Best Movie Date of My Life


Watching Sud tease my roommates made me very hard. It appealed to my newly acquired kink with an intensity I hadn’t expected. Blood had rushed to my cock. I left my apartment to chase after her. I wanted to bring her back and re-fuck her. In my rush, I had forgotten my phone in my room. I reached the lobby and found that she had left. My cock was raging. The big load I had blown half an hour back didn’t seem enough. I felt a strong desire to plough her pussy and make her scream. I wanted to deposit a big load in there. Once again. Her absence was frustrating. I ran back up to my room to call her back.

I wanted to fuck. I needed to fuck. Right now.

When I barged in the main door of the apartment, I noticed all 3 roomies sitting on the couch. They fell awkwardly silent when they saw me. Well, I knew what they must have been talking about. I walked past and entered my room. It was a mess. The bedsheet had come off and was lying crumpled. There was a plate, a shaker bottle, pens, papers, clipboard on the floor. There was a blotch on the mattress. I didn’t know what that was. The tabletop was glistening with sweat. You know how a small badly ventilated room can trap air? My room was smelling of sex. There was Sud’s perfume, my cologne, but cutting through it all was the unmistakeable damp smell of sweat and sexual juices. If you brought in a person who had no idea what was happening an hour ago, they would not take a minute to tell you that this room has been used for sex.

Where the fuck was my phone??!!

I searched everywhere amidst the mess but it was nowhere to be found. Come on! My roomies would walk by and use the chance to look at my room. I noticed that but I was too focussed on finding my phone to get Sud back here. I wanted more. My cock was twitching.

Frustrated at not finding my phone and delaying Sud’s return, I stepped out of my room.

Me: Hey roomie

, can you call my number? Can’t find my phone.


: Oh. All right.

Muffled vibration sounds started emanating from somewhere. At long last! My phone was in the gap between the mattress and the wall. I unlocked it and went to recent calls and hit Sud’s number.

Then, I noticed it was late. It had been a good 20 mins after she had left. It would take her at least 20 mins to come back. Then I would spend the next 30 mins fucking her brains out, and only then can she travel back home. It would cause problems for her.

I disconnected.

Fuck! I wanted that pussy now. Fuck!

It’s ok. It’s ok. Calm down. Let’s be reasonable. We don’t want to increase the level of risk. Do we? We will make up some other time. Let it go.

My cock rebelled but had kind of resigned. The erection was dying slowly.

I arranged my room and made it liveable. T – 9 days to submission. I started writing my thesis.

Text from Sud: Hey, reached and had dinner. What you upto?

Me: I ran down to fetch you.

Sud: Why! What happened?

Me: I wanted to fuck you once more.

Sud: You are crazy!

Sud: Seriously?

Sud: Didn’t you have enough?

Me: Yes and no.

Sud: No offence, but are you on some medical help?

Sud: You fucked me for I don’t how long. And within 20 mins of that, you wanted more?

Sud: Am I not able to satisfy you?

Me: No. I am not on any help.

Sud: Then… how? Why?

Sud: Do I not satisfy you?

Me: It’s not that.

Sud: I feel like it is that.

Me: Hey. Sush.

Sud: Please tell me, I will do anything. Is it this?

Me: Sud! Stop it. I wanted to fuck you because I was aroused by your little tease at the shoe rack.

Sud: :))))))))))))

Sud: Really?

Sud: You were turned on by that?

Me: Yes

5 mins passed

Sud: Do you know what your roomies saw?

Me: I have an idea

Sud sent an image.

She was posing in the washroom with her ass towards the mirror. She was in the same lingerie she was wearing. It was just a black string running through her onion ass. It is amazing how this string of black cloth was covering nothing, yet made her ass look like lust objectified. Her left ass cheek had a very prominent palm print. It covered her entire ass cheek. Big palm, fingers spread out, pointed downward. It was a bright glowing red shade. The other ass cheek was just red. There was no particular print on it. But you could see how it was different in colour from the waist of the upper thigh.

To be perfectly honest, if I saw that myself, I would want to tap that ass. If not, I would want to jerk one out imagining I was.

Me: That’s quite a sight.

Sud: Do you think some girls are going to get their asses slapped tomorrow? 😉

Me: Very likely. If I had a girl and I saw this in the evening, I would ensure hers was redder.

Sud: You are crazy!

Sud: Do you even know how red I am?

Sud sent another image. It was a closeup.

Sud: See. There are purple dots inside of the red area.

There actually were. My cock twitched again. A semi boner was arising.

