Learning to Fuck Again

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I was lonely. I was hurt, lonely and broken. Excuses, I know, but that was how I felt when I landed in bed with my neighbor’s 18 year old son. My husband of twenty years had just left me for a younger woman. I was no longer the tall, thin and hot girl he married and had become older, overweight and no longer sexy. My large breasts sagged and my hips grew wide. I was nearing forty and probably looked every bit of that age, if not older. I wasn’t getting his cock up anymore so he left me for someone who did.

Anyway, it had been a month of staying inside and avoiding any and all contact. I went to work and came home to cry myself to sleep. That happened after I would force myself to eat dinner, rewarding my fat ass with a large bowl of cookie dough ice cream. I cried my way to the shower, cried in the shower and then cried in bed. Sleep was nothing but horrible dreams of seeing my ex with his new bimbo, her large tits sticking out as he wrapped his sleazy arm around her skinny waist and paraded her around town, making sure everyone knew I couldn’t make him hard so he found something better.

My productivity at work started to drop and my boss decided to give me two weeks off, a vacation of sorts so I could get my shit together. “Look… we love you here and we hate seeing you go through this but he doesn’t deserve you. You are beautiful inside and out and yada, yada, yada…” I heard the speech from everyone I ran into after the divorce, I was better than him, he didn’t deserve me and I will find someone better than him. It didn’t make it easier though, if I couldn’t make his almost 50 year old cock hard then how in the hell was I going to make anyone else’s hard?

So anyway, now it’s Friday, 6 pm and I am sitting in my car after leaving Publix for my groceries, in my garage, the new pint of cookie dough ice cream melting in my trunk as the tears begin falling once more. Great, now I had two weeks to sit here and do this shit. I forced myself out of the car and took the food inside. My usual nightly routine began; dinner, tears, ice cream, tears, shower, tears and then to bed with more tears.


The sun blasted through the curtains and I began cursing myself for not closing them tightly. My bedroom faced the backyard and I had a wooden fence running around the yard. It wasn’t a tall privacy fence, it only came about chest high, but I wanted it so the dog could run around freely. Unfortunately the bastard took the dog when he left me. Anyway, I got up to yank the curtains closed and was suddenly frozen. The neighbor’s son, Jeff, was out back mowing their yard. He was such a good looking boy, around 6’4 with a toned body from playing football. He had dark brown hair and tanned skin and was wearing a pair of basketball shorts, no shirt. I felt a tingle, the first tingle in a very long time. I dipped my hand into my pajama pants and felt moisture.

Jeff had reached the back end of the yard and turned around, pushing the mower towards the house. I watched the sweat glisten off of his chest and my fingers slid between my swollen lips, rubbing at the hard little nub that had finally awoken. I began to fantasize, imagining that I was younger and hotter and outside with him. He finished the pass and started back up, just as I brought myself to an orgasm, my legs weak and shaky and my breath coming out in ragged gasps.

What in the hell? I felt embarrassment flush my face. I couldn’t believe I just imagined fucking an 18 year old boy, of course it wasn’t really me now but the much sexier, younger version of me. I pulled my hand out and closed the curtains. Fuck it, I would do some yard work, my own yard becoming very neglected and overgrown since my husband left. I changed, slipping into a pair of not so sexy lace undies that had become quite stretched, loose shorts over those and a sports bra. I figured that Jeff would be inside and maybe heading out with friends by the time I made it out back so I didn’t have to worry about anyone seeing me. I pulled my long, brown hair into a ponytail and looked at myself in the mirror. My belly pooched out but my tits did look great being suffocated in the tight sports bra, no longer sagging to meet with my belly.

I went into the kitchen and poured a glass of orange juice and then sat on the couch for a minute to watch the news. Typical Florida weather, 8 am and the temps were already in the 90’s. I really do need to move to someplace cooler. I heard the mower shut off and waited a few more minutes, giving Jeff time to put it away and hopefully head inside before I went out back. Ten minutes and several boring news stories later, I turned the television off and made my way out back.

The heat blasted you hard, almost knocking the breath out of you. I slid down my sunglasses and walked around my pool, now green with algae and muck and leaves, to the shed. I pulled the door open and drug out the nearly new mower. I have yet to ever mow a yard so this would be my first time. I sighed, grabbing the pull string and giving it a hard yank. Nothing. I pulled again and again and poker oyna still got nothing. Sweat was pouring off of me and my shorts were now sticking to my large, round ass. I looked over the damned thing trying to see if there were directions on it or something else I needed to do to get it to start.

