5 Years Ago

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At our little community college, the one thing we can count on is seeing the local high school graduating seniors coming around to get ready for their first college classes. My neighbor’s daughter is one of them. She is now 18, and I can’t wait to register her for my classes in History. Surely, I can get something started with her.

Aside from orientation, I have only seen Angela a few times with a large group of her classmates. Will today be the day?

Apparently not. Same thing for Tuesday and Wednesday.

Thursday dawns, and the campus is buzzing again with the soon-to-be fish. I spot Angela and her group of friends.

“Hey.” I yell.

“Hey Mr. Z.” They yell back.

“Y’all haven’t come by to register yet. You ready for graduation tomorrow?” I ask.

“Sure are. Can we come by tomorrow?” They ask.

“Yeah. Come on by.” I respond.

I start listing off the names of the class, throwing Angela’s name into the middle of the list.

“Wow. You remember all of us?” They say in amazement.

“How could I not?” I say, impressing them with my mental recall.

Angela has become quite the woman. I’m so glad she is 18 and will officially no longer be a student in our district. Once that graduation ceremony is done tomorrow night, it is game on.

The current Angela is simply a stunning woman now. Dark hair and still beautiful eyes atop a glorious body. Her shoulders broadened by varsity athletics lead down to smallish luscious breasts and wonderfully narrow hips. Did I mention varsity athletics here includes rodeo? Angela’s ass is a magnificent work of horse riding magic. Her Wranglers fit incredibly snug, and perfectly round. She also has legs forever, as the saying goes. Angela is a major prize, sure to turn a lot of heads in college.

I head off to the district stadium along with the rest of the town. Aside from football, this is the most people in one place all year.

The stadium fills easily and early. This is a big moment. The ceremony is wonderfully quick. Most students are headed to college; a few have enlisted. Afterwards, my co-workers and I mingle with the parents and students. Once we leave, summer starts. I’m in no hurry to head out.

And then, there she is. Simply glowing in the late evening dusk, Angela smiles at me. We approach each other, and suddenly we are the only two people in this world.

“I’m ready for your class, now.” Angela says.

“Congratulations.” I say as I envelope Angela into my arms.

“I’m in love with you.” I hear Angela say, her mouth just inches from my ear.

“I’ve always loved you, probably more that I ever should have.” I respond into her ear.

We embrace, not long enough for me, but I don’t want to bring attention to us. Angela and I separate and walk side-by-side toward the stadium exit.

From my coat pocket, I remove a small gift for Angela. It’s just a coffee shop gift card.

“I got you something every college student enjoys: coffee.” I confess.

Angela hands me an envelope from inside her graduation gown.

“I got you something as well, Mr. Z. It’s me.” Angela says, smiling. “Everything you need to know is in there. We’ll talk really soon.”

With a high five, and a shoulder hug, we walk our separate ways into the evening. I pocket the envelope, unsure how long I can wait to read it. My house is close, so I convince myself to read it there.

I arrive home, and walk to the frig to grab a beer. My hand is shaking noticeably, so I prop myself up against a counter, and open the envelope.


My dearest Mr. Z.,

I am done with this high school stuff finally. gaziantep escortlar I’m 18, and I’m ready to be considered an adult. No more playing around. No more wondering. Here it goes:

I want to give you my everything. I hope that’s okay. I don’t know what our future holds in store. I know my Mom won’t approve, but I am here for you. I want to open an adult relationship with you so I can learn why I have longed for you since my last birthday..

If that’s not okay, then toss this letter, and I’ll understand.

But I think you feel the same way. Here is how I am offering myself to you. Some of us are meeting at the beach this coming Tuesday morning. Mom only knows I am leaving Monday night, not that my friends won’t be there until the next day. Instead, I’ll be at a hotel just outside of town. Meet me there. Please text me so I can give you the room number.

If you don’t show, I’ll be okay. I know this is a gamble, but my love for you is about to explode and I want you there to take all I have.

All my love,



I take a seat at my kitchen table, and grab my phone.

“Of course, I’ll be there. Z.” I text her.

I receive a smiley face in response.

“Text me if you can meet sooner. No one here but me.” I reply.