Sud: My butt is warm to touch. Actually it is not warm, it is hot.

Sud: I was istanbul escort struggling to sit still for dinner. I kept shifting in the seat.

Sud: Even now I can touch and say which part is red and which is not.

Me: Good, an ass like that should always be marked. What a waste to not use it properly for fucking.

Sud: Animal!

10 mins pass

Sud: Everytime I come back after meeting you, I watch my body.

Me: What do you mean?

Sud: I watch myself in the mirror.

Me: Ok, and?

Sud: And nothing. I just watch myself.

I knew I could extract her thoughts out of her. So I just ignored her text.

Sud: I see how you USE my body.

Me: Elaborate.

Sud: Like it is not just the penetration. It is everything that you do with it.

Me: Continue.

Sud: This is me in my house.

She sent a picture of her she must have taken while she was getting dressed. She had a the LBD on. Less makeup and her hair was bunned up.

Sud: This is me in your bath.

She had taken a nude selfie. Her face was dishevelled. It was a mess of drool, faded make up. Her hair was an entangled mass. Her ass was glowing red – one palm printed and other just red. There was a bite mark on the lower shoulder. Her pussy lips were more open. One of her tits was red – presumably from my grabbing or slapping.

Sud: The first one is a woman going to a club.

Me: And the second?

Sud: Is a slut.

Me: Which is to say that sexual marks are signs of sluttiness? Why are you being so self-judgemental and close-minded?

Sud: Noooooooo! That’s not what I want to say! Wait.

She sent another pic. It was a closeup again. It was her arm.

Sud: When I come back after seeing you and look at my body in the mirror, a wave of goosebumps passes over me.

Me: Interesting. Tell me more. How does it feel?

Sud: Watching my battered body makes me feel aroused. I drift into recollections and you know, my hands, they would sometimes cup my boobs or go towards my pussy.

Me: So examining your post-fuck body makes you wet? Are you on some medical help?

Sud: LOL noooooo!

Sud: It is not dripping wet. I get goosebumps and have the urge to touch my body.

Me: So why is that a slut?

Sud: That was a typo. I meant to say, “is your slut”. Though, I want to edit that further.

Me: To?

Sud: is your personal pornstar. 😉

Me: Well today’s performance should get you an award.

Sud: Really? 🙂

Me: Yes. You will get three votes from my apartment in the category, “hottest girl I want to fuck” category.

Sud: Shameless, you are.

Me: Uh huh, you didn’t want to shut the door when you know they were watching and I am the one who is shameless?

Sud: I want to hide my face and not talk to you.

Me: You can’t.

Sud: I can’t explain to you how faaaaaaaar this is from who I have been.

Me: I know it is. Tell me how.

Sud: You will make fun of me. And I don’t want you to.

Me: Ok I won’t.

Sud: No I know you are going to.

Sud: You know, before you came along, I have never allowed anyone to take me in doggy. I thought it was how animals do it. And I wanted to control how sex would be.

Me: How did this thought come about?

Sud: I don’t know, I think the last time I let someone doggy me was maybe 15 years back. That would be the last amongst the 2 or 3 times I have let someone do that.

Me: Seriously, not even your husband? I am sorry, but that doesn’t pass the smell test.

Sud: I don’t lie to you!

Me: So you are saying that you have been married for 10+ years and the number of times you have been bent over is less than 3?

Sud: Yes. I can’t even remember if he ever did it.

Me: Is he a monk in private life?

Me: Seriously, if you came to my bed with that ass in that thong, the first thing I would do is bend you over and fuck you till I cum. Then I would probably do that again.

Sud: You are so brazen. 🙂

Me: Doesn’t that simplify things?

Sud: It does.

Sud: I have never known someone like you.

Me: Now you do.

Sud: So what I was trying to say is that is how my sex life was and then you show up.

Me: Well yeah, if you told me this BS about doggy, guess what?

Sud: You would teach me…

Me: Damn right

Sud: I can’t resist you at all. I was so wet while I was getting ready for you today.

Sud: You know, my girls, who know about my sex life, if I ever told them how I am now, they will not believe a word.

Me: Like what?

Sud: Just the fact that the first thing I do is bend over, they would think I have died and this is someone else who looks like me.

Me: You were that hard-up huh?

Sud: Yes, I was the full deal. I discussed how sex was for me and how it should be with them as well.

Sud: I don’t know how this happened but now, with you, my first instinct is to obey. It makes me hot in my ears to do things for you.

Me: Have you told any of your friends about us?

Sud: No. Of course not.

