Dex and the Twins at College Ch. 04

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When I got home from Molly’s house after satisfying her mother’s support group for the afternoon, I had to laugh as I looked over at the fuzzy elephant trunk, bow-tie and leather mask in the passenger seat. The elephant trunk had been worn for maybe five minutes before we got down to brass-tacks.

A car was parked in our driveway and I could hear the ticking of the cooling engine as I walked by. The twins hadn’t been home long. I was exhausted and all I wanted was to relax in the hot-tub. If the twins have company, they won’t be pestering me for sex.

I luxuriated in the hot swirling water and even turned on the jets. I laid out on the surface, with my feet up on the edge. I disconnected from the world until the power jets shut off, which they do automatically after a half-hour or so. I lifted my half-submerged head from the water and swiveled into a sitting position on one of the lounge seats. My fingers were prunes and I was stepping out to the grass when I heard a muffled screech. I listened to gage where it was coming from. I heard it again and it was coming from my house.

I smiled to myself, figuring the twins were doing a double-team on whoever their friend was that picked them up this morning. The air was chilly and I dried myself with my towel and wrapped it around my waist. As I got closer to the house, I heard, “Oh fuck, yes.” It was Julie. Maybe the friend and June were doing Julie. I quietly opened the back door and eased into the breakfast nook. The noise was coming from upstairs.

I went to my room and discarded the towel and took my robe off the back of the bedroom door and pulled it on. As I stepped out into the hall, I heard June wail, “Oh gggawwwddd. I’mmmm ccccuumminnnggg.” That was followed by a loud shriek.

I love watching June and Julie engaged in sex. They are so sensual. With females or males, it doesn’t matter. I had watched them fuck Dad separately and together. I had watched them with their cop boyfriends this past summer. They like to fool the guys by pretending they are the other twins and share them back and forth. I don’t know if the guys ever catch on, but if they do, I’m certain they don’t care. I particularly love having sex with them either alone or together but they are a load to satisfy.

I argued with myself internally on whether I should go up to see what was going on or not. I did all this at the bottom step of the stairs with one hand on the newel post. June quieted down but Julie ramped up. I know enough of her sexual wails to know she was building to a huge orgasm.

Fuck it. I quietly creeped up the stairs and stood silent at the top. Julie was groaning hard and I realized that my cock was hard and pulsing with each heartbeat. I gripped it and slowly began to stroke it as I eased down the hallway to the girls shared bedroom. The doorway was open a foot or so. I stuck my head through the gap and was surprised to see June and Julie on their respective beds on their knees with their asses lifted high. Their torsos and faces were buried in the bedclothes. Behind each of them, a male form was slamming their hips forward and back. Their hands were on the girl’s hips. Their eyes were closed as their faces were lifted toward the ceiling. They were both groaning hard and obviously hurrying themselves to orgasms. The guys were Police Officers Jerry Sweet and Max Jenkins. They had made a four-hour drive just to get laid.

Julie yelled into the bedclothes, “Oh my ggawwdd, Max. I can feel your cock getting harder.” Max’s groan came from deep in his diaphragm as he slowed his attack for a moment and then began slamming his cock in Julie’s pussy. She screamed, “Yes. Oh fuck. Yes. Give it to me.”

Then June screamed out, “Yes. Jerry. Fill me up. Oh gawwddd.”

Jerry let out a groan, “UUUNNGGGGG,” and he went rigid before humping his load into her.

Max finished before Julie and followed her down as she went horizontal on the bed. All four of them were gasping for air. Max kissed Julie’s neck and she cooed her contentment.

June went down and rolled onto her back with legs splayed wide and invited Jerry down into arms. He dropped forward to his hands and suckled on June’s tits. June wrapped her arms around Jerry’s neck and held him in place as he nuzzled his lips of her erect nipples.

No one noticed me and I back out of the room. I didn’t want to interrupt this moment. My raging hard-on was still in my hand. I could have just wacked-off right there in the hall but I decided to let it just gradually soften. I eased back down the hall and down to the first floor with my cock pivoting from side to side like a metronome.

It was pretty dark outside but it was only a little past seven PM. I was hungry so I decided to cook a ham n’ cheese sandwich and French fries in the air-fryer. Then I decided to make a half-dozen sandwich’s for June and Jerry and Julie and Max when they came down. I could hear the twin’s shower was on.

