Birddoggin’ Ch. 4


Edited by Sixty-nine

Author’s note: While this story can be read as a separate piece, the full effect of the characterizations and their motivations wouldn’t be fully understood unless you’ve read the Birddoggin’ series more or less in order.

* * * * *

My wife, Lori, was already asleep when our daughter got home from work the next night. Lori typically likes to go to bed much earlier than I do anyway, but we’ve made it a habit of turning in at the same time for the sake of intimacy. Often, I would watch my lovely older wife fall asleep on my chest even when I wasn’t feeling particularly drowsy at the time. Then, like tonight, if something caught my attention, I’d slide gently out of my side of the bed without waking my soundly sleeping spouse.

What caught my attention tonight, quite naturally, was the distinct smell of young pussy that just naturally throws a birddog like me into high heat!

I love a late night rendezvous in the kitchen. When I was younger, I often used to enjoy them with my mother when I was living at home, and then with my sister when we were both rooming together at college. That was, of course, when I was still birddoggin’ sis, before she moved her things into my room and we began sleeping together full time. After that, if either of us woke at night feeling horny, it was just a simply matter to tease the other one awake and then attack them at just that lovely time when they were half asleep and half awake. Sis was especially tricky about that.

My daughter, Summer, came in exhausted, as she often did from her restaurant job. Since she worked at a Japanese bistro in town, she usually had the smell of tempura in her hair and on her clothes. I often thought of the irony of my gorgeous WASPy daughter working in an Asian restaurant. She didn’t look at all Japanese even though she did have some of the same delicate features that make young Asian women so lovely.

“Rub my feet, Daddy,” she said to me in her typical Summer greeting. This time, though, she didn’t even mean it. Instead, she came into my arms and just needed to be held for a while.

“Ugh, that was a hard shift,” she moaned in complaint. I held her tight, my hands roaming over her slender sides, my cock getting harder with the feel of her in my arms.

For answer, I brought my lips to hers and drank of the loveliness that only a young daughter can share with her loving father.

After a long, sensuous kiss, our tongues dancing around each other for the longest, most delicate moments, Summer sighed into my mouth and we parted briefly. “Oh, Daddy! You’re horny again, I can tell. Don’t you ever get enough?” she chuckled, but she rubbed her small, bra-encased breasts against my wide chest encouragingly while she said it.

“Actually, you haven’t officially ‘given me’ any,” I reminded gently, always pressing for the moment when Summer and I would have intercourse. “But even forgetting that, baby doll, the answer is, ‘Absolutely not!’ I don’t know if I’ll ever get enough of a beautiful girl like you.”

“You say that now,” she teased me speaking low and sensually as she rubbed her slender hips against my bulging crotch, “but after I give it up to you, you’ll grow tired of me just like you have Mother.”

If I thought that Summer really understood me, I would almost have taken what she said as an insult. As it was, I just used the comment as a means to further her education. “Honey, I’ve never grown tired of your mother, and I never will. I love her more today than ever before. Your mother just isn’t as interested in sex these days as I still am. I won’t lie to you and tell you that I wouldn’t be after you anyway, you’re gorgeous after all, but just because I desire you doesn’t mean I’ve gotten tired of your mother.”

“I know, Dad,” Summer said softly, a bit embarrassed for what she had implied. “I was just teasing. I know you love Mom.”

“Okay, darling,” I said tenderly, pulling Summer even closer into my embrace. “I just don’t want you teasing me about not loving your mother. Tease me about something else. Tease me with that pretty ass of yours.” I winked at Summer when I said that and patted her playfully on her bottom with both hands. She giggled, then spun away agilely and went to the refrigerator for some refreshments. My daughter worked at a restaurant but always came home hungry and thirsty. In fact, as slender as she was, when she came home from work was about the only time she really ate.

She brought out a big hunk of cheese and poured herself a tall glass of milk. Summer was definitely a dairy kind of girl. I could easily see her growing up in Wisconsin on a dairy farm. The thought of Summer dressed up like a sexy country girl was a very intriguing one, a thought that appealed to the birddog in me in particular.

“Were you listening to me?” I heard Summer ask abruptly.

“Sorry babe, I guess I wasn’t. I was just thinking about getting you a milkmaid’s outfit to wear around the house,” I bursa bayan eskort said, grinning roguishly.

