Devon Beach

I feel a drop of sweat drip down my back as I walk to Devon Beach at dusk. It’s a very warm Saturday night late in the summer, great for a beach party and I’m excited. My bathing suit feels too tight under my shorts and blouse and I cannot wait to get to the beach and shed everything but the bathing suit. My blond hair is beginning to frizz in the humid night air and I hope it still looks okay.

I see so many groups of people when I get to the beach, girl groups, boy groups, mixed groups and I choose to start with a boy group because lots of them look cute and I recognize a few too from school. I’ll be a junior in the fall but I see some cute seniors and they’re the ones I’m really interested in. There are a few older boys too, either drop outs or home from college. I’d love to meet a college boy.

The boys welcome me and someone puts a drink in my hand and says to drink up. I swallow and cough because there’s so much alcohol in it. A couple of guys laugh and tell me to just chug it because I’ll get drunk faster. I do want to get drunk so I chug it and someone gives me another drink. A bonfire is going already but I stand back because it’s too hot right now. I stand on the outer perimeter of the group and feel a hand around my waist.

I look at at the boy with the hand around me now moving down over my ass, and he says hi and come and sit with us on our blanket. I follow him and finish my drink then sit down next to him. I barely notice who is handing me another drink because this boy is so cute. He’s a college boy whose name is Jon. I tell him I’m Sara and he tells me to drink up so I do. I’ve had three drinks and I need to pee so I tell him I’m going to swim and cool off and start taking my clothes off. I lay them down and tell him to save my spot and he says he definitely will and I head to the water and cool off and pee and feel much better.

When I get back I dry off a little with the towel I brought then sit down next to the cute college boy who immediately hands me another drink, holding it up to my mouth and tipping my head back until I have to drink it, and it keeps flowing and I keep swallowing, now almost used to the alcohol and he tells me I’m a good girl and tells someone to bring another special drink for the girl.

My head is spinning and I feel a little dizzy but I’m totally okay when I feel a hand on my face and then lips moving over mine as the college boy starts kissing me. The way he’s kissing me makes me feel all warm inside and a good ache starts somewhere deep down inside me. He tongue presses between my lips, exploring my mouth in a practiced way and it feels so good. I kiss back as well as I can, my heart beating fast, my breath coming in short gasps as his tongue takes over my world.

He stops when his friend brings two drinks back, one each, and we race to see who finishes first. He does and tells me I must pay the penalty. I ask him what the penalty is. He whispers in my ear that he gets to put his hand under my bathing suit top. I start to tell him I don’t think so when he starts kissing me again and pushing me down on my back on the blanket. No one seems to notice so I kiss him back and then feel a hand slide under my bikini top and start kneading my breast.

I try half-heartedly to protest but it feels so good that I want him to continue so I keep kissing him as he squeezes my nipple and I gasp at the sharp pain. He pushes my top up then and it’s around my neck and he kneads my breasts using both hands. I feel his mouth suck a nipple and it sends little heat waves down my spine. My whole body is tingling as I hear him moan and suck the other tit. My cunt is wet and aching. I don’t ever want him to stop sucking my tits and he continues for quite some time.

His mouth pulls away from my tits and I feel him lick my lips then chew my earlobe. I am panting, gasping for air, wanting, needing something. He whispers in my ear that he wants me and asks me to let him go further. “Please, baby,” he says and moans and sucks my tits again.

I kiss him again while he kneads my breasts and as I do, I feel a finger enter my cunt and stop. He murmurs, “Please, baby,” then sucks my tits while he fingers me and, God, the sweat is pouring off both of us but it’s nothing compared to the heat inside me, pulsing up and down my body, and I twitch a little as his finger moves in and out of my cunt.

I don’t know if it’s the alcohol or the boy, but I let him and it seems the more I let him do, the more I want. I ask him if we can move a little bit away from the crowd so they’re not watching us and without a word he gets up and pulls me up with one hand while holding a large towel in another and he’s leading me far enough away that I feel comfortable. He puts the towel down on the still warm sand and pulls me down then pushes me back and moves on top of me. He seems to have taken my request as a signal to keep going.

His mouth is back on my tits, sucking them hard, biting them and moaning. I feel the finger back in my cunt, fingering me faster and deeper and I can’t help but move my hips up towards him and I keep moving my tits gaziantep escort kızlar toward him, to get more of his mouth on them, because I love how it feels when they’re sucked. He says, “Let me in, baby, please, baby, I want you.”