The phone remains quiet, and I head off to bed. In fact, it remains quiet all weekend. I finally just had to put the phone on the counter and walk away so I could get some work done around the place. I decided to clean up my bachelor pad just in case. I remove all evidence of any past girlfriends. The last one moved out last year, mercifully just before Christmas. I start to envision where Angela will put her clothes. I set the table for 2 so she will see I have been thinking about her.

The final thing I do is go shopping early Monday so I have food in the house. I also grab some protection. I’m pretty sure I’ll need a lot. Satisfied with my efforts, I shave and shower and get some comfortable clothes on. I’ll play it cool and text her around 5.

Angela beats me to it.

“Room 215.” The text comes through.

Now, how should a 31 year old respond? I am speechless, or textless, or whatever. I just don’t know what to say. But I fight through the excitement to reply.

“On my way.” I type. That will have to do.

With the short drive to the hotel, I have to think of what to say. I better have some explanation for this behavior, but she is 18. That settles the deal for me. I don’t need to justify anything; I just need to treat Angela right. This may work, and it may not.

We’ll see once I pull around to the back side of the motel to park nearest Angela’s room. I hop up the steps to the second floor walkway, and head to the room. Maybe I should have texted, but too late for that. I approach the door.

Knock. Knock. The door opens before I can hit the door a third time. As I walk into the doorway, a hand is extended to me. I take it, and am gently dragged into the simple room containing 2 beds, a tv, and a bathroom to the back.

I push the door with my left arm, and am immediately engulfed into the sweetest, most incredible kiss. Angela’s lips are soft, and she allows me to roll my tongue against hers and around those luscious lips. This is all woman, and this hug and kiss are so much better than the other night. I feel the blood flowing throughout my body.

So far, not a word has been said as we kiss and walk our intertwined bodies to the nearest bed. We fall onto the bed, and I take Angela into my arms and pull her tighter, never letting go of her lips. I begin grabbing her shoulders, and then work my hands down her back to that round and glorious ass. It is incredibly firm and I cannot wait to lick it.

I feel Angela’s hands on the side of my face, and I move my hands to her face in response. We stop kissing and open our eyes at the same time.

“I am here for your everything. But I’m here for so much more. I’m here to start something special.” I tell her in a suddenly serious tone.

“Mr. Z…” I stop Angela from finishing.

“Call me Z. I don’t need the mister part anymore.” I direct.

“Okay Z. I am here to give you my everything. I want you for myself, and I don’t ever want to share you with anyone else. I will never need anyone else. I am meant for you. I can feel it. I have saved myself just for you.” Angela overwhelms me with her honesty.

“Angela, I didn’t save myself for you, but I never stopped thinking about you. Acting upon those thoughts would have cost me my job and much more. That we are here right now is beyond anything I ever thought possible.” I start spilling the beans.

“Z, I need you to teach me. I want to learn how to please you and make something of this love I have for you.” Angela finishes.

Standing from the bed, she begins removing her shoes and pants. Angela pulls off her shirt, and then stands before me in just her underwear. She is amazing, and somehow knows to turn around so I can take in the sight of her entire body.

“You are quite the woman.” I say.

“Thanks, Z. It’s all for you now.” Angela says with a smile. I’m not sure I have ever seen her without a smile.

With that, Angela reaches behind her back and unfastens her bra. As it falls to the floor in front of her feet, I keep gaze upon her eyes.

“Your body is perfect. You’re so young and firm, and truly a gift.” I say. I allow my eyes to wander to a pair of wonderfully rounded breasts topped with slightly puffy nipples. The blood flow is surely arousing her and I get to witness it.

“Would you like to see the rest?” Angela asks.

“Come here.” I tell her. I stay seated and take her face into my hands once again. I kiss her deeply and move my hands down. Angela doesn’t flinch or hesitate. She stays standing and I lightly touch her neck, and then her shoulders, finally working my hands inward to cup her breasts. Angela looks to the ceiling and catches her breath.

“Oh, yes. Please. Go ahead and touch me. Touch all of me. My body is yours. No matter what, I am in love with your touch.” Angela tells me in a deep whisper.

