Cruising with Lesbian Sister and Mad Mom Pt. 02

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Everyone having sex is at least 18. This is fiction, I made it all up. Warning: this is a self-edited story. I do use Grammarly to help reduce my ability to murder the English language. Special thanks to goducks1 for his help.


Chapter 6 – Island Excursion

The next morning Sara still has her hands on my breasts and she is tweaking my nipples. They are rock hard and throbbing. I hear a bed squeaking. Neighbors at this hour, that’s impressive. As I am waking up and am more in tune with my senses, it’s not the neighbors. NO FUCKING WAY!

My eyes go wide open, my rage burns bright, and my mom is bouncing on top of John. He looks groggy still, like he too just woke up. Sara whispers “Shush” in my ear. John has his morning wood and mom is fucking him. I can’t tell if he is awake or not. She is bobbing up and down on his tool and she loves it.

She has a slow easy fucking going. Like John, she is in no rush and is enjoying the journey. She isn’t moving much so John may well be asleep still. I have a perfect view of them and mom is not looking my way. Shit. That motherly intuition kicked in and she just looked over at me.

Normally mom would be furious and scream at me. Not so this time. She seems to be in a stupor and is giggling. She could care less that I am watching. Sara reaches a hand around and into my slit. She is finger fucking me at the same rate as mom and John are. That’s where the similarities end.

Mom is fucking a flagpole, I have a single slim finger in me. I see John’s hands moving now and his eyes are fluttering. He is waking up. He does a double take and then grins.

John asks in a groggy voice, “Last night was too much for you?”

Mom can’t talk, she nods her head yes. She picks up the pace significantly. There is no need to hold back any longer. She has needs that need fulfilling. She is taking what she needs and John surrenders to her. He seems perfectly OK with that. She is her son, how can she do that?

Mom doesn’t exercise like this. She is slowing down. John grabs her and pulls her close. He rolls them over and then sets her in doggie style. He mounts her and starts slamming into her hard at a quick pace. John just treated her like a rag doll. She has no defense against him but then, she didn’t put up any fight. She was his to do as he pleased, and he is pleasing both. Mom looks way too pleased with herself.

My jealous streak kicked in and I want to kill mom. I really don’t know why. They are both adults. They are not hurting me. For the first time in forever, mom looks happy. I should be happy for her. Instead, I am jealous because it’s not me he is pounding. Sara can, mom shouldn’t, I can’t. I want to.

Before my eyes, mom screams and John thrusts hard and holds as each rope of cum pumps into our mother. She looks around like she got away with it. She didn’t.

I was way too harsh, “You evil bitch, you will burn in hell for eternity.”

I quickly threw on a sundress and ran out of the room with tears running down my eyes. A walk out on the deck, enjoy the sun, and the fresh air. I feel better. I walk inside and there is a breakfast buffet and a bar. Just what I need, a Mimosa and scrambled eggs.

Almost immediately after I sit down John sits down across from me smiling.

I am mad again, “How the hell did you find me so quickly?”

John laughs, “I asked the crew if they knew where my girlfriend was. See those three guys, they turned you in.”

I look at them with steely eyes and they smile and wave at me. John shoves me.

John is almost laughing, “You need to lighten up. You are on vacation. Hell, even Rachael is having fun and that hasn’t happened in twenty years.”

Straight-faced, “Yeah, I saw the whole thing this morning. I don’t mind you fucking Sara but mo … Rachael, that’s going too far.”

John looks deep into my eyes, leans forward and says, “Don’t you think deep down that is exactly what she needed? He abused and cheated on her. He subjected her to all kinds of humiliation. Then she has no money, no husband, two kids to raise, a crappy job, no education, and guilt for allowing it to happen.

“Why do you think I am here? To spend quality time with two people that gave me the best childhood a kid could have? Well, except for nearly killing me. Hell no. I thought that I could help you two have fun and lead a normal life. I am doing fine, I don’t need this shit. I can go away and have a wonderful life anytime. Can you say the same?”

He stood up and walked off quickly.

I finished eating, although I didn’t feel like eating much now. I walk up to the three guys that waved earlier.

I ask, “Excuse me. When John is frustrated or sad where does he go?”

