Being Taught a Lesson

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I was laying on bed reading a book when I heard Solomon’s car pull into the driveway. I sighed a mix of relief and irritation. In a few short minutes he walked into our bedroom. We made brief eye contact, but said nothing to each other. He began stripping out of his clothes. I watched him out of the corner of my eyes. His long muscular dark body came into view. I said nothing. He said nothing, but I could feel his eyes burning holes into me. The silence was deafening. He hung his suit jacket and pants in the closet before going into the bathroom to take a shower.

We’ve been arguing a lot the last couple of days, but last night was the first night we hadn’t slept in the same bed in the six years we’ve been together. He stormed out at nine the night before and he was just now coming home at damn near midnight the next day.

Okay, so I was to blame for him leaving. I let my anger get the best of me again. The argument had gotten so intense I ended up slapping him hard across the face. For a moment I thought he would hit me back. I mean I slapped the hell out of one the most dangerous men in the world. A hired gun. A vicious assassin who has killed men for far lesser infractions.

“I’m sorry baby…” I tried to say shocked by my own actions.

“No!” He held up his hand cutting me off.

I swallowed hard waiting for retaliation, but there wasn’t one. He just looked at me in disbelief.

He packed his bag and left the house.

I felt terrible. I went too far. All night I called his cell and it just rang and rang until it finally it just kept going to voicemail. That pissed me off because I knew he was purposely avoiding my calls. The woman he said he loved and would do anything for. He disappeared into the night without so much as a phone call. I spent most of the night up pacing and worrying.

I waited all night and all day for him to return one of my calls, or to come home. No text. No calls. Nothing. I wanted to cry, but I refuse to.

My sadness quickly morphed into irritation. He was being childish and selfish. What if there was an emergency? I wasn’t used to being ignored. Not by him. Since the day we met I’ve had his undivided attention. I wasn’t used to this.

He exited the bathroom with a towel round his waist and water dripping off his body.

He sat on top of the covers beside me in his boxers. The smell of Dior Sauvage body wash filled the air around us. It smelled so good on him. Part of me wanted to wrap my arms him and kiss him all over. Tell him I’m sorry and I missed him, but my pride wouldn’t let me.

I ignored his intense gaze as I pretended to be all into my novel. He touched my buttery, caramel thigh. I moved away. He chuckled.

“Don’t fuckin’ touch me.” I said with venom in my voice.

“Candice you have absolutely no right to be angry right now. You slapped me, remember?” His rich Nigerian accent in full bloom.

I said nothing as I turned my back to him.

“I’m not doing this with you.” He pounced on me pulling me underneath him and pinning my hands above my head in one swift poker oyna move. The book went crashing to the floor. His body rested between my legs pressing me into the mattress.

I involuntarily shuddered.

“What are you doing, Solomon? Get off me.” I growled through clenched teeth, struggling against his hold.

“You drive me fucking crazy woman. I’m tired of fighting with you. We’re better than this. That’s why we’re going to do this my way because your way isn’t working for me. I’ve let you run this show for far too long.”

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“You know exactly what I’m talking about!” He put my wrist in one hand.

I hissed. “I can’t stand you.” I gasped when I felt his hand move between our bodies cupping my pantie clad pussy.

“I’m sorry I didn’t come home last night, but I had to teach you a lesson.”

“A lesson?” I groaned as he kissed a trail down my neck.

“Yes. See I realized I made a few mistakes in the way I’ve handled you.” He leaned back to look at me.

I squinted my eyes at him. “Handle me? I don’t need to be handled.”

“I give you everything your heart desires. I never say no, no matter how difficult it might be to get it. I make it happen for you. I risk my life everyday to make sure I can provide you with all the things this world has to offer. You know why?” He looked into my eyes. “Because I’m sprung over you. I have been since I laid eyes on you six years ago. Every decision I make is with you in mind. I live to see that beautiful smile on your face. You are my only weakness and in the profession I’m in I can’t afford a weakness. And I think you know this, so you abuse your powers. I’ve let you get away with too much.”

“I only…”

“Be quiet. Did I say it was your time to talk?” He barked cutting me off .

I flinched swallowing my words back. He had never spoke to me like this. Why was it turning me on? My nipples were now poking through the silk nightshirt I was wearing.

He took notice and pinched my right nipple. I gasped.

Although I was extremely upset with my husband, I wanted him to fuck me senseless. Since the arguments about his retirement started we haven’t made love. Which is a rarity for us because when he was off of assignment we did it everyday. Sometimes two or three times a day. Anywhere at anytime. All we’d have to do is look at each other a certain way and it was on. I was definitely in heat and I knew he knew it too.

His fingers slid lower into my panties across the wetness there. Solomon buried his nose in my neck. I instinctively lifted my pelvis to meet his seeking fingers. I could feel his smile against my neck. He knew he had me. Fuck.

“Does it turn you when daddy takes control?”

His middle digit slipped into my moist heat.

I tried my damnedest to hold back a moan, but failed miserably when he added another finger.

“Oh mm.” My breath hitched. In and out he moved his fingers expertly. Tapping the spots he knew all too well. My body betrayed me.

“You’re creaming all over my fingers. It’s been canlı poker oyna too long since you let me inside my pussy. You gonna let Daddy taste it baby? You want me to run my tongue against that fat clit?” He accentuated with a hot lick to my earlobe. He moved his wet fingers to my clit drawing circles around it.

