Crucifix: Temptation Ch. 01

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Crucifix-Claudia and Brody’s Story

Chapter 1. A Scheme to Tempt a Husband with an Innocent Flower…

Shannon Anderson wanted a divorce. But she knew Brody wouldn’t hear of it. Those damned convictions of his. ‘Marriage is a sacred vow, Shannon. You can’t just walk away from it. We can work this out. It’s just a bump in the road. Let’s try counseling, for the kids.’

She was tired of their marriage. But she wasn’t stupid. When she signed that prenuptial agreement, it stipulated that should they divorce, their estate would be divided fifty-fifty, unless, of course, it could be proven that one of them had caused the divorce through ‘indecent actions’. Ergo, an affair or any other lewd or lascivious actions that might have helped lead to the demise of their union. And Brody was so fucking honest, if a judge asked him about having an affair, he’d own up to it. And should that be the case, the estate would go eighty-twenty, her favor.

So, she decided to put her hubby in such a tempting situation, one where he couldn’t give in, unless he had a will of stone, she could almost taste the divorce decree. Brody sure as hell could be shamed into a divorce. He’d almost slipped a few times in the past, but never fallen. Not Brody, never. She giggled remembering all the time he wasted going to Confession. If her plan worked, he’d need to pay rent for that booth. And if he only knew what she’d been up to. Ha!


Shannon looked at her watch as she waited for Father Elias to usher the third young lady from Holy Cross, into his office. She was starting to think her grand plan was going to bottom out. The first two girls were less than attractive. But when the door opened and the third prospective nanny stepped in, Shannon smiled. “Mrs. Anderson, this is Claudia Fitzpatrick. She’ll be graduating on Friday, with honors, nonetheless. We here at Holy Cross hate to see her go.”

Claudia, a trim, curvy five-six, with soft wavy waist length brown hair tucked behind her ears, looked delicious. And her eyes were a piercingly gorgeous blue green. She wore a modest blue skirt and a tight white polo shirt. Her smile was broad and genuine. And either dear Claudia was graced by God with spectacularly beautiful teeth or she had one fucking good orthodontist and a great teeth whitener. Best of all, she was every bit the innocent Catholic school girl.

{Oh, yeah, I’ll bet you hate to see her go, Father. Hot little body like hers. Jesus Christ, she makes me hot.} Shannon stood to greet the last candidate for the nanny job and noticed that she was getting a tad bit wet looking at the sweet girl. She shook Claudia’s hand, “Nice to meet you, Claudia. I’m sorry but I’m really strapped for time today so let me cut straight to the chase. Now tell me, Claudia, do you know anything about being a nanny?”

She stared intently at the young girl’s full mouth and then down at her breasts as she spoke. Şirinevler escort She wasn’t afraid to admit she liked any good piece of ass, and Claudia’s was one of the finest she’d seen in a while. Shannon sat and felt the warmth and tingling between her legs start to grow.

Claudia unconsciously played with her crucifix necklace, “Yes, ma’am. I was a day nanny for Father Thomas’ sister last summer in Florida. That’s where I’m from. Anyway they have six children. But I’ve never spent a summer here in Connecticut.”

The attractive older priest chimed in as he stared at Claudia’s hot body, “And Mrs. Anderson, the Grayson’s were so upset when they heard that someone else might snatch Claudia up for the summer.” He listened to the two talking and thought how sad he really would be to see her go.

Nothing made him happier than to see Claudia and her friends when they walked or sometimes ran past his office window trying to get to class on time. And the one time she was sent to his office to discuss the moral ramifications of ‘self-exploration’ he had to explore himself after she left. Twice. Apparently, he followed the ‘do as I say, not as I do’ rule regarding that particular offense. {Oh, well, Karen Chambers is an Upper this year. And she’s always in trouble.}

Shannon smiled at his comment and could tell that Father Elias appreciated a good looking girl just as much as she did, “You know I seem to remember seeing you at church a few times.” {And I remember how Brody stared at you. Jesus, she’s going to drive him fucking nuts.}

“Yes, ma’am. I remember seeing you and your family. You’ve got wonderful children.”

“Thank you. Now, you do realize this is be a twenty four hour position. I work in Manhattan. I leave on Sunday’s and usually come home on Thursday night. You’d be spending a lot of time with my husband and my children. You know, fixing meals for the kids and playing. But you wouldn’t have to worry about Brody. He’s pretty good in the kitchen. Oh, and you’d also have to take the kids swimming and to the park and whatnot. You do know how to swim, don’t you?”

“Yes, ma’am. I’m also a certified life guard and I love kids, if that helps you make your decision. And I don’t have a problem with cooking. If your husband doesn’t feel like fixing his own dinners or whatever, I’d be happy to.”

{I’ll bet you would.} “How nice of you. I’m sure Brody would like that. Sometimes he gets so wrapped up in drawing his silly comic books, he forgets to eat. Maybe you can put him on a regular schedule.” Shannon smiled and felt an almost uncontrollable need to rock her hips in the seat, instead, she recrossed her legs and wiggled her foot as she squeezed her thighs together, a trick she’d learned a long time ago to masturbate in public.

“Yes ma’am, I’m sure as an artist that can happen.” Claudia knew he was an artist. She’d talked to him last Fall at the Ataköy escort Oktoberfest Fundraiser. She and her friend Susan were setting up the ‘Senior Class Silent Auction’ and Claudia picked up one of his drawings to look at it more closely. It was a sketch of a fairy trapped in a teardrop. Claudia’s mind wandered back……….

