Into The Wild


It was early fall and the air was still warm and the leaves hadn’t even begun to turn yet in New England. Hunting season here had only just begun but I was determined to get out there and enjoy the day. As I started in from my spot the sun beamed down warmly on my face and a refreshing breeze came tumbling in from the forest. I breathed it all in. ‘Ah, nature’ I thought to myself.

I knew exactly where I was headed too. The same spot I had hunted for years, about a 20 minute hike in from where I had parked. I took with me a small backpack, a folding chair, and my hunting blind. There wasn’t a hint of any deer on my way in but I was still enjoying my first outing and the hike. Before long I had arrived at my spot and begun to setup my blind. The trees here were spaced about 10 feet apart and a thick forest grass grew up between them. It wasn’t long before everything was setup and I was sitting in my chair.

Hunting can be a bit boring sometimes and before long I had sent you a few texts in between scanning out the windows of the blind. We discussed how beautiful it was out here and how beautiful you are. Before I knew it an hour had passed without so much as a sound or a sighting. Still, it was such a beautiful day nothing could get me down. Plus, I had you on my phone to keep me company. I kept telling you that you needed to come out this way sometime. You knew the area but had never been.

Another hour went by. Your texts had become a bit less frequent but that happens when you’re busy, I thought. Just then, I saw something out of the corner of my eye. The trees and brush were moving but I couldn’t make out what it was. I gave my deer call a few tries but still nothing. I had almost given up hope when there you were. Stumbling out of the brush. Certainly a sight for sore eyes. You still didn’t seem to catch onto where I was inside my pop up blind. I decided to mess you with a bit and let out a few more deer calls. You looked around before finally realizing I had been hiding in plain site.

“Mind if I come in?” you asked as you started to walk over. I reached over from my chair and pulled up the zipper so you could crawl inside.

“I wasn’t expecting you here!, How’d you find me?” I asked. You went on to explain gaziantep escortlar how you knew the area and found my truck and that based on my description from before you figured you’d give it a try. If you didn’t find me at least you’d have taken a nice hike.

We made small talk for a bit. I explained it had been a quiet morning and nothing had come along and that only your texts had kept me out there. We both remarked about how quiet and peaceful it was.

You were certainly dressed for the occasion with a very nice tight fitting tank top and some very tight jeans. Me on the other hand, I was sporting some camo colored jeans and a Army surplus camo jacket. Not exactly the pinnacle of fashion. While the breeze in the woods was certainly nice, the sun beating down on the blind had made things a bit warm.

I kept thinking to myself how beautiful you looked and sneaking a peak at your cleavage when I could.

“Mind if I lay down for a bit?” You asked.

“Sure thing. Mind if I join you?” I responded

And with that I folded up chair and put it outside with my crossbow. Space was at a premium and we didn’t want any accidents. I also took off my camo so that I only had a t-shirt on. It was way more comfortable. We talked some more before my hand finally found it’s way to your hip and rested comfortably there. It was a perfect day. Great weather and great company. I could have stayed out there all day.

I think I was mid sentence when you leaned in closer and gave me a peck on the lips. Things would escalate from there but that seemed to be your way of telling me you were looking for something out here also. We locked eyes as I ran my hand from your hip and up under your shirt, touching the bare skin of your side. I leaned forward this time and kissed you on your lips while my hand ventured further up and found its way into your hair to pull you closer. We made out like high school kids for a while and my free hand continued its trip around your body. Stopping at your breast for a playful squeeze and then down to your ass for a gentle slap.

We stopped kissing for a bit and you whispered in my ear “I want to fuck you so badly”. Considering my cock was struggling to escape this was music to my ears. While the blind covered us completely I think the idea of being out in nature where anyone could walk by got us both a bit excited. Neither of us could get our clothes off fast enough. You struggled getting your jeans off and as I raced through, practically ripping my underwear off.

When we were both naked I rolled onto you and looked into your beautiful eyes. My hard shaft resting against your stomach. The crunch of the plastic tarp like floor beneath us with only the long forest grass for cushion. I leaned in and kissed your neck and nibbled on the bottom of your ear. I gently ran my tongue down your neck and then picked it up so I could move down to your breasts. I held myself up with my left hand and cupped your breast into my mouth with my right. I could suck on your nipples all day I thought to myself. I alternated sucking on them and gently biting them through my lips. After a bit I switched to the other one and repeated the same sequence.

It was all a bit of a tease for both of us though. My cock was throbbing to be let inside you. I held myself up on both arms again and brought my knees up then used them to splay your legs open. You’re eyes gave me that look like, ‘what was I waiting for?’. So I grabbed my rod and guided the tip to your pussy. I placed the head between your lips and used my hand to drag it up and down your wet slit. When my head was good and wet with your juices I placed it on your clit and with a fair about of pressure began to rub it rapidly. You seemed to enjoy this treatment but what you really wanted was to be split open.

After a little bit of that I took my cock and placed it at the entrance of your vagina. With one swift motion I pushed in side you and then back, and then all the way in. The smile on your face told me you approved. I ground into you and you back at me. The sound of the wind outside and the crinkle of the blind were the only sounds to be heard. I leaned forward to kiss your delicate neck a bit more and grind my groin into your clit. My hand rummaged for your breast and when it found it I gave your nipple a firm pinch. You were soaking and we were both loving every minute of it.

I pulled back onto my knees and grabbed your hips. I gave you a few forceful deep thrusts. My cock withdrew from your depths and I picked up your legs and put them over my right shoulder. I fumbled with my cock in a hurry to get back inside you. Finally, I found your hole and slid back into you. I grabbed your legs with both my arms and pound away. In my excitement I think I was actually lifting you off the ground a bit. I wanted so badly to fill you right then and there. The sight of your breasts bouncing up with each thrust was almost too much for me. I grabbed your hips with one hand and slammed into you even harder, trying to fit every last bit of my cock inside you.

Eventually, I stopped and withdrew my soaked shaft from your loins. “Why don’t you get on your hands and knees” I commanded more than asked. You did as you were asked without question. I grabbed my cock and placed it in between your warm wet lips. It didn’t take long before I guided my dick back inside you. Things went a bit slower this time. I would pull my cock almost out of you and then slowly slide it back inside so you could feel it spread you apart inch by slow inch.

After a bit of that I noticed you starting to push back. So I slowed my thrusts down to an eventual stop and you picked up your pace. You heaved your body back and forth, skewering yourself on my cock. It was one of the sexist things I’d seen in a while. You seemed to be thoroughly enjoying yourself. I gave you a very firm slap on the ass you weren’t expecting and that seemed to quicken your pace so I gave you a few more.

I heard you let out a soft moan and felt the soft convulsions of your body as your orgasm swept over you. I was almost there too and you had stopped your motion. My cock raced in and out of you while my hands firmly grabbed your soft hips. There was only one thing left too do. A few more short strokes and I jammed my shaft inside you. My cock twitched as I flooded your pussy with my cum. I fell forward over you. Cock still twitching, balls still emptying out. When I was confident you were full I fell off to the side exhausted. You climbed on top of my chest. Head against mine and body firmly pressure against me. It was wonderful. My semen dripping out of you and onto my shaft into a warm pool of mess. Just the sound of the breeze and the warmth of the sun peaking through a small slit in the blind as we drifted off to sleep.

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