Becoming a professional Bitch (part 2)

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I woke up in my bed. The scratches on my sides, breast, and the smell of dog sex told me last night hadn’t been a dream. But where did my K-9 lovers go?

I got my fist sized dildo out and suctioned it to the edge of my tub as dog cum ran down my legs. I attached my nipple clamps, that were always hanging over my shower rod, to my nipples. Then straddled the dildo and dropped all my weight on it, forcing it deep in my cunt. My nipples were stretched upwards with every thrust of my body down on the dildo. My cunt stretched wide yet missing the dog cock. I dug my nails into my inner thigh as I remembered my trip home. Dog paws digging into my sides and breast as my ass was plundered with dog dick.

Memories of being drug across my front yard by 2 dog cocks knotted in me. I didn’t care where I was as long as there was dog dick in me. I was drug up on the bed where they finally managed to pull free from my cunt and ass. The dogs curled up by my head and I licked their dog cocks clean and I drifted off. Would I see them again? If not, where could I find my own dog lover?

After battering my cunt with the fist dildo, with no relief, I knew only a dog dick could truly ever satisfy me again. I got cleaned up to see if my car was home and if there was any sign, I would see Sammy again.

I found my car in my driveway and a note on my kitchen table. The note was simple:

We will check on you in a few days. Text “leaving” to 364-555-7588 whenever you

leave your house and “home” when you return.

I saved the number in my phone under Sammy. Then got ready for work. How was I going to make it thru the day not knowing when I would see Sammy again? Luckily, I would be reminded of Sammy and his friend all day as my clothes snagged and pulled on the scratches from last night. I text “Leaving” and headed off to work with a bit of pep in my step. Because for the first time I knew there would be satisfaction in my life.

I had a hard time focusing at work. Normally I just went into auto-drive, yet today I couldn’t think of anything, but Sammy’s dog dick locked in my pussy as my ass was being pounded by another dog. I was called into my managers office because I made so many mistakes, I stood before her, wondering if she could smell my sex. My panties had been wet all day because of last night.

I didn’t have to wonder for long, “Is that the problem? You’re horny?” I just stared at the floor, not sure what to do. “Get your mind off your pussy and on your till or you won’t have a job here for long! Get poker oyna back to work you slut!”

I went to the restroom to try to get myself under control. Why was it so hard to get Sammy and his hard dog cock off my mind? I had been able to work before without sex on my mind this bad. A coworker was in the restroom when I entered. I went to splash some water on my face as I heard her say, “I heard what the manager said, I think I can help you a bit.” Then I felt the back of my skirt being raised, and before I could react her fingers were in my cunt. “You really are horny! God, I love a wet cunt!” With that she thrust her fingers deeper, I just arched my back giving her more access. She was thrusting her hand deep, too deep for it to be her fingers. I thrust back on her as she worked her wrist and then part of her arm even deeper. Finally, I felt an orgasm roll over my body. Now that I found release at work, I knew my manager was right, I couldn’t work here much longer. I knew if I did this wouldn’t be the last time, I had sex at work.

I texted “home” to Sammy. I had the next couple days off to figure out what to do about a job. I hoped I got to see Sammy in that time. And luck was on my side as I heard a strong knock on my door. I had stayed naked waiting for them. I answered the door and sure enough it was the officer in plain clothes with Sammy and friend by his side. They stepped in and Sammy put his nose in my cunt. I quickly spread my legs.

“Bitch, you are to drop to your hands and knees whenever a dog request you to.” I quickly dropped down on all fours spreading my knees wide. Sammy mounted my face, I was confused until I felt his dog cock at my mouth. I opened wide and felt the other dog mount me from behind and a dog dick was thrust down my throat, as another thrust deep in my cunt. Sammy thrust his dick further down my throat than any human dick was ever able to reach. The dog dick in my cunt forced itself past my cervix causing a level of pleasure I didn’t know existed.

The dogs rammed me between them like pros! Just as I felt the knot force itself in my cunt Sammy forced his knot in my mouth. I could feel his hot cum pumping down my throat as my cunt was splashed with equally hot jets of dog cum.

When the dogs emptied their balls in me, they both turned around to wait for their knots to shrink. Even with my nose pressed in Sammy’s ass I couldn’t help feeling a sense of satisfaction I had never felt before. I worked my tongue over Sammy’s knots and cock as I gently sucked it dry. I squeezed the dog dick in canlı poker oyna my cunt to milk it for all I could get from it at the same time.

