Brittany the Babysitter Ch. 01


I had met Brittany shortly after we moved to our new neighborhood two years ago. Our home search had taken over a year as I needed to clean up my credit before we could move up to the larger home we needed. The best deals were across the river in the newer part of town, but that meant we were leaving our daughters elementary school and all our neighborhood friends. My wife, Pamela, had hired a really hot realtor, Mrs. Leah, to help us with our search. She was a great realtor, and had a nice rack. D cups and very cute. She had the neatest little walk as she strutted about in tight blue jeans while wearing high heels. I loved driving around with her. After lots of false starts, we finally found our dream home, on a quiet street, located just between the local elementary and middle schools.

We completed the closing process fairly painlessly, and then began the process of getting the home ready for our family. The house was a Mediterranean two story on a local golf course that had been a foreclosure. As it had been in the foreclosure process for nearly two years, it needed work. A lot of work. All the appliances were missing. Several of the walls had fist sized holes punched in them. The carpet was disgusting. It needed a good scrubbing and then needed to be painted. I took two weeks vacation from work, talked my dad into driving down to help with some free labor, and we went to work; throwing out abandoned trash, ripping out the carpet, scrubbing the interior of the house, then started we started painting. All the bedrooms and closets, the family rooms, the kitchen and the hallways got a new coat of paint. The bathrooms all got new paint, as well as new faucets and hardware. The big home center came out and installed a new garage door.

By the end of the second week the new appliances had been delivered and installed, the new carpet was laid down, the utilities were on and we were ready to move in. I hired four of my students from the college to help us with the move. With a large rental truck, and one long Saturday, we got moved in during the middle of August.

As we met the neighbors on our street, we were always looking for potential sitters for our six year old daughter Kelly. After a couple of months we met Brittany, a skinny 16 year old sophomore who lived three blocks down the street. She was a lean, gangly teenager, very popular with everyone at the high school. She was on the cheerleader Bostancı Escort squad, and I was struck at just how cute she was.

Her mother had been quick to volunteer her as a sitter and we were soon using her on a regular basis. As a cheerleader, she was often busy, so we soon became adept at planning our weekly dates on Wed, Thurs or just whenever she was available. She was great with our daughter, and even when overseeing the occasional sleepover with Kelly’s best friend. Soon she was more like a big sister to Kelly. She would stop by and take Kelly to watch cheerleader practice, volunteered to help with her Girl Scouts troop, and spent time teaching Kelly how to put on makeup.

Our families became better friends through the last two years. We would go to football games just to see Brittany cheering on the sideline. During her senior year, she was so busy that quiet often we would have to use our older neighbor Ruth instead, but Brittany always was very special to me.

The first few times she babysat Kelly, my wife would drive her home afterwards, but after about third time I drove the very short drive to her home, and after that, taking her home would always be my job. When it was cold I would drive her, but as the spring arrived, I would walk her home. Sometimes when the nights were cool I would find her leaning closely against me during the 10 minute walk. Her perfume was always lingering in my mind during the evenings after our walks.

I would usually text her to set up when she would baby sit and then eventually we became occasional texting buddies. Not regular, but every couple of weeks or so, I would check in with her to see how things were going in her life.

Sometime during her senior year I noticed we were talking more about her future, especially since I happen to be a small college administrator. Of course I steered the conversation to her boyfriend as well. While they had been together for several months, I really wasn’t sure if they were sexually active yet.


About a week after her 18th birthday party in March, my wife and I had gone out for a nice dinner for a couple hours, but had hurried back a bit early because Brittany had mentioned that she might be going out with the boyfriend later that night. When we got back, we found they had decided not to go out so we probably Ümraniye Escort shouldn’t have rushed, but my wife was tired, so it really didn’t matter. During our usual walk home, I had wrapped my arm around her shoulders and pulled her closer. She didn’t seem to mind, and even leaned her head closer into me. When we got to her home I walked her to the door as usual and leaned in to give her a hug. I had lately been giving her a nice, but appropriate hug as I dropped her off. But this was a little different. She held me tightly in the hug, but then leaned even closer and I felt her small, warm breasts crush against my chest. I gently ran my fingers through her hair, but soon came to my senses and realized her mom was about 15 feet on the other side of the door so I reluctantly broke the hug. As I did so, she looked up at me with those big brown eyes, and I just couldn’t help myself as I leaned over and gently kissed her on the forehead. She was as shocked as I was as she stepped away and then shyly went into her house.

I was a bit nervous as I walked home, but soon heard my phone chirp the arrival of a text message. I looked down to see it was from her. “Thanks” I read, “That was very nice.”

While I am a typical horny, but basically happily married male, I had not really thought I would ever have a real shot at getting in her pants. Now I began to look at our situation a bit more closely and began to think about the possibilities of getting her alone so I could fuck her.

A couple of weeks went by, but I really never could think of a reasonable way to get her naked. And believe me, I was putting some serious thought into the matter.

The following week, I made an excuse to take my wife out for a Friday dinner. As usual, I texted Brittany to make sure she was available and to set the time. After I had asked her if she would baby sit Kelly, she asked me if I was planning on walking her home. I was a bit nervous as I replied. I said I would be happy to walk her home, but if she preferred, my wife Pam would drive her and I would certainly understand. She quickly replied that she wanted to walk and enjoy the night. My heart soared as I looked forward to Friday night.


As usual, Brittany arrived right on time. She was wearing a pair of faded blue jeans, and a yellow, button up short sleeve shirt. She looked absolutely Kartal Escort beautiful. She and Pam exchanged greetings as we got ready to go. We went out for dinner, and then stopped off at a sports bar near our home. Pam had a couple of drinks as we joined a large crowd watching the end of season college basketball tournament games on the big screens. She was a bit tipsy as we got home. She is very short and thin and doesn’t drink that often, which was what I wanted so she would immediately go to bed, and hopefully pass out and not take note of how long I was gone taking Brittany home.

We set out on our walk as usual. As soon as we were out of sight of my house, she slid up beside me and I wrapped my arm around her as we walked home. We didn’t talk much, but did admire the stars under the black sky.

We both lived on the local golf course, so I wasn’t too surprised when as we were getting near her home she cut between two of the neighbor’s homes. We stepped over the small wall that divided the homes from the 14th fairway. We walked up to the back of her house, and she guided me over out of sight of the houses, and we sat under a large old cottonwood tree on the edge of the fairway. We leaned back against the tree and sat looking over the quiet golf course under the dark night sky.

Again, I wrapped my arm around her and pulled her close. I felt a slight shiver shake her and I looked into her face and saw her eyes open wide as she felt my hard cock pressed against her thigh. I leaned down and kissed her very gently on the lips. I pressed my mouth hard against hers, and then gently slipped my tongue against her lips. I felt her barely part her lips so I let my tongue slide into her mouth and French kissed her there under the moonlight.

Her skin felt electric as I ran my hands over her face and through her hair. She looked at me briefly, then closed her eyes and leaned against me. We sat like that for perhaps fifteen minutes before I roused her and we slowly walked around to the front of her house and she shyly kissed me again, then let herself into her house.

As I was walking home, I again heard the chirp of my cell phone and looked down to see it was Brittany.

“I am glad you had a good time tonight. Let me know when you need me again,” read her message.

When I got home that night I had to jack off in the shower, then woke up my very drunk wife and fucked her hard, but I still could not get the taste of Brittany out of my mind.

Of course I was trying desperately to think of a way to get her alone, but between Spring Break for my daughter and a trip to Florida for Brittany, I had not been able to get her alone.

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