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It was around six in the evening and Chris was trying to finish his project so he could go home to his loving wife. As he tried to finish his proposal, he started to hear the printer behind him having issues. He turned in his chair to attempt to unjam it to no avail. He tried to call IT, but they were not answering his calls. So he stood up out of his chair and walked towards the bathrooms when he heard a noise. He turned towards the noise and saw that his VP’s door was open slightly. Chris slowly crept over near the door when he started hearing noises again. He was close enough to the door where he was able to peek in. The sight he saw was not what he was expecting.

On the VP’s desk lay Judy. Judy was a voluptuous woman who was the VP’s administrative assistant. She lay there with her blond hair cascading down on the edge of the desk. Her chest was exposed and Chris could see her nipples standing tall. She was wearing red lipstick, but it was apparent that some of it rubbed off on something due to it having a duller finish. Her eyes were closed as if savoring a moment. Chris couldn’t see who else was in the room, but he could hear Judy’s moans a bit better. Chris kept quiet, watching as she writhed on the desk.

A moment later, he saw the IT guy raising his head from the other side of the desk. He wasn’t a dashing man, more mousy looking than attractive. He still had on his cheap glasses he wore and his white dress shirt, his black hair tied back in a pony tail like a Millennial trying too hard. He started to climb onto Judy, his lower body naked. As she opened her legs, her red skirt seemed to open up and swallow his lower view. He started whispering to her as she started thrashing under him.

Chris decided to let them have their fun. He started to back away before he accidently hit a potted plant near the bathroom. He looked towards the office to see Judy with her eyes open. She looked straight at Chris as he turned and slid into the bathroom. As he clambered into the stall, he started breathing heavier. He thought about in his mind what he saw and tried to block it out. He didn’t want to get Judy into any trouble because he liked her as a person. She was warm and caring and always smiled at everyone. He decided as he stood at the urinal releasing the fluids from his system that he would keep what antalya escort he saw quiet and he would slip back out to his cubicle and call it a day.

After zipping up his slacks and washing his hands, he looked out of the bathroom door. The VP’s office door was now closed. He sighed in relief as he started walking towards his cubicle. When he turned towards his desk, he saw her sitting there. Her red top was buttoned back up and a new coat of red lipstick was now on her lips as she smiled at him. Her voice sounded as syrupy as Maple.

“Did you enjoy watching?” she asked.

“Watching what?” Chris asked back.

“You know what you saw, Chris. Did you enjoy the view?”

‘I didn’t see much…and I’m not going to tell anyone. I swear,” Chris said defensively.

He started walking backwards before she stood in front of him and took his hand.

“Come with me,” she said as she took him towards the conference room.

Her grip was firm as she walked towards the conference room. Chris did little to resist her. He knew she was tempting him, but didn’t have the desire to refute her or try to get away. As they reached the conference room, Judy opened the door and pushed Chris in before turning and locking the door behind her.

The conference room had wooden paneled walls. There was a large brown wooden table in the middle of the room surrounded by cushy black office chairs. Chris never came in here, knowing full well that the VP and his staff spend most time in here working on presentations and projects. He turned to see Judy sauntering towards him, her hands busily undoing the buttons of her red blouse. As it flared open, her mature tit became visible, unhampered by a bra. Chris stared at her in part fear, part wonderment and noticed for a brief moment that her tits were bigger than his wife’s small A-cups. She soon was in his breathing space as she smiled more wickedly and looked into his eyes.

“I believe you,” she said in a low sexy voice. “But I need to make sure we have an agreement before you leave the office. I was a bad girl tonight.”

She punctuated the last thought with a slow rub along Chris’ slacks. He felt her touch along his cock that was already stirring due to the display.

“The nerd from IT was not my only conquest tonight. I took the VP’s cock in my mouth just like a normal night and was just a bit hornier than usual. He didn’t even get a chance to fuck me because the President wanted to have him for a dinner meeting tonight.”

Chris’ breath started to slow a bit as her hand gently slid more along his clothed shaft. He saw how hard her nipples were still, but was paralyzed. He was curious what else she would say.

