Daddy’s Home Ch. 04


Ch. 04: The Girls Arrive

Disclaimer: All characters are 18 or older.

10:05 AM: the Butler home.

The entire normally-tidy house looked like a tornado composed of beer, hormones, and tacky costume parts had raged through its halls. Empty beer bottles, discarded stockings and gloves, the occasional puddle of teenager-vomit, and even a few still-unconscious partygoers were scattered about, tucked into corners or slumped against walls. Someone had left an empty knee-high high-heeled boot standing by the stairs, and somebody else had decided it was as good a place as any to deposit a technicolor yawn. One by one the lingering guests were still struggling to rise from their resting places, and shuffle, zombie like, back to their homes, under the weight of some simply monstrous hangovers. Glasses and plates were broken, remotes and other devices mysteriously missing, some things moved to some inexplicable locations, to be discovered at some later date. All in all, a rather successful party, even if Samantha didn’t show up.

It was a rather standard state of affairs after a party thrown by Annabeth Butler, the curvaceous redhead who planned the event, the only daughter of the homeowners. She was, at the moment, sleeping off a devastating hangover in her room. The room itself looked much like the rest of the house did, though with fewer bottles and no puke. This was it’s natural state, however, not caused by last night’s festivities. Anna slept on the rumpled bed, the sheets cast away in the night to reveal her nearly naked form. Her brilliant coppery hair formed a halo around her sleeping face, the tight curls spread around her on the pillow. Her face was covered by the smudged and smeared makeup she hadn’t had the energy to shed last night, somewhat obscuring her features. Her very pale skin was soft and creamy, decorated with a constellation of tiny freckles, a band that across her cheekbones and the bridge of her nose, and another that ran up one arm, over the shoulder, across her chest along the uppermost slopes of her fantastic tits, and down the other arm again. Those immense globes caught quite a bit of sun, each one nearly the size of a basketball, barely contained at the moment by a custom-made sleeping bra that kept her endowments from wobbling wildly with every moment. If ever a chest had deserved the descriptor ‘Epic’, this was the one.

The silence of the room was broken by the ringtone of her phone, which jolted her to wakefulness, her brilliant emerald eyes jolting open as she started to sit up, before she fell back to the pillow with a soft groan as pain lanced her mind. She rolled over, eyes squeezed shut against the light, groping for the offending device. She hadn’t yet decided if she was going to answer it or destroy it for the offense of waking her. Finally she found the vibrating device and lifted it, blearily peering through her eyelashes at the display. Sam’s picture looked back at her, making her look puzzled for a moment. Why would she be calling this early? She slid her thumb across the screen and lifted the phone to her ear.

“What’s up?” She mumbled, then winced.

“Shh, shh, quieter, Sam, I have a massive hangover.”

“Because of the giant party last night? The one at my place? The one you were specially invited to so I would have a wing-girl?”

“What do you mean ‘you forgot’? I had to talk to Jimmy Peters all night without you running interference! The asshole wouldn’t leave me alone! He even tried to grope me after three drinks.”

“Busy with what? It had better be big, Sam.”

“…I’m too hungover for giggles, Sam, spill already.”

“…Yeah, I remember.”


“Holy shit! I mean… God, sam!”

“Well, no, I mean… It’s just unexpected.”

“So, he liked the goth look, huh?”

“…You’re fucking with me, right?

“There’s no way! They don’t make ’em that big.”

“…Jesus, really?”

“Well, now you’re gonna have to tell me everything.”

The conversation went on for several minutes, and by the end of it, Anna’s fingers had roamed south, over her clean-shaven slit and were casually toying with her clit, her stiff nipples poking out against the fabric of her bra. “Oh, I’ll be there.” She assured as she hung up the phone. Feeling the dull ache in her loins, she glanced to the bedside cabinet and hesitated. She really should be getting ready… But she needed to take care of something first. Reaching into the drawer, she fished out her favorite stress-reliever, her biggest vibe, a foot long and thick as a soda can. Looking at it, she shivered at the prospect of something half again as big. As she traced it down her flat stomach, she assured herself that she’d get it soon enough.

10:12 AM, the Washington house.