Me: Don’t get carried escort fındıkzade away and blabber to someone.

Sud: I so want to. Finally I have so much to tell them about my sex life and I can’t!

Sud: That is the frustrating part. They all know the sex-starved me. They don’t know the new me. And they fucking should!

Sud: Of course I can’t tell anything. I have you to talk about this.

Me: You do.

Sud: I want to show you something very private, very secret. Top secret.

Me: If you are talking about your pussy, it is not that secret anymore. I have been inside of it. My roomies have now seen me go inside it.

Sud: Shameless! Absolutely shameless!

Sud: That was a good one 😀

Sud: That’s not it. Wait for a while.

A good 10 mins passed.

Sud: Apart from me, you are now the only other person who knows this exists. Please be careful with it.

Me: Ok, let’s see what this hype is about.

A video loaded. It was 6 mins long. I started playing it. It was a grainy video. It was shot on a handycam. The time stamp said it was from 2007! The camera was pointed towards a bed. There was a kissing sound coming from out-of-frame area. A naked man was pushed into the frame. He was staring at the person who pushed him into the frame. He stood at the edge of the bed. A slender arm pushed him again and he fell onto the bed. The man was scrawny. He lay on the bed and propped himself against the headrest. That’s when I realised who it was. It was Sud’s husband!

She had sent me a sextape of theirs!

Sud stepped into the frame. She moved just like I know she moves – with poise and grace. Her husband was now rubbing his cock in anticipation. He was average sized. But you could tell that he wasn’t very hard. Watching a ten year younger Sud was making me hard. I travelled back in time to how I remember her. The stimulation to the brain was intense.

Sud was naked, as was her husband. Her boobs were a bit smaller, her waistline was smaller and her ass was still curvy. Exactly how I remember her in those days. She stood at the edge of the bed and watched him stroke himself. He was going hard and fast at it. She grew impatient and then reached out for his cock. She tugged it for sometime. Her husband was looking at his cock. Not at this smoking hot wife.

Sud had enough and then mounted him. She struggled to insert a semi-hard cock into her pussy. She fiddled for sometime and then finally it went in. She gasped and then started bouncing up and down on it. She fell on his chest and held his hands up against the headrest. She was looking at him now. He looked at her. The husband was literally laying there doing nothing. Sud was grinding herself against the cock. She controlled everything. The stroke length, the cadence, the depth, everything. No one made any sounds, there was no moaning, there was no gasps. Sud just breathed heavy time to time, but that was about it.

Watching Sud’s body during this lousy sex session made me super hard. I wanted to be in the scene and fuck her properly. They didn’t change positions, they made no effort, they made no sound. And just like that, the man let out a soft grunt and he was done. Sud kept him in for a while and then hopped off and stepped out of frame. The husband got up and went out of frame as well. The video ended.

Me: Was this how it was?

Sud: The sex you mean? Yes. That’s how it was.

Me: Bullshit. I am fucking tearing through my underwear watching your body on video. You are saying this is how you did it?

Sud: Yes, I know, it is sad.

Sud: Can I please see it?

I sent her a pic of my hard cock.

Sud: Oh my my. You should really have gotten drained out once more.

Me: I would still be hard.

Sud: 🙂

Sud: Can I help?

Me: Well, I think after what you have shown me, I want to help. To provide what you are missing.

Sud: Was missing. Not anymore.

She sent a pic of her pussy.

Sud: This is a happy pussy now.

She sent another video.

It was our sextape from the lab. It was just the part where I am fucking her from behind. She had large headphones on. Her face was contorted. The clip was very noisy because of the machines. What you could see is Sud’s face down and ass up. I was in a half squat behind her and going to town on her. My underwear was sticking out of her mouth. Her body was taking a pounding. Her ass would jiggle with the thrust and her brows were pinched upward. My grip on her hair pulled it tight and so her veins could be soon on her neck. There was a moment that I spank her, and she rolls her eyes upward and collapses in an orgasm. But I pull her back again and resume the fucking.

Sud: Can you tell it is the same person?

Me: I don’t think it is. You are his wife in the first. In the second, you are my personal pornstar.

Sud: Forever. I am.

Me: So if I gave you the option: your hubbs can rekindle your sex life and give you what I give you. Would you take that or would you keep him as is and come to me for the sex?

Sud: Don’t even need to think. I want you.

Sud: Sex is escort bayan rus psychological. My mind, my body, everything wants you. Even if he could re-ignite the whole thing, it will never be like you and me.

Me: Why is that?

Sud: Because I don’t feel the urge to obey him, push my limits to satisfy him or do anything other than what I have been doing so far.

