Daddy’s Summer Slave Ch. 04

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Readers: This is a continuing story, in order to get the full effect, please read the first three chapters. Enjoy!


I had been sleeping for a couple of hours. I was dreaming of the events of my birthday and smiling. I never heard him enter my room but I felt him get up on the bed with me. Daddy spread my legs apart and entered my cunt with his bulging cock. I opened my eyes in surprise that turned into lust and admiration. I was never happier to earn something in my entire life. I was earning my college education by being at my daddy’s beck and call. Daddy must have been horny in the middle of the night. He had said to be ready but I didn’t think after the day that we had and with as many times as daddy had cum that he would be ready again. I would have thought that he was spent. I was wrong.

“Oh baby, I love being inside your tight little cunt. I love fucking you and using your body for my pleasure. Thank you for being my little sex slave for the summer. I couldn’t be a happier man. Tomorrow is going to be a quite productive day. I made a phone call earlier and Mony is going to show up here at the house around 8:00 am. She doesn’t have to be to the store until noon on Sunday and will be done by 5:00. She is all excited to be coming over to dominate you. She is going to be here for the gang bang on Sunday night. Now I only have to find seven more people for my little whore to fuck and be abused by. Do you love to have my cock inside you while your ass is full of my cum baby doll?”

“Oh yes daddy, I love having my holes filled with your cock and that butt plug. I love knowing that yours and Robbie’s cum is being held inside me with that enormous plug. I love being your little whore daddy. Fuck your little girl hard and fast daddy. Fuck me like a whore!”

He began thrusting harder and faster and deeper. His cock felt so good inside my cunt. I would miss his cock when I went away to school. But for now, I am going to enjoy every second that daddy’s cock is inside me. I lifted my legs to daddy’s shoulders and he fucked deeper. He reached down and started to rub my clit. That drove me crazy, having him rub my little sex button while filling me with his ten inch cock. He took his thumb and stroked my clit with a purpose. My muscles started to contract around his cock. He could feel my muscles tensing up. His response was to move his hands to my tits and start squeezing my nipples with all of his might. His cock was getting harder and hitting me deeper. I couldn’t take anymore and I screamed out in pleasure.

“Oh God daddy, fuck me like a whore! I need to feel you fill me up with your hot jism. Please drain your cock inside me. I want to feel you cum inside me like a cum slut. I can’t hold back any longer; I am going to cum!”

“Cum for daddy, baby girl. I love to feel your cunt contract around me. Squeeze my cock with your slutty little cunt baby doll. That’s it you little tramp, fuck your daddy!”

He took me over the edge of ecstasy and emptied his balls inside me. His cock jerked and filled my cunt to overflowing. When he was done, he pulled out his cock, got off the bed and walked out of the room. I immediately felt like a whore. Someone just for daddy to come and fuck whenever he wanted. I fell asleep smiling.

I woke up just as sunshine started to filter into the bedroom. I was still tied up and needing to use the bathroom. I was just about to push the button when daddy walked into the room.

“Good morning Sunshine. We have to get you up and cleaned up for Mony. She will be here in a little over an hour. Robbie is cleaning up the playroom and we need to get you showered and shaved for that little hot salesgirl. I think that she is going to be a lot of fun this weekend and longer. She was very excited on the phone to be invited over before her coworker. She says that she can’t wait to eat that juicy pussy of yours. She noticed you getting wet while trying all of the underwear on. She said she even bought a pair that you had tried on but did not purchase. Just so she would have your scent to sniff every now and then. So, let’s get you up and Robbie and I will shower and shave you downstairs.”

He released the ropes and I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth. I walked out of the bathroom with the huge hot pink anal plug sticking out of my ass. He smiled. “I love knowing that you slept all night with mine and Robbie’s cum inside your ass. I can’t wait to see your face buried in a nasty little pussy. You are going to make one great pussy eater. Now let’s go get you cleaned up for training.”

