Brown Sugar Worship Pt. 01


My friend Sherri’s visit from Nashville had ended, and she returned home, knowing that she would always prefer Black lovers, both male and female. She had learned what I had known for some time, that they are better at getting things done in bed than anyone else.

I spent the week thinking about all the fucking that had been done, by me, to me, and knew that I was in a good place in my life. I wasn’t in a committed relationship with a spouse, leaving me free to do what I chose to do, yet knew that if it was sex that I wanted, that I had about the best there is available to me. I had gone after black cock, and found that I liked being fucked, liked satisfying a man more than fucking a woman. I love pussy, but given the choice, I would get on my back, spread my legs and take a ride under a strong, pipe laying, black man with a big tool.

Of the several black guys that I was available to please, Marcus had taken me as his, using my ass to get himself off, and pounding me properly in doing it. He wasn’t the lover type, but he sure could put the meat to the hole. When he claimed me as his, I had no good reason to deny that. He let me get under other men, but he made me understand that the others would be fucking his possession, and while they might have had their way with me, even bringing me pleasure, I was always thinking about how he fucked me, and how he brought me the variety that came with being Mandingo ass.

He called me on Tuesday morning and I asked if he was coming over after work. He told me that he was leaving for Texas for a few days but that he needed something from me. He said that his nephew would be in town tomorrow, from Savannah, and that he wanted me to put him up at my place and to “take care of him”. He added that Lamar was 37 years old, single, and horny, and a gay top that preferred older guys.

I said to him: “Baby, he can come here, and I will take care of him, but this ass is yours. I am not going to give it to him. If he wants it he will have to take it, and if he does, I will tell him that it is yours and that he had better use it right.”

Marcus laughed, saying: “I will tell him that you are not some street slut, and that you won’t be giving it up to him. He will let you know what he wants and you can work it all out. Just put a smile on his face. He really likes to date and seduce, and you love that shit.”

Wednesday afternoon, Lamar called. He sounded really nice, asking if I would be interested in meeting him for a drink somewhere. After telling him that Marcus had said that he would be over this way, I suggested the lounge in the local Marriott, and that he could pick me up at my place.

I gave him directions, and we agreed to him being here at 4PM. He said that he would come to my door.

I cleaned myself up and out, and decided that since he was gay that I would look as cute as possible for him. I put on nice panties, and some quite short shorts, nearly Daisy Dukes, and a size small t shirt that showed my growing breasts. I had shaved and I brushed out my very long, prematurely white hair, and thought that I looked quite femme.

Right at 4 PM, I heard my doorbell. Opening it, I was taken aback by his height, build and looks. He was a HUNK!

I sort of stammered as I greeted him, stepping outside and closing the door. He took my hand and said: “Baby, uncle Marcus said that you were good looking, he didn’t say that you were this pretty. I love your hair.”

I replied, smiling: “Thank you, Lamar, you look good yourself.”

I am not short, being just under 6 ft tall, but he towered over me, and must have been near 6 ft 10 inches. He was built solid, looking very athletic. His hand was so big that mine looked very small in his. I was going on a date with this guy? Wow, was all that I could think.

His Expedition was as impressive as he was, with rims and bands, and an interior that was all leather. I directed him to the Marriott, fastened my seat belt and settled back for the ride.

Wanting to share my pleasure with him, I said: “Lamar, this is a first for me, and I am liking it already.”

He asked what was new, causing me to say: “Hon, I have had some great sex, but this is the first time I have ever been on an actual date. It feels good.”

He laughed, and said: “How long have you been gay?”

Replying, I said: “I don’t know that I am gay, as I love pussy, and love to be out with women, but a few years ago had a spontaneous thing with a black guy that showed me what was the best sex I ever had. Then recently, I met another black guy, married, that re-affirmed that for me. Through him I met your uncle, and now I know that if I am with a male that I want him to be black.”

He said: “What is it that you love about being with a black guy?”

I put my hand on his knee, and replied: “There are so many things. Mostly, it is because when a black guy gets in bed, he does it to leave both himself and his partner totally satisfied. I like that most blacks are well endowed, and there is that “forbidden fruit” thing escort kayaşehir of being white and with a black person. But most of all, because a black man is stronger minded than the white guys that I have seen. As a swinger, my women partners have said pretty much the same thing. One said it best when she told me that if she can walk well the next morning that she wasn’t fucked by a black guy. Why do you want to be with an older guy who is white, babe?”

