Beauty Beyond Reach

Angel Wicky

Have you ever seen a woman so beautiful, that the mere sight of her brought to mind visions of angels with soft long flowing hair, and an aura of sheer softness?

Well that is what I felt whenever I saw my next-door neighbor. She was a simple enough looking woman to most, but to me, she seemed a vision that most men didn’t deserve to cast their eyes upon her.

To describe her heavenly features would be difficult to say the least, with long golden hair, and features that would be envied by many a woman, and desired by many a man, but none so much as the longing I felt when I was lucky enough to catch her out in her yard.

One late afternoon comes to mind. I was in my office which overlooked my yard as well as hers, separated by a wall of cedar hedges, which I kept manicured as best I could, but have often thought of chopping right down, for its mere presence kept me from an unobstructed view of my hearts desire. I tossed that idea aside, somehow relishing the barrier separating me from seeing too much, but often wondering what lay behind this wall and the walls of such a princess’s castle.

As I sat in my office halfheartedly working on my finances, I stopped briefly, discouraged at my lack of money to cover the bills, when I saw her come out of her house into her back yard. She was wearing a long flowing sundress that, when with each step she took, offered me a view of the creamy skin of her legs and upper thighs. My heart leapt into my throat as I saw, for the first time, what was certainly the inkling of the treasures that lay under that sheer material.

I sat there mesmerized, moving somewhat closer to the window, to gaze upon this woman that, with each and every step she took, made me realize just how perfect she was in every way, and wondering what kind of man would make this one desire him.

She walked around her small garden in her back yard, not unlike a young fawn would do, seemingly walking on air with her soft feet leaving a trail of softly flattened grass in her wake. She was bending over slightly, picking a few loose weeds from the flower patch, while my eyes remained glued to her every move, wishing secretly that I was with her, so I might catch a better glimpse of the succulent body that has been in many of my erotic dreams, and many a self-love session.

I toyed with the idea of going down to strike up a conversation with her, but I was welded to my chair, for fear of missing even one second of viewing such a vision of loveliness in such a soft pastel sundress that only seemed to heighten my arousal that much more.

As she finished removing the weeds, she stood up slowly, shielding her eyes from the sun, and much to my shock and surprise, waved up at me.

My heart jumped as a million thoughts ran through my head. Did she know I was watching the whole time? Did she think me a peeping tom of some sort? These, and many more negative thoughts went through my mind, when suddenly she called to me, asking me to come down.

I escort şişli flew down the stairs and out the door, like a horse at the races, catching myself just as I reached the back door for fear of breaking it off the hinges. I slowly opened the door, walking into the back yard, where I found her waiting by the side of her house.

I walked over to her, suddenly aware of the large bulge in my shorts that I was sure she could easily see, but kept my gaze on her, willing it to go away. That was not to be as she said hi to me. Her voice emanated from her with the sound a songbird makes, and was lost in it, until her calling my name broke me from my trance.

She informed me that she needed a few things put up in her attic, and having a big fear of bugs and such, asked me if I wouldn’t mind checking it out for her before she brought the stuff up. Being as how she was a single woman, I understood her concern and gladly accepted.

So, as she led the way into the house my gaze fell on her wonderful behind swaying in the thin material of her dress. I followed along, feeling helplessly drawn by her feminine charms, and the soft scent of jasmine. My cock hardened even more at my closeness to her, wishing I could reach out and touch her. We got to the attic and she pulled the trap door, allowing the ladder to unfold and touch the floor. She then smiled at me and handed me a flashlight, telling me where I would find the light switch. I walked up the ladder slowly, peering over the edge; I was immediately faced with many cobwebs, and a lot of dust. I scooted over the edge of the opening, panning the flashlight in the direction of the light switch. I pushed aside the webs, and flicked on the light. There were quite a few boxes up here, and after I moved a few boxes around and made a bit of noise to scare away any unwanted guests, and then called to her that it was safe.

She called up to me and asked if I would come down and stand at the foot of the ladder and hand her up the boxes. I agreed and climbed down, wiping the dust off my shirt.

She thanked me for doing the deed of clearing the way for her and smiled at me. I said it was really no problem, and not to worry about much more than some dust and a few cobwebs. After I convinced her it was safe, she started climbing the ladder. As she climbed up, I held the ladder, and I looked up and was rewarded by a quick glimpse of her panty-covered ass. I couldn’t believe my luck at such a wonderful view, but did my best to compose myself as she turned and asked for the first box. I handed box after box up to her, all the while relishing the view I was given, and wondered what else I might catch a glimpse at. No sooner had that thought entered my mind than she let out a yelp and fell down the ladder, landing right on top of me. As I regained my senses I noticed that she had landed with her legs open and I could see her panty covered mound staring right at me. I tried not to stare, but the animal in me was longing to lay her escort beşiktaş back and slide my tongue along its fold, lapping at the succulent juices that I was sure would come from such a beauty as this.

