Brother and Sister Take a Ride


My name is John and I’d like to tell you a story about how my sister Emily and I became intimately close during our freshman year of college. We had both just turn 18. Growing up we did everything together. We are twins after all. We went to the same schools, played in band together, did some sports together, we have always just been very close. We didn’t even think about going to different colleges, we just assumed that we would go the same one together.

The year was about to start and we were on our way with our parents. Our dad loaded up our suburban with all our stuff. He had only left a small area in the back of the suburban for us to sit. I’m not sure how he thought it was enough room but after this trip I’m glad he did. Emily got in the suburban first and I noticed how perfect her little round butt was. She was wearing a skirt because she thought it was more comfortable for road trips. I couldn’t help myself I slapped her little round ass as she was climbing in and said “hurry up weirdo!”

She turned around and half glared half smirked at me and said “shut up! I’ll go as fast as I want.” She got situated in the back after climbing over our stuff and I followed her back there. As I turned to sit down I noticed how little room there was and when I sat down I pulled her skirt up a little ways revealing her white panties. She squeaked and said “Hey watch it!”

I looked at her and said sorry as she was pulling her skirt back down. We got situated in the back of the suburban and started on our trip. After a few miles Emily kept trying to get comfortable but her side was being poked by my hockey stick. She looked at me and said.

“Hey I can’t get comfortable back here. Could I just sit on your lap for a little bit?”

“Sure” I said not really thinking anything of it. We spent a lot of time close to each other. She sat on my lap a lot and we hugged each other all the time. Being physical was just part of our relationship.

She stood part way up and lifted her leg over me so she could sit on my lap. She sat down with her perfect ass nestled right on top of my crotch. I put my hands around her tummy like we usually did and finally both of us were comfortable.

After a few miles I started to dose off thinking about college and the future. Emily I could tell was getting sleepy too as she had leaned back against me laying her head back on my shoulder. As we were falling asleep together my dad hit a bump in the road waking both of us up.

“Sorry kids!” he called back to us. Neither of our parents could see us because of all the crap we had jammed into the suburban.

“We’re fine.” Emily called back. “Just falling asleep”

It was then that I noticed I had a half chub from waking back up. I usually get boners when I wake up it’s just how my body works. I also noticed Emily’s breasts sticking out of her low cut shirt. She had leaned her head back against me and I had a wonderful view of her perfect large breasts. Emily is a small girl but I’ve always thought she had larger breasts for her size. She had that hour glass figure girls want.

I’ll Bayan Escort admit I stared down her shirt for longer than any brother should but the blood in my dick was taking control of my brain. I felt Emily wriggle her ass against my now hardening dick and said “Is that your phone or are you just excited to see me?” laughing as she just assumed it was my phone.

“Actually sis I am a bit excited.” I said blushing to myself. At this point Emily had already figured out it wasn’t a phone she was wriggling her ass against and stopped moving.

“Oh” she said leaning forward and looking back at me. “What’s up?” she said in a quieter voice so our parents couldn’t hear.

“Ah well when dad hit that bump it woke me up and you know how I always get boners when I wake up” I whispered back to her.

“I can definitely tell now.” She said giggling. At this point I was fully hard with my dick resting in between her butt checks.

“Also when you lean back I can see all the way down your shirt and no guy can resist getting a bit excited at that.” I said laughing.

She smiled and blushed a little at that. Then my dad had to move off the side of the road and hit the tracks they use to wake truckers up when they drift off the road. this caused the car to shake up and down for a few seconds causing my dick to rub in between her cheeks even more. Then he hit another larger bump causing Emily to bounce in my lap and my dick fell forward far enough that when she came back down it drug across her pussy through her thin panties nestling in between the lips of her vagina.

When she landed back down my hands grabbed her hips off reflex and she fell back against me revealing her wonderful breasts again.

“Shit sis sorry” I said half groaning because it felt so good.

“That’s ok” She said still leaning back against me. “that did feel pretty good actually.” She whispered back to me.

“yeah it did, I don’t want to move.”

“Me neither.” She said as her hand started to drift down between her legs. “Can I touch it?” She asked.

“Umm sure.” I said still staring her breasts as she breathed up and down with my hands holding her hips. At this point I noticed that her skirt was bunched up around my stomach from when she had fallen back down and my dick only had a thin layer of gym shorts and panties from being inside my own sister. My sister leaned forward a little bit putting more pressure on my dick with her pussy which caused me to let out a groan.

“Damn sis that feels so fucking good.”

Emily shuttered a little as she moved. “yeah it does.” She moved her hand in between her legs and put it on the tip of my dick. “Wow it’s so warm and big.” She whispered looking back at me.

All I could do was give a half smile then I involuntarily thrust my hips forward putting more pressure against her hand and her pussy as I did. I saw her eyes get bigger and her lips made an O face and I could tell she was enjoying herself just as much as I was. She pushed back against me grinding her pussy against my dick as she did. I could feel her hand rubbing the tip of my dick and I thrust back into her again.

“Hey this isn’t fair.” I said as I started to slide my hands from her hips up her stomach towards her breasts. “these have been tempting me since we got in the car and you have your hand on my dick.” I said as I cupped both of her supple breasts in my hands. She was wearing a thin bra under her low cut shirt and I could feel through them how hard her nipples were.