Diamond’s breathing came in long, slow, measured draws. Her dark chocolate skin glistened with a thorough coating of sweat. It was an impressive sight, as it was every morning. Standing six feet, nearly six-one, she loomed over men and women alike as she Esenyurt Escort jogged her usual route down the suburban sidewalks. Her black hair was braided into hundreds of pencil-thick braids, each tipped in some colorful bead or charm, and tied back into a ponytail for her workout. The lowest charms swing and bounced with her stride, about level with the bottom of her shoulder blades. She wore her standard workout clothes, a light blue sports bra that struggled to pin down her volleyball-sized tits in one place, and a matching pair of short shorts that clung to her ludicrous hips. The outfit left little to the imagination, baring her glistening, toned abs and her long, strong legs that ate up the distance. She turned suddenly, crossing the front lawn up to the front door, her breathing relaxing as she finally came to a stop. She glanced to her watch as she pulled the earbuds from her ears, tucking them into her bra. 5 miles, 24 minutes. New record.

As she opened the door, she was greeted by the usual scene of controlled chaos. Her three younger brothers, triplets just reaching twelve, were tearing around the living room in a rambunctious game of tag, screaming and shouting threats at one-another. A careful eye would note, however, that they gave a wide berth to the corner of the room containing the china cabinet. Their mother stood no more than fifteen feet away, by the table, hastily stuffing files and papers into her briefcase. Her hourglass figure was accentuated by the painted-on skirt and tapered suit top. She smiled as she looked up to see her daughter arriving home. “Hey, sweetie, I have to prepare for a big case on Monday, it looks like it’s going to be another long night. I’ll try to be home for dinner, but if I don’t make it, I’ll see you after school tomorrow. Martin called, there’s a sticky not on the fridge. If your father calls, tell him I found his records and he can come get them next weekend. Oh, and try to keep your brothers from killing each other, will you?” She spoke quickly, barely pausing between sentences. As she finished the last question she snapped her briefcase shut and made for the door, pausing on the way to crane up to peck her daughter on the cheek and mutter a passing ‘Love you!’ before disappearing out the door.

Diamond headed to the fridge, pulling out a bottle of water. She’d just gotten it to her lips when her phone began to ring. She pried her fingers into the tiny pocket of her workout shorts and checked the phone, gulping down her mouthful of water. As Sam’s face appeared on the screen she heaved a sigh, sliding her thumb across the screen to pick up. “Hey, Sam, give me a second to get some privacy.” She said into the phone quickly before heading out of the kitchen toward her room, shouting a warning to her bothers about what she’d do if they broke anything or tried to listen in. she slipped into her room and shut the door behind her, taking a second to lock it before once more raising the phone to her ear.

“Alright, we’re good now. What’s the deal?”

“If you’re gonna gush about the party, I don’t wanna hear it.”

“You didn’t? Why not?”

“You know you can’t stay home every night, you gotta get out there if you want to get a boyfriend!”

“What’s so funny?”

“Alright, alright, get to the point, my shower’s waiting on you.”

“Well, yeah, I remember you saying something like that.”


“Oh my god! Well, damn, good for you! You made it happen!”

“…What promise?”

“Well, yeah, I remember the night, but it was years ago.”

“…Well, it’s a nice offer, but I’ve got all the man I need.”

“I had a little crush back then, I’m over it. I’ve got a boyfriend now!”

“Yes, Martin.”

“Yes, I’m still with him! I’m not gonna break up with him over one little fight.”

“Hey, you didn’t like the place anyways, who cares if we can’t go anymore?”

“I know, but the make-up sex is GREAT.”

“Look, I’m not gonna dump him, where else am I gonna find a guy with 12 inches?”

“…No way.”

“No way! It’s just not possible, he’d have a heart attack!”

“You can’t be serious.”

“No, I’m not just going to take your word for it.”

“Fine. I’ll be there, and when the truth comes out, I’ll be there to call you on it.”

Diamond hung up the phone in a bit of a huff. Why would Sam be so insistent about this? It was totally impossible, and it would be easy to prove, too. Maybe she had some kind of trick up her sleeve, or maybe she was just exaggerating. Everyone knows black guys are bigger, and Martin had the biggest dick she’d ever seen outside a porno, there was no way some white guy could out-measure him. When Sam was proven wrong she’d rub it in her face. Still… What if she was right? She shook her head. There was nothing to worry about. Swiftly she gathered up some new clothes and headed to the bathroom to get showered and changed. She’d have to remember to call the sitter when she got out.

