Daddy and the Fountain of Youth

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My dad is pretty old.

He was fifty when I was born and now I’m 18.

He’s an interesting man. He practically raised me, as my mother is really just a gold digger who couldn’t be bothered with a little girl.

But Daddy always gave me his time and anything else I asked for. He took me on trips around the world, to ruins and castles-anywhere that had a legend associated with it. Dad loves legends.

So, it’s really no surprise that he calls with news about his next trip. He begs me to go. I really shouldn’t. It’s my last summer before college. But he’s getting so old, I’d be too worried to let him go alone. And he’d always done anything for me. Anything at all. He deserved the same from me at least once in his life.

“You’re getting too old for this, Dad,” I tell him on the plane, looking over his white hair.

He chuckles. “I know.”

The next day we’re chopping through overgrowth in the middle of a jungle. He’s still strong and healthy and I admire his broad shoulders and flexing muscles. I’m proud of my dad. He’s always been so ambitious. Even now that his hair is white instead of blonde like it was in old pictures, and his blue eyes have that tired look about them, he still forges through life with purpose. It’s so admirable. I love him so much.

“What exactly are we looking for?” I ask.

“Well, it’s just a legend.”

“Isn’t it always?”

He laughs. “Yes, Brittany. It is.”

I sweep a vine away from my face. “So?”

“They say that this is where the legends of the Fountain of Youth were formed.”

I could see why that would appeal to him.

We explore all day and then set up camp. Dad knows all the safety tricks and he erects our tent like a pro.

There’s no fire, and the night gets unexpectedly cold. Me and Dad snuggle up together. “This will probably be our last trip,” he murmurs sadly.

“Don’t say that, Dad,” I beg. It’s too sad to think of.

“Alright then,” he concedes with a smile and he nuzzles the top of my head. “Where would you like to go next?”

“The Alps.”


“Yes, Daddy.”

His laugh is warm against the top of my blonde head. “Then that’s where we’ll go.”

I snuggle into him and drift off.

The next day is more of the same, and I try to enjoy it, but I can’t help noticing Dad’s slowing steps.

He really is getting old. I hate thinking that.

Around noon, his steps get a little quicker and I hear running water.

Excitedly, we both hack away plants until we find the source.

I frown at the little dribble of water bubbling up from the ground.

Dad squats sadly beside it. “Wow.”

“Let-down,” I add.

He nods. “Well…” He captures a bit of the water in his hand and lifts it to his lips.

I wait excitedly. But nothing happens.

We laugh. I guess both of us were hoping for a miracle.

Our steps are slower as we backtrack, making our return to the real world. It never could have been real. I don’t know why I let myself dream the impossible.

That night we’re already more than halfway out of the jungle but still have to camp.

The mood is sadder as we snuggle up together. I will miss my dad when he’s gone. Tears drip from my eyes and Dad wipes them away. “It’s alright, honey.”

Just like every night on our trips, I fall asleep cuddled against my daddy.

I wake up in darkness because something hard is digging against my hip. I sleepily try to push it away until I realize what it is. Dad’s got an erection. Totally embarrassed, I scoot over.

Dad murmurs something sleepily. In the dark I can’t see his face, but I think he’s still asleep. This has never ever happened before, but I won’t mention it to Dad in the morning. I don’t want to embarrass him.

He murmurs again and rolls onto his back. His hand moves under the blanket. “Oh damn.” I hear that poker oyna surprised mutter loud and clear. “Been a while, soldier.”

Meaning he hadn’t had a hard-on in a while? I swallow, trying not to move. I don’t want him to know I’m awake, but something about the situation made my nipples get hard.

He rolls onto his side again, towards me and I catch a glimpse of gold in his hair. Curious, I slide quietly forward.

The next moment, my hands are on his face, sliding over smooth skin without wrinkles. “Dad!”

His lively blue eyes stare back at me. “Brit, what’s going on?” I feel his erection at my waist, but ignore it.

“It worked!” I whisper. “You’re younger!”

Much younger. Like my age. His muscles are bulging and taut, his skin tight, his hair thick and blonde.

His cock hard and pressing against my belly. His eyes are wide as he realizes that. “Sorry, baby.”

It’s so strange hearing him say that, looking the way he does, so young and potent. My blood gets hot. My pussy is wet. I gasp at my reaction before I can speak. “It’s okay.” It’s a whisper but it’s all I can manage.

He rolls away, to my annoyance and confusion. He stares at his smooth hands. “I must be fifty years younger!” he says. He sits up, his energy startling. “Fuck, it worked!”

He turns to me, blue eyes glowing. “Brit! I’m young! We don’t have to stop our adventures!”