Sud: With you, it is very different. When you made me lick your ass, I was disgusted by it. But then, I realised that I desperately wanted to please you. It got me off like a rocket to see you derive pleasure from me, my body, my acts. I learnt how to do it. I googled it, read about it and pushed myself.

Sud: I don’t feel the urge to impress him. I feel it for you.

Me: You have made me very hard Sud. What do I do now about it?

Sud: Do you want to jerk off? I can take you to my washroom.

Me: And waste cum that I can feed you?

Sud: I meant, if you wanted to. I can do it for you.

Me: No. As long as you are here, my cum is going in you. Which hole, that can be decided.

Sud: Anytime you want. Any time.

Me: Tomorrow is a sunday. Will he be at home?

Sud: Yes. Both him and my son. 🙁 Can you come on Monday?

Me: I can, but I won’t.

Sud: I am so sorry. Monday evening, your place?

Me: No Sud. I want you tomorrow.

Sud: But how?

Me: I will work it out.

Sud: They will be home. So..?

Me: I don’t care a lot about that Sud. I need you to drain me.

Me: I want to watch a movie. Life. It is science fiction.

Sud: Uh, I don’t really get science fiction.

Me: It is ok. You don’t have to watch a lot of it. I will watch it. You watch when you are not sucking me off.

Sud: You are mad! I am not going to prison for indecent exposure!

Me: And you won’t. Do a good job, and you will go to the washroom where I will fuck your pussy like you have come to enjoy.

Sud: I have no words. I am just as slutty as you are shameless.

Me: Good. So I will pick you up at 3 pm tomorrow.

No response for 5 mins

Sud: What do you want me to wear?

Me: Something easy to take off. A short strapless/spaghetti would be fine.

Sud: My mouth is watering at the thought. But I am scared of getting into trouble.

Me: Will I do something which puts us at risk?

Sud: No. But you are always doing things on the edge.

Me: I know what I am doing. Do you know what you are supposed to do?

Sud: Yes

Me: Then let’s keep it at that.

I went to sleep and woke up late. Of course it would happen, I was chatting with her until 3 am in the morning. When I woke up there were texts from Sud asking to delay our date.

I called her.

Sud: Hey! Good morning. Will you mind picking me up at 6 pm instead? I woke up so late and have to do some family stuff and help my son with some school work.

Me: Argh, all right. Don’t be late.

Sud: I will come to the grocery shop?

Me: No I will pick you up from your home.

Sud: What! Why? He will be at home.

Me: Yeah, I know. Have you told him anything yet?

Sud: No, I am setting it up.

Me: Don’t. Just tell him you want to hang out with me and my circle.

Her voice was sounding trembling.

Sud: But why not just keep it to my friend circle? And you pick me up from the shop?

Me: Because I can just say you are with me if he calls you. Why tell more people to cover up for you? Won’t they be suspicious?

She was silent for a while.

Sud, trembling voice: So you will pick me up from my place?

Me: Yes.

Sud: Ok

Her voice was feeble.

Me: I will drop you back as well after our date.

Sud: To my doorstep, with my husband in the house?

Me: Yes. Why not?

Sud: Nothing. I don’t know what to say.

Me: Don’t have to. Just be ready on time.

I spent the rest of the day working. The 3 hour delay was making me very frustrated. I had been harboring the urge since the last evening. I was almost continually hard with some gaps in between.

Sud’s place was about 20 mins from mine. Sud called at 5 pm, 1 hour before I was supposed to reach.

Sud: Are you sure you want to pick me up from my door?

Me: I don’t know why you are overthinking it. What do I not know? He knows you hang out with me. If you don’t give it away, he will think I am just there to pick you up for hanging out.

Sud: But we won’t just be hanging out. It is making me so tense that you will come to my place and pick me up in front of him.

Me: I am not going to tell him that I am taking your wife to drain my balls. She does it well. Am I?

She was silent. I could just hear her breathe.

Sud: Why not I just come to the shop?

Me: Because you should get used to it. If you stay normal, I can pick you up and drop you back and no one will know what you were doing while you were with me. But if you act uneasy, he will know.

Silence. I let her get used to the thought.

Me: Get ready. I will be there.

I dressed casually and drove to Sud’s place. I was there on time. I parked my car and walked up to the door and rung the bell. The husband opened the door.

Husband: Hey, how are you doing? Long time! Come in!

Me: Oh it’s fine. Sud’s ready right? I will just fetch her and be on my way. I am good. Wrapping up studies.

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