Brian Ch. 15


The helicopter continued its flight back to Papeete, Tahiti. The beating of the rotor blades gave Brian a sense of security. He had heard the blades’ popping sounds many times throughout his long military career. Even after the military switched to the UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter, their sound did not give the same sense of comfort the older Huey helicopter did. He sat in the webbed seat and felt the vibration of the blades and the movement of the helicopter as it winged its way back to the comfort of his family. Brain didn’t know what was going to happen when they got back. He looked at each of the girls and he wondered how the family was going to change. He had just spent almost weeks on the island with his daughters who were now his lovers. He loved his wife dearly and with all his heart but he now had two other loves. He was not sure what the future held for him.

The helicopter swept over the city heading toward the hospital. Lieutenant Commander Apullen told him in flight that they would go to the hospital first to receive a medical check up before they would be released to their family. They would be greeted by the governor-general of the island and a member for the US consul’s office directly after that and then debriefed by the police and navy officials. Hopefully it would go quickly and they would be free to go on their way.

The helicopter touched down on the helipad gently and the doors remained closed. Brian could see they were standing by with wheel chairs and stretchers in case they were needed. Behind them were a throng of people, well wishers and news crews. Brian did not want to meet with anyone other than his family. The doors opened and the first person out of the aircraft was the crew chief. Once he was sure that all was in order, he gave the signal for the rest of them to exit the aircraft. Commander Apullen was the first out followed by Brian and then the girls. As they proceeded from under the rotating blades, they looked like a band of warriors as they finally stood up after clearing the blades.

Brian still carried his AK-47 over his shoulder and walked with an heir of dominance. He had just returned from combat yet again after his ordeal. He walked with the same swagger he did after coming home from an exercise. He walked with the feel of victory, victory over the gods of fate who sought to see him destroy. He had won another round in battle.

Behind him came the girls. They too were warriors. He would never look at them again the same. He thought back to the ambush in the jungle when he had already taken out one pirate after two others had already been injured with a rock and by stepping in their latrine and taking a bamboo spike through the foot. He remembered as he watched the pirate die on a swing trap only to turn and see another pirate burst from the jungle in a dead run followed by his two naked daughters chasing after him with an AK-47 and a bamboo stick. He chuckled to himself with the thought of their bouncing breasts as they chase the pirate down. The chuckle turned to a frown when he thought of the one who did not come back with them. He remembered Roger being beaten and knowing there was nothing he could do to stop it.

Brian shook his head and scanned the people looking for his family. There were many well wishers there waving at them as they got closer to the hospital doors. How they knew they were coming was something he couldn’t understand. Guess it was in the news or something he thought.

Then out of the crowd he saw two people break free and start running to them. He could tell by the bounce of her big tits that Wendy was on her way to him. Right behind them was Dylan running with her. The police at first tried to stop them and when they realized who they were, let them go to meet him.

Before Wendy could get to him, the girls had already passed him and were running to their mother. The three of them met and wrapped their arms around each other. Dylan joined in and hugged them. Everyone was crying. Wendy was kissing the girls and holding their faces and then hugging them again. Brian just stood back and watched the family reunite. Normally they were hugging him upon his return. He was just happy to be home and let the girls have their times in the limelight. They were the new warriors of the family.

While the girls were in the arms of their mother, Dylan came to his father and in an unusual show of affection; Dylan wrapped his arms around his dad and hugged him tight. Brian kissed Dylan on the cheek. Dylan returned the kiss and kissed his dad on the cheek. They stood arm and arm as they watched the women of their lives hold and kiss each other.

After the girls had received all the kisses from their mother, they turned on their brother. The love they showed him was a new love. They hugged him differently than from before their ordeal. They usually showed the typical brother-sister relationship; the love-hate relationship. Normally they would just as soon try to kill each other if they were in the same room and only interacting with each other Eyüp Escort when necessary. Dylan would protect his sisters when they needed brotherly protection but other than that he didn’t care about them and they returned the feeling.

