Subject: Boy in blue -Chapter 3 Manipulate blue line Boy In Blue This story is a fiction and for mature reader only. Please donating to support Nifty by link fty/ . Chapter 03 Manipulate blue line Roles in this chapter Peter Palmer : 5’9″; 61 yo; 33 years service in blue; Police Cheif in 2012 ; 2018 retired as chairman of Anti-Modern Slavery ; dead in 2022 Gregory Quinn: 6’2″; 45 yo; 20 years service in blue; Inspector in 2015 ; Deputy Police Chief in 2022 James Jester : 5’7″; 61 yo; 15 years service in blue; strongerblue gym owner in 2002 Eric Tull : 6’0″; 54 yo; G 39 yo; usurer Gregory’s department run 3 shifts : Days are 07:00-17:00, Mids are 16:30-02:30, Nights are 21:30-07:30. He have the nights shift on Christmas eve at 2001, After send 17 over speeding tickets and arrest 8 drunk drivers, Gregory feeling exhausted in his tightly uniform with dirty boots. It was quietly and cold at 6 AM , The free time before off duty make Gregory start to worried about his credit bills. He don’t have buy gifts for parents and relatives yet, Actually he don’t have money for the holiday. The lowly wages cannot afford his leather habit and he shame ask money from family. A car light flashing broken the quiet air and make Gregory cannot open eyes , He put left hand over forehead to blocked the lighting and right hand pitching pistol from belt. “Stop the light and pull over the car.” Gregory yelling to the car. But car keeping slowly toward him. ” Stop the car. I will shot you.” Gregory feeling bloods running fast in the body , he feeling body expanding and the unifrom almost burst. Finally the car stop and Gregory recongize the car from David. He come up to right front car window and use flashlight to check inside of the car. A short chubby man with crooked smile. “What’s you doing here ? I am on duty now, David.” “I just over 3 parties but don’t want to bed yet , My pig boy.” “OK, I will see you tonight, David .I need go home for shower and sleep few hours.” “No, I need you now , My dirty pig boy, I want fucking you here.” “No way, I am in uniform now .And my days shift colleagues come here in minutes. I will lost my job. David. Go home now.” “So you order me to do things now ? pig boy.” David out of car and step to Gregory with angry face. Gregory step back and right hand on the pistol. “What’s you do next ? pig boy. shoot me ?” ” Stop there, David .I don’t want hurt you . I am police officer on duty, I will do as a police officer need to do .” David ignored the warning then put head on Gregory’s chest. “Shoot me, pig boy. shoot me.” While Gregory was hesitated to pull out gun, David suddenly use right fist punch on Gregory’s crotch. With huge painful Gregory have to kneel on ground and hands cover crotch. “You must always obey me and call me Sir, I am owning you ,pig boy .” David put leather collar on Gregory’s neck , Gregory totally submit to leather collar with tears in eyes. David feeling Gregory’s body turning soft and give up resistance, Then use handcuffs locked Gregory’s both hands behind his back. David use a short brown leather string to leash Gregory creep to the car on knees. “Stand up , pig boy, chest on hood and widly legs.” Gregory following orders in silence, David take off Gregory’s duty belt and put his pants down to knees, then put duty belt back and find a knife cut out a hole on Gregory’s boxer underwear. “I want you so hard , pig boy.” David jump on Gregory’s back and stand on Gregory’s pants with hands holding the duty belt. David plunge rough with his hard cock but Gregory keep quiet, David feeling frustated and cum out soon. “Keeping it and don’t move , pig boy.” David slap Gregory’s white butt hard then go into car, Gregory intension sphincter muscles and keep butt crack tightly. When David back there’s rubby pig tail plug in hands. “Merry Christmas, I have gift for you, pig boy.” David push plug deeply in Gregory’s ass.” That’s my pig boy. keep it till you off duty and go to my house, I have a job for you. ” “I don’t do anything illegal.” “Ah, My pig boy finally open mouth now, don’t worry. Nothing illegal and will help you to be the best cop of year.” Gregory was confused to looking at David, but David open the handcuff then drive away. Gregory dress up pants with pig tail plug inside and trying clean up his uniform and boots. “Fortunately, No one notice my dirty pants over plugging butt.” Gregory said to himself with long breath. Gregory arrived David’s house at 8 AM, He hiding bike in the bush behind the yard and running quickly to knocking door avoid being seen by others. The door open in minutes, David dress in black leather chaps with harley coat, Wear longer logger boots as usually. His cock and balls hang out of leather.”On knees and kiss My boots, pig boy.” Gregory put helmet and sunglasses on the floor while on his knees.”We need talk, David. I love you and I like service you. I try my best to pleasure you. But respect my job please , I really need my police officer job. David.” ” I am listen , Tell me why you need a cop job, pig boy .” “I have been sexual abused 3 years by a local priest when I was kid. I never tell my parents about it. I swear to be a strong police officer to help people avoid the assault like