“I didn’t get a chance to cum with the IT guy either. When you distracted me, he quickly found his pants and left me hanging,” she said almost forlorn. “I need to cum so badly, Chris. I think you owe me a good cum…”

Her hand slowly kept stroking his cock.

“And in return, I’ll help you release this pent up frustration before you go home to your wifey.”

The words rang out even though she said them near silently, almost breathing directly in his ear. Chris answered with a soft moan. As Judy began to unbuckle his pants, she started licking her lips before squatting down.

“I’m a really good cocksucker, Chris,” she whispered proudly. ‘I can make the VP cum in a few moments sometimes when I am on. But tonight…”

She slowly licked his cock from base to head before continuing.

“I just need to get your more primed. I need to feel your cock inside me, Chris.”

Slowly, she started to open her mouth and slide the head inside. She looked up and saw Chris looking towards the ceiling as she closed her mouth. Her lips started rubbing along his shaft as she took half of it inside her mouth at an excruciating slow pace. She then slowly pulled back until the head popped out her mouth before allowing her gentle hands to grasp the shaft.

“Look at me, Chris,” she whispered. “Look at the VP’s cocksucker taking your cock. Watch me make your cock disappear.”

She slowly pushed his head back between her lips and started to suck again. Her lips started to move a little bit quicker as she took more of his cock. Chris couldn’t believe she was sucking him off. He started to feel his knees give, so he leaned against the table as she worked on him. Her eyes looked up towards his as he smiled slyly. He felt his hand start to move into her blond hair. As his hand made contact, he felt her moan on his cock as his hips began to thrust a little. Her eyes closed as he felt his cock slide a bit more down her throat. Chris was really close to cumming already. He decided to say something.

“Judy, didn’t you say you needed my cock somewhere else?” he said, almost timidly.

Judy took her mouth off his cock before she smiled at him.

“Ooooo, I almost forgot. I was so ready to swallow your cum too,” she said.

She popped back up from her position and leaned over the conference table.

“Go ahead and unwrap my pussy, Chris. Then fuck me hard,” she said.

Chris pulled her skirt up and saw her shaven pussy and ass ready to be fucked. He started to rub his cock against her vulva before she moaned.

“Fuck me, Chris! Slam it in!”

He pushed his cock inside her and felt how tight she was. She was definitely primed herself, as if sucking three cocks and almost fucking one a bit ago wouldn’t have her wound up. His hands went to her hips as he started fucking her. Chris started to reach for her hair as he fucked until a good length of it was wrapped in his hand and he was pulling her head back. She moaned loudly in response, her pussy lubing him more as he fucked her.

Judy’s nipples rubbed against the conference table as she took his pounding. She was so close when the IT guy slid on top of her. Now, she felt herself edging closer again. She started thinking about how naughty she was, taking this normally quiet guy and conning him into fucking her. She also relished how wonderful his man hammer felt inside her needy pussy. She was so close.

“Oh fuck!” she moaned as she felt her pussy tense.

Chris heard her moan and felt proud that he was able to make her cum. He was edging closer as well.

“Where do you want my cum?” he asked, a bit more confidently.

Her response was breathy. “Cum on my ass, please?” she begged.

Chris began to feel himself edge over the plateau and pulled out, stroking his cock until he started firing shots of cum on her exposed ass. She stayed there dreamingly as he finished cumming. She then slowly moved until her mouth was even with his cock and took the messy shaft inside. She started to slowly clean him off, gingerly to ensure he didn’t get hard again. She then looked up at him before she pushed him backwards.

“You better get cleaned up and home before Janice gets worried,” she said almost in a motherly tone.

Chris slowly put his pants back together and walked towards the door while Judy grabbed her blouse and began to put it back on. As Chris unlocked the door, he heard the quiet of the empty office. He walked over to his cubicle and turned off the computer before walking to the elevator.

She bought his silence, he thought. And he secretly hoped she’d give him more incentive as the days wore on.

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