One of the guys laughs at me, “He goes up into the crow’s nest. It’s at the topmast above the bridge. It’s scary up there. I have a better idea. We are docking in two hours at that island. “He points at an island in the distance. “There is much to do there, but I guarantee you he will be playing beach poker oyna volleyball. There is nothing and I mean nothing, that will stop him from playing. Never bet against him, he is terrific. I saw him lose to two Olympic players, but he was the best player on the beach. His partner wasn’t up to the task and they abused the partner causing him to lose.”


Mom and Sara are with me. Sara and I played high school volleyball, we are good. I recruit a team of good-looking male athletes that played well in games I saw. John is sitting on the ground with a bunch of women drinking lemon-aid.

I walk up to John and kick sand on him to annoy him. My team is with me, I feel brave.

I say to John confidently, “How about the best of three games to 21. Then a private bet between us two, twenty-four hours as a slave to the other.”

John looks surprised, looks at the guys, and then moves. He talks to his team in secret talks.

John stands up, “Ok, I agree.”

We set up our teams, flip a coin for the first serve and then we play. John was fantastic, but his team wasn’t. They were a bunch of cute bimbos. We win the first game and have a break midway through the second, we are up four points. Naturally, I love teasing John, I push his buttons. I love doing that. He gets mad and says fine, lets double the bet. Of course, I agree.

We set up again and John’s team serves. Previously they were sailing the ball up into the air, so it was easy to return. This time a rocket shot past my head and landed a foot in bounds. Oh, fuck! Four more whizz by before we return it. John is there to slam it back at my feet. They finally hit one long. I serve the ball, and they set up John perfectly off the dig. Damn, these girls are good. John slams it home again. His team wins. We play the next game without ever scoring a point.

After the match, John says to us, “Say hello to the US Women’s Junior National volleyball team. I helped save their training camp this year. Ok, everyone, line up, let’s shake hands, … or whatever.”

Each girl kissed and fondled each of the guys. They loved every moment. With me, they kissed me and stuck a finger in my vagina and sloshed it around. I was never happier that I lost. Everyone enjoyed the day. We mixed up the teams and played until it got dark.

Sara, John, and I are having so much fun we forget about mom. As it starts to darken, mom found us. Ok, she had been watching us all day from under a big umbrella drinking drinks with little umbrellas in them. She is swaying while walking, her speech is slurred, she’s giggling, all the signs of drinking too much. Mom jumped up into John’s arms and she wrapped her legs around him. He held her in place after she passed out.

We drop mom off at our room and find a place to have dinner. We missed the main dining room but on a cruise ship, there is always a meal around. We end up by the pool eating grilled hamburgers and smoked ribs with potato salad and coleslaw.

While sitting down, John asks me, “Did you know who my friends were?”

I smirk at him, “No. I scouted the guys and talked them into playing you and the girls. I figured them for a high school or club team. It’s funny because they looked like a volleyball team. Never in my wildest dreams did I think you would get the US Women’s Junior Nationals. I feel like I was at a pool hall and got schooled.”

John smiles, “I told them you were a lesbian and could feel you up if we win. It looked like you had fun. I am confused though. You recruit a team to win yet I figured you would want to lose.”

I am suddenly shy, “I wanted to beat you at something you loved and then force you to please me. Of course, plan B is also a winner. You decide everything, taking the worry out of my hands.”

I wonder how he will handle this. Will he play with me and tease me? Will he just use me? I would have him on the bed already. He plays it cool, we have plenty of time. He pulls me and Sara to him, one in each arm. His arm is around my waist and holding me tight. We walk three across to the back of the ship where the nightclubs are.

He takes us to, of all places, to the 1920’s bar. The people there are much closer to 120 than 20. We don’t fit in at all. They have a live jazz band playing all slow music. The lighting is dim.

John leans over and whispers in my ear, “Go to the washroom, remove your bra and panties.”

He pushes me towards the washrooms. Sara blindly follows me. In the washroom, nobody is there. I check out my makeup and touch it up.

I tell Sara, “John wants me to remove my bra and panties. Then we are going dancing. I am going to be so embarrassed.”

I hear a flush. Oh fuck, someone was in a stall. A woman in her 80’s comes out, washes her hands, then looks in the mirror.

She looks at me and says, “You think any of us have a bra or panties on? At our age, not much is fun anymore. It does add some spice though, seeing the naked asses and tits that spill out of blouses. You have one helluva a canlı poker oyna stud out there, go with it and have fun. Sex tonight will be the best you ever had, it’s why he brought you here.”