Summer laughed, giving me a playful swat as she told me, “You are such a persistent man. I’d never date you if you were my age, you know. All you have is sex on the brain.”

“I’d never let you date a boy like me either, darling-girl,” I smiled, getting out a wineglass for myself as I did and pouring a glass of red wine for the two of us to share. “You won’t be ready to date someone like me for at least a year or two.”

“Why is that, Daddy?” she asked with a mischievous grin. “You want me all to yourself for that long?”

“I’d like you all to myself for your whole life,” I said with an honest smirk, “but I know that’s not realistic. No, dearest, you won’t be ready for someone like me just yet because you need to go to school first in the fall. A man like me would have you barefoot and pregnant within six months and then all your mother’s plans for your future would be down the drain.”

My daughter laughed again, thinking I was over-exaggerating to her. Actually, it had been an honest assessment. In fact, if her mother wasn’t here to chaperone the girl, I might have had her barefoot and pregnant on my own. Lori would never allow it, though, so that particular fantasy wasn’t ever going to happen. Not that Summer wouldn’t look lovely with a swollen belly, especially if her slender stomach was swollen with her father’s own child.

“You weren’t listening to me — again,” Summer teased me, bringing her small hand to caress the hair on my chest where my robe exposed it. “What were you thinking about this time, college robes or French maid outfits?”

“You’d look lovely in either,” I said. Then, more honestly, I told her, “But no, I wasn’t thinking about either one of those. Let’s not go into that. Some fantasies a person needs to keep to themselves.”

“I’ll tell you one of my fantasies if you’d like,” Summer said seductively while she continued to nibble her cheese and stroke my chesthair. What a lovely little mouse she’d make! A beautiful, honey-blonde mouse!

“Tell me your fantasy darling and I’ll make it all come true, if I can,” I said sincerely.

“I’ve always wanted to lay back on one of those big pillows in the living room and let you eat me while the television is on soft and low,” she admitted shyly. No one said that Summer had very creative fantasies. Then again, she was still a young, inexperienced girl.

“That’s one I’m sure we can accommodate, my love. Bring your cheese to the living room, my little mouse, and Daddy will give your honey-colored bush a very good licking.”

“You’re so bad, Daddy!” Summer trilled with delight. It was fast becoming one of her favorite sayings and one I’d never tired of hearing.

Recently, unbeknownst to either her mom or Summer, I’d gotten the porn channel activated through the cable company. I figured that somehow or another during the active birddoggin’ phase of my daughter’s education that a truly educational channel would come in handy. So after we both had moved our drinks and such into the living room, and as Summer laid out several of the large pillows into the middle of the floor, I turned on the television and selected the porn station.

Thankfully there was a cheesy movie playing with lots of big-breasted babes and huge cocked guys to get my daughter nice and juicy for my late night snack. When she saw what was on the screen, Summer’s eyes lit up and she became suddenly more animated. “I’ve heard about this channel, when did we get it?” she squealed as she plopped down in front of the tube.

“I called the cable company just the other day. I told them my horny daughter just got her first vibrator and was demanding entertainment.”

“You did not, Daddy!” Summer swatted playfully at me again.

I used the excuse of dodging away from her as just another reason to discard my robe, leaving me entirely naked. Naked and with a very stiff erection already!

“Does that thing ever go down?” Summer giggled as she began shedding the dark clothing that was required attire at the restaurant. Her black, lace-embroidered blouse came first, revealing a wonderfully lacy black bra. Next, she wiggled out of the black stretch pants she looked so good in.

As she went to take off her matching panties, I stopped her and asked, “Do you know how sexy women look in black underwear? You look so erotic, girl! About the only color that looks as good on most women is a very sexy, hot red, especially with a satiny finish.”

“What’s up with you and clothes tonight?” she whispered seductively, striking a nice pose for my benefit while only occasionally glancing back at the distracting action on the screen.

“Just thinking about you all day while you’re away, darling,” I told her, leaning forward to help her undo her bra. Then, after Summer’s enchanting conical breasts were exposed, I helped her bursa evi olan escort with her black panties as well.

