Dating Grandma Ch. 2


That first night with my Grandmother was a mind and body blower. We sixty-nined together for what seemed like hours. I lay on my back busily gorging on Grandma’s pussy while she sucked my cock in and out of her mouth, licked my balls, and slapped my dick against her lips, her cheeks, and her tits. We were so exhausted that when we finally got around to fucking, Grandma rolled onto her side and I slid my fat cock down between her luscious ass cheeks. Grandma reached between her legs, pulled my cock into her juicy pussy, and while we slowly fucked I had ample opportunity to play with her full, fleshy tits, taking first one of her melons in my hand and then the other, pulling and pinching her nipples. Granny’s rhythmic grunts were punctuated by groans of pleasure as her nipples stiffened to bursting.

It was heaven. The fact that I was fucking my grandmother, and that she was fucking like a cat in heat, was secondary to the pleasure of fucking a mature, experienced, and very sexy older woman.

Grandma was very adept. She humped her ass back onto my cock with every deep stroke of my hips. And, as we neared climax, she reached down to squeeze my balls as our tongues met each other in a slow, sensuous whirlpool of pleasure. As Granny moaned her orgasm and rammed her ass hard against my crotch, I grunted in relief as I shot load after load into her pussy.

After our orgasm, our bodies relaxed and slowly, my cock deflated and left grandma’s pussy with a sweet plop. I turned Granny over onto her back and showered her with kisses, as she wrapped one arm around my neck and stroked my thigh with her other arm. Nuzzling together, we drifted off to sleep.

I woke in the morning to the smell of coffee and sizzling bacon. I stumbled into the kitchen and there was Granny cooking breakfast.

“Morning, Grandma,” I said blearily.

Grandma turned from the stove, and we hugged.

“Morning sweetie,” she whispered in my ear.

I sat down, Grandma served up breakfast, and, famished by the night’s events, I dug in.

“Billy, honey,” Grandma said as I ate.

I nodded.

“Billy,” Grandma continued, her hair disheveled and her blue eyes sparkling. “That was so wonderful last night.”

I grinned and nodded.

“It’s been so long since I’ve felt so good,” said Grandma. “You’re a wonderful lover.”

Swallowing, I mumbed a thanks. Grandma smiled.

“But Billy,” she said. “I need to know what you think about . . .well . .about . .you know . . .that we’re related.”

I smiled.

“You mean,” I said. “That you’re my grandmother and I’m your grandson.”

Grandma smiled and I could see the color rising in her face.

“Look grandma,” I continued. “I don’t know. I mean . . . I really enjoyed last night. You’re a great lover. And a stone cold fox. And . . well . . to me . . .that’s the key. You’re beautiful, you’re fun, you’re sexy, and that’s the kind of woman I like to make love to.”

Grandma looked down for a moment.

“What about you?” I asked her. “How do you feel about it?”

“Well,” Grandma said as she looked up and our eyes locked together. “You’re a sexy, beautiful Avrupa Yakası Escort man. And you’re one helluva lot of fun in bed. And, you’re my grandson.”

I could her grandma’s breath catch at her last sentence. It had come out in a rush, but a rush that signaled something other than apprehension.

“Grandma,” I said, feeling that I was moving things forward in some new direction. “Do you enjoy the fact that I’m your grandson. I mean that you fucked your grandson? Does that turn you on?”

Grandma Elliot was blushing now. And as I began to realize what was happening, I felt myself blush. I also felt my cock beginning to rise in my boxers.

“Come on, Grandma,” I said. “Tell me. You like the idea of fucking your grandson.”

Grandma sighed.

“Billy,” she said. “I don’t know . . .I mean . . I think so.”

She paused, took a sip of her coffee, and ran her hands through her hair, managing to raise her breasts up into full, bountiful view.

“Oh Billy,” grandma sighed. “Ever since you moved in with me, I’ve been watching you. Watching your body. Thinking about how strong and hard you must be, wondering what it would be like. I know how wrong that sounds, but it felt so good”

My mouth opened in surprise as my cock started to stiffen.