I allow my fingers to linger on her nipples, and then work all around the sides of the breasts before holding her just above her hips. I move Angela a little backward and then stand in front of her. I resume kissing her, and turn her around to the bed where I lay her down in front of me.

I place my hands on her stomach and then begin working my fingers under her lace panties. There isn’t much material, and Angela raises her hips as I begin pulling it off her hips. I catch a peak of pink as I pull the panties down her legs and off her feet. Angela is now completely naked on the bed. It is truly a sight I had envisioned, but surely more perfect than expected.

I kneel down and begin kissing Angela’s feet, then work my mouth up her legs. As I get to her knees, I place my head in between them and take in the sight of her pussy. I cannot get my mouth there soon enough.

But, I stop. I need to say a few things, but I am way overdressed. I stop with my face between Angela’s thighs, mere inches away from her womanhood. I scoot backwards a bit, and then stand. I pull Angela up so she is sitting on the edge of the bed. I begin by pulling my shirt off, then start on my pants after I pull off my shoes.

“Here is what I have to offer. It’s not much, but it’s the best this 30 year old has to offer.” I say while unzipping my pants. I let them fall to the floor and am quickly in just my boxers.

Angela stands up, and steps up to me, and her nipples graze my skin just below my chest. I kiss her forehead, and feel her hands on my sides.

I stop and look her in the eyes. Her hands don’t stop. They move down my sides, and a finger on each hand hooks onto the fabric of boxer waistband.

“Well, let’s see what I’ve gotten myself into for the first time.” Angela says with a mischievous grin.

With that, I feel my boxers fall past my knees to my feet. I step up and out of the boxers, and now completely naked back into Angela’s equally naked embrace. We resume kissing, and I work my hands around to her back, and down to her ass. Each hand holds one perfectly sized cheek. I apply equal pressure to both sides and separate her ass to allow my fingers to explore her entire backside.

With surprising ease, I lift Angela up and back onto the bed. I keep my hands under her ass so she is sitting on them. I drop to my knees and nudge her legs above my head. From this point, I am able to easily access her pussy with my face. I dive right in while holding her ass up. My fingers reach to her pussy lips so I can open Angela wide open for my mouth. Soon, I have her entire cunt covered by my lips. I am anxious to devour her completely, but I slow myself so I can enjoy her tastiness. I can feel her back relax as her head reclines onto the bed. Angela’s body is responding perfectly to my careful movements.

“Z. That feels so good. I wish you wouldn’t stop, but I need to feel you in me immediately if that’s alright.” Angela says.

I look at her face and she looks back at me. How can I deny ourselves this any longer? I rise and stand above her, just between her knees. She lifts her legs, parting them with knees in the air, and her feet are to either side of me.

“You look amazing.” She says while looking at my rock hard cock.

“Let me know if I need to stop.” I direct.

I lean over, and grab the sides of Angela’s ass, and pull her pussy toward my throbbing cock.

“I want you on me.” Angela says. “I want to be under you.”

Angela wiggles her body backward, and I follow her onto the bed. She wraps her feet around my back and grabs me tight with her legs. I position my cock just at the point of entering her. I want my cock to feel her soft pussy lips and wetness. I could probably cum right there all over her. I lower my body.

I feel her willingness, and I ease my cock slowly into her. I stop a couple of times, and withdraw just a little bit, but I continue into Angela until I am fully inside her. Angela moves her arms to mine, and I then lower my chest onto hers. We begin kissing and I relax my back so my entire weight is fully on her.

Angela’s kiss is emphatic and dramatic. She doesn’t seem like she’ll let go of my lips anytime soon as we become one.

“How does that feel?” I am somehow able to ask with our lips intertwined.

“Amazing. I can’t believe how amazing you feel. I can feel your entire weight on me, and it doesn’t hurt at all.” Angela responds.

With that said, I begin rhythmically entering into and slightly exiting Angela’s pussy. She responds with her own movement. I can feel her pussy tighten around me, and I have no doubt she will orgasm quickly if I continue.

“Let’s do a few more things before we both cum all over the place.” I say as I withdraw my cock. The smell of our sex is invigorating, and I can’t wait to taste more of her.

I’m ready to go all night. So is Angela, it appears.

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