They had a nice bit of fresh moisture at the crotch, so I brought them up to my nose where she could see me sniff them. “Oh gross, Dad!” she giggled. “Are you a panty-sniffer too?”

“I love anything with your scent on it, darling. Here, rub yourself against my tongue,” I offered. “I’d love to sniff the source!”

“You’re so bad, Daddy!” Summer laughed gaily, spreading her long, exquisite legs widely and inviting me in. I crawled up between them, ready to orally satisfy what to me, at right this moment, was the most attractive female that had ever walked the earth.

As I gazed at the perfection of my daughter’s genitalia, I realized that when I was birddoggin’ them, every woman had been that attractive to me. Even so, Summer was a special case. With my only daughter, it wasn’t just that I had all my attention focused on her or that there was the added erotic thrill of seeing my little girl exposed to my eyes. There was also the very real knowledge that she truly was as beautiful as my overactive libido made her out to be.

Thankfully, she had taken after her mother in most things physical. I know I’m not the handsomest man, though Lori always tells me I am, but Summer even surpassed her mother’s grace and elegance. When she fully matured, she was going to be absolutely stunning. As it was, she was merely drop-dead gorgeous.

“Are you going to just look at me or are you going to lick me?” Summer giggled, interrupting my mental revelry for the third time tonight. I chided myself, wondering why I was being so introspective when there was a naked, beautiful woman in front of my nose. Literally!

So I eased forward and took a long, healthy swipe of Summer’s sex from the base to the top. She was already wet and her flavor was delicious and pungent at the same time. I was reminded as I stuck my nose deeper into my business that Summer had just finished a hard shift at work and hadn’t had a chance to freshen up. Her mother would have chided her for allowing a man between her legs before she had a chance to wash, but personally I enjoyed the stronger scents and flavors. Lori could be too damn meticulous sometimes, not that I didn’t adore her.

So like an innocent puppy, I nuzzled around and licked all through my daughter’s delightfully aromatic crotch. If the area had been large enough, I would have bodily rolled around and gotten the scent of her everywhere in my pores. If I could, I would have smelled like Summer’s fragrant pussy for the rest of my life. That’s how intoxicating the bouquet of her was to me at just that moment.

“Lick me, dammit!” Summer whined in frustration. Summer didn’t curse often — she got that good habit from her mother — but when she did it was important!

So I licked! I licked lovingly, up one side of her thin labia and down the other. I licked enthusiastically, flicking the tip of my tongue repeatedly over her hooded clitoris like the fluttering wings of a large butterfly. And I licked deeply, spreading her vulva with my thumbs and slurping Summer’s succulent sweetness from the warm, pulpy center of the moaning girl.

Looking up the long, slender expanse of my daughter’s nude body, I saw her passionate eyes locked on the television screen. All I could hear in the whisper of the television volume were women’s voices raised in ecstasy. Taking a brief glance as I fingered her, I saw that Summer was intently watching a girl-on-girl scene with a gorgeous big-titted brunette eating out a younger, less well-endowed blonde.

As I redoubled my efforts on my daughter, I wondered if she saw herself in the role of the blond being eaten. I scooted her bottom around a bit so I could glance at the screen from between her thighs. It only took a second, but I was rewarded by a grunt from Summer encouraging me to hurry up and get with the program and a pretty ass shot of the brunette on the television screen. The actress had a nice ass, too — nice and wide and made for fucking!

When I was busy eating her again, my daughter gave an especially deep moan and I glanced up from my Summer snack and saw two fingers filling the screen sliding in and out of a very wet, very stimulated pussy. No doubt it was meant to simulate the way the brunette was fingering the younger girl, but in any case, the visual certainly excited Summer. Understanding her needs, her dear old dad slipped a big, fat finger inside his little girl’s greedy snatch.

“Oh, Daddy! Give me another finger, too!” Summer pleaded. She wanted to be filled just like the girl on the screen. But I had consciously made a decision almost a week ago. Summer wouldn’t get her itchy pussy filled completely until it was filled with Dad’s big sausage.

Instead, to give her something else to concentrate on, I used my other index finger to start stimulating my baby girl’s bursa rus escort little puckered anus. Summer went as wild this time as she had the last time I had lightly rubbed her there. This time, though, I was determined to take it further.