Laying his hand on mine, (which was still on his knee), Lamar said: “Older? I don’t do drama, and those young guys are too full of it. They confuse a good fuck with love, and want to get all possessive on me. White guy? Well, I guess that is because of that “forbidden fruit” thing that you mentioned. That, and seeing the difference in color is very erotic.”

Pulling my hand to his crotch, he continued: “See what you are doing to me?”

He was hard and also huge. As he put his hand back on the wheel to make a corner, I pulled mine away from his crotch.

As we pulled into the Marriott, and found a parking space across from the lounge door, he pulled me to him, kissing me. His kiss was both sincere and really sensual, with his tongue working on my lips. As horny as I was for him, I wasn’t ready to have him see that I wanted to fuck just yet. I wanted the date to continue. I kept my lips closed tight, promising myself that I would have his tongue in my mouth later for sure.

Going into the lounge, we sat at the bar, where we would be closer than sitting across from each other at a booth or table. As we enjoyed our drinks, we made small talk, describing our lives, learning more about each other.

Lamar asked if I liked being a sissy to a black man, and I replied: “Baby, I don’t feel that I am the sissy at all, femme perhaps, but not a sissy. I want a man to enjoy me like he would enjoy a woman. I think that a sissy type would just want to be had by his man, to be used. I want my man to show me what he wants from me, and the chance to show him what I feel as he seduces me. Yes, I love to be on my back with my ankles on a guy’s shoulders being fucked like there is no tomorrow, but also like to be made out with, seduced, even made love to. Being bi-sexual, I have noticed how women, no matter how horny they are for cock, love to be felt up, kissed, fondled, as they make out.”

He smiled and said: “Unc was right, you are different than most, not just a fuck slut, but a lover too. I want to lay you down, fully dressed, and see just what makes you tick. Let’s go to your place and continue this date. I want you and your skinny body.”

We finished our drinks, paid and went to his car. After he started it, he held my face and pulled me to him for another kiss. This time I let him get his tongue a little into my mouth, but kept him from pushing it deeper.

I knew then that he would be a good kisser and probably be able to really get me worked up.

As we drove home, he kept a hand on my bare thigh, caressing the tender, sensitive inner side of it, making me squirm in my seat. I laid a hand on his, and gently rubbed his thigh through his slacks. I wanted more of this, and wished that we were already in my place.

Getting home and walking inside, he turned me to him as he closed the door. I tilted my face up, taking his lips to mine, and this time, let him push his tongue deep into my mouth. I could tell by the way that he tongue fucked my face that I would be getting laid and that it would be good.

Dropping a hand to my chest, he felt of, and hefted, one of my boobs. He said: “Nice tits for a skinny guy.”

I told him about how I was taking a medication for a problem and that one of the side effects was that it caused breasts to grow. I asked him if that bothered him.

Lamar said: “Shit no, any man would be a fool to not like breasts even if he doesn’t get excited by women. Are they sensitive? Does touching them work you up? And why are your nipples so big? Is that from the drug too?”

I said: “When I am being felt up, I see the eroticism in the act, and that works me up, and my nipples are big because one of my ex-wives always worked them over, and telling that to some other women has caused them to want to fuck with them too. That ex showed me that having my nipples sucked, pinched, felt, played with, sends a message to my head that gets me hot as hell. I love them.”

As we made out, we were getting closer to the sofa, until he finally pushed me back, and I sat down. He sat beside me and put an arm around me, continuing to make out with me. His size was intimidating, and I wondered what I would feel, under him, with his weight on me. Sitting beside him, my face was even with his chest. I had no doubt that I was with a man, and from his actions, a strong one at that.

As he kissed and nibbled at my face, neck and ears, he began to pull my t shirt out of my shorts. With it free, he began to unfasten my shorts, trying to push his big hand between them and my ass cheeks. I pushed him back a little escort anadolu yakası and took my t shirt off, tossing it on the floor.

With my breasts bared, Lamar leaned back and looked them over. He hefted each one of them and then bent his mouth to mine and as he kissed me, he began to work my nipples over. In no time, he had me squirming, moaning, and pushing my breasts to his hands. I wanted him, but wanted him to “take it” from me.

