Cousins Celebrate Christmas Pt. 05

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A/N: Well guys… it’s been a while. Sorry about that. The thing is, I *still* get private fan mail from you guys and well, I had to give you something for being so supportive and not giving me a hard time for being gone so long. This doesn’t mean that I’m “back”, I can’t promise any regular posting schedules, but I’m happy to give you all a little taste of my depravity. To my previous fans, I hope you enjoy it!

To new readers: This story centers around *gay* incest. If that’s not your thing, then please skip this submission and carry on to what is your thing. No hard feelings.



I woke up with Colton’s cock rubbing up against my ass. I smirked into the soft blankets and stretched, backing up against him.

“Morning, kid,” He breathed into my ear. His hand wrapped around my hip and he pulled me closer, nestling his big cock between my cheeks. “Merry Christmas.”

“Merry Christmas.” I murmured. My cock was already hard, as it was most mornings. I reached down and started to stroke it slowly beneath the blankets.

“What time is it?” I asked, finally turning to face my older cousin. Before answering, he bent his head down a bit to peck my lips. His warm mouth moved just briefly against mine, and in response I pushed my hips forward, brushing my hard dick up against his.

“It’s just after seven, we have time.” He answered. Of course he knew exactly why I was asking him for the time. I wanted to make sure that we had enough time to fuck. I didn’t yet know whether I wanted to fuck his ass though, or have him fuck mine. I just knew that I wanted to make my cousin cum.

Colton’s strong hand gripped my cock under the covers, and he started to stroke. I moaned in response, pushing my hips further towards him, encouraging his actions. He focused mostly on the head of my cock, bringing his hand up and down just a couple inches, massaging the tip with his practiced fingertips.

“What do you want for Christmas, kid?” He began kissing my face, his soft lips traveling up my cheek towards my ear. I stared into his deep blue eyes when he pulled away. Colton looked a bit different in the morning, without his hair slicked back and tired look still in his eyes. He still looked hot as fuck though.

I reached down and took his cock in my hand. We stared at each other for a few seconds, stroking each other while I made up my mind. Being here like this, feeling so happy and so horny, it almost made me laugh at my former self. I couldn’t believe just a few days ago I thought gay porn was weird. Now I was fucking my own cousin – and loving every depraved second of it.

“I think I want you to cum inside my ass.” I said with a grin. Fucking Colton yesterday and having him fuck me, brought out more confidence in me. I didn’t even blush!

“Oh yeah? Do you know what I want?” Colton whispered huskily. I could feel pre-cum leaking from the tip of his big dick, and I spread it down his cock, using it as lube while I stroked him.

“What do you want?” If he kept stroking me the way he was, I was going to cum before we had the chance to do anything else. His hand was so practiced, and already, he seemed to know just how to move it to bring me close to the edge.

“I want to make my little cousin cum all over my face. Do you think I’ll get what I want?” He smirked at me. If I didn’t know him as well as I did, I would’ve described the expression as almost cocky, the proud grin painting his face, his arched eyebrows raising as if he already knew he was going to get whatever he wanted. He was, of course. There were few things in the world that were sexier than Colton’s handsome face covered in my cum.

“Yeah. Do you think I’ll get what I want?” I smirked back.

“Fuck yes.” Colton said before crashing his lips against mine. I moaned against his mouth, taken slightly aback by the roughness of it. My hands left his cock to tangle in his hair and hold him to me.

Colton grabbed the blankets and tore them off of us, throwing them to the floor. The cool morning air washed over my body only for a moment or two, before Colton moved on top of me, crushing me with his weight while still keeping his lips on mine.

He forced my legs apart with his, moving between them. When he leaned down, letting his body rest against me, his cock pressed against mine. He began to grind, just a bit, rocking his cock up and down over mine. I moaned at the sensation and pulled my legs up, wrapping them easily around his muscular body, before pulling him in, closer to me.

My cousin’s tongue worked its way into my mouth, exploring my own. My mind wandered off, and I thought briefly about our parents, upstairs and unaware, that their sons were kissing so passionately, and would soon be fucking each other with fervor.

Colton’s mouth broke away from mine. He leaned up; reaching away from us to grab the bottle of lube we’d left on the bedside table.

“It’ll have to be a quick fuck, is that alright?” He breathed, his blue eyes filling with güvenilir bahis concern. I nodded, somewhat disappointed. I knew it was important not to get caught, but I wished that we had more time. Seeing my disappointed expression he added, “Don’t worry, kid, I’ll find time to fuck you again.”