….Claudia picked up the drawing and stared at it. Susan laughed, “Thinking of bidding on it?”


“The fairy in the raindrop. You gonna bid on it?”

“No.” she set it aside, “I spent my allowance on my dress and shoes for the formal and if I charge anything else, my dad’ll kill me. He says, ‘You’re at Holy Cross for an education, not to go to the city to shop.’ So, I’m broke for a while.” Claudia pointed to the drawing, “Oh, and Susan, the fairy, she’s not in a raindrop. It’s a tear. See, that’s the jaw line and that shadow up here,” she pointed to the top of the drawing, “is the ridge of your eye socket.”

Brody Anderson, who’d been standing behind them watching his daughter, Nina, climb a portable rock wall, heard the girls talking. Impressed, he clapped and said, “Very good. Most people don’t see it. And you know, I thought it was obvious. I’ll have to try better next time.”

Claudia turned around quickly and saw him standing behind her. “Oh, uh, hi. You did this?” Her cheeks flushed. She recognized him from church. He was so handsome.

“Yep, that would be me,” he pointed to the signature in the corner, “Brody Anderson. Nice to meet you. And you are?” He extended his hand toward the attractive Holy Cross senior whom he had also noticed a few times at mass.

“She’s Claudia Fitzpatrick, Mr. Anderson.” Susan took his strong hand, “And I’m Susan Wayne. We’re seniors here at Holy Cross.”

Brody smiled at the short, cute Asian girl but continued to stare at Claudia, lost in her eyes. He made her nervous and he could tell. Brody chuckled, “Nice to meet you, Susan.” He released her hand and took Claudia’s, “And you, Claudia.” {Goddamn, where were you when I was in school? Those ‘socials’ between St. Ignatius and Holy Cross would have been SO much better.}

A little boy ran up to Brody, “Dad, come on. They’ve got this cool bouncy house. Come on.”

He smiled at them. “I’ve got to go. Nice to meet you, both of you. Make sure to enjoy your senior year, ladies. Nolan, stop pulling my coat.” He walked away, but not before turning back to look at Claudia Fitzpatrick one last time. She was so pretty. He would love to draw her.

Claudia could feel herself blushing as the memory faded……….

….Shannon saw the hint of a smile on Claudia’s face when she told Claudia that she’d be spending a lot of time with Brody. {That’s right. Oh, yeah, you’re going to drive him up a fucking wall. A few weeks of her and he’ll be so fucking frustrated. He’ll cave, just wait.}

“I think you would do Bakırköy escort wonderfully. Don’t you agree, Father?”

Father Elias smiled, “Yes, Mrs. Anderson. Claudia is a wonderful young lady.” He looked at Claudia and saw her modestly grin and look away from the two of them.

“Now Claudia, Brody will go over the daily schedule with you. And I need to add, because he’ll forget, under no circumstances are you to have any boys over.”

Claudia’s eyes grew wide. “Oh, yes, ma’am. I’m not dating anyone or anything. No, ma’am.”

“No one? Cute little dear like yourself? How old are you?” Shannon, knowing what the answer would be, but wanting to watch her squirm asked, “You’re not a lesbian are you, Claudia?”

Claudia’s jaw dropped, “No, ma’am. No. And I’m, I’m eighteen. I’ll be nineteen this summer.”

{I didn’t think so. Oh, and she’s legal, too. Wouldn’t want him to go to prison, that would fuck up the money.} “Wonderful. As a mother, I want my children to be around good role models.”

“Oh, but I am a good role model. I’m still a…” Claudia stopped and looked at her hands.

{I knew it! A virgin, even better.} Shannon suddenly had an urge to push that sweet child into a closet and suck every bit of sweetness right out of her. She leaned and patted Claudia’s bare knee, “I understand.” She gave Claudia an understanding wink and watched her blush.

“So, I take it, you want the position? When can I expect you?”

“Yes, ma’am. I’m flying home with my family on Saturday. But I can be back after June tenth.”

“Oh, dear, is there anyway you can get back sooner, say the seventh?”

Claudia took a deep breath. She didn’t want to miss spending time with her family, but she did want the job. Her dad would understand. She’d just give him his birthday present early. “Sure.”

“Good. I’ll have my husband pick you up at Meyer’s station on the seventh at eight.”. Alright?”

“Yes, ma’am. Meyer’s Station, on the seventh at eight. And thank you so much for this opportunity, Mrs. Anderson. I won’t let you down.”

“Oh, no. Thank you Claudia. And I’m sure you won’t.”

Shannon sat at the stop light with the tiny vibrator she carried in her purse ‘for emergencies’ nestled between her drenched lips and resting against her clit. She thought of the delicious young girl she’d just hired to come into her home for the summer and licked her lips thinking about how wonderful she would taste, frustrated knowing that she wouldn’t be able to have her.

The driver behind her honked his horn when the light turned green. Shaken back to reality, she looked in the rearview mirror. {No. She’s Brody’s temptation. And what a temptation she is.}

Shannon laughed. She loved getting off in the car. She’d crank the music up and people would look in, seeing her ‘dancing’. And when she’d ‘sing’, little did they know that she was cumming like there was no tomorrow. Thank God, she’d never had an accident, what would the paramedics think?

* * *

Shannon hugged her kids and reminded Brody to pick up Claudia, “Remember, it’s the eighth at seven.” She climbed aboard the train and smiled devilishly as the train pulled out of the station.

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