We went downstairs to the playroom. Robbie had cleaned up the playroom and wiped all of the equipment down and the place didn’t smell like sex for the time being. Robbie had the shower going nice and hot and steamy. Daddy took his shorts off followed by Robbie. Daddy led me into the shower and Robbie got in and closed the door. They soaped me up much like they did the night before, concentrating on my tits and pussy with their soapy poufs. Daddy was behind me with his hard cock bouncing off of my tight ass İstanbul Escort while he was washing my back. I noticed Robbie’s hard cock standing at attention and my pussy got wet all over again. Daddy had grabbed the butt plug that was sticking out of my ass and started moving it in and out of my asshole. Daddy wanted inside my ass again; I could tell. Then, all of a sudden, Daddy yanked the butt plug out of my ass and entered my ass with his cock. He bent me over right in front of Robbie’s cock. Robbie placed his hands on either side of my head and began fucking my mouth nice and slow. I could feel the head of his cock hitting the back of my throat while daddy slammed his entire cock deep inside my tight asshole.

“I love being inside your tight nasty little ass my little whore. I love having your tight ass glove my hard cock. Robbie, how’s that blow job feeling? You like being inside her mouth and throat, don’t you?”

“Oh Mr. Simmons, your baby girl feels so good sucking my cock while you’re fucking her ass. She sucks a much better cock when she is being slammed by a cock. Fuck her hard Mr. Simmons!”

Daddy picked up his pace and fucked me like a whore. I could feel the cum inside my ass being pushed farther and farther into my bowels. Daddy reached around and grabbed my swinging tits and pinched my nipples hard and twisted them. I loved my nipples abused and pinched; it had an adverse effect on my cunt juices flowing. Daddy picked up his pace a little more and reached down with one hand and started rubbing my clit. Robbie replaced daddy’s hand on my right tit and began massaging and twisting my nipple along with daddy’s hand on my left tit. I loved being filled with cock and being used for their pleasure. I could feel Robbie’s balls tighten up while they were slapping against my chin. He grabbed the back of my head and began fucking my mouth a little harder. He was so deep down my throat that I was gagging, making him even harder. I think that he liked the gag reflex and what it did to his cock. He was moaning and groaning while daddy was sliding in and out of my ass. Daddy started spanking my wet ass and making it sting while he was slamming into my ass as deep as he could go. I couldn’t get enough and met every one of his thrusts with my hips. Robbie tensed up and stopped fucking my head and just let his entire load shoot down the back of my throat. I swallowed every drop of his hot load and fucked my daddy back as hard as I could. I wanted him to fill my cum-filled ass again with his hot load. Robbie took his cock out of my mouth and leaned down to kiss me. I know he could taste his cum on my tongue and he was sucking on my tongue like he liked the taste of himself on my tongue.

Daddy’s balls were tightening up and I could feel his already hard cock get even harder. He was going to fill my ass with his hot cum. He grabbed onto my hips and really started banging my tight hot ass. He planted himself as deep as he could go and started shooting his load inside me. I wiggled my ass and started to convulse in orgasm. I couldn’t take anymore and I squirted all over the place. I couldn’t stop cumming; it was so intense. I screamed out in ecstasy.

“Oh god daddy, fuck your little whore. I love feeling you cum inside me. You are so hard and so big and I love having your cock in my ass. I can’t wait until Mony gets here and you can fuck my ass while I am eating her pussy. Thank you so much daddy for making me your whore.”

Daddy pulled his cock out of my ass and turned me around to kiss me. He grabbed my tits and sucked a nipple into my mouth. He kissed me all the way up my neck to my lips and took my tongue inside of his mouth. His hands ran all the way down my back to my ass. He squeezed my ass cheeks and with them just being spanked they were a little tender. I squirmed a little bit and tried to hide it by pressing my ass cheeks into his hands. I was not smart enough though, daddy noticed. And with that, he spanked my ass hard and fast.

“I told you not to squirm, ever. I hate that worse than anything that you could do wrong. That is my biggest pet peeve. Your mother used to squirm away from me all the time and it would piss me off to no end. I know that you are better than she is so I don’t want you to squirm away from me ever. Do you understand me little lady?”

“Yes daddy, I am so sorry. I will not do it again, ever. I never want you to compare me to that cunt again. I hate her and don’t ever want to be like her. Will you forgive me daddy?”

He pulled me into his arms and rubbed my backside with his big strong hands. “Of course, I will forgive you. You are nothing like her; I was just letting you know how badly it affects me when you do that. I love you sweetheart and I want you to be the best fuck on campus when you go to school. I want the boys to be able to do anything to you and you get off on it. I want you to be the biggest whore on campus. So, let’s take care of Robbie’s second hard on for the day. He looks like he needs some assistance.”