“Good morning Mrs. Bates! I think you need to push the choke on it before pulling it!”

I jumped, nearly screaming as though I had seen a spider. I turned to my left to see Jeff standing at the fence, a smile as bright as the sun on his handsome face. I gave a little wave and then turned to the machine again, bending to find this so called choke he mentioned.

“Uh… where would I find it at, Jeff?” I asked, not wanting to turn around and let him see my red face as I felt like a total fool.

“Mind if I come take a look, Mrs. Bates? It should be on the right but it could be a lever and not a button. I’ll be right there!”

Before I could tell him that I would forget about it and just clean the pool, I heard the fences, his and then mine as he walked on over. I stood up, looking down to see the white sports bra I had so stupidly chosen to wear was now see through from all of the sweat. I crossed my arms over my chest in hopes that he wouldn’t notice.

“Here… let me take a look. Usually they need to be choked a few times before they start, especially after sitting for so long. Hey… why don’t you let me mow it for you, free of charge!”

He stood up, looking down at me. I couldn’t help but shudder at how gorgeous he was. Wishing I could fall into a hole in the ground, I shook my head no.

“Thanks Jeff but I need to learn how to do these things now that I am on my own. If you could just show me how to start it then I should be okay.”

“Mrs. Bates, I don’t mind at all, really. Look, you do something else, maybe clean out the leaves in the pool and such. I will mow the yard for you, every two weeks. I don’t mind helping you out since the asshole left you.”

My jaw nearly fell to the floor. How did he know?!

“Sorry, I heard my folks talking about it. Mom said he was asshole. Dad told me to come over last week to offer help but I had to finish up with school, graduation and shit takes a lot of time.”

“Uh… okay. I guess I can let you mow. I will work on the pool. Thank you, Jeff.”

I didn’t know what else to say so I walked back into the shed, leaning against the wall where he couldn’t see me so I could catch my breath. I swear I felt his eyes running up and down my body but figured that I was just going insane from the heat. I pushed off of the wall and grabbed the pool net.

We spent the next couple of hours in silence as he mowed the entire yard and I cleaned the pool. By the time he finished, I had the pool back to it’s beautiful blue color and we were both dripping in sweat. I put the pool stuff back in and then moved out to let Jeff put the mower back in.

“Thank you so much Jeff. I would still be mowing the lawn if you weren’t here to help. Would you please let me get you something to drink? Actually, why don’t you come inside, enjoy the ac and let me make you lunch?”

“Thanks Mrs. Bates, that would be great!”

“Please, call me Jessie. The divorce was final last week, no more Mrs. Bates.” I said, hearing the sadness seep from my voice.

“His loss… come on, Jessie, let’s go eat!”

He then winked at me, reaching around and giving my ample ass a good smack before heading towards my house. Was he? No… no way in hell. He couldn’t be. He had opened the slider and was staring at me, a shit eating grin on his face as I wondered if he was flirting with me. I closed the shed and made my way to the house.


My stomach was in knots. I had spent half of my life married to one man and now he was gone. I made Jeff’s sandwich as he sat at the table, his back against the chair, one arm thrown over the table and his legs spread. I won’t lie, I tried to see if I could look up his shorts. Any woman who says she would never is a damned liar! He was tall and I couldn’t help but wonder if the myths were true, tall guys had long ones while short guys had fat ones… I had only ever had one, remember?

Jeff smiled, telling me all about graduation and the kick ass party he went to last night. There was so much booze and the girls were putting out all night long. I had to ask, blushing because I didn’t know what that meant to put out. He laughed, his voice deep, pulling on an invisible string that ran right to my pussy. My nipples were hard and I was hoping like hell that he hadn’t noticed. Of course he was talking about hot young girls from school so surely he wasn’t looking at my old and fat ass.

“Jeff, would you mind if I took a quick shower? I seem to be getting a chill from the sweat and then being in the cold ac…”

“Not at all Jessie… I’ll just finish my sandwich. If you aren’t done by the time I am then I will let myself out.”