Pushing his hands away from my tits, I said: “Baby, not so fast. You are making me feel too good. If you keep this up, I won’t be able to keep away from you and I promised Marcus that I am his.”

Pushing his hands back to my tits, he squeezed and kneaded them and said: “Baby, Marcus is in Texas, and it is just you and I tonight. I want to lay you down and put my best to you. He can have all he wants when he comes back but tonight, I want your ass. I can see that you are hot to fuck, and that you want to be in the bed with me.

I moaned: “Lamar, I like the way you touch me, but I can’t just give it up to you like this. I am committed to him and I only told him that I would take care of you while he is gone. He didn’t tell me to let you fuck me, baby.”

Lamar pulled my chest to his, and put a hand back into the back of my shorts, and pushed a finger to my ass. He wasn’t going to take no for an answer, and I really wasn’t wanting to say no. I found myself unbuttoning his shirt, and he let me do it.

With his shirt open, I felt of his chest and stomach. He was ripped, and all man.

He sucked my earlobe into his mouth, bit it, then said: “You know what you want, and if you get it, you will still be able to give it up to Marcus. Tonight it is just you and I. We need to get to a bed.”

He pushed away from me, got up and helped me to get up.

With me standing, he pushed my unfastened shorts to the floor. Standing in my panties, I felt very vulnerable to him. He moved back to the sofa, and sat, turning me to him. He looked me over, and turned me around. When he did he saw my Mandingo tattoo.

Running his finger across my mark, he said: “Baby, you are Mandingo meat, and one of the brothers told you to take care of me. Look closely at my belt buckle.”

As he stood back up, I lifted his shirt and saw that his buckle had the same Mandingo symbol as my tattoo. I smiled up at him and turned to lead him to my bedroom.

Once in the bedroom, he took his shirt off, and unbuckled his belt, letting his slacks slip down his legs. As he stepped out of them, I picked them up for him and laid them across a bed table. He took his boxers off, and then pulled my panties down. Having this Nubian Adonis in front of me had my cock hard with wanting.

Seeing my hard cock, he knew that he would be able to have me, and pushed me backwards until I fell on the bed. His cock, while only semi stiff was beautiful, long, and quite thick. I looked at his big nutsack swinging under, behind, his cock, and knew that he would be full of cum, and that I would be emptying it for him.

As he got onto the bed, I moved to the middle, laying on my back with my knees raised and my legs spread. I loved to greet a man in this most submissive position.

Lamar got onto the bed and immediately moved between my legs, lowering his body to mine, reaching down to bring his cock up to lay beside mine before putting his belly and pelvis on mine.

I laid my legs over his thighs, pulling him closer to me with them. He was so tall that his nipple was at my mouth as he relaxed onto me. Sucking his nipple into my mouth, and nibbling on it, I put my arms around him as he began to move on me.

Grinding his crotch on mine, I could feel his cock become both longer and thicker as it stiffened. His belly and chest had me pinned to the bed, and my legs had his pulled tight to me. I said a silent thanks to Marcus for sending me this Black God.

He stopped grinding, and began to slide down in the bed, kissing me hard on the lips, and forcing his tongue into my mouth. He had a nipple in his fingers, squeezing it, as he tongue fucked my mouth.

As he made out with me, I had let my feelings take over and was moaning, moving under him. As he pushed himself lower on my body, he sucked a nipple into his mouth while squeezing my other tit, massaging it, as I held his head tight to my chest.

I wanted him in me, fucking me, feeding his now stiff cock to my ass, but he wasn’t ready for that. Moving lower still, Lamar took my cock into his mouth and pushed it deep as he pushed a finger into my ass.

This was more than I could stand, and I panted, moved, trembled, and said: “Lamar, take it. Take me. Use me to do what you need to do. Baby, fuck me.”

Leaving his finger in my ass, he raised his mouth off my cock and asked for the lube.

Knowing that we would end up here, I had put lube and some napkins under a pillow, and got them out now.

As he lubed his cock, I slid a folded pillow under my lower back, raising my ass escort avrupa yakası off the bed so that I could take him easier.

I pulled my knees farther back, and Lamar put his arms under them, lifting as I moved my ankles to his shoulders. I knew that this was the moment of truth. I was about to find out if this beautiful man could fuck like I needed it. I was trembling as he put lube on my asshole, and pressed his cock against it.