I don’t say anything, just an involuntary moan and I start breathing more heavily as I feel him pull my bikini bottom down and feel him spread my legs using his own. Something hard is poking into the opening of my cunt and I feel him hold his dick and line up and push into my cunt all at once. I gasp and he says, “Oh, yeah, baby, oh, yeah, that’s it, honey, I’m in, mmm, let me in, so good, baby.”

He pulls his dick almost out then shoves it back in, so far in that I feel it hit the back of my cunt. It doesn’t hurt though, it feels great, so good and I want more, I want him to fill me, and I wonder how I lived so long without feeling this.

I feel his body move faster, fucking hard into my cunt as he pushes my legs back so that I’m completely exposed as he pounds his dick into me. He breathes hard as he moves his dick in and out of my cunt, then groans as he sucks a nipple, and starts panting when he starts fucking me even faster. I love the feeling of being completely his, of being helpless to resist while he does what he wants to me, and I’m so hot now that I almost scream. This is what ecstasy is and I can never go back.

He fucks me like that for a couple of minutes and I feel him tense and he says, “Shit, gonna come, baby, in your cunt, baby. His speed intensifies and he drives into me hard for just a couple more seconds before yelling, “Oh, fuck,” and then stops, his dick all the way inside me, and I swear I can feel it pulse as he pumps his cum into my cunt, filling me. When he’s done he pulls right out and pulls his shorts back up. I can feel his cum dripping out of my cunt and I already miss feeling his dick pumping in and out of me.

I see him lift an arm and make some sort of signaling motion. A guy appears with two drinks. College guy takes one and drinks it down, then says, “Drink up, baby.” He says to the guy with the drink, “Make her drink it and then it’s your turn.”

I look at both of them with an expression of “What?” New guy has the cup to my lips and has got my hair in his hand and is pulling my head back and starts pouring the drink down my throat. I am already so drunk that I don’t need another but I am thirsty so I just drink it. College guy is fingering my slippery cunt again and telling me that he knows I need more so a few friends of his are willing to help me out, so why don’t I just relax and let them in because they’ll take good care of me.

I think I moan a little because his finger feels so good going in and out like that and my cunt is so slippery from his cum and then I notice another boy walk over and college boy and he start sucking my tits after college boy tells him, “She really likes getting her tits sucked.” Another boy is between my legs and is fingering me until I can’t help but say, “Please,” because I’m so hot inside now and my cunt is tingling and so are my nipples, and I cry out when one of them bites a nipple hard and the boy in between my legs has pulled his dick out and I watch him line up and push it in and feel him fuck me hard and fast, going deep with every thrust, so hard that my body rocks to the tempo he’s set and in just a minute I hear him yell, “Fuck, I’m coming,” and then he stops and I think I can feel his dick pulsing too, feel his hot cum flood my cunt as he comes, groaning, and saying, “Oh fuck,” over and over.

The second he pulls out the other guy has pulled his dick out and is now inside me, pumping away hard. I see more boys coming over to me and watching and then stroking their dicks, getting ready to fuck me I think and wonder in my fuzzy brain how this happened. I don’t really care though ’cause it just feels good and I can’t seem to get enough so I’m loving all the dicks fucking me. They are all fucking me hard and most of them are coming fast, lasting only a minute or so before they stop and shoot their cum into my cunt. The towel under me is wet and slimy from the cum leaking out.

They’re young guys though so I know they’re gonna want more in just a little while. More guys come over and soon I’m the main event at the party. Both of my tits are being sucked, sending little electric sparks up my spine. Cheers go up every time someone new starts fucking me. There’s so many guys they decide to double team. I hear them talking about it and then I kind of hazily see a guy straddling my chest and then thrusting his dick in my mouth, saying, “Suck it, honey,” and shoving in and out fast and choking me as he fucks deep down into my throat.

At the same time a guy thrusts into my cunt then just barely into my ass, then alternates until my ass is wet and slippery enough to fuck and then he goes to town saying how fuckin’ tight my ass is and he’s gonna fill my ass with his cum and quickly he’s ready and comes as the guys surrounding me cheer his deflowering of my ass. The dick is still in my throat thrusting hard when I feel another dick slide into my cunt and start pumping really fast. It seems like this one comes in about 30 seconds and he seems pissed off about it. He pulls out mumbling that he’ll be back and I feel another dick in my cunt.

