Subject: Crushed by Tim: Chapter 5 Tim had found casual employment in a hardware superstore. It suited him more than college. He wasn’t academic by nature and he bored easily in class. Most of the time he would draw, rather than listen to lectures. His art was good. It revealed a lot about his personality. The characters and abstract shapes he penned were intense. His indentation almost ripped through his sketchpad. Tim was sports obsessed. There were lots of wrestlers, MMA fighters and athletes featured. They all exhibited power and strength. He posted a lot of his work online and enjoyed a substantial following. Some of his sketches represented our fights. Only he and I knew those creations were based on real events. One of the most popular, a pencil sketch, featured a helpless grappler trapped between his victors legs, crying out to submit. On the surface this could be a UFC moment and although the facial details were abstracted, it depicted us. The victor, represented as a God like gladiator, filled most of the canvas and bore Tim’s triumphant expression. The victim was almost totally obscured, by his commanding presence. Evident throughout his portfolio was a deep understanding of physiology and fighting technique. Had Tim studied, he might have been a top physiotherapist or sports trainer. It was that keen eye and level of interest that made Tim a foreboding fighter. He understood anatomy and could Hatay Escort mentally map out points of weakness and targets to attack. He not only knew every submission lock, legal and illegal but he had an arsenal of his own. Just as Tim could have been a sports physiotherapist he could also have been an elite wrestler or grappler. He had the genetics, physique, drive, fitness and skills. Tim wasn’t looking for medals though. The excitement only started for him, when a fighter submitted. That’s when he could satisfy his real hunger. Not every fight was a work of art. Some were just a crude way for Tim to unleash his testosterone. Those fights were ferocious. I learned early on, not to challenge him in public. It happened on a rugby tour to Rome. We had a day off, four of us were hanging out in the dorm. A mock fight broke out between Joe and David. Tim never missed a chance to join a fight and for some reason jumped on me. Events always unfoldded rapidly when Tim attacked. I would feel his force and as my mind caught up, wonder how he was on top of me. I heard Joe and David laughing. One of them said ‘fucking hell Tim, is he going to give you a blow job’? Tim was in fight mode, he had locked me into a face down headscissors, my face just inches from his cock. I couldn’t allow him to finish me off like this, in front of the lads, I had to escape. He was on the bed, I was kneeling on the Hatay Escort Bayan floor. I had leverage, all I had to do was stand straight and I would have him upside down. It worked ! Joe shouted ‘he’s got you Tim, he’s going to beat you’. I was standing straight, my head was still between Tim’s thighs but his head was down at my feet now. Tim did everything he could with his thighs to weaken me. I felt his muscles flexing solidly into my neck. He grabbed my ankles to prevent me from exploiting my advantage. One of us was going to weaken, I began to realize it was me. His choke hold was tight enough to slowly drain me. I felt myself weaken and I prepared for his revenge. I was back on my knees and he powered into me. I could hear Joe and David gasp. They were stunned by his aggression. It didn’t end there, he pulled me as far as he could, up into his crotch. He had me stretched across the bed so there was no way I could stand again. This time I was completely trapped. Immediately I knew this was going to be brutal. Tim was furious I had almost escaped, and he needed to prove his dominance in front of his team mates. Tim pulled me so far into his crotch I was breathing on his cock. It was literally under my tongue. All that separated us were his thin cotton navy trunks. He powered in again ‘submit..submit’ The room was silent. Tim pulled back just enough to let me breathe, but Escort Hatay he was determined to punish me. I couldn’t let myself be turned on by Tim. He wasn’t going to get hard either in front of the lads. This was just pure brutal, scissors domination. Tim started chatting to Joe and David about plans for the night. ‘After dinner maybe visit the Luna Park amusement fair, it has one of the biggest rollercoasters in Europe, then find some Italian girls? Joe asked if I was ok with the plan. Tim answered for me, ‘he’s not in a position to answer or disagree’. The lads laughed nervously. Our door buzzed at 6pm, it was dinner time at the hostel. Joe and David headed straight down to the dunning room, ‘you lads coming for dinner? Tim replied ‘we will follow you down’. I realized at that point, if it was dinner time, Tim must of had me in his crotch for an hour and a half. As soon as the door shut Tim’s cock turned to steel. He pulled it out of his trunks and it towered in front of me. Straight away he started stroking his cock, crushing me in the process to massage his balls, and enhance his orgasm. I was part of his jerking off rhythm, an extra layer of pleasure for him. Though beaten and humiliated, I was turned on by him. I heard him breathing heavily over me as I struggled at the base of his cock. I felt his pulse race and his balls shudder. His cum rained down, covering my face. He stretched out on the bed to enjoy his post orgasm thrills. I licked every bit of his cum my tongue could reach. When he was fully pleasured, he turned his attention back to me and tightened his headscissors. Just before releasing me he stared down: ‘we will finish this tonight’.

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