I hadn’t seen his cock after it got hard, and as he pressed to me, I knew that it was much bigger than it was when I saw it semi stiff. When he pushed through my sphincter, it felt as hard as an ash baseball bat, and just as thick. I couldn’t help but try to pull away from it.

I wailed: “Lamar, honey, that is thick. Please go easy, but fuck me with that thing.”

Continuing to push in, I felt him deep inside and he didn’t have all of it in me. He pulled back and pushed in again, hitting the bottom of my man pussy again, but still not against my pelvis.

He arched his back, looked at me, and said: “Baby, you have one sweet asshole. I am going to love fucking this. Give it up to me and let me get all up in you.”

Letting his chest lay on mine, we kissed, as he held himself deep in me. I could feel an orgasm building inside me and he hadn’t even began to fuck me yet.

I broke our kiss to say: “Baby, you are as deep as Marcus has ever been, and I don’t have all of you. If you get deeper you will be taking more of me than anyone has. Give me more.”

Doubled over, I was his to use, and when he pushed his cock deeper into me, I could feel him making my love channel spread to accommodate his beautiful cock. I tried to move my ass under him to be able to take more and felt pressure that I had never known.

He had pushed the right buttons and I began to tremble, cumming from the invasion of this big cock. I had to let it happen, and as I did, I felt emotions that I had only imagined in the past.

Panting and sobbing, I moaned: “Lamar, Baby, Honey, I have never cum like this. You are so deep in me, and you haven’t even begun to fuck me. I hope I can take what you have to give. Take it. Take me. Use my ass, use me. I am cumming, and don’t even want to stop. Fuck me.”

He looked at me as he said: “Baby, I am going to fuck you, but first I want you to have some real loving. I want to shape your ass to take this good.”

He laid his chest on mine again and just rotated his hips back and away from me, pulling back, and then slowly pushing his cock back into me. Feeling that my ass was taking him, he began to stroke in and out, while rubbing his chest on mine, biting my ear and holding on to it with his teeth.

I was his, voluntary or not, and he knew it, as he slow stroked me, always getting as deep as my insides would allow, and pulling back, pulling his cockhead through my sphincter before pushing back in for the next stroke. Using his upper body to hold me to the bed, made me know that I was his partner, there to give it up to him, to give him the pleasure that he wanted.

Releasing my earlobe, Lamar said: “Baby, this is the lovemaking that you need, isn’t it? If I had you in my life, I would give you this every night, and every morning. Your body is built to take it, and I am going to give it to you. Just keep letting it happen, give it up to me, Eddie.”

After several minutes of making love, I could feel him getting stronger, pushing harder, pulling back faster. I put a hand between us, and could feel that he was giving me all but about 3 inches of his cock, and I doubted that he could get all the way into me. Like most lovers, I wanted to feel his crotch against mine, having his pubic hair pressing against mine. Even feeling his pelvic bone smashing into mine.

Holding my waist with his big hands, Lamar rolled me even tighter, and began really pressing in on the down stroke, getting deeper until I could really feel his nuts slapping me.

I moaned: “Oh my God, baby, you are killing me. I can’t take this much. You are too deep in me with it.”

And then he did it to me. He pulled out, and said: “Too much? OK, I can stop. You don’t need this.”

I lifted my head to look at his cock, and was shocked at what I saw. He had at least Fourteen inches, and it was as thick as a beer can. I had had it all in me, and wanted it back in again.

I grabbed at his ass with both hands trying to pull him back into me and said: “Nooooo, please put it back in, Fuck me, please, baby. I need it. I can take you. Fuck me, Lamar.”

Putting more lube on his cock, he pushed back into me, and went straight to the bottom, forcing the last few inches into my pussy, and began to fuck me, hard, deep, and fast. His belly was slapping the back of my thighs, and his nuts were slapping up against me.

Grunting, he said: “Take this cock. I am going to cum all in you.”

I dug my nails into his ass cheeks, and begged: “Fuck me baby, wreck my insides. Breed me like the bitch that I am. Oh My God, I am being fucked. Take it. Use my white ass. Fill me with cum!”

He stiffened his body, dropping his cock straight down, into the depths of my ass, and then hit it hard and pressed, and I could feel his cock pulsing as he put his cum deep inside me. I bit his nipple, hard, and held on as my orgasm peaked.

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