I can only stare at him. I have a hard time thinking of him as anything but a handsome young stranger. 18 and better looking than anyone at my school. Anyone I’ve seen in any movie. I get kinda jealous, thinking that now he can have any woman he wants, even one as young as me. I don’t want some other girl taking up daddy’s time. He’s mine, and his youth makes me all the more possessive.

Unaware of my negative thoughts, he grins joyfully, pulling me close. “We can go on as many trips as we want!” His voice gets quieter. “Forever!”

But his hard cock is pressing right above my clit. I think about sliding up, so it can rub me. About seeing his young new chest. Making him moan. Making him cum. Making him mine. “Dad…” the word comes out strange and I give in to my urge, sliding up, making his dick drag against the fabric over my clit.

He grunts, jerking his head. “Better not snuggle now, baby. I seem to have a lot of energy.”

He doesn’t notice my horny behavior. This is bad. It’s Daddy here, not some teenage boy at a house party. But everything feels different. He’s irresistibly attractive. Potent. His smell is filling up the tent. My panties are so wet. It’s torture.

He’s always given me everything I ever wanted. So, with that thought in mind, I moan into his ear, twisting my hips so my clit rubs against his dick, making my intentions clear.

He grunts again, grabbing my hips and crushing me against him with an unexpected moan before pushing me away with a gasp. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have…”

But it’s too late for me. I push against his hands, wordlessly signaling that I want closer. I want so much closer.

“Brittany…” His smooth young brow bunches. “What are you doing?”

But I don’t have to answer, because he knows what I’m doing. I can tell by the way he’s breathing with his healthy young lungs that he’s feeling something too. I push against his barrier. “No. Wait, baby. Just wait a minute.” His fatherly concern is so cute in such a young face.

But I don’t wait. I keep pushing towards him and get rewarded by a quick brush of my chest against his.

He gulps. “Baby, stop, okay? It’s me, Daddy. You have to-“

One of his hands slips and I take advantage, rubbing my entire body against him, kissing his stubbled chin.

“Oh God,” he utters, letting his hands run down my back. “Brittany, you’re so soft, baby.”

Encouraged, I slide up, letting his erection drag down my clothed pussy before kissing canlı poker oyna his smooth lips. He doesn’t kiss back, but he doesn’t stop me and I let my tongue into his mouth, tasting something sweet and warm. It tastes so familiar and nice. My nipples brush against his chest and I break away from his mouth to rub them against him harder. A long, needy whimper climbs from my throat.

“Brit,” he growls. “Baby…”

It’s a warning, but it makes my pussy throb and I still whimper. “Daddy, please.”

A tortured moan drags out of him and his fingers slide under my shirt against the skin of my back.

Yes. “More.”

“Fuck. Brittany, your skin.”

“More, Daddy,” I demand. I squirm against him, smearing pussy juice against the inside of my panties. I’m so wet. So ready, but he’s still holding back. My hands work frantically to unbutton his shirt but as his smooth chest comes into view, I pull, popping the remaining buttons off. My hands drag across his hard nipples. “Oh, Daddy. So hot.” I’ve never spoken to him that way, but he looks like something off a Calvin Klein ad. Angular planes of muscle, rugged jaw, glowing blue eyes.

He grunts again, and gasps for control, licking his lips. “Fuck. Oh fuck.” Still, he doesn’t stop me. “This is bad, baby.”

“Take off my shirt,” I demand in a whisper. I rub against him impatiently. Daddy never says no to me, so why should he now?

His hands twitch as they slide my t-shirt up my skin. He stops before it reaches my bra. “Brittany, this is enough. I’m wise enough to know where this is going and-“

My hand slides over the stiff bulge in his pants, silencing Daddy as he sucks in air. “Uhh…” he groans, losing track of his protest.

I unbutton his pants and we both watch as I slide down his zipper. His eyes rise to mine as I slip my slim hand under the waistband of his underwear. Down to the furry base of his cock.

His eyes are different now. There’s no worry left. Just lust and hazy curiosity. Somehow, that’s when I realize that this really is Daddy. Not a dream. Not some handsome stranger in my tent. The reality of the situation smacks me between the eyes.

I’m suddenly shy as Daddy tugs my shirt all the way off, until it hangs on my arm between us. His eyes linger on my bra. His mouth is slack.

Fuck. What am I doing? My fingertips are on Daddy’s cock. My shirt is off. His is open. My horny teenage body carried me this far on an urge. “I…”

His lips fall on my neck, kissing, nibbling. Both my hands slide up his amazing back. His fingers drag down my sides, slip under the waist of my pants, then back up over my spine.

The shots of pleasure make my back arch, make my bra covered tits rasp against his bare chest. He wants me. Daddy wants me. He-

Slowly, watching my eyes with that glazed look, he unhooks my bra, letting it fall away. His hands run over my bare breasts, followed by his mouth.