He sat up then and spread a generous amount of lube onto my prick.

“You should stroke yourself while I fuck you,” he explained, “but don’t cum, alright? If you edge while I fuck you you’ll build up more cum.”

I raised my eyebrows at him, “You really want a lot of cum on your face, huh?”

Colton’s eyes narrowed and he leaned in close so his lips were almost touching my ear.

“I told you before, kid. I. Fucking. Love. Cum.” He let out a soft, deep chuckle, before sitting back up straight. I smiled at him and shook my head.

“I told you,” he jostled away a bit, backing up to give me room to reposition myself, “I’m kind of a freak. I mean, I have to be, don’t I, to fuck my own cousin’s ass on Christmas.”

I liked the fact that he was weird. I remembered fucking him, how he’d asked me to slap him and call him names. A smirk crossed my lips. I liked the fact that he was fucked up a lot.

“Aaron, if it’s alright with you, I’d really like to fuck you doggy-style. I know the other way is more romantic, because I can look into your eyes, and I promise, I’ll do that next time, but I really just want to fuck you hard this morning.” He was stroking his own cock as he said this.

I smiled at him and nodded, quickly shifting position. I moved onto my hands and knees, knowing I would probably sink down onto my elbows when he really started fucking me. This was comfortable for now.

“God, I’ve wanted to fuck you for such a long time, cuz.” Colton breathed, his hands rubbing my ass cheeks, “I’m happy you like getting fucked,” he added.

“I loved getting fucked.” I corrected him. I heard him chuckle behind me.

“Good, kid.” He said. I heard the cap open on the bottle of lube, and then I felt his finger just gently pushing at my asshole. I sucked in a deep breath. I knew that he wasn’t really going to fuck me hard, not until I adjusted to his dick, anyway. Still though, I’d only been fucked in the ass once, so it was a bit intimidating.

He pushed his finger inside and I moaned. Surprising even myself, instead of pulling away as his finger entered me, I pushed back onto it.

“Fuck,” he breathed proudly, working his finger in and out of my very willing channel.

“Your ass is going to be so sore when we live together, cuz.” He murmured. I felt a second finger pushing at my entrance, and again I backed up, helping push myself onto it. He searched inside me for a few seconds, working his fingers in and out, deeper and deeper, until he found what he was searching for. In a fluid movement, he stroked his fingers hard against my prostate, and I buckled, moaning, falling onto my elbows. My cock started to ache, wishing desperately for my cousin’s, or my own, attention.

I started to stroke it, slowly, careful not to push myself too close to the edge as Colton scissored his fingers inside me, working my hole open.

“I don’t think once a day is going to be enough,” Colton continued. I could feel his thick cock brushing up against my thigh as he fingered me. It was dripping pre-cum.

“I think, at least for the first few months, we’ll be fucking, what do you think? Four, five times a day?” With that he pushed a third well-lubricated finger into me. I moaned again, enjoying the way the gentle stretch felt.

“A-at least e-eight.” I moaned out, moving my hips back and forth, fucking myself on his fingers. He chuckled behind me again.

“I’m so fucking glad you’re my cousin.”

His fingers slipped out of my ass, and then I felt his cockhead against me. Without saying anything, he pushed inside me. I groaned, clenching my jaw as he worked his big head into me – and then sighed with relief when it was fully enveloped by my hungry ass.

“Fuuuuck.” I moaned as Colton continued, in one fluid movement, to slide his big cock deep inside me. He didn’t work his way in and out, inch by inch, and instead just went painstakingly slowly, guiding his well-lubed prick all the way into me. When I felt his balls against me, his pelvis against my ass, I let out a breath I’d been holding.

“That’s it, kid, relax.” His hand moved to my hips and he started to push and pull me. Just a little bit at a time, pushing me a few inches away, and then guiding me back on to his big dick. My hand still worked my cock, but I forgot myself, and with each slow thrust I picked up the pace. I was feverishly stroking beneath him, the lube helping me to go faster, faster, until I felt right on the edge of cumming.

I groaned in frustration, mostly with myself, and tore my hand away from my aching member.

“Getting close already?” Colton asked, amused, “I haven’t even started fucking you yet.”

Fisting the blankets, I moaned türkçe bahis out, “So fuck me Colton, fuck me.”

