Beth Makes Me a Man

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It was the morning after my eighteenth birthday and I was still asleep when my older sister, Libby came bursting into my room to wake me up.

“Come on Seth, wakey wakey, I want to hear what happened last night.”

I groaned and rolled over to look at my sis,

“What happened was you abandoned you little brother at the pizza parlor and he had to hitch a ride with your friend Beth.”

“I know I know that was the plan. I want to know how the ride home was.”

I knew my face was turning red and I also knew there was no way that I was telling Libby what happened to me on the way home.

She sat on my bed and in doing so; the sheet came down exposing my bare chest. She put her hand on my chest, running her fingers through the hair there. I was further embarrassed that it felt so erotic and I worried she would see my erection rapidity rising under the covers.

“Seth, I already know what happened I just want to know how you liked it. I mean it was your first time, right?”

Now I was totally embarrassed, how did my sister know all this? No, there was just no way could I talk to her about this.

“OK if you really want to know, you tell me about your first time and I’ll tell you about mine.”

She said no, but when she saw I was serious she said OK but that I had to go first.

What I didn’t know at the time was the whole evening had been a set up and that her friend Beth collected boy’s cherries and loved to brag to her friends about her trophies. I did tell Libby about what I knew of the evening and she filled me in latter on how big a slut kumluca escort Beth was.

The following is my story as I told my sister about that night. When I couldn’t find Libby, Beth volunteered to take me home. Once in the car she said she had to swing by lover’s lane to look for a friend. I was fine with this for I’d only heard about this place and had never really been there. She parked on the edge overlooking the city when she couldn’t fine her friend. We chatted about the view of the city and about what a cool place this was. She put her hand on my knee and said she wanted to ask me a personal question.

“Look me in the eye Seth, I want an honest answer. Are you still a virgin.”

I was totally embarrassed and almost said no but with her looking me in the eye I couldn’t lie so I said, yes.

She said she wanted to take my virginity as her birthday present to me. This came as a complete surprise to me, I mean Beth is hot but she’s almost twenty and I had no idea she was even interested in me. She suggested we get in the back seat and when she went over the seat first, I got a good look up her skirt. She sat then looked at me and asked if I liked what I saw, this embarrassed me but I told her it did. Beth told me to relax and just let her take over; this helped me a lot because I wasn’t sure if I knew what to do.

We started making out, I just let her kiss me, and when she stuck her tongue in my mouth, it felt sexy. I put my hand on her boob and she allowed me to rub it for a while, then she took my hand and put it under lara escort bayan her sweater. I slipped my finger inside her bra and rubbed her nipple, I felt it harden in my fingertips. I was getting bolder until I tried to reach around and unclasp her bra. No matter what I did, I couldn’t get it undone. She stopped kissing me, and pulled back and told me to let her do it. She reached around her back with one hand and it was free and so were her tits. She pulled up her sweater exposing her boobs for me, then she put her hand on the back of my head and guided me lips to her boobs. I kept telling myself, ‘Oh my god I’m sitting here kissing Beth’s tittys,’ it was really a turn on for me.

I swear I could have done that all night but Beth had more for me. She lifted up her little skirt showing me her panties in the moonlight. She asked me if I was ready for the main event, my mouth was so dry all I could do was nod. She instructed me to pull her panties off, I was so nervous I was afraid I would tear them but I got them off her. She is so cool she told me I could keep them as a souvenir and I did. Here I reached under my pillow and pulled them out to show Libby but she made a face and told me to put them away.

I pulled my pants and underwear down like she asked me, then she said she would show me how to put a rubber on. I told her I was afraid I was gonna shoot off if she touched me. She said that maybe it would be better if I did cum first and she just jacked me off with her hand. I spurted inside a tissue in about a half a second and then I manavgat escort was afraid she would make me pull my pants up. Instead, she spread her legs and let me explore her pussy. She showed me all the neat parts and what she liked, then she let me put my finger in her. I was hard again in no time, then she put the rubber on me.

As I sat, she climbed on top of me and with her hand guided me inside her. She again put her boob between my lips and held my head to her as she bounced up and down on top of me. She told me I was doing a good job and I was making her feel good. She said to tell her when I was ready, when I said I was she started kissing me until I came.

We sat still for a while and then she showed me how to hold the rubber as she got off me. She took the rubber off me, then got out of her car and ran over to the trashcan to throw it and the tissue away. It’s funny but I remember wondering if anybody saw her and if they knew she was naked under her skirt. When she came back, I had my pants pulled up and she got in the front seat as I climbed back over the seat.

She drove me home in silence but when we got here, she kissed me and said she had a good time. I told her it was the best night of my life. She smiled at this but then took my hand and said that this was a onetime deal. She said I’d have to get my next piece by myself, I told her I understood but that I wasn’t happy about it. Then she kissed me one more time and then I came inside.

“OK sis I told you about my first, now it’s your turn.”

“Seth I can’t do that—“

“What do you mean you can’t, you promised?”

“Well I kind of tricked you, you see I haven’t had a first yet, I’m still a virgin.”

What could I do about that and when I tried to get her to promise to tell me when it happened she would only say, ‘We’ll see.’ Still in a way it was cool because I’d lost mine before my older sis.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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