Caught in the Act


4:15 p.m. THE SHOWER: Megan started the shower, setting it as hot as possible, steam started to rise in the tiny bathroom, and she breathed deeply as she undressed. After she had removed all of her clothing, she studied her body in the mirror. She was a little under 5’5″ with mid-length brown hair, deep brown eyes and a decent figure- 38 C cup size, 28 inch waist her hips measured at around 38 or 39 inches. She was by no means fat, but she wasn’t a waif either. She liked her body, and it served her well.

The mirror was beginning to fog up, so Megan decided to go ahead and hop in the shower. She let the hot water run over her body, enjoying the sensation. The water ran down her ample breasts and she softly squeezed them, feeling her nipples harden. Suddenly, she realized that she was running out of time, and that her boyfriend would be home soon. She washed and conditioned her hair and she stared to soap up her body and found herself getting wet between her legs, and it just wasn’t due to the shower either. She moaned softly as she started fingering her clitoris very gently. The sensation ran across her entire body and her breath came more quickly. Realizing what she was doing, she stopped while she still could. By this time, she was rinsed off so she shut off the shower and stepped out. Grabbing her towel, she wrapped it around her body and opened the door, where she was met by a blast of cool air.

4:45pm THE BEDROOM: Megan walked into the bedroom and dried herself off. Tossing the towel in the corner, she picked up a bottle of orange blossom muğla escort scented lotion and began to rub lotion over her entire body. She rubbed it into her breasts hard, breathing hard as she worked the lotion into her rock hard nipples. After she was convinced she was completely covered with lotion, she laid down on the bed, reaching into her drawer. As she pulled out her favorite book she checked on the time…it was almost time…he would be home soon and she hoped her plan would work. She began to read her favorite passage

“Cory spread Sara’s legs open and fingered her clit, with passion. His cock was completely hard, and engorged to it’s glorious, 8 inches. He could hardly stand it, and hoped he’d be able to wait long enough. He kissed her hard, and worked his mouth down her body, pausing for a moment on each breast to suck for a moment on each. He continued down and till her reached her soft, wet pussy and breathed her scent in deeply. Then, expertly, he began to lick her clit. Sara was moaning and writhing and he smiled, he loved to eat her out, few things pleased him more. His left hand was on her breast and his right hand reached up and with two long fingers he slowly entered her, massaging her G-spot. Suddenly, Sara cried out and bucked her hips in the air.

“FUCK ME!!! Fuck me now!!” she screamed.

Not wanting to disappoint her, he did. He himself was ready for her and he sighed as he slid his cock into her. He started slowly, teasing, but soon, he wanted her and he began plunging into her with abandon. Again and again he rammed his cock into her hungry pussy and though he was trying to hold back, his orgasm was upon him sooner than he had expected and he exploded into her, spent…..

Megan herself was wet, and fingering herself…she placed the book down and checked the clock. It was a little after 5:00 and she knew David; her boyfriend would be home from work soon. She got up off the bed, and closed the bedroom door. She then returned to the bed and again reached into the drawer and pulled out her favorite vibrator. It was quite large, quite loud and quite powerful. She turned it on and placed it on her pussy. It didn’t take long for her to orgasm the first time and her hips bucked into the air as she cried out uncontrollably. Of course, one orgasm is never enough…so she continued to masturbate, enjoying the sensation. All of a sudden, the bedroom door swung open.

“MEGAN!! What are you doing?” asked David, jaw hanging open.

“I didn’t know you’d be home before I finished” Megan said, hoping he believed her. “I’m sorry”

She said turning off her toy and putting it back in the drawer. She got up and started getting dressed.

“Wait!” he said, “You don’t have to stop on my account. I’d kind of like to watch. if you don’t mind”

She looked down and indeed David didn’t seem to mind, for there was a noticeable bulge in his pants. Suddenly, he grabbed her and kissed her hard. She pulled away and smiled

“I thought you wanted to watch”

She sat back down on the bed and pulled out her toy.

“Get undressed” she commanded as she began to play with herself. Not wanting to have the show stop, he complied. Megan found herself close to orgasm, and she cried out “I’m going to cum!!!” and she did. She put down her toy and motioned to David to lie down next to her. She gripped his rock hard cock and crouched down, taking it into her mouth and she began to suck. She loved to give head; it pleased her to please David. They had been together for 3 years and she was quite willing to do what she could to spice up their sex life. The only thing they hadn’t done yet was have her touch herself in front of him, or at least, they hadn’t done that until today. She had planned the little show for awhile now, and was glad that all had gone as planned. David called out to her, telling her he wanted to make love to her. She lifted her head and smiled. It was time. She crawled up a bit, and straddled him…and then he was in her. She loved the feeling of being filled with and she closed her eyes and squeezed her breasts as she began to ride him.

“Oh baby! I’m close! I’m gonna cum! Don’t stop!” he moaned. She herself was almost ready to cum hard and she bit her lip as she rode him. Suddenly, she felt his warm cum inside of her. Immediately after he came, she came herself, crying out loud. And then she collapsed on top of him, exhausted.

They laid together for a bit, catching their breath.

“Oh honey.” David said “I wasn’t expecting that, but thank you, it was wonderful. I love you”

“I love you too” she replied. “Let’s go take a shower and grab some dinner, eh?”

“Sounds good” he answered.

And so they went about their business, until she got horny again….

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