Then the officer started fingering my ass, “Guess I get your ass as we discuss where this is going. Just make sure you keep any cum from leaking out of your cunt when Rex pulls out.” I reached between my legs to massage Rex’s balls so I would be ready when he pulled out.

When I was free from the dogs the officer helped me up and led me to the couch. He sat down pulling out his massive black dick. The next best thing to a dog dick was a massive dick stretching my ass. I kept my hand over my cunt, as I sat in his dick, working it deep in my ass, with my back to him.

“Now scoop the cum out of your cunt and fill your mouth with it and hold it there. Once I had my mouth full of all the cum I could scoop out of my cunt the officer said, “Sammy, Rex, kiss.” Then the officer started bucking his hips to thrust his dick deep in my ass, as the dogs licked the cum out of my mouth.

“You seem to be a natural bitch, so I plan on helping you to get the full benefits to that.” Explained the officer as I bounced on his dick. “You are free to end this at anytime, I just want to see how far we can take it. I have a few friends that can use a woman like you. Also you could make some money just by starting a website.”

Once the dogs were done at my mouth, the officer had me bring my feet up on either side of him and use my legs to pump my ass on his cock, as the dogs turned their attention to my cunt. I knew the depth of what the officer was saying, but just wanted more dog dick. I didn’t care how I got it or what happened while I was filled with dog cum. I thought one dog tongue was heaven last night, but two topped that easily. Sammy and Rex took turns delving their tongue deep in my cunt and licking my clit. I quickly got in rhythm pumping my ass on the huge cock filling it. I am not sure, but it felt as though the cock in my as was swelling more with every thrust!

Then the officer grabbed my hips and slammed his cock deep in my ass and held me right as he shot his cum deep. When he finished, he lifted me up and said, “Now clean it.”

I was barely able to open my jaw wide enough as I slammed my face against his groin, deep throating his dick in one swift movement. I ran my tongue over and around it as I sucked the cum off it. Then I licked all around the base to make sure not to miss a drop. ” You will be very busy if you choose to follow this path. There will be more cocks in your internet casino life than you thought possible.” The officer continued.

At the same time to dogs started cleaning my gaping ass, their tongues easily going deep. I rocked back and forth on their tongues, taking them as deep as I could.

“Once you determine my cock is completely clean, we can feed Sammy. Just make sure my cock is good and clean.” I continued licking and sucking clean every inch of the officer’s dick and balls. I cleaned his cock better than a shower could have, as I licked and sucked it over and over, even taking it deep in my throat a few times to work my esophagus muscles over it. Then it was time to learn what Sammy and Rex liked to eat.

The officer explained both dogs were fed one cup of food 4 times a day. Two cups were raw food and two cups were cooked. It was time for their raw food. He explained it had diced the raw steak, sweet potatoes, broccoli and carrots. and greens cut up in strips, as he pulled out two measured one cup portions, from my refrigerator. I don’t know how it got there.

“To help you get close to Sammy and Rex, as well as any other dogs in your care, I want you to put as much of their food in your mouth as you can fit, stuffing your cheeks full too and then having them eat out of your mouth.” The officer explained as he helped me stuff food in my cheeks.

I knelt down with my mouth so full of raw steak and veggies I couldn’t close it. Sammy was the first to eat. As he dug the food out of my mouth with his tongue I realized I was getting turned on. I started rubbing my clit when the officer told me to stop. “Whenever there is a dog around you are to have it relieve you. Just snap your fingers and point if you can’t speak.”

I moved to be on my hands and knees, without interrupting Sammy’s eating. His tongue was digging under mine and it felt like a passionate kiss. I snapped my fingers to gets Rex’s attention and slid my fingers in my wet pussy. Rex went behind me and started licking from my clit to my asshole as I started deeply kissing Sammy. Sammy’s doggy tongue worked it’s way all thru my mouth, digging food from my cheeks, as well as just snaking down my throat. Rex was digging his tongue deep in my hungry pussy then in my ass. If this is what it was like to feed dogs, I was willing to feed 100 of them every day!

Just as Rex was eating the food from my mouth and Sammy was licking my cunt and ass I heard a knock on my door. “Don’t worry, I invited a few friends over, since I knew you had the next couple days off work. Let the dogs finish eating.” Said the officer as he went to answer the door. “Your food is on the stove. Make sure you eat before you join us.” He called over his shoulder.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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