“When you moved out,” granny continued. “I was really sad. I missed you so much. I missed wondering about things. I missed that . ..that electric feeling when you walked in the room . . . that little pleasure I took in watching you . . in hearing you in the bedroom next to mine . . .in thinking that maybe . . .just maybe . . .”

The idea of grandma thinking about me sexually turned me on. Despite its workout the night before, my cock was hard as a rock. I resisted the urge to reach down and start stroking it. Then, I thought again. We had already gone the full route, from sucking to fucking. What difference would stroking my cock make? I reached down and pulled my dick out of my boxers and held it in my hand. Grandma’s eyes widened as she watched me.

“Go on,” I told her. “I want to hear more.”

Granny sighed.

“Billy. Yes, it’s true,” she continued, her eyes glued to my dick. “I thought all the time about fucking you, about fucking my grandson. I’d see you in those tight jeans of yours and I’d think about how good it would feel to run my hands over your ass. And about how good it would be to pull the zipper down and reach in and grab that cock of yours.”

I nodded and started to slowly stroke my dick.

Grandma was flushed now and starting to perspire. Her breasts were gently heaving beneath her robe. I fastened my gaze onto her cleavage.

“Go on,” I said in a tight, choked voice.

“I’d think about you all the time,” Grandma gulped. “I’d think about how big and fat and tasty my grandson’s cock must be. And, I’d think about how nasty I’d get with my sweet grandson. About how I’d stuff his cock in my mouth. And, about how I’d dress up just for him. How I’d wear my sexiest undies, and a short skirt, and high heels.”

I nodded vigorously and continued stroking my dick.

“I’d think Avrupa Yakası Bayan about how I’d seduce my grandson,” Grandma said in a burst of words. “How I’d wiggle my ass in front of him as he watched t.v. And how I’d brush my tits against him as he helped me put the groceries away. I’d think about how I’d run my hands all over his young, strong body. And how good his hard cock would feel in my pussy.”

Grandma moaned softly and raised her hands to her breasts. I gulped.

“Oh yes,” she continued, licking her lips and starting to massage her massive tits pressed tightly against her robe. “Yes, I admit it. I dreamed night and day of fucking my grandson. Ughhhh. I’d lie in bed at night with my fingers jammed in my pussy thinking about how I could be such a whore for my very own grandson. Ohhh, yes, I’d say and do all the nasty things with my grandson that I’d dreamed about doing with all the other men I fucked. Only with you, Billy, it would all be so much better.”

I groaned and grandma matched my groan. She fumbled her tits free of her robe and they burst forth, huge and full. She took a tit in each hand and started to pinch her own nipples. Meanwhile, I was working my hand slowly up and down my dick.

“Go on,” I croaked.

“Mmmm, Billy,” Grandma grunted in pleasure. “Yesss. I’m your grandmother but I wanted to fuck you . . .ohh . . .to fuck you like some hot little bitch . . .like some whore. I wanted to fuck my grandson, fuck him silly . . .ohhh . .fuck my grandson every which way . . .until .. .oh . . .oh . .until he came all over me . . .until his nice big juicy cock spurted all over me …oh . . .ahhh . . all over my tits . . and my ass . .and . . unggg . . .ungggg . . . my pussy.”

Grandma was reminiscing her way toward orgasm, rubbing her tits with one hand and, now, playing with her pussy with the other. My cock meanwhile felt like a log, heavy, thick, and full. I leaned back in my chair and spread my legs, showing off my swollen cock to grandmother’s hungry gaze. Grandma and I groaned together, her eyes glued on my cock, mine on her massive, pendulous tits.