Since there was plenty of lubrications in the area from Summer’s copious juices and my own saliva, I slowly and gradually began to insert my left index finger into the tight ring of my daughter’s rectum. Her mother usually never enjoyed penetration, but I know some women definitely do. My own sister had enjoyed anal sex probably more than vaginal. That made it especially sad that Sis never came to visit anymore, like Mom did.

The more finger I eased into Summer’s tightness, the more distinctly I began to believe that she took after my sister far more in this regard than her own mother. Instead of being displeased with my action, Summer became even more ecstatic, trying to push down her hips to get the finger deeper, quicker.

With her active participation, it didn’t take long before I had the finger completely inside my daughter’s incredibly tight back door. Since she seemed eager for even more of the same, I began to thrust it gently in and out of her slick back aperture, gradually increasing speed. Summer’s pleasure in anal stimulation seemed without bounds so far. As yet, she had said nothing or indicated in any way that she was discomforted by any of it.

Indeed, quite the opposite! She was encouraging me with husky, breathy pleadings, such as, “Oh, Daddy! that feels so good! Put it in deeper, please! Oh god, that feels so strange and wonderful!”

I even began to wonder if she might not enjoy a second finger in her asshole. I had no qualms whatsoever about stretching her out there. There wasn’t any drawback I could imagine to Summer learning the pleasures of having her bottom well-attended to, so gently easing my finger to the edge, I quickly joined it with another and started stuffing Summer twice over as I continued to finger her pussy and lick her clitoris.

My lovely daughter became strangely still as I began to stuff my fingers back in her. Then, she started a wonderfully erotic chant as she tossed her slender hips in my face’s direction and fucked herself harder on my fingers than I had been doing.

“Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!” she grunted with every pelvic thrust. With each lunge upward she would gasp air, and with each plunge downward she would grunt and chant that delicate, “Oh!”

It was all I could do not to toss her over and mount her. I wouldn’t even have cared at that particular moment which hole I actually ended up penetrating. From the sound of it, I don’t think Summer would have either.

What ended up distracting me from the very real need to fuck her was Summer’s incredibly responsive orgasm that she went into. With a sharp gasp and a gut wrenching moan, she thrust herself down as far as she could on my embedded fingers and came wildly and vocally.

“Oh, my god! Oh, my god! Oh, my god! Fuckin’ fuck me!” she grunted and moaned in harsh whispers. Then pumping her hips up and down quickly, she chanted, “Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck Daddy! Fuck Daddy! Fuck Daddy, fuck my ass!”

Her climax seemed to last forever, or maybe she had more climaxes than one. At one point, concerned for her, I quit licking her clitoris and reared back on my haunches to watch Summer impale herself over and over on those two stiff fingers in her ass. It seemed like she would never get enough until at last, several incredibly long minutes after she had started, my daughter collapsed into the oversized pillow she was lying on just as abruptly as she had started.

The intensity of Summer’s orgasm actually eased my own aching need somewhat. My rapidly breathing heart and my gasping lungs felt like I had already gone through an orgasm with her. My hard cock and sore balls had another idea, though.

Summer lay exhausted before me, those lovely, long legs akimbo. It would have been so easy to cover her and plunge deeply into her wet, tight little cunt. In fact, the more I looked at her with her eyes closed, the more I wanted to do just that.

So, forcing myself into action, I did something else. Something I knew even Lori would have approved of had she been here.

“Turn over, baby,” I urged Summer as I went to roll her over. Gently I eased her slender, sensitive body until she was lying flat on her stomach with the large pillows propping up her middle. In this position Summer’s succulent, young ass was almost even more tempting than her pussy had been from the other. The rich brown ring of her anus, slightly pink with irritation, was clearly visible. Instead of penetrating that inviting target, I gathered a large amount of my saliva into my mouth and leaned over my prostrate daughter. Taking the firm, soft cheeks of her ass in my hands, I spread them apart as best I could, letting my warm spittle drain out of my mouth and into the crack of Summer’s tight young ass.

After I had reared back up, I quickly tried to gather some remaining saliva into my mouth to put some on my stiff organ. Summer began to come around again and began to realize her vulnerable position.

“Don’t do it, Daddy,” she began urging me. Even as I calmed her, holding her in place as I coated my erection, she tried to squirm away.

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