He chuckled again, and pulled almost all the way out of me. Just the head of his big cock remained inside my tight hole. Then he slammed his cock all the way inside me.

I let out a low, guttural moan of pleasure and pain, dropping my head into the blankets. Colton didn’t hesitate, and pulled almost all the way out again, before slamming his cock inside me, the head grinding against my prostate with each hard thrust.

“Yesssss.” I hissed, arching my back, pushing towards him.

“Tell me what you like, kid.” He said, his strong dick pounding me, faster and faster now.

“I like getting fucked by my cousin!” I growled my hand flying back to my own cock. I didn’t think I would make it until he was finished fucking me. I had to cum, I had to cum with his big dick inside me.

“Fuck Aaron, I’m close,” Colton was breathless. His hands gripped me tighter; his thrusts became erratic and even harder, even faster.

Just as I was about to explode onto Colton’s bed, his bedroom door flung open.

I gasped in surprise and jolted away from Colton. I searched quickly for something to hide in, but the blankets were on the floor. I covered my dripping cock with one of his pillows and turned ashamed to look at the doorway. I wished the floor would open up under me and swallow me in.

“What’s going on here?” Uncle John’s voice wasn’t as stern as I expected it to be.

He stood in the doorway with my dad, and I looked between them, not meeting their eyes. As they stood so close together I was reminded how similar they looked. Both with the same brown hair, similar tall, trim builds. They were even wearing the same pajamas, except my dad was in blue, and my uncle was in red. I focused on everything except their faces.

They both looked down at Colton and I, studying us. My cheeks felt like they were on fire, and I had the sudden urge to cry. What were they going to do?

“Until you interrupted, I was fucking Aaron.” Colton said confidently. I looked at him, aghast. He looked almost smug – not concerned in the slightest.

Uncle John nodded, as if to say “that’s obvious.”

My dad chewed his lip for a moment, in contemplation.

“So, you win the bet then.” He murmured, looking at Uncle John. Uncle John smiled.

“Yes, I do.”

I looked at Colton wide-eyed. Did he know what they were talking about? He just shrugged at me. His hand was on his cock, and at first glance I thought he was covering it, but he wasn’t. He was stroking it still. Did this not bother him at all? I was still terrified that we were going to get in trouble and he was jacking his cock like nothing unusual was happening.

“It must run in the family,” Uncle John said with a shrug, looking at his brother, before adding, “You don’t have to stop on our account.”

“Good.” Colton said, moving towards me. I stared at him in confusion. He reached for the pillow I was using to cover myself up, but I held it firm. What the fuck was going on?

“Go ahead son, it’s alright. Your mom isn’t up yet, you have some time.” Dad said calmly. I looked at him, furrowing my eyebrows.

“That means we have some time too, doesn’t it?” Uncle John asked my dad, a smile playing at his lips.

“What’s going on?” I asked Colton. My heart was still racing.

“I don’t know,” he murmured, his lips close to my ear, “I don’t really care. If they’re not going to stop us, I’m going to fuck you. That okay, kid?”

I looked for reassurance in Colton’s bright blue eyes. He met my eyes easily, his confident smirk made me feel a bit calmer. He pecked my lips and as he did, he pulled the pillow away from my cock – I let him. It had softened a bit, how could it not? I was definitely still aroused, but being caught in the act, by my father no less, had shaken me.

“Dad?” I asked when Colton’s mouth left mine, “You’re not mad?”

Colton’s hand wrapped around my cock and he began stroking me. My dick came back to life in his practiced hand, hardening fully, and aching for release once more in just seconds.

“Of course not, son. Like your Uncle said, it runs in the family.” Dad gave me a smile. I stared up at him, confusion turning to understand when my Uncle smiled at my Dad and kissed his lips.

I moaned, my cock jerking up in Colton’s hand. Watching these two older men, my father and my uncle kiss was, apart from maybe Colton’s orgasm, the hottest thing I had ever seen.

“Fuck.” Colton breathed. I looked over at him, and his eyes were focused on our dads as well. He looked over at me quickly, and our eyes met. His eyes searched mine and he seemed to be asking me something with them.

“You know I love you, right, Aaron?” He whispered hurriedly. I nodded. Colton turned towards our dads.

“Aaron has a crush on you!” He blurted out. My cheeks flushed again, and I felt the intense urge to hit my cousin. I didn’t have a güvenilir bahis siteleri crush on my father! I just thought he was hot… it was different. I can’t believe he said something!