The boy fucking my mouth starts breathing heavily and moaning and I know he’s almost there. He’s holding onto my head so tight I can’t move it and he fucks down hard with all his weight behind it and groans and I feel hot cum pouring over my tongue and down my throat. He keeps pushing his dick in and I’m having a hard time breathing until he finally pulls out and wipes his dick on my face, smearing it with cum.

Another boy is fucking me and my body is rocking back and forth from the force of his thrusts. God, it feels like he’s drilling me and his dick feels so big and it’s hitting hard way deep in. It feels good though and I yell for him to not stop. I plead with him to fuck me hard and he picks up the pace and my cunt feels like it’s being pounded into the sand. He lasts for a few minutes until he yells, “Shit, gonna come, gonna fill this bitch,” and he fucks in hard and comes with a groan and a cheer from the boys watching.

I wonder how many dicks have been in my cunt and have no idea. I’m actually feeling pretty tired and wonder if I passed out because it seems much cooler now as someone fucks me slowly while he kneads and sucks my tits. The crowd seems to have thinned out too so I guess that I probably passed out for a while and know it for sure when someone says, “Hey, look, she’s awake,” and someone else says, “It was better when she was quiet.”

I was very thirsty and I told the boy fucking me that I needed some water. He ignored me and kept shoving his dick in and out of my cunt, but someone else heard me and brought a large drink and poured it down my throat. I coughed because it seemed to be almost pure alcohol but it was better than nothing. Someone else said, “Someone fuck her mouth, she needs some cum to slake her thirst. Come here, Brian, your turn to fuck her mouth, get in there, boy.”

I had closed my eyes but felt Brian or someone push a dick down my throat and pump in hard saying, “Suck it, bitch, keep suckin’ it hard you fuckin’ slut,” and then it felt like he went crazy and started pounding my mouth harder than I thought possible. He kept my head immobile and he was hurting me so much by pulling my hair so hard. The boy pulled my head way up and knelt, fucked straight into my mouth, and said, “Hey, someone help me hold her head, she’s movin’ too much, and I felt a bunch of hands on my head holding on tight and it was like I was paralyzed as the guy kept fucking in and out, way deep, hitting the back of my throat over and over until he finally told me, “Bitch, I’m shootin’ my load into your whore mouth and you’re gonna swallow all of it, right?”

He pumped hard, groaned and I felt the hot cum pulsing in, filling my mouth and someone pulled my head way back so that it would go down my throat and the boy kept fucking in until he was all the way done then pulled out and slapped my face and said, “Fuckin’ slut.”

After that it just felt like one continual dick in my cunt. The minute someone was done, there was another dick in my cunt or my mouth, or my ass, sometimes in all three at the same time. There was cum everywhere. The blanket under me was soaked with it and it had a strong odor. Cum dripped out of both holes continuously, it was all over my body, in my hair, in my ears, all over my tits. Occasionally someone sucked my tits but mainly they just wanted to get off as fast as they could. There were a whole lot of one minute wonder dicks that fucked me, all of them pumping as hard as they could, as fast as they could so they could shoot their wad in my cunt.

The boys seemed to enjoy what was happening and I think probably almost all of them that were there fucked me. The girls stayed away and I know they were thinking that boys will be boys and not wanting really to know what they were up to. They knew who I was though and that was the end of my social life with girls in high school.

It must have been four or five a.m. and there were only a few stragglers left who were interested in fucking my cum filled cunt. Most of the boys were fucked out hours ago, many of them saying that sloppy seconds was all they could handle. Only the diehards were left and a couple of old guys who’d wandered onto the scene. The dicks kept being shoved in but now they were mostly just fucking my cunt nice and slow and they paid a little more attention to my tits which kept me interested.

When they finally all seemed about done a few boys stood around jacking off one last time. A few boys pissed all over me saying they were cleaning me off and laughing like hell about it. The rest stood in a circle and one by one they came, grunting and moaning, squirting their cum in curving lines all over my body. One guy jacked off into my open mouth and one apparently couldn’t resist filling my cunt one last time. There was so much cum that I barely felt his dick inside me.