“Solomon.” I whispered losing the battle to be angry with him. “You’re an asshole for not picking up your phone.”

“I know baby. It wont happen again.” He kissed the side of my jaw trying to coax me into a kiss. I turned my head away from him. I needed to have some type of control in this situation.

He laughed. “What I can’t have no lips?”

“Nope.” I breathe out still trying my best to hold out.

“For real?” He said continuing to pump his fingers in and out of my tight cavern.

“Hell yeah… You don’t…don’t deserve my kisses.” My breathing was coming out in gasps. I was close to climaxing.

“Damn you know I can’t live without your candy kisses. How can I earn that privilege back? “

“You can’t.” I let a very unsexy grunt. My body began to shake.

“We’ll see about that.” He kissed my jaw again pulling his fingers from me. I wanted to scream.

He freed my wrist so he could use both hands to rip the shirt down the middle buttons flying everywhere. I was both surprised and beyond turned on. He made quick scraps of my brand new panties too. I was totally exposed.

“You’re buying me new ones.” I panted. I was so aroused by his animal like behavior, my body felt like it wasn’t my own.

His large hand came down on my puffy, wet pussy lips causing a slight sting.

I gasped arching my back and closing my legs.

“You will not be making anymore demands tonight. Open.” I hesitantly spread my thighs. He smacked my pussy again harder this time. I screamed. I couldn’t believe it I was on the verge of cumming. “The only sounds I wanna hear is you moaning and screaming my name. You understand?” He popped my pussy again.

My back arched again while I rapidly nodded my head up and down. My body was so racked with desire I would agree to almost anything he wanted.

“Good girl. Hold onto the headboard. Don’t let go until I tell you to.”

“Okay.” I said breathlessly. I gripped the bars on the headboard.

He bent low to flick his tongue across my painfully hard nipple. Goosebumps peppered my flesh. He took it into his hot mouth sucking hard.

“Ow shit…mm yes.” I moaned reaching down palming his smooth chocolate bald head to keep him in place.

He looked up at me with a smirk. I fucked up. He bit my nipple. I cried out. A gush of cream left my pussy. The pain was becoming an addiction.

“Don’t make me tie your hands up, Candy.” He warned.

“Okay. I’m sorry.” I breathe out putting my hands back around the bars.

He went back and forth between my nipples, sucking on them until they were tender to the touch.

My breathing was heavy and my body was slick with sweat. Who was this man ravishing my body? My Solomon was gentle, docile creature who treated every internet casino part of me carefully with his soft caresses and sweet kisses. I pushed him to the edge. He was showing me his other side for the first time. This was Loom the trained killer.

He licked hot streaks over my belly. My abs flexed. He spread my legs wide and like a lion before it devours his prey, he bared his teeth, letting out a growl. I tensed preparing myself for the ravishing. Solomon locked his arms around my thighs securing them on his shoulders. He feasted.

The dam broke. His tongue was relentless across my wet folds. I couldn’t control my body’s response. I bounced and wiggled, but he held me firmly.

“Oh gawd.” I screamed cumming so roughly and quickly, my skin was tingling.

He pulled hard on my clit slurping up my ever flowing cream.

Just as I thought he was letting up, he yanked my legs upward and slid his tongue to my asshole. I let out a squeal.

He laughed sticking his tongue deeper into my ass. “You like my tongue deep in your ass?”

“Ah yes.”

He bit the inside of my ass cheeks before rimming me out again. I almost let go of the headboard, but his piercing brown eyes stopped me. They were dark and dared me to disobey him.

Solomon stuck two fingers into my snug pussy working them in the same rhythm as his tongue in my ass.

“Baby I can’t take anymore.” I shrieked.

“You can and you will.” He pulled his fingers from clenching tunnel covered in my juices and without warning shoved them into my ass.

“Oh fuck.” I screamed bucking wildly. He used his other arm to still my hips. He sealed his mouth around my fat pink clit lapping tirelessly to the same pace as his fingers in my ass. It was too much. I threw my head back letting out a growling sound I never made before. The muscles in my stomach clenched tightly, as I sprayed my release all over his face and the bed. He slipped his fingers from my ass. I thought he was giving me break. Wrong! Solomon wrapped his arms around my thighs again fastening me to his mouth. He drank down my fluids. Slurping and moaning loudly.

“Daddy please…please.” I begged. My voice hoarse from screaming so much. I felt like I was losing my mind. How could he be so ruthless? Unchecked tears spilled from my eyes. The pleasure was overwhelming. Darkness was creeping over me. I was going pass out soon if he didn’t stop. He finally showed me mercy by backing away.

I felt like it was floating. My pussy was throbbing and satisfied. I could barely keep my eyes open.

Solomon leaned over me. It took me a second to focus on his sticky face.

“See you do know how to listen.” I followed his gaze to my hands that were still gripping the headboard. “You can let it go now.”

I let go of the iron bars and wrapped them around him. He leaned in bringing his lips to mine. This time I accepted his kiss. He used his mouth more gentler than he did when he was down below. I tasted his candy coated tongue.

“Solomon, I’m sor…” He put his finger to my lips.

“Ssh we will talk in the morning.” He scooped me up until I was laying on his chest. “I love you candy girl.”

“I love you too, Big Daddy.” I snuggled closer to my husband. He was home and right now everything was right with the world.

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