I regained my thoughts and asked her if she was okay, she said she thought so, but felt so bad for being so clumsy, and showed concern at my well being. I was tempted to say that I was swollen in a few places, but thought the crudeness of it all might spoil the mood, so I slowly lifted her off of me, and got up. I winced as a pain shot through my leg, and I sat back down. She was immediately beside me, concern etching her face. She asked what was wrong and I told her that I had a pain in my leg. She asked which one and I pointed to my left leg. She took hold of it in her soft hands, and began to check it for cuts or bruises. She noticed a dark patch forming by my thigh and I winced as she softly began to rub it.

What luck!! Here was the woman of my many fantasy filled afternoons, rubbing my leg, oh so close to my crotch, which I might add, had the makings of a tent.

She was apologizing profusely as she rubbed at the sore spot, and was so lost in her feelings of guilt, that she didn’t even realize that her hand had traveled up my leg and was just below the bottom of my shorts. As she realized it, she blushed slightly and moved down some, looking into my eye, she asked if there was anything she could do to make it feel better. My mind was filled with many thoughts I dare not say out loud, when without warning I felt her fingers slide under the leg of my shorts. I jumped as if someone had electrocuted me, as her fingers touched the tip of my swollen cock. The sensation was making my head spin as she looked into my eyes and smiled, deftly working her hand along the tip, circling it lightly, causing a soft moan to escape my lips. She said that she had once seen me pleasing myself while she was in her yard, and was wondering if it was due to her that I was in such need. I could only manage a nod as she encircled my shaft with her hands, gliding up and down its length. She smiled at my inability to voice my agreement, and said that she was going to give me something to think of next time, that was much better, and with that said, she lowered her head to my cock. She snaked her tongue out and licked at the tip, rolling it along the head. I was going out of my mind with lust, at her soft licks, and lay back, so she could easily access my rock hard cock. She then slowly opened her soft lips and slid the length of it deep into her throat. I tensed up at the sensation, as well as the sight of this beauty with her mouth full of my manhood.

She was such a sight laying there sucking at my cock with her wet lips sliding up and down. I did my best to make it last, but all the sights and visions of her watching me while I jerked off, that I lost control and shot my seed deep into her throat. Drinking hungrily she took it all deep into her mouth as my cock twitched escort beyoğlu and bucked.

As she pulled me out of her mouth, I realized that my cock was still hard as steel, and I looked at her, and informed her that one good turn deserved another and, I stood her up and slowly started undoing the buttons of her dress. My fingers trembled like a virgins, as I was rewarded with more and more soft skin as each button opened to show more of her sweet soft skin. As I undid the last button the dress fell to the floor, exposing her soft white breasts with soft pink buds that were already erect, almost painfully in need of attention. I leaned my head forward to take one of the buds in my mouth, savoring it like a morsel of fine chocolate. I gently sucked and nibbled on her nipple while she ran her fingers through my hair, grinding her hips against my erection. As my mouth came away from her breast, I started placing soft kisses on her soft skin, tracing my way down to her belly, kissing a trail to the goal of my arousal.

I sat her down on the ladder to the attic and then deftly reached for the hem of her panties, sliding them off to expose a beautiful mound of soft blond curls, and the puffy lips of her pussy.

My mouth watered at the thought of sliding my tongue into it and tasting the nectar of her womanhood, and continued my trail to its opening. As I reached the pot of honey, my tongue lapped at the soft folds, tasting the sweetness of her wondrous offerings. I was lost in the heady aroma of her sex and it wasn’t long before I was rewarded with the juices of her excitement flowing from her pussy to my hungry mouth. She moaned loudly as she ground my head against her pussy.

As she recovered she asked me to please make love to her, and I wasted no time sliding the length of my cock slowly into her warm pussy. She wrapped her arms around my neck and bit my skin while sliding back and forth along the length of my cock. I moaned as she moved in rhythm to my thrusts, and was gently massaging her breasts, my cock pistonned in and out of her warm wonderful pussy. She was throwing her head back, all the while saying how good if felt to have a man inside her, asking me to go faster and harder, to fill her and make her cum. I never expected to here such sexy nasty things coming from her pretty mouth, but was quite aroused at this turn of events and, showing my appreciation, grabbed her hips and pounded into her with renewed vigor. She was moaning that she was quickly approaching orgasm, so, not wanting to miss the chance to reach nirvana along with her I moved in a blur, driving myself into her to the hilt as fast and hard as I ever had before.

She tensed up as wave after wave of pleasure rippled through her body, causing her to tighten against my shaft, which was the crowning glory for me as my cock once again spasmed as I shot my hot cum deep into her pussy. We lay there panting, covered in sheen of both sweat and dust from the attic. We held each other close and I completely was in awe at the chain of events that happened that afternoon, and I still have thoughts of that day, even though she has since moved on, and I am once again left to dream and fantasize, but as she said, they are far better having lived that fantasy.

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