Giresun Escort me.””You know, pig boy. when I put collar on you, I have owning your body and mind, your totally under my control and protect. No one can hurt you now.” “Yeah, I feeling joyful with the collar , I feeling safety when I be your boots, I love you deeply , David, I like be your leather boy and please you. But I need to protect and service people as I sworn to be a police officer, That’s my inner desire.” ” You have really nice heart, pig boy. Good, I will respect your work limits from now.” “Thank You Sir, I will be your best leather boy when I am off the duty, Sir.” Gregory start to take off uniform but stopped by Daivd. “I need my pig boy in blue for work overtime now.” David collaring Gregory and leashing him on four to the garage. When Gregory get into car then Daivd removed the collar and say “You can be the cop role to protect and service me now.” “Yes Sir, But how ? Sir.” “Well, I need visit some clients, you just keep behind my back and following my gestures without say any words, my pig boy.” David visit his 5 debtors and tell them about the cop here for arrest them in front of their family at the Christmas day. All debtors was scared and hand over all money for begging David to let them alone. Because they believed David’s busisness have dirty cop support. David become a well-known loan shark in the city after he use his boy in blue as a hint for few times. Then David stop show up his pig boy for keep his mystique and let his boy in blue focus on beat his competitors. Gregory got the year of best police officer after he arrested 3 dangerous recidivists for DUI, Who also be usurer too . David pay all credit card bills of his pig boy and bought a Harley-Davidson fat boy motorcycle as his special praise. Gregory happy riding new motorcycle with David in all leather gear. That’s mostly happy scene in Gregory’s memories about David. ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————- James Jester have lots happy memories about Peter Palmer while they’re partners for street patrol. But now Peter lay on the table under hypnosis and waiting for Eric’s new mind control training.”Are you sworn to protect and service ?” “Yes Sir, I am faithfully, honestly and impartially perform my duties as police chief. Thank You Sir.” “Can you see yourself in the uniform and image appear in your mind now ?” “Yes Sir, I am in the neat uniform for prtotect and service now. Thank You Sir.” “What do you look like ?””Yes Sir, I am look like a bear , And strognest police in the city with muscle and powerful. Thank You Sir.” “Can you describe what you can see in your crotch when you take off the uniform ?” ” Yes Sir, I see a tiny cock with smaller balls under the thong , Thank You Sir.” “Are you shame about your useless cock and balls like a little boy instead of a maturity man ?” ” Yes Sir , I am ashamed about my useless cock and balls , I want hard and cum out like a maturity man, Thank You Sir.” “So you can see you are a little boy in blue unifrom to pretend as a strongest police, And you need to belong and guided by a real man like Me , As your daddy and master, right ?” “Yes, Sir. I am a little boy in blue uniform ,I am a little boy need daddy’s protect and guide, I am little boy need master’s control and discipline. Thank You Sir.” “A boy in blue always prepare for obey daddy’s orders,right? ” ” Yes Sir. I am your loytal and obedience boy forever. Thank You Sir.””Can you see you are on knees and suck daddy’s cock now ? Are there any smells and tastes ?” “Yes Sir, I am open mouth to take your long and big cock deeply in my throat, I am out tongue and greedy licking your hard cock head , I am swallowing daddy’s cum now, your cum semll and taste was great, Thank You Sir.” “That’s only way to waken up your tiny boy cock, right ?” “Yes Sir , Only daddy’s cock and cum giving his boy power and right to get hard. Thank You Sir.” ” Can you hear the sounds , Daddy shaving his boy’s body hair now, That’s boy figure should be , right? ” “Yes Sir, your boy kneel before you and happy be shaved hair and beard as boy trueself outlook, Thank You Sir.” “Can you see your smoothly crotch with tiny boy cock and balls and need for cum out now?” ” Yes, Sir. your boy on knees and waiting for your order , please allow your humble boy cum out , Thank You Sir.” “Can you feeling the painful all over your body now , That’s signal for cum out order.” “Yes Sir , your lowly boy feeling painful from needling toes, whipping butt by belt, kicking crotch by boots, blow to stomach, clamped tits , slapped face , your pain pig boy can cum now. Thankk You Sir.” “Can you see your cum on the ground now ? use your tongue clean up it.” ” Yes Sir, your boy licking self cum on four as your order now , your boy’s cum not good taste like your .Thank You Sir.” ” Can you turning to trueself instead of play the fictitious role as a strongest police chief while in the uniform ?” “Yes Sir, your boy have faulty cognitive about his role before your guide, your boy in blue but Giresun Escort Bayan always on call for your order. Thank You Sir.” “Can you see your daughter dead in the car crash and you cannot save her life as a police chief role now ?” “Yes Sir , your boy feeling painful