He had a twinkle in his bright blue eyes and I shuddered again. I gave him a little smile canlı poker oyna and bolted through the house, down the hallway and into my bedroom. I closed the door and quickly stripped out of the wet clothes, running into the bathroom. The hot water felt amazing so I quickly lathered my hair and rinsed, grabbing the sponge to soap up my body. I wanted to hurry so he wouldn’t have to leave. I don’t know why, it just felt nice having someone to talk to.

“Damn… he is a complete ass for leaving you.”

I nearly screamed again, turning to pull the shower curtain shut. I must have left it somewhat opened and now Jeff was standing in my bathroom, leaning against the counter, staring at me. I grabbed the curtain and pulled it to my body.

“Jeff! What are you doing in here?! Please… give me a second, I am almost finished.”

“I gave you several seconds, actually. Long enough to finish the sandwich, which was great by the way. Thanks. Now… please move the curtain, I was enjoying the view.”

He sounded older, his voice issuing a tone of authority. I looked at him in shock, not processing what he was telling me.

“Jeff… seriously. I am old enough to be your mother, please… I will be right out.”

My face had turned bright red and I watched in horror as he pushed off of the counter and walked towards me. If I was confused about his intentions before, it vanished instantly when I watched him drop his shorts to the floor. He had on nothing under them and was walking towards me with a nice, stiff cock. He raised his hand and took the curtain from my fingers. I couldn’t help but step back, pressing myself against the wall. I looked for a towel so I could hide myself.

Jeff was just inches in front of me, his head down as he looked over my naked body. I was shaking, not from the water since it was still hot, thankfully, but from his stare, from it having been so long since a man looked at me. I think I had forgotten how to breathe.

Jeff put his hand under my chin and pulled my face up, his lips pressing against mine. His kiss was soft as he opened his mouth and poked at mine with his tongue. I hadn’t French kissed a man in years, even that has stopped happening with my husband and that was so long ago I couldn’t even remember.

I opened my mouth and let his tongue in. He gracefully explored my mouth as I explored his. He placed his hands on my shoulders and slowly ran them over my body, down my arms and up my sides and over my breasts. I placed my hands on his chest, pushing him back a little. I didn’t want him touching my body, I didn’t want him feeling the extra fat I had on me. I thought I could possibly sleep with him but it would be under the safety of a blanket on my bed so he couldn’t see me.

“Jessie, stop hiding from me. You are a beautiful woman.” He said as he pulled away from my lips and began kissing along my neck and over my ear. I trembled, my heart racing. I heard the words he said but couldn’t process them.

“Jeff… please…” I moaned softly, unsure of what I was really begging him for.

“Shhh… relax and enjoy this. I know I am going to.”

He then began kissing over my shoulder, his hand cupping my large breasts, his fingers tweaking my hard nipples. Suddenly his mouth was on them, sucking them and biting them. I moaned out as one of his hands slipped between my legs and began rubbing my pussy.

Jeff released my tits and turned the shower off. He then told my to lie down in the tub. I hesitated, watching as he grabbed my shaving cream and a razor. He stepped back and sat on the edge. I finally relented, sitting on my ass and then laying back. He smiled as he squirted the cream into his hand and then moved it towards my pussy. Embarrassment crept up again. I hadn’t shaved or trimmed down there in a very long time, didn’t have a reason to anymore.

He was soft, spreading the thick cream around my pussy. He then crawled down, sitting between my legs as he began to shave me. I wasn’t sure what he was going to do, keeping my eyes closed so I wouldn’t have to see any grimace from his face. It felt amazing though and I was soaked as he ran the razor over my skin, his fingers spreading my lips to shave every inch of my pussy. When he was finished, he turned the water back on, flipping the lever in the tub so it would fill up the bath.

He then grabbed the sponge and finished washing my body, his fingers causing goosebumps to travel over my flesh as he played with my nipples and teased my clit. I forgot that he was only an 18 year old boy and that I was a 40 year old woman.

We washed each other, I made sure to take my time caressing his body, feeling the rippling muscles flex under my fingers before wrapping them around his cock. I was fighting a battle and I knew I wouldn’t win. Part of me was telling myself to send him home, how would I ever be able to look at his mother again? The other part of me was enjoying the tender moment we were sharing while another part of me wanted to be fucked hard and rough, to feel him slamming into me with all of his strength. I was going to lose because I wasn’t going to send him home.