My dad turned to look at Colton with surprise, a small smile on his lips.

“Oh yeah?” My father’s deep voice sounded amused.

“A big one,” Colton said with a smirk, “I think, since its Christmas, you should at least let him see your cock.”

I felt like my eyes were going to bulge out of my head. I was frozen, part of me wanted to hit Colton, the other part of me wanted to hide my face, another part of me wanted to run away and another part of me… hoped that my dad would actually cater to my cousin’s crazy whims.

To my surprise, my dad chuckled quietly. So did my uncle.

“Told you so.” My uncle muttered. He looked amused, partly because of the information Colton was sharing, and partly because of the way Colton was sharing it. They were too similar, Colton and my uncle. Both confident, sometimes cocky and… pretty sexy too. The fiery light in my uncles eyes was the same look that Colton had in his whenever he was about to fuck.

“Well, what about you Colton? Do you have a crush on your old man?” Uncle John asked.

“Oh yes, Dad, a big one.” Colton answered with a wide, shit-eating grin. He leaned over quickly and kissed me on the cheek, as if he was reassuring me that he still loved me. I knew he did.

Uncle John walked towards us on the bed and stood in front of Colton.

“So, is your Christmas wish to see my cock, then?” He asked with a grin that matched his son’s.

“Oh, no, Dad. My Christmas wish is to take your big cock up my ass.” Colton said confidently. Uncle John grinned and shook his head.

“You’re incorrigible.” He murmured, hooking his hands beneath the waistband of his pajama pants. I watched transfixed as he pulled them down, revealing his already swollen member. I felt my jaw drop a bit. It was probably about as long as Colton’s but it was thicker.

Colton reached out and took his dad’s big prick in his hand and started to stroke it. He admired it, how big it was, how thick it was. His other hand moved from my cock to his own, and he started to stroke himself as he stroked his father.

“How long have you two been fucking?” Colton asked, looking up at his dad. I admired just how confident he seemed, this entire situation not unnerving him in the slightest.

“Since we were about your age.” My dad answered for his brother, who was currently enraptured by his own son’s skilled hand.

My dad moved in front of me, but didn’t reach for his pants. He stroked my hair with his hand, running his fingertips down my cheek.

“Are you okay, son? I’m sorry we startled you.” He said softly. His eyes looked reassuringly in to mine. I felt calmed. My eyes travelled down his body, and rested, just for a moment, on the large tent in his pajama bottoms.

“Do you want to see it?” He asked me. I looked up at him again, and felt myself nod.

“Okay.” His voice was still calm and even, and it made me feel so relaxed. My dad started by taking off his shirt, and my eyes scoured his body, admiring his chest. It was covered in a thin layer of hair, and a line ran down from his belly button beneath his pajama pants. I licked my lips in anticipation.

I glanced quickly over at Colton, to see if he was enjoying the look of my dad’s body as much as I was, but instead found him sucking his father’s big prick. His eyes were open, and he looked up at his dad as he bobbed his head quickly up and down the thick shaft. One hand cupped my uncle’s large balls, the other worked his shaft up and down, pumping whatever wasn’t in his mouth. My uncle’s chest expanded rapidly as his breath hitched and he became more and more excited by his son sucking his dick. I envied him – I knew that Colton was a great cocksucker.

I looked back at my own father as he slid his bottoms down and stepped out of them. His prick stood up proudly just a few inches from my face, and I couldn’t help but stare at it. It was big – definitely bigger than Colton’s. Probably about as thick, but maybe an inch to an inch and a half longer. I licked my lips again as my cock began to really ache now, begging for release.

“You can touch it, if you want, son.” Dad said gently. He wasn’t like my uncle; he wasn’t going to act as though anything was expected. He certainly wasn’t going to pressure me.

“That’s okay?” I asked.

“Mhmm.” He nodded.

I reached out and wrapped my hand around his cock. It reacted to my touch, jolting up as mine had done before. It was rock hard in my hand, just as hard as my own needy cock. I ran my hand up and down it, stroking it the way that Colton had showed me. My dad sucked in a deep breath.

“Is it good, dad?” I asked.

“Yes, son. Very good.” He encouraged me, knowing how intimidating this whole thing was for me. As exciting as it was, being with the three hottest men I’d ever seen, it was also intimidating. If Uncle John and Dad had been fucking each other since they were my age, they would’ve been fucking for over twenty years. Colton had been fucking for at least three years, so I was the most inexperienced by a longshot.

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