Best Friend Helping Out

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I was working as a Site manager for a construction company in South Africa. The company was not doing well so I had to spend most of my time thinking out work for the three lovely ladies in the office to keep them from mischief. A close friend who was the safety officer were one of the girls and like to dress tomboy style. Here name was Danita.

She had a tight ass and small breasts and was about 1.6m in height. She was very shy about her small cup size tried to cover then up, this only left me dreaming even more.

They were all in there early twenties and as I have learned early on those girls of that age talk about one thing more than anything other and that is sex. When things get quite in the office I just knew that they were talking or planning a wild sex event somewhere.

I was in my early thirties at the time and having problems with my marriage. Yes, you guessed it; we were having problems in bed.

The girls were spending some time on mixit chat room and I asked Danita if she could help me set up my cell phone for chat. I had some time to kill and thought it would be the best opportunity to chat to some one anonymous about my problem and finding that sympathetic ear. Little did I know that poker oyna Danita was setting up her private chat room for me.

Later that day when things slowed down I entered the chat room only to find Danita to my surprise. We chatted about this and that and she told me all about the girls escapades. That got me aroused and to think that she was only in the next room spying for me.

It was about day 3 of chatting Danita that I started to tell her about me and my wife’s problem. She was really the sympathetic ear that I needed. After chatting the most of the day she asked: “What do you think of me? (Meaning do you find me attractive?)”

My heart was raising and I knew where to I could send this. I replied:”You are dam sexy and hot girl.” I waited for her reply and what seemed like hours went by before the reply came: “I will were something nice tomorrow. See you later.”

Man how I whished that tomorrow would come sooner. Back home things were going from bad to worse. My wife had completely lost interest in any sex what so ever. I would chat her up caress her ad softly kissing her neck. I would so ever slightly touch her breast but then she would pull away and say: “Is sex the only thing that you can think canlı poker oyna about?” and stand and leave the room.

This pissed me off and I picked up my phone and entered the chat room. Danita was online and without greeting I told her what had happened.

The reply can back:” Guess where am I?” This got my attention. I quickly checked on my wife to find her in bed fast asleep already.

I typed back:” Please give me a hint.” I wished to service was faster cause it always felt like hours went by before her reply came. “Water” was the reply and I thought could she be in the bath?

I typed back:” What are you doing in the water?”

“I’m playing with myself and thinking of you.”

O, fuck was the thought going through my head and lighting speed.

“What are you fantasizing about?”

“Making your every wish my command…”

My heart was racing and my heart was pounding, I was at a lose of words.

“Do you like playing with your tities?”

“Ooohmmm yes that makes me wet as hell.”

“Twist and roll those sexy nipples of yours while softly pulling on them…”

“Yes that feels so very erotic… what more do you wish me to do?”

“Slide you right hand internet casino down to your pussy and slowly, and in circular movements play with your clit…”

“That’s my favorite spot ….ooohhh yyyeesss I feel my pussy getting thicker by the minute.”

“Take the felt hand’s middle finger and put it in your mouth and imagine its my cock and suck on it and play with it.”

“Keep rubbing that clit and evry now and then spit your finger inside.”

I was by now out of my pant my cock painfully hard and throbbing. I could not keep myself form jerking myself.

“Ooooh Fuck, I feel a cum coming on….. my pussy is eating my finger. It’s so nice.”

“Your cock is so delicious in my mouth and my tongue is licking you slit and the precum making me even wilder.”

I could not hold as I felt an orgasm was coming on. I slot my load every. It was as if we were really having sex.

“I’m cumming, I cumming!!! OOOHHHHH!! YESSS, YESSSS!”

“Me too,” I replied. I neer thought that Danita was up to something like this and I just knew that tomorrow I’m in for a surprise.

“This was the best ever,” I typed “thanks very much. Cannot wait to see you tomorrow.”

“I’m not ending now, I’m going to bed and will enjoy your again… but I will see you tomorrow. Hope you feel better.”

This was the beginning of a very lustful few months and Danita well you will just have to wait till next time to know what happened the next day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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