and totally useless as a police chief role, your boy need your help out here please, Thank You Sir. “”Tell me what’s shift order signal as you be taught ?” “Yes Sir, The shift code was 6,8,14,19,22,42,79. your boy was safe and happy now. Thank You Sir.” “Can you describe your true police chief role’s duties now?” ” Yes Sir, The duties of your boy in blue was protect and service another little kids in the city with your guide. Thank You Sir.” “What’s kind protect and service you can give ?””Yes Sir, your boy in blue will fight against crime with an iron hand, and your boy in blue will on call at any time. Thank You Sir” “Good boy, keep growing muscles now.””Yes Sir, it will be a privilege and honour to be your muscular boy in blue. Thank You Sir.” Eric finished the new subconscious part of mind training and order James to finished the rest part. James add a lots talk during Peter’s work out in the gym. If Peter done the exercise very easy then James will say ” Well done , boy .” On the contrary James will say “Come on, little boy .” “Push hard, little boy .” “Holding on , little boy .” Peter feeling straight about be called boy, his self-estem was refused it, But his body recharged and joyful raising inner with the boy address. And his tiny cock will jump up and growing hard. After two months Peter totally accept and happy to be called boy by James, And he like James pat his butt unintentionally or fist on his chest and stomach for make joke. The slight pain make Peter’s mind in climax and awake his desire for more. Peter believe the body pain will less painful in heart for his daughter death, So he pieced both tits with safty pin and cover by tape under his neat uniform, and use baton for butt whipping both in office and home for months. Eric believe Peter have been trained well for the subconscious reactions and hypnosis shifted signals, He order James to test Peter’s subconscious aroused at Sunday night. James arrived Peter’s house without knock door and make a phone call to Peter. “Hi little boy, stay home tonight?””Yeah, I am home, bud. What’s up?” James play the hypnosis musice record and Eric’s voice order for the shift code. Peter feeling all blooding rush into brain and his mind was shuted down , There’s peaceful and joyful energy raising from heart, And his subconscious totally control body now. Peter answer the phone without think or judge. “Yes Sir, your boy waiting your order now. Thank You Sir.” “Dress in uniform with duty belt and boots, then open front door and on knees to waiting for order.”James test Peter’s reactions about his voice order. After few minutes the door slowly open and Peter on knees in his fully uniform and gear even have the hat. Peter widely legs with belly in and chest forward, He keeping his back straight with head below and eyes down, His hands together behind head with his phone and his boot’s toes together in a V sharpe. James get off car and walking to Peter for more reaction test in personal. James put leather collar on Peter’s neck and take off Peter’s chief police hat , Then James wear Peter’s hat and pulling the leash forced Peter move head closer.” My boy, Following My orders in silence mode now,understand?” Peter nod his head without say any words. “Good boy, Now put phone in mouth and moving with me on four.” Peter use mouth fetch the phone and put hands on the ground , Then Peter raise up butt and lean forward with bald head, His nose close brush the floor and moving with palmer and knees with Jame’s leashing direction.”Good boy , you remember the pose standard well.” James sit down in the sofa and leash Peter’s head closer to his crotch and order.” Smelling, little boy.” Peter put nose on James’s crotch and greedy sniffing for mintues.”That’s My little boy, take your tiny cock and balls out of pants.” Peter use right hand to upzipped pants and pull the cock in chastity out from the thong. James put legs down and leash Peter crawl horizontal in front of him.Then James put left feet on Peter’s back and use right feet to kicking Peter’s cock and balls. Peter have slightly shake and feeling cock turning hard in the cage. James turn leash from right hand to left hand , Use right hand yarked off Peter’s thong, Peter feeling huge pain in crotch and can’t help to moaning loudly , But back to silence and stable support James’s legs immediately. “That’s My boy, Always trying best obey My orders.” James noticing Peter’s cock hard in the cage with some pre-cum hanging down.”I don’t allow you cum yet, My little boy. Take a cup of ice water here.”James take off the leash from Peter’s collar,Then Peter keeping move on four to the kitchen, Back with ice water cup in right hand and hang over head to crawl before James waiting for next order.”Put cage in cup now, My little boy.” Peter put ice water cup on the ground and under his crotch , then Peter widely legs and low down butt to make cock into the cup. The cold water make Escort Giresun Peter’s butt jump up but James put right feet on Peter’s back and forced Peter’s body back to ice water.” Don’t move, My little boy.” Peter keep cage into the ice water for mintues in obedience. When James order Peter out of ice water, Peter’s cock was flaccid in the