotter with that tiny smile and those voluptuous assets took in a very different light.

She turned around and grabbed her clothes. “Sounds like you’ll be enabling me?”

“Sounds like you’ll keep teaching me.” She kissed and just like that I had one nipple in my mouth and another one between my fingers.

She pulled away from me. “So I better not be late for work boy.” I watched her put on her clothes and off she left to work.


As usual Mom came back from work first. I was in such a great mood I had dinner almost ready. She was happy to see me cooking, kissed me on the cheek, and left to remove her work clothes.

When she came back I was surprised and delighted to see her modeling a change in her style. I had never seen her in shorts like those. She came into the kitchen acting normal but it didn’t take me long to realize how those shorts were fitting that body. They were light denim shorts a size too small I bet. The bottom of her ass cheeks were visible. Something like this should look trashy but Mom sported them casually. They clung to her petite figure Escort bayan Ankara and her ass look bubbly and accentuated.

I had seen her wear only a shirt and panties two days before but this time, well, I wasn’t the only one in the audience. Aunt Penny would be arriving soon.

Her light short-sleeved t-shirt didn’t hide the goods either. It wasn’t transparent but you could faintly see the shape and darker shade of her nipples. Mom was a sight to behold.

Aunt Penny was hot, what you call a babe. Mom was a cute, soft, petite, and in the right circumstance the true meaning of erotic. She arched her back when looking into the fridge before bending over to grab a soda can. Talk about a boner day. She was helping Aunt Penny’s cause.

I was teased by Mom’s mere presence that evening and she seemed to know this. She let me check her out. She walked past me and smiled, I followed her butt. She decided we should do some cleaning and put on some music.

The Talking Heads’ “Burning Down the House” was especially good. It’s not a romantic or sexy song but it’s energetic and Mom’s mood was better than I had ever seen it. From a small distance I saw her shake her ass.

We sat at the kitchen table when we finished.

“I saw you checking me out today at the gym.” I looked at her with a neutral expression. I still wasn’t sure about what was going through Mom’s head. She seemed to like it but how much further would she go and how open about it will she be. “Or am I imagining things?”

Her soft smile gave me encouragement. “Sorry. I did notice how good you looked.”

“In general or just what you were looking at?”

“In general or what do you mean?”

“You seemed to pay special attention to my butt.”

I could feel my face getting a bit red. “Wow, I’ll have to more discreet.”

She smiled again. “If that is how you were looking at Penny then yes you should be.”

“You mean I should be… with her.”

“Hey, I’ve been working out my butt too, it deserves some attention.” She giggled. “I don’t mind you checking it out a little.”

“Speaking of which. I like those shorts you’re wearing. You can tell the workouts are working in those.”

“You think so?” She stood up turned around twisting her torso so she could look at her butt too.

“Yea. Those shorts are really good on you.”

“Don’t you think they’re too short for your Mom?”

“For most people they would be but Mom they look amazing on you. Like I said all that exercise seems to be working.”

She then walked next to me and did the same twisting motion placing her butt at my hands reach.

“Or maybe your Mom is just getting fat.”

I understood. “Only one way for me to tell. May I?” I moved my hand close to her butt and looked at her. She didn’t say anything but her face hinted approval. My heart started beating faster. Mom was coming out of her shell. In plain daylight there was nothing to hide, she was offering me her skin with a playful tone.

She was quite firm. I first patted her butt and then I pinched an exposed bottom butt cheek. I place my hand on her lower back then and helped her arch it. Then I pulled her shorts up by the hips revealing more skin and making the fabric tight up to her parts.

She kept quiet and as I grabbed her fleshy butt. Didn’t take much for her pale skin to turn red.

“Yea, it’s definitely not fat.”

At that moment we heard the front door open. Mom reacted by taking a step away from me and turning to face her incoming sister.

“Hey sis!”

“Hey!” She responded. She looked at both of us in turns.

I stood up then and went for a glass of water.

I heard them talk to each other and I was glad they were on good terms again. Aunt Penny couldn’t see me and I couldn’t see her when I poured myself water from the fridge, but I could see Mom. Her hands subtly pulling down her shorts to their normal place. I had raised them quite a bit and she had to hide those exposed pinky cheeks.

When Aunt Penny left to her room Mom turned to me. “I hope these outfits help you keep your eyes off Aunt Penny.” She whispered loudly.

“Aunt Penny who?” I responded. She laughed. It was all eye candy for the rest of the evening.

Aunt Penny wasn’t going to be left behind. She didn’t comment on Mom’s outfit but she had noticed. She came out of her room wearing spandex shorts that clung to her body. However I realized Mom would not make it easy any more. She was right there the whole evening and she would notice any of my moves.