I looked over at Robbie who had been standing İstanbul Escort Bayan off in the corner stroking his cock back to the hardness that I loved so much. I was surprised when daddy came with me and got on his knees and started sucking Robbie’s cock with me. Robbie didn’t look surprised but was watching me for my expression. I got extremely turned on by having my father suck on a cock with me. I had never seen a guy with another guy and it was turning me on so badly. Daddy reached under and started sucking on Robbie’s smooth balls. My pussy was dripping and daddy must have sensed that because he reached beside him and started fingering my cunt. That water was so hot and beating down over our backs and down my slit. Daddy had three of his long hard fingers inside my cunt and fucking me like a little whore. We switched places on Robbie’s cock and balls and daddy was deep throating Robbie’s cock while I sucked on his balls. Robbie was getting extremely hard and his balls began tightening up. Robbie was going to cum down my daddy’s throat and I was about to cum like the slut that I am. I sucked Robbie’s balls into my throat and licked under his balls to his tight little asshole. That’s when I caught the scent that took me over the edge. Daddy had fucked Robbie’s ass and deposited a load of cum there. I would know the scent of my daddy’s cum anywhere. I loved the scent of his sex. That really turned me on and I squirted all over daddy’s fingers when I caught that scent.

Daddy swallowed every drop of Robbie’s cum and then turned to me and kissed my lips so that I could taste his cum. He moved around to my ear and whispered, “You are not to say a word. I know that you could smell me inside of his ass. What do you think we did after you went to bed last night? We had to get acquainted. I love young virile men. This is our little secret, do you understand me little lady?”

I nodded my head in understanding. This was a secret that I could keep in the back of my head and use it for leverage at some point in time. “Alright let’s get everyone’s holes cleaned out. Mony should be here in less than a half an hour. Robbie you clean her ass real good, she has three loads of cum inside that tight little ass. Make sure you clean her until the water runs clear. My little whore will then clean out your asshole while I clean her nasty cunt.”

Robbie did as he was told and made sure that my asshole was crystal clear of all of that cum. When the hot water turned clear and was running freely in and out of my asshole, daddy handed me a hose and turned Robbie around and bent him over. I took the hose and carefully inserted it into his tight little ass. The water was running in and out of his ass and turning him on enough to make him hard once again. Daddy walked up behind me and inserted a bigger hose inside my cunt. He had turned the temperature up on the water to make it even hotter. He was fucking me with the hose and making the inside of my cunt even hotter than it usually is. I was cleaning out Robbie’s asshole nice and clean when daddy starting rubbing my clit again while he fucked me harder with even hotter water. Robbie began stroking his cock while I was thrusting the hose in and out of his tight little ass. Robbie really liked the feeling of something inside his ass and I loved being the one that was thrusting inside of him.

Daddy made me cum again in the rush of the water about the same time Robbie shot his load across the shower and screamed out in ecstasy. “That was incredible having you clean me out while I was jacking off. I loved every minute of it. Maybe you can thrust something else inside of me a little later, you fucking whore!” He pulled himself off of the hose and turned around to see what daddy was doing to me. I was just coming down from the last orgasm that daddy gave me. Daddy turned the water off and handed both of us towels. We dried off in silence. Everyone was wide awake and ready to fuck anything that walked in the door. I could not wait for that hot little blonde to get here and dominate me. I couldn’t wait to eat her pussy and suck on her nipples. Man, when was she going to get here?

“Alright my little whore, you get into your slave outfit and let’s go upstairs and have some breakfast before the fun begins. Mony should be here soon and she will need nourishment to perform the way that I think she is going to perform. She is very excited about the whole scenario.”

I got into my collar, stockings and garter, my corset, my stiletto heels and my nipple shields. Daddy turned me around and looked me up and down and nodded his head. “That will do nicely. I think that Mony will be honored to dominate you into submission. Let’s go up and eat.”

He and Robbie threw on some shorts and led me upstairs. Daddy handed plates, silverware and napkins to Robbie and told him to set the table. He told me to pour some orange juice to about two thirds of a glass for everyone. He started cooking eggs and told me to make some toast. Daddy topped off the glasses with some champagne and added a fresh slice Escort İstanbul of orange to each glass. I set them at the table and heard the doorbell. As daddy was dishing out the omelets, I went to the door and opened it. The sexy little blonde was standing there in a trench coat and high heels. My mouth started watering as I let her in the door and shut it.