However, now it was different. They hugged their brother fiercely and even kissed him on the lips. A few times Brian noticed the kisses on the lips were longer than they would normally be. Usually it would be a peck and then release. Brooke’s kiss was long but Beth’s was even longer. They were laying it on heavy. Brian thought that the island had changed them and he wasn’t quite sure yet if that was a good thing or bad thing.

Wendy looked up at the girls kissing Dylan and smiled then she turned to look at her husband. He was about twenty feet away watching the family reunite. With a run and leap she flew into his arms. She wrapped her arms and legs around him and kissed him hard on the lips. Her tongue entered his mouth made the kiss as passionate as she could. He legs wrapped around him and locked behind his back, gripping him tightly. Brian placed his hands on her butt and held her in place as he returned her kiss. He gripped each of her ass cheeks and pulled her into his crotch. She moaned when she felt his hard cock grind against her.

“I love you and missed you so much. My life would not be complete without you. I love you so much, baby,” she said and then put her head on his shoulder and let it all out. She cried and cried hard. In her mind she knew what she and Dylan had done and enjoyed it more than she thought possible but she was holding the one person that she loved more than any other man. Her two weeks of worry over the thought of losing her daughters and her husband finally crested and she cried in great sobs into her husband’s chest and shoulder.

The kids turned and looked at their father holding their mother in his arms. They saw he had her off the ground as she cried into him. The girls had their arms wrapped around their brother’s waist and their fingers were touching. They moved their hands until they were able to hold them and looked at their parents embrace. The girls felt a pang of jealousy at the way their parents held each other but the pang turned to love. They knew what they had with their dad and each vowed silently to themselves that it would continue.

Dylan also watched his mother and father embrace. He felt a pang of jealousy as his dad gripped his mother’s ass. He was jealous of his dad but knew that even though he had had fucked his mother repeatedly, he knew that she loved his dad. He would and never could replace him. But he also knew that his mother would be back to him. He felt his sisters’ arms around his waist and his hand lowered until they were resting on the upper part of their asses and then he gently squeezed them.

The girls looked at each other and smiled, then licked their lips. Then they looked up at their brother and turned to him and kissed him at the same time. They thrust their tits into his side as they turned to kiss him. They way he moaned and jerked, they knew he felt their tits poke him in the side.

Brian lowered the crying Wendy to the ground and turned to the kids. “Kids, let’s go get this medical check up over with and then the debriefing done so we can go home. And I don’t mean just to the hotel. I mean ‘HOME’.” Hand in hand Wendy and Brian moved toward the waiting medical personnel. The girls shifted their weapons as if they had carried them all their lives and followed behind their parents.


The medical check up went smoothly. The doctors were efficient and methodical in their procedures. The only major thing they found with the family was bug bites and scratches from the jungle. They were suffering form slight malnutrition but that would have been normal and eventually corrected it as they became used to the food available on the island. It was nothing that some decent food wouldn’t take care. The only thing that was found on the girls during their pelvic exam was that their genital area was slightly swollen and there were slight tears in the tissue. The doctors noted this and would not divulge the information to the authorities to protect the girls from the humility of any events from the people who had stranded them on the island. There were some things you didn’t mention to parents after a traumatic event. As a precaution, they ran pregnancy tests on the girl coming back as negative.

After the several hours of medical tests, they were finally given a medical release. They were ushered into a small room where they were met by a police chief and the navy officer. They were asked to give the details of their ordeal and each of them gave an account of the story with the other filling in a spot that they might have missed.

After Brian and the girls told them of the story, Brian asked the navy officer how they were found if the search had been given up.

The navy officer began to tell the story of your rescue. “Sir, Eyüp Escort Bayan it was actually your wife who got us to thinking. No offense to you but we thought you were just another rich American tourist out on a boat ride. Your wife explained to us about your military service and the type of service you were in. We knew that you could take care of yourself if put in a situation. After the search was called off, your wife continued to search for you in a rented plane. That got us to thinking about what you might do. I took a personal interest in your case and in my off time I tracked what she was doing.”