Aunt Penny sat next to me on the couch but Mom’s eyes were constantly on us. So I had to resign myself to just looking. We watched TV and occasionally one of them would stand up to grab something. In one of these occasions Aunt Penny came back with water for me. She stood in front of me and I saw how tightly her spandex pressed against her labia. The shape of her meaty pussy was a sight I enjoyed. She also got some for Mom and I got admire her barely contained ass.

Considering all, I wasn’t mad and just watching these angels walk around the house.

When Mom went to bed Aunt Penny stood up and walked towards her room Bayan escort Ankara too. She stopped at the hallway and called me over. Then she pushed my shoulders down until I was on my knees and over the fabric of her shorts I began to play with her private area.

She talked as I played. “We’ll go to sleep early today. We’ve got a big day tomorrow. No, no don’t stop. I got something special planned for tomorrow.”

For a couple of minutes she just enjoyed then she continued. “I thought a lot about what you said today. I think you’re right, I just have to be careful but there’s nothing wrong with enjoying these… activities. Okay, okay, okay.” She pulled my hair away from hair for two seconds and pulled her shorts down to her knees. Then she pulled me back to her.

“I do enjoy these activities. Keep going boy, keep going. Did you see what your mother was wearing today? She looked good, real good.” I licked faster as she said those words.

“I think you noticed as well. Bad boy, you’ll need more punishment. God, this feels so good.”

After a few minutes she stopped me and with her shorts down on her knees she walked away from me. I watched her great ass enter the room.

The day was over and to my surprise, despite the lack of direct action, I soundly fell asleep.


To my surprise Mom woke me up the next morning. We all three had breakfast and went to the gym. Besides some flirtations with both women the morning went uneventful. Until Mom left to work.

“Here’s the plan. I got lunch at noon for an hour. Just like you said I don’t want to put my job in jeopardy so I will meet you here.” She texted me an address. “Be on time and wait for me outside. It’s just 5 minutes from work.”

“What is this about?”

“It’s something I believe will help us out. Just think of it as a surprise. Oh and shower well and dress in in a polo and khakis before leaving.” She left me with that mystery.

I googled the place and found a house in a wealthy area of town. We don’t live in a huge city but our town is big enough that we have a community college and places where I’ve never been. Such as this wealthy part of town.

I arrived there five minutes before noon. The house and neighborhood were quite. I noticed how big the place was. We lived in a three bedroom, two bathroom house. This place looked at least twice as big.

The parking area could fit at least four cars. A nice Lexus was the only one parked outside however.

Then Aunt Penny arrived parking next to the Lexus. I had parked on the street and got out to meet her.


“So what’s plan?” I asked.

“So, for now just follow my lead.” She started for the door and then stopped. “Oh, and just call me Penny for now.”

She rang the bell and a blonde woman with hair down to her shoulders and a nice complexion appeared.

“Penny!” They hugged. “It’s been such a long time. Oh this must be the stud you mentioned!” She opened her arms and we hugged briefly.

“Yea, this guy right here is the work in progress and thanks so much for helping me out.”

“Oh come on, you know I wouldn’t pass the opportunity.” We followed her inside and I got to take a better look at her.

She was a couple of inches shorter than Aunt Penny. Probably in her late 40s or early 50s. She was wearing a robe, the type I’d only seen in movies not sexy but comfortable so everything was covered. Even so I could already see that she had a big butt.

The house was spacious. She really was rich, you could just tell everything was expensive in that house. We opened up into the living room which had a large television and a white sofa set that formed a back C pointing towards the television. These matched the white walls. The place was bright with light coming through a glass wall that separated us from the back yard.

“Have a seat.” We sat on one sofa and she sat on another one. “You mentioned that we didn’t have much time.”

“Yes, we work at the same place and we have to get back to work. We don’t want anyone gossiping.”

“Same place huh? What is that you do um John right?”

“Yea.” I answered before Aunt Penny cut in.

“He’s an intern right now. I see that you’re ready.” She pointed towards a small table in the corner which I hadn’t noticed. A bottle and a pouch bag rested on it.

“I had to. It really isn’t enough time so we better get going.” She stood up and Aunt Penny grabbed my leg.

“Just enjoy John.” Aunt Penny assured me. Even after everything that had happened I was nervous. This was a stranger. She also wasn’t as attractive as Aunt Penny (or Mom really), but she gave me this sense of openness, she was easy going, approachable. I could tell she was confident and knew that what she was offering was more than enough.

“You can call me Siren by the way.” She told me. Then she untied the robe and opened it for me, she was naked underneath. First I noticed her boobs. Maybe I’m being judgmental but since she is rich I was certain that she had them lifted. They were nice medium breasts with a medium size light brown nipple. Her stomach revealed that she wasn’t a fitness guru like the other woman in the room but she wasn’t fat either. Then a shaved pussy area but immediately my eyes were caught in appreciating the large hips and thick legs.

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