“I couldn’t help it . . .I couldn’t,” she continued, her robe open and her hands busy. “I knew it was wrong . . .so wrong . . .hmmm . . .wrong to think about fucking my own grandson . .about my grandson fucking his grandmother. Oh, yes, Billy, I knew it was wrong . . .but that turned me on . . .made my pussy tingle. Hmmm. . . .I’d be driving my car to work and I’d think to myself, ‘Sally Elliot, you want to fuck your grandson. You want to feel his cock inside you. Uhhhh. You want his hot tongue all over you. You want his mouth on your tits. You want to suck his cock.’ And I’d have to pull the car over and play with myself. Thinking about how nasty and wrong it was: a grandmother and her grandson fucking each other like animals. A grandmother taking her grandson’s cock in her mouth. A grandmother sitting on her grandson’s cock. A grandson licking his grandmother’s nipples and kissing her with his tongue. Ohhhh. Yes.”

As she spoke her deepest desires, grandma worked her hand furiously in and out of her pussy. Escort Avrupa Yakası She was hunched up now, over the kitchen table, her ass off her chair. I was jerking my cock like mad, more totally turned on by grandma’s reverie than by anything I’d ever heard in my life.

“Hmmm, yes baby,” grandma groaned. “Oh, it felt so good to think about it. I couldn’t resist. Yeah. I’d be in line at the bank and I’d say to myself, ‘I want to fuck my grandson,” hmmm, and I’d get wet. Oh, the dreams I had of your cock. So . . unhh .. so fat . . .such a hard cock . . my grandson’s hard, hard cock. Hmmm, his hard cock rubbing against my ass . . .the two of us naked . . .hmm . . together . . “

I couldn’t take it anymore. I stood and stumbled, my hand still on my cock, toward grandma. In a flash, she took her hands off her body and grabbed my dick, pulling me toward her, pulling my cock to her lips. I groaned as her warm, wet lips swept over the head of my dick.

“Oh yeah,” I groaned. “That’s it grandma. Take my cock in your mouth. Suck your horny grandson off.”

I could hear grandma’s squeals of pleasure, muffled by my cock in her mouth, as she gobbled me up, her hands scrabbling against my ass to pull me in deeper. Frenetic, I began to fuck her mouth and grandma, moaning with hunger, grabbed the base of my dick in one hand and pulled me in and out of her mouth.

“Ahhhhh,” I practically shouted, my senses swamped by her efforts and her velvety tongue and mouth. “Suck it grandma. Ohhhh, suck my cock.”

Hurriedly, grandma took my cock out of her mouth and began slapping it against her tongue, then she quickly popped it back in mouth, sucking on it furiously and wiggling her hips in pleasure. I put my hands in her hair and pulled her head on and off my dick. Then, I reached down to play with her tits. As I pinched her nipples, grandma renewed her efforts, taking me deep into her throat and sucking hungrily. I felt the cum boiling up from my balls and began thrusting my hips madly against her mouth, grunting and moaning loudly.
“I’m cumming grandma,” I shouted in ecstasy.

Grandma fastened her mouth onto my cock, holding me tight inside her while my hips bucked wildly and I shot my load in one exquisite burst. My dick tingled and buzzed as I emptied into grandma’s mouth. She mumbled to herself in pleasure and dug her fingernails into my ass, trying to drink every drop of cum in my body, trying to suck me completely and totally dry. With a final groan, I felt my hips tremble. And, feeling wave after wave of euphoria spread upward from my crotch, I jiggled my hips in one last instinctual spasm.

As my cock shrank, grandma released it from her mouth and, with a groan, collapsed against my hips. I felt grandma panting against my wet crotch and I reached down to press her tightly against me, my cock jammed between my hips and her cheek.

“Hmmmm,” grandma whispered, kissing my cock gently. “You taste so good.”

I smiled and dropped to my knees to hug Grandma Elliot. She pulled me to her with her arms around my neck, and I cradled her in my arms and lowered her to the floor. We lay next to each other, exhausted by pleasure. I kissed grandma gently on the forehead and cuddled her against my chest, feeling her luscious tits spread out against my belly.

“Hmmmm, “I whispered down to her. “I love you, grandma.”

“Billy . . .grandson,” grandma answered quietly. “I love you so much.”

To Be Continued…

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