“You were correct in setting a sea anchor. Under normal circumstances that would have been the correct thing to do. However, in this case it was what took us so long to find you. There is a strong undercurrent passing between here and the island you were going to. The sea anchor did not slow you down, it just did the opposite. The current picked it up and drug you further than you would have normally drifted. Compounded with the winds of the storm, you were well out of the search area and that is why we weren’t searching far enough out. It was your wife that gave me the idea to concentrate further out. We were working from inside to outside the search area. She did just the opposite starting from the farthest that you could have gone with an engine and full speed. Smart lady you have there.” He looked over at Wendy and she was blushing a crimson red.

“But that is not what found you. What turned the events around were us running across a group of pirates working in the area. This is a group that we have had our eyes on in the past and we could never pin anything on them. We had a contact that told us they had just turned over a boat that was similar to your missing boat and we moved to find them. We found them with one of our patrol boats and after a running naval battle, we managed to overtake the boat and kill several of the pirates. One of the pirates managed to tell us the story of how they got the boat. He told us of the battle on an island with two naked girls and how they had cleaned one of their fellow boat member and how another had already died from an infection in his foot. This chap doing the talking was in serious need of medical help from a similar infection on his behind. It seems as he was running away from these “demons” as he called them, he hit a swing trap that stabbed him in posterior. By the way, Mr. Williams, very ingenious method of dealing with riffraff. Remind me to never tangle with you when you are angry.”

Now it was the girls who turned red as they remember dealing with the pirate. They were the naked “demons” he was speaking of. Wendy and Dylan looked at the girls with their mouths agape and shaking their heads.

“But that doesn’t say how you found us,” Brian asked.

“Yes, sir. I am getting that. After we secured the boat and finished interrogating the prisoner, he told us of the stuff they had taken off the boat. One of the things was a back pack with personal items in it. In the backpack there was a journal. That was how we knew it was your boat.” Beth made a loud sigh when she realized the journal he was talking about was her diary of the trip. She was turning red and looking at the floor as the Commander continued. “Once we started reading the journal, we figured it was your party that they had attacked. In one of the passages, gave the grid coordinates of where you were. When we looked at the map and the flow of the currents, we knew where you were. The pirate gave descriptions of the girls and we knew you or at least two of you were still alive. We found this out this morning, flew the helo to you and now you are here. Which one of you is…” he stopped to read the name inside the journal, “is Beth.”

Beth reached and quickly snatched the journal out of his hands. She was beet red when she realized he had read all of the things she had written. He was a true gentleman when he handed her the book and did not say anything further about it contents.

“The pirate we talked to unfortunately died shortly there after. All of the pirates were killed or died shortly after we stopped them. They did not go down without a fight. We had two of our people wounded also,” he told them.

Brooke knew she didn’t want to ask the question but she knew that she had to. “Sir, what happened to Roger, is he okay?”

The commander let out a long sigh and then looked at her. “Miss, I am sorry to inform you that your fiancé is dead. The wounded pirate told of his fate and how he died. I am not sure that you would want to know.”

Brooke turned and started to cry on her mother’s shoulder. She had fallen out of love with him but part of her still cared. The room fell quiet as they heard the news. Once she stopped crying, she turned back to the Commander. “Sir, I would like to know, please.”

“If you are sure, then I will continue. According to the pirate, after they left your island, they were very angry with the young man. The captain took it personally Escort Eyüp that he had lost men. They beat the young man until he was unconscious asking him questions about how many people were on the island. According to the pirate he would not tell them. After a while they left him alone. The pirate said that the next day they ‘used’ the young man.” The Commander did not explain what he meant by ‘used’ but everyone understood what he meant. “After they tired of him, they tied his hands together and threw him over the boat. According to the pirate, they made bets on how long he would stay alive as the sharks went at him. I am sorry, but he died a horrible death.”