She turns and walks out with a smile on her face. Ok. I bend down and pull down my panties, they go in my purse. Sara undoes my bra and I take it off, then stash it in my purse. Sara then repeats my performance.

She smiles at me, “I am hoping for leftovers.”

Unlike the younger clubs, I can hear the music, we can talk at our table, and we order drinks. When we dance, there is room to move and we aren’t bumping into people. Naturally, while slow dancing, his hands roam my ass. Twice he twirled me, my dress goes out, I am showing my naked body to everyone. Most of them couldn’t see well enough to notice but those that did had quite the smile. John was

on that list. Several times his fingers came up front and dipped into my snatch. He touched my clit but no more.

This was worse because I wanted more, and yet he was only giving me little bits. Sara got the same treatment and is just as frustrated. We are in a public place, really can’t do much more. I wanted to do a lot more. I may have even let him take me on the table. That must be the alcohol talking.

The four girls from the massages show up and ask for a dance each. I can’t say no but damn, I sure wanted to. John yells out to the band for some Charleston, and three others I have never heard of. John is an expert in each of the four dances as is each of the four girls.

After each dance, the girl that danced with him came back to me and then Sara. They gave me a nice sweet kiss on the lips while feeling my loose breasts with a hand. Eventually, they giggle as they pinch a nipple and run out of the bar laughing and giggling. My hands found their untethered breasts as well, we all did ok.

John and the last girl got quite the ovation, most of the crowd watched the young people do the old dance routines. Sara and I each dance two more dances with John before he attaches us to his hips and we leave.

We go outside and immediately we have a problem. It’s windy. John doesn’t care, he seems amused. We go to the stern and watch the birds and the stars. Out at sea, you can see a lot more of the sky. To the South East, lots of clouds. A powerful storm is coming. We start walking around the side of the boat and there are about ten guys 100 feet up the side of the boat, just standing around a table. They look like crew. John turns around and there are, at least a dozen behind us. Yikes! We are trapped between the two groups.

A man says to John, “With you on board, it’s a lot harder to get the women we want. We fucking hate you, pretty boy. I think you need to go for a swim. We got you a big pool.”

His friends laugh. I don’t like the looks of this one bit. Behind me, I hear a smack! Then I hear a muffled thud. I look back and a guy is on the ground, knocked out cold. There are two huge older men within feet of us. These look like men that work hard for a living and not in the public eye, they are dirty and smelly. Did I mention they are big? Very big. Two more come running up followed by four more quickly. Then the four girls we went dancing with come running up with smiles on their faces.

The men push their way past the punks who didn’t like the idea of messing with these men. I have no doubt any four of them could take on all the others. With eight and John, it is clearly no contest. The first and biggest man walks up to John and they shake hands.

The man says, “Hey Jonnie boy. I just wanted to thank you for those Cubans you sent me. Much appreciated. The girls suggested we needed some air, we thought that was a grand idea. Ok, we lied, we wanted to see your girlfriends.” They all laugh hard. “Tony, Captain Ron wants to have a word with you, NOW, Bobbie will escort you. The rest of you, beat it before I remember your names.”

Our problem disappeared, most of the friends go back to work.

He talks to me and Sara, “Jonnie boy here is a good kid. Been nice to everyone including us uglies in engineering. He spent a few weeks with us. He was awesome, no sissy boy here. I would take him back in a heartbeat but his love his trees and land override our dungeon. Good to meet you both.”

He is very gentle shaking our hands. I pulled him close for a kiss on the cheek. I mashed my bare breasts into him and he blushes. He goes back to work. The four girls wave and leave as well. We walk up to the front of the ship and can see the island we will be at tomorrow. It looks like a big modern island. Should be fun to explore. Then it’s back to our cabin for the night. We are all tired.

I am nervous. What is John going to do? Will he do anything? Will he embarrass me? Correction, will he embarrass me more? Will he fuck me silly all night? Will he allow me any choice in this? I am on the pill so no worries there. I have issues that the pill helps with. Mom doesn’t have those issues and isn’t on the pill. internet casino I don’t know about Sara though. Funny, I don’t know if she is and why would I? It’s not like lesbians need to ask each other if they are on the pill.