“Feels like you are just as horny as me sis.”

“Fuck yeah” She whispered back into my ear. She leaned backward and lightly bit the tip of my ear as she rubbed her pussy back and forth over my dick. She started kissing my neck and started moving towards my lips. I tilted my head into hers and our lips met. At first we just pecked at each other and soon it became a full make out session our tongues swirling around each other and into each others mouths. I moved one of my hands from cupping her large breasts and slid it down her body first over her stomach sliding over her belly button and found the waist band of her skirt. I slipped my hand under the waist band and into her panties and moved my hand toward her soaked pussy lips.

“Is it ok of I finger you?” I groaned into her mouth.

She took her other hand in answer and pushed my hand deeper toward her pussy. She was still grinding me rubbing the tip of my dick.

“Fuck Yeah big brother.” As she squeezed my dick harder. I found her clit with my middle finger and started rubbing it in a circular motion. Emily let out another gasp into my mouth and I squeezed her breast in my other hand.

“Does that feel good baby?”

“mmmmmmmmmm” she groaned “Baby huh? I like it.”

Emily was grinding me harder now at this point. I could feel her ass pressing against my stomach as she rocked her hips back and forth rubbing her pussy lips along the shaft of my dick. My finger moved from her clit and found the entrance to her vagina. I slid my finger into her slowly. Emily let out a louder gasp and her hand jumped up to my hand which was still cupping her breasts.

“Oh fuck brother” She moaned into my mouth. “I’m almost there already.” She said pulling her head away from mine and looking me in the eyes.

“Well let’s get you there.” I said looking back at her pushing my finger deeper into her and rubbing her hard nipple faster. Emily opened her mouth slightly making another O face and I couldn’t resist pressing my lips back against hers my tongue shooting into her mouth.

Emily let out another groan and pushed her pussy into my hand. I could feel the walls of her vagina start to contract around my finger and she stopped grinding me. She started shaking on top of me moaning into my mouth as I continued to make out with her. I pushed my finger deeper into her shaking it back and forth trying to stimulate her clit as much as I could. I could feel her cum gushing around my finger and into my hand as she shook one last time.

“holy fuck, I just came.” She said pulling away from my mouth.

“I know, my hand is soaked.”

She giggled as she looked into my eyes a shy grin on her face. Her eyes were twinkling as she stared at me.

“I love you John.”

“I love you too Emily.” I leaned in and kissed her again. my hand moved from her breast back down to her hips.

“Alright big brother it’s your turn.” Emily said as he bit her bottom lip. “Get the big dick out of your pants. I think I know where it’s new home is.”

“Oh?” I said as she lifted her ass off my lap so I could pulled my shorts down. My dick sprung out of them at full attention, pre cum dripping down it.

“Mmmhmmm” She said as I saw her reach down under her skirt and pull her panties down. As she sat back down on my lap my dick was wedged in between her ass cheeks again. She lifted her legs off the ground so she could take her panties all the way off and her ass pressed harder against my dick.

“Let’s get that dick into it’s new home.” She said as she stood back up and reached down between her legs under her skirt to grab my rock hard shaft. She guided my dick toward the lips of her pussy and rubbed the tip of my dick around her lips and clit.

“Are you ready?” She said looking back and winking at me.

“Oh fuck yeah baby, let’s do it.”

She moved my dick toward her entrance and slowly sat back down on my lap. I could stop myself I thrust up into her burying my dick into my sweet sister’s pussy.

I couldn’t believe it I was fucking my sister who had just cum on my hand while in the back seat of a car with my parents completely oblivious.

When I thrust up into her I had my hands on her hips and I pulled her down onto me. She let out another louder gasp and tried to cover her mouth with her hand. I was fully in my sister. I could feel the walls of her pussy twitching against my dick. It was so warm and wet in her I was in complete bliss.

We sat there for a second just enjoying each other and making sure our parents hadn’t heard anything. Luckily our mom was asleep and our dad had head phones but we didn’t know that.

Emily rose back up dragging the walls of her pussy along my dick. both my hands slid back up from her hips along her stomach and cupped her breasts again.

“Fuck me baby, that feels so good.” I moaned into the small of her back as she rose up and down on my dick. As she came down I thrust up into her. we started to pick up the pace. I could feel her perfect ass on my thighs and stomach every time she sat back down on my dick. her breasts were bouncing in my hands while I cupped them massaging them.

“I’m so close baby.” I groaned.

“Good. Cum in me brother I want to feel you cum in me.”

“Oh fuck.” I said when she said that. I thrust up into her again letting out what felt like buckets of cum gushing into my sister’s pussy. My orgasm felt like it lasted for a full minute shooting pump after pump into her. I could feel my sisters pussy clench around my dick as she came again with me. Our juices mixed together as we both froze paralyzed by our orgasms.

We both came down from our highs and I leaned my head against her back. “Holy shit. I just came in you.”

“I just came on you.” She giggled back at me.

“Are you on the pill?”

“Nope.” She said looking at me with love in her eyes.

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