cage. “That’s useless cock of a little boy.” James put leash on collar again and force Peter’s head on his crotch. “Time for sucking daddy’s cock without use hands, little boy.” Peter use mouth unzipped James’s jeans and use tongue to get James’s half hard cock out of pants. Peter licking James’s cock head careful for minutes then swallowing whole hard cock deeply in mouth and use tongue keeping massage the hot cock. After 10 minutes cock sucking Peter be ordered to sucking balls, Peter put two balls in mouth and use teeth slightly press each balls to stimulating James body in climaxing.”Daddy need feeding boy now.” Peter put cock in mouth and sucking quickly , The warming cum filling Peter’s mouth and flowing into throat, The smelling of cum through Peter’s nose and awaken Peter’s cock. James start to test Peter’s pain tolerance. “Take off pants, little boy.” Peter released the duty belt on the ground and put pants down to knees while keeping on four pose. James use Peter’s leather belt whipping Peter’s butt 50 times ,Peter’ butt totally turning red but he don’t make a sound. James squeezing Peter’s pieced nipples with blood out, Peter have tears in eyes but still keep in silence. “your really pain pig boy. Use baton now.” Peter take off baton from duty belt and put in mouth sucking 5 times. Then Peter straight back and use baton fucking asshole as quickly as he can. Peter make moaning more and more loudly and painful twisted his face. After 5 minutes baton fucking Peter finally cum out on the ground. “Clean the mess, little boy.” Peter open mouth out tongue to licking self cum on the ground then use his beard to clean the floor. “Very good ,little boy. Now you need remember what’s happening after I left. Tell me what’s in your mind ?” “Yes Sir, your boy have horny tonight after phone call with my bud James, So your boy dress in blue uniform trying masturbation and cum out as a strongest chief police but failed, So your boy gather painful from self torture to awaken cock and cum out sucessful. Thank you Sir.” “That’s right , My boy. Take off chastity and keep baton in ass. Did you remember what’s happen with your bud James’s son Joe ?” “Yes Sir, James have a son name Joe , but addicted with drug at teenagers and put in a house of correction soon.Joe was bullied there and James was being threatened for protecting drug dealer. James ask for help to me , I make phone call help Joe move to another house of correction in secretly and arrested the drug dealer at same time. But Joe have a falldown accident and turned him into a vegetable. Joe’s vegetable life force James take off blue uniform and opening a gym for police at 2002.” “Accident ? That’s totally wrong, little boy. Focus on take down more drug dealer in the next month, My little boy in blue.” ” Yes Sir, I am strongest police in the city and My duties was protect and service, Thank You Sir.” “Good boy, repeat 5 times what’s you be told then you will wake up and remember it.” “Yes Sir , Thank You Sir.” James put hat back on Peter’s head then left Peter alone in the living room. Peter feeling painful with baton in ass after wake up. Peter was shame about get his neat uniform dirty and cum fully on beard. “I need be locked in chastity all the time and denied all masturbation.” Peter put chastity on and said to self.” I must honour my uniform instead stain it, I am manly and strong enough even with tiny useless cock and smaller balls. I am powerful leader and protector of this city, No one can influence my decision even my sexual desire. I will use more police for arrest all drug dealer in the city and avoid Joe’s accident in the furture. Why I remember Joe’s falldown was not a accident now ? I should check the profile again later. Now I need take shower and cleaning my uniform, My smelling like a shit.” “Sir, Congratulation, your training work perfect. You can use Peter to eliminated the competitors and you will control all drug bussiness of this city soon .”James make a call to Eric when he back to his car. “what’s kind life Joe will have if I don’t believe Peter’s words.” James said to himself and recall the summer of 2001. James be asked for take drug evidence from the police office after Joe move to another house of correction. James refused it since Peter’guarantee for his son’s safty. But Joe fall into a coma after hit his head on the ground in a falldown accident as James be told. James got info from a middleman that someone want offer Joe better treatment if James seriously care about his son. James don’t want lost his only son So he accept the help . That’s first time James meet Eric, In the next 6 months James stolen drug evidence , transport drug between cities by his police car , cover Eric’s drug trade , arrest Eric’s drug business competitors. James want stop dirty cop job which will send him to jail, and he want more time with his son, Eric accept his requests and giveJames a sum of moeny to strating a police gym business, James keep collecting info for helping Eric’s business in return. All comments and potential slaves are welcome, Special for mature bear/military/cop. Email: ook All Rights Reserved © 2022, Master Sean

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