It feels so amazing. His hands are so smooth and deft. His tongue is firm and wet as it flicks my nipple, shooting tingles down to my pussy. “Brittany,” he murmurs around my nipple, sounding like I’ve never heard him. “You taste so good.”

Never had I thought my daddy sexy before, but right now, he’s the sexiest man I’ve ever seen. “Daddy,” I whine.

“Don’t ask me to stop,” he utters, kissing his way down my stomach.

His new youthful lust must be impossible to control. But he’d do anything for me. Anything I ask. If I do ask him to stop, he will.

He easily slides me down to the ground and his fingers push against the top of my pants as he makes strange little grunts. “Uh, uh, uh…”

He’s struggling against his lust, isn’t he? He’s struggling and losing. I lift my hips and unzip my pants, making it easy for him to slide them down my legs. “Uh, uh,” he grunts, running his fingers down my smooth legs. His arms wrap around internet casino my thigh and he kisses it, looking up into my eyes, checking if I’ll let this keep happening.

I swallow hard. “Daddy…” But I don’t say stop. Mouth open, his fingers inch toward my panties and I twitch as he pulls them away, cream stretching between them to my soaked pussy.

“Dear fucking God,” he grunts heavily. He slides up bringing his tongue out to drag through the cream on my pussy.

I squeak and squirm at the delicious feeling. “Oh, Daddy. Oh. Ohhh.”

With a groan, he swallows and meets my eyes, but I definitely don’t see Daddy now. I see a horny young animal. He licks his lips and yanks my panties all the way off. He pushes down his pants and his gorgeous, smooth, fat cock springs free. He growls at the sight before turning his hot gaze on me.

I’m suddenly terrified. “Daddy.”

He climbs up my body, letting his cock drag against my leg. He rises over me, nudging my legs up with his knees, breathing heavily, face distorted with lust.

“Wait,” I say. “Dad, wait.”

His tongue drags across my nipple and I feel his cock nudge against my pussy.

“Daddy, stop!” I demand.

But his eyes are dark as they meet mine. He pushes in just a bit.

“Uh!” I utter as unfamiliar pleasure invades my fear. “No, wait!” I’ve never had a cock in me before. And he looks nothing like my daddy anymore.

“Brittany,” he groans roughly. “This pussy.” He sinks in deeper, making me cry out. He grabs my waist, pulling me up as he thrusts his cock all the way in. “Brittanyyyy…” It’s not really my name. It’s the name he’s giving this feeling. He’s so lost in it. “Oh Fuck,” he grunts, pulling back and fucking in again. Again. Again. So deep it hurts, but the hurt turns to something else and his hands are on my tits and his cock is in me and…

“Daddy!” I cry out, the fear and ecstasy swirling into something new. “Daddyy?” It’s feeling so good. I don’t care that it’s bad. I thrust back at him and his eyes go wild.

He slams into me, grunting my name over and over. “Brittany. Brittany. Fuck, baby. Fuck.” His hands are rough on my soft skin and he thrusts deep and tight. “Oh, it’s good, Brittany. Fuck, I’m gonna cum,” he grunts. “Gonna cum in you, Brittany. Daddy’s gonna cum…”

His desperate words twist something in my brain, make my clit thick, my nipples so hard and needy, and I cum, pulsing hard around his dick. No sound comes out of my mouth, though I’m arching against him being ripped apart, hard and so, so good.

“Yess,” he hisses. “Yesss, your pussy’s squeezing me, baby. Uh, uh.” He keeps on with his tight little thrusts and grunts, speeding up, pumping through my orgasm.

His eyes go wide on me, clear as ever, seeing me, seeing what’s happening, his jaw slack, before he gasps and cums, jerking into me violently.

He stays there as we throb against each other, making tiny thrusts to pull more from me.

He shudders, rising up above me. “Goddamn, that was the best fuck I’ve ever-” His mouth shuts as he takes in my face. “That was your first time, wasn’t it, baby?”

Unable to speak, I nod. His cock is still inside me, still hard. I lick my lips and force out, “You didn’t stop. You didn’t listen.”

Hard lust flashes through his blue eyes before his jaw clenches. “I’m sorry, Brittany.”

But he doesn’t look sorry. His eyes drag down my bare tits, and down to where his cock is still stuffed in me. His dick twitches. “I can’t stop. Just like when I was young the first time. I get crazy for good pussy and I forget everything else.”

My neck prickles. He’s not even talking about me he’s talking about my pussy. It’s so shocking and nasty. So why are tingles traveling all over my body?

With a tight jaw and blue eyes clear and hard, he slowly starts thrusting again in the wet, cummy mess of my still-twitching pussy.

My breath shudders. It’s scary, but my body’s too satisfied to do anything but let him have me.

It seems like this young daddy doesn’t give. He takes.

And he’ll be taking for a long, long time.

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