I zoned out and just realized I am standing in our room. John is stripping naked as is Sara. Mom is still sound asleep, snoring. Well, I guess this is it. I start stripping naked as well. John finishes first and lays on his back in our bed. He asks if Sara wants to mount his pole Cowgirl. She climbs up and she is fucking herself on John’s stick. Immediately she goes stupid and can’t talk.

John motions for me to straddle his chest. I climb up on the bed. I am nervous again. I am leaking on John and he looks amused.

John looks into my eyes, “You are very beautiful. Your body is sexy, and I want to play with it. Your mind though is far more interesting. There are millions of beautiful women, but I like your mix of insecurity, charm, intelligence, friendliness, and compassion. No other woman has captivated me like you do. I feel like a small boy around you that isn’t worthy of your time or beauty.

“I am going to suggest some things tonight. I know the deal we made for two days, blah, blah, blah. You are my sister for life. I don’t want to ruin that. If we ever do something you don’t want to do, whether it be now, tomorrow or two years from now, we don’t do it. You mean that much to me. If you want to sleep now, then that is exactly what we will do.”

Dammit, he put it all back on me now! That coward.

I smile down at him sexily as his hand reaches for my breast, “Why do you think I made that bet? What did I really want? Think about it.”

His hands continue reaching for my breasts and he handles them with his rough hands. His hands are callused and rough. They are rubbing the tips of my sensitive nipples and skin. It feels wonderful. He puts his hands on my ass and lifts me up easily and moves me closer to him. His tongue reaches out and laps at my lips and love tunnel.

He is using the full width and length of his tongue to lick around my hole. It’s … different. No woman does it like this. He transitions into more of a standard oral lapping by using the tip more and changing to a more gentler tongue lashing. He probes my steaming hole and I am really enjoying the treatment.

All jealousy and anger are gone. Only joy and pleasure remain. My orgasm is building much quicker than normal.

Sara screams out as she orgasms. I am horny and on the cusp of my orgasm. John is assisting Sara move to the side. Just let the bitch fall, I have needs!

With Sara now out of the way, John moves around and has me on my back. He is aligning his cock with my snatch. He stops and looks at me for permission. I smile at him. He slowly pushes forwards. I feel a large mass filling my insides. Slipping in, he makes me feel special. I am the only person in the world that feels like this.

You hear it all the time, a woman screams out, ‘Oh, I feel so full’. Previously, it was like trying to describe blue to a blind person. You have no common reference. Now that I have seen the blue sky, I now understand. I AM FULL. No man can truly comprehend the feeling, you just don’t know. You have no frame of reference, you have never seen this blue sky. I now have that reference and it’s wonderful. I like the feeling a lot.

Now there is a new feeling and it makes me sad. He is pulling away, leaving me empty. I love being full. I want that stick stuck up into me. I feel less of a woman now, I don’t have a cock in me.

Then he pushes back in, I love that full feeling. I love the feeling of fullness when he thrusts his hips into me. Then he pulls out. The only redeeming quality of him pulling out is that soon he will be slamming into me again. That simple thrust is so exhilarating, I can’t get enough. I love the feeling of his veiny cock sliding into me. Oooooooo.

Faster is better. I love the feeling of his cock sliding into my cunt. The quicker the better. Currently I am annoyed, he isn’t going fast enough. However, because of that, I can feel the veins of his cock as it slides into me, I can get a full breath, and I can think about the fact that my brother is fucking me.

Knowing it is John, my brother, does make a difference. I am breaking the law. I am getting away with something naughty. I can’t get those feelings with anyone else in the world. It makes our coupling seem dirtier, more erotic, and more fun.

Every thrust of his cock adds a few more grains to the pile of sand. When that pile is large enough, my orgasm will break open and flood my body with endorphins, which is the best feeling in the world. Every thrust gets closer. I can feel the tingling in my body as the sensation builds.

John is grunting and working hard to please me. He is slowly increasing his speed. As his own desire increases to its breaking point, he speeds up. Neither of us can handle high-speed fucking for too long, the joy is too great.

It occurs to me that he is slow fucking me because he loves me. My eyes start to tear up. He cares enough about me that this isn’t just blowing his load, he wants me to feel and enjoy it to the maximum amount he can provide. Not even Sara does that for me.

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