Codie’s Rough Year Ch. 04


Chapter 4 Brothers Glory Day

I fall back onto my bed once i get upstairs. Letting the events of the last 24 hours sink in. Who ever would have thought that being such a slut could be so much fun. I lay there for a few more minutes feeling the cum continuously leak from my pussy. I get up out of bed and clean myself up. Standing at the entrance to my closet i take on the days most challenging task. What to wear.

I see a black low cut top, a nice conservative sweatshirt and a lovely gray skirt, but nothing catches my eye until i see this little black dress in the back. I grab it out and slide it on. The cloth hugs my skin tightly leaving little of my body to the imagination. Its thin straps and relatively low cut make my boobs stand out, and the fact that it is so short only the area just below my ass is covered, i know daddy will like it. I forgot the panties for the moment needing to let everything breathe, “I’ll come back for them later”.

As leave my room i see daddy waiting at the end of the hallway. I walk over to him putting an extra pep in my step.

“You look beautiful baby girl.” He says to me and i get closer to him.

“Thank you daddy.” I blush.

Standing on my toes i move in to kiss him on the cheek. He moves at the last second to kiss me back. He then gives my ass a little slap.

“Buy something special for me.” He whispers into my ear and sends me on my way down the stairs.

I see my brother waiting for me in the hall. “Hey Barbie you ready to go?” he laughs.

“Ohh you think you’re so funny no one else calls me that anymore.” I yell.

I go into the living room and grab my white sweater off the back of the couch and meet him by the door.

“Hey thanks for taking me today, i know you hate shopping.” I say as we head out the door to his car.

“It’s not a big deal.” He responds opening the car door for me. “Anything to spend some time with my little sis”

He hops in the other Beylikdüzü Escort side of the car and starts it up. I see him take a glance at me from the corner of his eye.

“Hey i have a question for you.” He says.

“Okay shoot.”

“So why do you dress up to go everywhere now. Is it a boy thing? Or is it something else?” He asks.

I pull my dress down to cover my legs a little more to no avail.

“I guess you could say its a boy thing, but mostly it’s for me. I dress the way that makes me feel sexy and if guys like it then that’s just a bonus.” I respond blushing.

“Well it works for you.” He replies shyly, “It works well.”

I look over at him and smile his eyes quickly dart up from my chest to meet mine.

“Thank you it means alot to me.” i say just as shyly.

The rest of the drive to the mall was mostly uneventful. Every once in a while when we were waiting at stop lights i’d catch him looking at me but i thought nothing of it. Once we got to the mall i took it easy on him. I only spent a little time in each store buying some panties and bras, several bikinis and work out clothes. Then as we were getting ready to leave something in the window of sara’s secret, a shop id never been in, caught my eye. It was this fishnet body suit that i loved. I grabbed josh by the arm and ran inside to grab it. I found one on hanging on a hook and ran back to what i assumed were changing rooms to try them on leaving josh to stare at the surroundings. I shut the door to the little room i was in and began to take off my dress. I saw a hole in the wall to my side but i thought little of it.

“Daddy’s gonna love this.” I mutter pulling the body suit from the packaging.

I think i hear a gasp come from the other side of the wall. I look to the side with the hole in the wall and pause. I hear nothing more so i continue on sliding the fishnet on. I give a little spin admiring my body in the Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan mirror. Feeling a warmth between my legs as i imagine daddy or Noah peeling this off my body.

“Yes i have to have this.” I quickly pull it off and start to slide my dress back on when i hear another sound coming from the wall.

I finish getting dressed and bend down to take a peek through the hole when all of the sudden something slides through. I was so shocked that someone was on the other side of the wall to realise that i was left staring at a massive cock. 9 inches easy. I grab it with my hand and look it over. The heat between my legs now almost unbearable.

“What am i supposed to do with this?” I ask through the wall as i take the cock into my hand and begin to stroke it slowly.

“I think you know.” said a husky voice from the other side.

I know that voice i think to myself picking up the pace with my hand. I hear a moan from the other side. I lean in and start to kiss the side of the shaft. Slowly i begin to make my way to the tip. I open my mouth and take the head in, moving my head back and forth taking in a little bit more every time. Eventually im giving this stranger the sloppiest blow job ive ever given. I reach down between my legs and feel the wetness. I slide a finger into my pussy and try to imagine that i’m riding Noah while sucking my dads huge cock. I hear the man on the other side of the wall start to moan louder.

I come up for air and say lustfully, “You’re not about to cum are you? I’m just getting warmed up.”

“Oh you’ll know when i’m finished with you” he grunts back at me

Without another word i place his cock back into my mouth and grab the shaft with my free hand and start to stroke it as well.

“You’re such a little slut Barbie.” He groans.

I don’t even stop to think. Though that name rings a bell in the back of my mind but i can’t remember why. I’m Escort Beylikdüzü too busy thinking about this huge cock in front of me. I keep going picking up the pace with my hand until i feel his cock begin to twitch. I pull my hand away and slide his cock as far down my throat as i can get it. I feel and eruption of semen start to make its way down my throat. I have to pull up to breath. I grab the cock before it falls out of my mouth and hold it up. Taking the last few loads on my face.

I feel the mystery cock slide out of my grasp and back through the hole. I look around me for something i can use to clean myself up.

“Shit Josh is still waiting out there for me. I completely forgot.” I hurry and clean up and run out into the store now noticing the nature of the shop i was in.

“Hey i’m sorry for making you wait so long. I couldn’t get it to fit right.” i say to him blushing.

“Its okay, i found a way to occupy my time.” he smirked.

We left the store with my purchase in hand and headed home.

“Hey Barbie.” He looks over at me about 5 minutes from home. “You looked really good in that fishnet thing.”

All of the sudden everything clicked in my head. I felt so embarrassed and extremely turned on.

“Oh my god! That was you on the other side of the wall.” I yelled at him.

“Hey don’t get mad at me now, it seemed like you liked it earlier.” He yelled back getting defensive.

“Im not mad its just…I mean… You could have told me.” i responded blushing.

“Ohh come on it’s not like you would have done it if you knew it was me.” He said.

“You never know. I’m pretty open minded with that kinda thing.” I said now starting to turn red.

“What do you mean pretty open minded?” He asked me.

“Well lets just say that i guess big cocks run in the family.” I muttered.

He stops the car outside the house and puts his hand on my thigh. “Is that what all the noise you and dad were making this morning was?”

“Don’t tell him i told you, no one can know.”

“I won’t, but you can’t tell anyone about the mall either okay.”

“I promise.” I say opening the door.

We walk up to the front door and head inside. All of us knowing that out family will never be the same.

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