10:16 AM, the Yoshida residence

Aiko’s Esenyurt Escort Bayan room was as spotless as always, as perfectly arranged as the rest of the house. Everything was carefully put away, up off the floor and neatly arranged. She’d been up for a few hours by now, having plenty of time to get all her chores done and even double-checked her homework that she’d finished last night. And now she was bored out of her mind. Even the internet provided little entertainment at the moment, there was nothing interesting to do she could with the parental filters turned on, and if her mother found out she could turn them off she’d lose the computer altogether. She couldn’t get away with anything on the weekends. At least on a school night she could steal a few hours of freedom after school with the rest of the girls before coming home.

Aiko was the smallest and the youngest of the five girls, having just turned 18 a few weeks ago. It was a dubious honor in her book. She stood barely 5’1″, closer to 5′ without her shoes. Her shortness only made her slender, lithe frame that much smaller. She was well-toned and exceptionally flexible, thanks to years of ballet, gymnastics, and martial arts. By some miracle of genetics, she’d been gifted with a set of all-natural, perky, perfectly-shaped cantaloupe-sized breasts, which looked positively enormous on her frame. At the moment, they were concealed, as much as such treasures could, beneath a set of long-sleeved and long-legged fuzzy pajamas, hand-me downs from her older sister that she’d left when she went off to college. Her dark hair was tied up into a pair of simple pigtails, her neatly-trimmed bangs straight across her forehead.

Aiko blinked suddenly as a new sound reached her ears, waking her out of her boredom-coma. She looked to her phone as she reached for it, somewhat excited. Maybe this was her excuse to get out of the house? She smiled as she saw Sam’s face on the display and quickly answered.


“What’s going on?”

“Er, yes, I’m alone, we can talk.”

“Really? What is it?

Her face flushed a bit.

“Y-yes, I remember.”


Her blush suddenly got brighter as her eyes widened.


“You and him…really?”

She hunched down over her desk, casting a reflexive glance around the room as she hushed her voice.

“You mean… He…?”

“…Did… Did he mention me?

“…Oh, wow…”

“Sam… You’re not just messing with me, right? You really mean it?”

“Today? I-I don’t know…”

“Well, it’s just… I have to get permission.”

“Plus it’s a school night…”

“Well, that’s true…”

“I’ll do my best. Thanks, Sam…”

Aiko was stop-sign red by the end of the call, and she could almost hear her pulse in her ears. She was so excited and nervous and eager all at once, it was hard to think straight. Sam wouldn’t lie about something like this, would she? This was… just huge. She leaned back in her desk chair and covered her face in her hands, feeling the warmth of the flush and trying to focus on breathing. She took a few slow, deep breaths, trying to clear her mind and suppress her blush. She had to spin just the right amount of lies into a story that would convince her mom to let her out of the house, and she wouldn’t be able to sell it if she was blushing. This would be a challenge.

10:20 AM, the Caro’s apartment.

The Caro family’s 24-strong extended family was in the process of cramming themselves into the Caro’s small apartment after returning from church. All told, Rosa was surrounded by three grandparents, her parents, two uncles, three aunts, nine cousins, and four siblings. It was a chaotic scene, with English, Spanish, and a bit of Portuguese all speaking over one another and mixing freely as throngs tried to find seats in an apartment with a total capacity of 18. They’d all attended the 8 AM service, as they did every weekend, then spent an hour gossiping with the rest of the church afterward, then finally made the move back to the apartment for the traditional brunch. This sort of thing would be nice a few times a year, but Rosa grew increasingly impatient with it.

Rosa was a middle child, surrounded by two older brothers, a younger sister, and a baby brother, but she managed to stand out nonetheless. She was effortlessly beautiful, with flawless tan skin, cascades of lustrous black curls, and large, deep brown eyes. Her figure was a spectacular hourglass, with wide hips that produced a perfectly spankable ass, a slim waist, and volleyball-sized melons capped by sensitive dark brown nipples. Her church dress made an honest effort to conceal her sinful features, layers of frills and fabric striving desperately to contain her, but she was too much to hide. The normally-high neckline was pulled out by the incredible size of her breasts, creating a modest but clearly-visible expanse of cleavage, which the dangling, glittering gold cross on her necklace served Escort Esenyurt to draw the eye to.