They wandered off and left me there lying on my back, legs spread out wide, cum dripping from my holes. I must have passed out again but it was first light the next time I opened my eyes and wondered how many more boys had fucked me while I was out. I wondered because someone was on top of me pumping my cunt so hard that it woke me up. I opened my eyes and saw a bunch of guys around me watching this guy fuck me while they stroked their dicks.

The guy in me started moaning and thrusting erratically and I knew he was almost done. He pushed my legs impossibly far apart and fucked in hard while holding onto my ass so hard that it hurt. Two guys picked up my legs and held them spread wide and pulled them up so the guy could fuck me harder and so that they could get a better view of his dick fucking into me. Finally the guy inside me came, stopping cold as he cried out while pumping his cum deep inside me.

When he pulled out, the two guys kept holding my legs and another guy moved in and lined up then pushed easily into my slippery cunt. He pumped hard, moaning and grunting as he thrust his dick in and out of me until he came with a shout, pumping furiously until all his cum was inside me. There was a line apparently because when the guy pulled out, another dick replaced his. They slammed into me fast and hard, rocking my body, punishing my cunt with their hard dicks, wanting only an outlet, a means to get off and spit their cum deep in my holes.

They cheered each time a guy came, either in my cunt or by jacking off and spreading their cum on my body. Sometimes they opened my mouth and came after jacking off, sometimes by fucking hard down my throat first, ramming my head into the sand until they came, groaning as their cum rolled down my throat, laughing when I choked then slapping me and calling me a fucking cunt.

It was still very early but the sun kept rising, heating up the day the way their dicks were heating up my cunt. I could hear seagulls and the ocean waves crashing on the shore and the squishy sounds coming from dicks pounding fast into a cum filled cunt. I vaguely wondered how much cum was in me, in my cunt and my ass and I realized I had no idea, only that it was a lot. Once in a while I caught a whiff of ocean smells but only after a guy finished and pulled out, otherwise the only smells were of sweaty bodies and wet and drying cum. I tasted salt all the time and not from the ocean and longed for a drink of water. When I begged for water a guy pissed down my throat and told me to shut the fuck up.

I wondered where all these guys came from and thought I recognized a few from the night before but could not be sure since I’d been so drunk then. There were a lot of them though and I wondered how long it would be before someone noticed what was going on and stopped it. A few people wandered by in the early morning and if they stopped to watch they were invited to fuck me too and that’s how it kept going, that and they formed a barrier with their bodies surrounding me as one after another they fucked me.

After what I roughly counted as thirty or so guys fucking me, a couple of guys turned me over and put me on my hands and knees. I knew they did this for better access when I felt two dicks fuck into me, both my cunt and my ass and start doing me hard. Someone shoved a dick in my mouth and I had three guys fucking me, thrusting hard and fast, pumping their cum in me as quickly as they could. Another couple of guys got under me and started biting and sucking my tits and I couldn’t help but moan because it felt really good.

I guessed that another fifty or so dicks did me that way, sometimes with two dicks in my cunt and two in my mouth and another in my ass, all thrusting in unison, stretching me wide, their cum filling me when they were ready, grunting and crying out with pleasure then slapping my ass hard and telling me they could tell how much I liked dick. The thing is, they were right, I did like it and I wanted more especially with two guys sucking hard on my tits like that, chewing on them, moaning as they sucked and digging their fingers into my tits, holding on tight as they made little slurping noises.

Finally it was too late in the day to continue so they put my bikini back on me and circled me and one by one they shoved their dicks in my mouth, pulling my hair hard as they did so, and making my mouth ache as they thrust hard and fast until their hot salty cum filled my mouth and I was forced to swallow. When they were all done they left me there, dressed in a bikini, legs spread wide, and covered in cum.
It took me a long time to move but finally I did and washed myself off in the ocean.

My body hurt, my cunt and ass were sore and my head was throbbing. The water was cold but I didn’t care, I just wanted to feel cleaner. There were a few towels laying around so I dried off a little and wrapped another towel around my body and started to slowly walk home hoping to avoid my mother when I got there. I got lucky because she was not home when I finally wandered in and I knew she didn’t know I hadn’t been home, knew she’d assumed I was sleeping late because of the party the night before. She’d never know my secret. I had a bad hangover but smiled anyway as I fell asleep dreaming of boys and sex and hot summer nights at the beach.

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