Brooke jumped up and headed out the door as she began to retch. Beth followed her out the door. Wendy got up and patted Brian on the shoulder and left go and check on Brooke and Beth. Brian lowered his head, realizing that even though he didn’t like him, he had never wanted something like this to happen to him. He would not want this to happen to anyone.

The navy commander finished up the story and then turned it over to the police chief. “Sir, based on the evidence and the confession of the pirate, there will be no further investigation on this case. We have contacted the hotel and they are arranging rooms for you and your family. The Tahitian government will be picking up the bill for the remainder of your stay. I am sure that you will want to return to the United States whenever it is convenient. We apologize for any hardships you and your family has incurred. We are also sorry for the loss of your daughter’s fiancé. It was a tragic loss and please accept our condolences.” Both gentlemen stood and shook the hands of Brian and Dylan and then exited the room.

Brian and Dylan looked at each other and were about to get up and leave when two individuals wearing suits entered the room. “Mr. Williams, I am Agent Smith, U.S. Consul here. This is Agent Jones. Yes, that is really our names.” He gave a laugh at his joke. “We would like to know if we could have a few moments of your time. There are some questions that we would like to ask you,” he looked at Dylan then back at Brian, “in private, sir.”

Brian had been in many debriefings before and knew what this was going to be about. Some were pleasant and some weren’t. He turned to Dylan, “son, why don’t you go check on you sisters and mother. I will be with you shortly.”

Dylan gave a nod and left them room. Once he was gone, Brian turned to agents, “Ok, guys, I have been through this before. Ask your questions, but understand, I can’t answer much.”

Thirty minutes later Brian rejoined the family. They were sitting in a family waiting room that had been vacated for their use. Brooke was sitting there next to her mother holding her hand, eyes still puffing and looking slightly pale. Beth and Dylan were sitting on another couch, Dylan having his arm around the shoulder of Beth and her leaning into him. To the casual observer nothing would have been out of order, except Brian knew more than he should. Beth’s hand was getting stroking the hairs on Dylan’s thigh and he was obviously enjoying the attention.

When Brooke saw her father enter she jumped up and rushed to him. She ran and hugged his waits and sobbed a little more. Brian brought his hands up and hugged her shoulders. He stood there gently rocking her as she cried. He held her tight and then kissed her on the head.

“Okay, family let’s go to the hotel. I will make flight arrangements for tomorrow or the next day. I don’t know about you but I want to go home. And I am starving, I want a steak,” he told them.

“I want a double cheeseburger and a diet coke,” Beth claimed.

Brian and Brooke started to walk to the door. Brian still held her as she was ending her sobbing. “Yes, I want a big cheeseburger and a large cock, ugh, coke also.” She felt Brian tense when she said cock and knew what she meant.

He looked down at her and whispered, “Stop that, you want to get us in trouble.”

“But daddy, I do want a big cock, yours,” she whispered back.

Brian groaned as they continued out the door. His cock gave a little jerk when he heard her.

Beth had her arms around the waist of Dylan and her mother as they exited the waiting room. Being a little bold she let her hands slide down until they were right above their hips. As they moved along, she gripped each of their asses as they moved along. She wasn’t sure but she thought she felt her mom move closer and pulled her to her as her hand closed around her mother’s asscheeks. She definitely noticed that Dylan enjoyed it. Out of the corner of her eye she saw his cock start to swell in his pants.

Once outside, the government officials had arranged for a van to take them to the hotel. As they entered the hotel, Brooke was the first to speak. “The first thing I want to do is go to the bathroom on a real toilet. Everyone burst out laughing at the strange request. Then I want to take a hot shower and just stand there and let the water run over my body. And then I want to shave my legs, pits and pussy.” It never dawned on her that she had just told everyone that she was going to shave her pussy. It wasn’t as if they hadn’t known that she did it, it was just that she told everyone what she was going to do.

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