She couldn’t even hear the first ring of her phone over the cacophony of voices, she only realized I was ringing due to the vibration. Glancing at it, she muttered something under her breath that attracted Gramma Cortez’s evil eye. She could feel it on her as she maneuvered around cousins and finally pushed out the door, answering the phone in the hall.

“Hey, sam, what’s up?”

“Yeah, I just stepped out. It’s a madhouse in there.”

“Oh yeah? Something about the party?”

“Really. Well, what is it?”



“No, I heard you, I just…” she stammered, walking a bit down the hall to get further from potential eavesdroppers.

“Wow… So you really…”

“I don’t even know what to say, this is so unexpected.”

“Well, no, it just wasn’t on my mind, like… at all. You have to admit it’s come out of left field a bit.”

“So… What was he… you know, like?”


“…you mean? Really?”

“Holy shit.” She muttered, pressing her hand to her forehead and leaning against the wall.


“Er, I dunno… I think I can slip out…”

“See you then, I guess…”

She hung up the phone with a dazed look on her face, still leaning on the all for support. It was just a little overwhelming. She’d had a crush on him for ages, and now the real thing was within her grasp. It took her a few seconds before she realized how much she still had to do, and how little time she had to do it. Pushing off the wall, she walked back to the door, hearing the muffled throng behind it and took a deep breath, before pushing through into the chaos.


“Damn! I hope we’re not interrupting anything!”

Anna stood in the doorway, hands on her hips and a wicked grin on her features. The other three girls of the quintet were behind her, craning to look around the redhead to see what had caused her to pause. The scene before them drew looks of surprise from each curious face.

Father and daughter were entwined together, tongues coiling around one-another and limbs tangled together in a passionate kiss. Sam was held off the floor, her father’s hands supporting her rear as her arms and legs wrapped around his neck and waist, grinding her lingerie-covered pussy against the bulge in the front of his boxer-briefs. As Anna’s voice reached them, they paused, Sam reluctantly pulling her black-painted lips from her father’s to grin widely at her freshly-arrived friends, but made no move to get down from her father’s frame.

“Hey, girls! Glad you could make it!” she greeted. “I know Daddy’s been looking forward to it, and he’s just too much to keep to myself!” She commented, grinding her hips against his bulge to emphasize the point with a naughty smirk. “He’s gonna fuck me to death at this rate, not that I’d mind going out with a bang like this…”

Rich shook his head as his little girl ground herself into his endowment. “Now, Sam, we’ve got a few things to talk about before anything gets started.” He chided, then turned to face the four newcomers. “Come on in, girls, and close the door. I’ve got a few ground rules for this whole… arrangement, to go over. I’ll explain in more detail once we’ve all gotten settled in.” He explained, sounding much like he always did, as though he hadn’t just been tongue-fucking his daughter. “If you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to go pus her down before she gets too distracting.” He added with a wry smirk toward Sam, who was starting to rhythmically grind herself over his package. He gave her juicy ass a squeeze as he started to walk off toward the living room.

The four girls glanced at one-another for a moment, not quite sure how to respond to the unusual nature of their welcome. The hesitant and the eager alike were momentarily dazed by the brazen incestuous behavior before their very eyes. But soon enough, it passed, and the four quietly closed the door and set down their bags and purses aside before following the two of them into the house.

Anna had put a bit of extra effort into preparing for this, tarting herself up in her sluttiest outfit for Rich. Her jaw-length copper hair had been brushed and preened, dangling in locks of little shimmering ringlets around her face, showing off her sluttiest makeup. Here emerald eyes were highlighted by a masterful application of eye shadow and eyeliner, her lips brought out by crimson lipstick, her cheeks touched with a light dusting of blush, and some of her freckles hidden under concealer. She’d had to reclaim her outfit out of the ‘secret’ stockpile of banned outfits her parents kept. Red stiletto heels and long, white thigh-high stockings accentuated her legs. A tiny plaid miniskirt barely covered her rear. The bright red strings of a thong were pulled up high on her hips, over the waistband of the skirt. And the top would have been jaw-dropping on a normal girl, but on her was enough to shut down the brains of most men. A super-short white buttoned shirt, the buttons undone all the way down, the fabric rolled up high to expose her flat, smooth stomach and tied off just under her immense tits, displaying them in a visual buffet of creamy, pale breast-flesh that seemed to go on forever.

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