We turned the shower off and began drying. I figured I would give him this one time, this one chance; he was a kid and surely it wouldn’t last long. I was lonely and needed this, although I still wanted to hide under the covers. I couldn’t understand what he found sexy about my body. I clutched the towel tight against my body as we left the bathroom and walked towards the bed. I was nervous and couldn’t understand why since I just let him shave my pussy bald!

He spun me around, his lips pressing against mine as he walked me backwards until the bed was pressing the back of my thighs. I pulled away and sat on the edge, reaching forward to grab his cock. I wrapped my fingers around the thick shaft and began stroking, twisting my hand around as I moved up and down. He moaned, tangling his hands in my hair as I leaned forward and licked the pearl of pre-cum that glistened on top. It had been far too long and he tasted delicious, igniting a spark inside of me. I opened my mouth and slid him in, my lips hugging his velvet shaft tightly.

I was like an animal possessed and I began bobbing up and down his pole rapidly, slurping and sucking as I reached between his legs and rubbed his balls. I wanted him to fill my mouth, I wanted him to grab my head and thrust his hips and gag me with his cock.

“Hey now… slow down, beautiful! I want to make love to you… take your time, enjoy this,” Jeff said, pulling my head back so he cock fell from my wet lips.

“I don’t want slow, I don’t want love. I want you to fuck me. Fuck me hard and fast and all night long.” I begged as I pulled against his hands, my hair getting pulled as I leaned forward to take his cock back into my mouth.

I forgot about my insecurities, my out of shape body with its extra padding, my saggy breasts and my wide ass. I sat on the edge of that bed and sucked his cock like a starving woman. Drool dripped from my stretched lips as my tongue slid out and tickled his balls while the head of his cock slid down my throat. I made him growl like a beast as he grabbed my hair and fucked my mouth.

Reaching around his muscular ass, I slid a finger into the crack and began pressing against his asshole. He tightened his muscles and tried to fight me but I wasn’t having it, I pushed until my finger broke the barrier and then I pushed some more. I was in to my first knuckle, rubbing his prostate and listening to the guttural moans coming from this gorgeous young man. It was only a matter of seconds and he cried out, his seed shooting from his cock and spilling down my throat. I gulped and gulped, sucking for every last drop. I hadn’t tasted cum in almost twenty years and now I felt like I couldn’t get enough.

He pulled me up as I swallowed the last rope of hot cum, feeling it slide down my throat as he pressed his lips to mine, his tongue diving in to explore. I was worried that he would get grossed out from tasting his own cum, my husband would have been pissed if I tried to kiss him after that, even twenty years ago. However, it seemed to fuel Jeff.

He reached down and picked me up, my legs wrapping around his waist. I felt his cock pressing against my opening and I shuddered. He began crawling up my bed and I couldn’t help but be amazed that he was holding me. We made it up to the middle where he laid me down and pulled my arms and legs from around him. His lips left mine and he began kissing down my body, slow and gentle. I pressed up, pushing my body into his, wanting it harder. He took my breasts in his hands and squeezed, his warm mouth pulling my hard nipples in, his teeth clamping around them and causing me to yelp. It felt amazing to be handled roughly.

He lowered his mouth until he was over my newly bald pussy. I looked down at him, not so embarrassed since I was on my back and didn’t look so fat. He smiled wickedly, blowing hot breath over the smooth skin. I was so wet and the smell of my arousal filled the air. I watched as he snaked his tongue out and ran it over my swollen lips before using his fingers to spread them, my clit popping out for a tongue lashing. He flicked and sucked on my clit until I was writhing beneath him, my fingers grabbing at his brown hair as my hips pressed up and pushed my pussy into his face.

Jeff brought me to the edge and as I screamed out that I was coming, he stopped, pulling away and sliding his tongue down to my virgin asshole. I groaned in frustration, desperate for a release from something other than my own fingers or a damned vibrator. He continued this torture several more times until I screamed out in utter frustration.

“Please Jeff… please let me cum!!”

His mouth latched onto my clit, flicking and sucking until I finally came, my body thrashing on the bed as tears rolled down my cheeks. He worked me over for a few more minutes, several more orgasms and even more tears until he finally crawled back up, his arms hooked under my knees to bring my legs up. He slid his hard cock deep into me, my pussy accepting him with ease since I was so wet already. I was finally filled and he began fucking me, hard and fast just as I had begged him to do.

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