“Can I take your coat mistress?”

She turned around and looked at me with lust in her eyes. “Yes you may my little slave. I like the fact that you called me mistress right off. That shows respect for your superiors and that will make things a little easier during the next few hours. Your daddy has trained you well, already.”

When she took off her coat, all she was wearing was a leather outfit that didn’t cover anything. She had on leather cuffs around her wrists and ankles and a collar that were all studded with silver studs. Her tits were standing straight out and her nipples were hard as little erasers. My eyes were wide with wonder and lust. “Do you like what you see, my little whore? You’re gonna be begging for it later, bitch. Where’s that sexy daddy of yours?”

“This way mistress, we have just served breakfast. Please follow me miss.”

As she followed me to the kitchen she said, “You look pretty hot already also. Did your daddy make sure that all of your holes were clean and ready for my tongue?”

“Yes mistress, Daddy and Robbie both made sure to clean every nook and cranny out and make me clean enough to eat.”

“Well, let’s eat and see what we can all get into.”

We walked into the kitchen and both men stopped in their tracks. They looked Miss Mony up and down and smiled. She twirled around to give us all a complete view of her sexy body. Both of them dropped their jaws and started drooling. I almost got jealous until I took in the sight of her naked pussy poking out of those leather straps. My mouth started watering as bad as theirs were.

“Welcome to our home Miss Mony. I am sure that you will be made to feel comfortable at all times in our home. If you ever are made to feel uncomfortable, I will punish whoever is making you feel uncomfortable. Let’s sit down and we’ll discuss what is going on in this household.”

We all sat down at the table and started eating. Daddy took control of the conversation, “Alright this is the way the pecking order will come down when you are here in our house. I am always the master in this house. No one’s word ever supersedes mine. Miss Mony while you are in the house you will be my second in command. My slut is always the lowest on the totem pole. She is to listen to everyone, all of the time. Now, let me give you a little background…”

Daddy explained my repayment plan once again to Miss Mony. My pussy was getting wet listening to daddy tell her the story. He ended talking about the gang bang that was going to happen the following evening. Mony said that she could get her friend that was working with her yesterday to come over. Daddy told her that would be wonderful. Now all he had to do was make four phone calls. He said that he had a couple father/brother teams that wanted to be involved in my training and had made comments over the years. This was going to be the ultimate fuck fest. I couldn’t wait to be fucked in all three holes, over and over and over.

Daddy told me to clear the table while they finished with their plans for the day. I cleared the table and loaded up the dishwasher while the three of them went into the living room. I heard them whispering and snickering as I finished cleaning up the breakfast dishes. I went to the door way and said, “I am finished master. Would you like for me to do anything else, sir?”

“I think that we should get downstairs and get busy. You have a lot of training to get through today and tonight. We have a lot of scenarios to perform today and I want you to be ready for tomorrow night. Is everyone ready to get started?”

They all got up from their seats and daddy hooked the leather leash to my collar. “C’mon bitch, let’s get you fucked!”

I was led down the stairs followed by Miss Mony and then Robbie. Daddy pulled me across the basement to the door to the playroom. When daddy opened the door to the playroom, Miss Mony gasped in surprise and shrieked with lust. “That’s the most awesome dungeon I have ever seen in real life. It even surpasses most of the videos that I have seen. This is going to be one hot weekend. Let’s get started.”

“I am glad that you approve Mony, now let’s get her in here and get started.” Daddy led me over to the frame and lifted my arms to hook them up over my head. Robbie hooked up my ankles and Mony walked over to look at all of the goodies hanging on the wall. My pussy was dripping wet and I couldn’t wait to see what she chose first from that wall. Daddy felt up between my legs and noticed that there was a slight bit of stubble starting to be felt. He smacked my pussy lips and made them sting. I couldn’t believe I had forgotten to shave while we were in the shower. Damn it, I was going to be punished for this. “You little whore; you didn’t shave while you were in the shower this morning. You will be punished for me being able to feel stubble on those pussy lips. I will start your punishment and Miss Mony will finish for me. She tells me that she likes to beat young girls’ asses.”

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