When the four of them appeared at the bottom of the stairs, they were all dressed antalya escort with wet hair. I had the sandwiches and fries on the dining room table ready for them. I had beer left over from when Mom and Dad was here. Given that our guests were police officers, I decided not to serve any with the sandwiches. I placed a soda at each seat position.

Both June and Julie pushed their guy into the dining room. They were all eyeballing the sandwiches. Julie glanced from the meal to me and said, “Dex. This was very sweet of you. Thank you. We’re starving.”

June left Jerry’s side and came around the table and kissed me hard as her hand slid off the edge of the table into my lap. I still wore my robe and she had no problem finding her target. She gripped my cock hard and whispered, “We’ll pay you back somehow,” and giggled. She released me and motioned for Jerry to have a seat.

We all sat and grabbed a sandwich each and a handful of fries. Jerry and Max shared the extra sandwich. I said, “I’m surprised to see you two. That is a long drive just to get laid.” Julie swatted my arm and gave me a nasty look.

Max spoke right away, “It is a long drive, but as you well know Dex, it’s worth it.” There was total silence in the room as Max looked at me for my response. June looked from Jerry to me and Julie did the same between Max and me. I looked from June to Julie for their reaction to Max’s statement. I had never engaged in sex with the twins when these guys were around. Was this statement by Max a typical police interrogation move, to get me to admit to his suspicions, or had the girls told them about our incestual relationship. I searched June’s and Julie’s faces for any clue that they had shared our family secrets. How much did they know? I had to say something fast and without the usual ‘umms’ and ‘errrs’.

I looked at Max and said, “I can only imagine. They are beautiful, sexy women.” Julie grinned at me as if she was pleased that I had referred to her as a woman and not a girl. Max grinned at me as he shoved a fry into his mouth. He said nothing more and I didn’t know whether he knew all the details already and was just letting it slide or he knew nothing but suspected something. Clearly, it was one or the other. We finished our meal talking about the usual mundane topics like the weather and sports.

After we all pitched in to clean up, we headed for the family room. Jerry asked if we had any beer. I couldn’t tell if he was fitting me on or not. I said, “No, none of us are old enough.” Julie shot me a glance and I shot her one right back.

To my surprise, Max said, “Well, I guess we’ll just have to go out and get some.” Max motioned for Jerry to come with him as he grabbed his car keys from his pants pocket and headed for the door. The front door slammed and I was alone with the twins. I started my own interrogation to find out what the twins had told their boyfriends about us. They both swore they had never told them anything. Julie knew that at least Max had suspicions. Both June and Julie thanked me for responding to Max’s statement the way that I had.

Julie went to the foyer to make sure the guys had actually left and then came back and said, “The coast is clear.”

June slid down into my lap and kissed me. “You’ve been busy lately doing God know what or whom. We’ve barely seen you and we miss your cock.” She ground her ass around in my lap and got the reaction she was looking for. She giggled and continued, “Yeah. That’s what I miss.” She kissed me again and ground her big tits on my chest through her tee shirt and my robe.

I never tired of handling the twin’s tits. They are perfect in every way. Julie came over and sat beside me and pulled my face to hers and she kissed me too. I kissed her back and flexed my cock up against June’s ass. She giggled and rolled her ass around in my lap again.

Julie reached between my thighs and up to find my balls. June lifted herself and Julie pulled my cock up out of my robe. June sat back down and leaned in as Julie let my cock slap back against June’s ass. Then I felt Julie’s lips encircle my knob and I groaned hard into June’s mouth. She giggled and pulled back as she lifted her tee shirt above her tits. My hands cupped them and gently caressed them. I bent low and captured her left nipple with my lips and flicked my tongue over it. June groaned and arched her back toward me.

Julie made another trip down my shaft and I fell back against the chair. Julie pulled back again and then she inch-wormed her way down my shaft. Her tongue lashed my ball-sack as her nose pushed into my pubic hair. I lifted my hips in response as Julie began her awesome throat fuck. I knew I couldn’t survive that and I didn’t try. Max and Jerry wouldn’t be long. There was a package store and gas station only a few miles down the road.

Julie was between my legs sucking my cock and June slid off my lap. She watched Julie doing her thing for a moment and then slid her shorts down to the floor. She ran her fingers through lara escort her sex as she watched her sister suck my cock. I was groaning non-stop as I threw my head from left to right and humped my hips up and down.

June climbed back on my lap facing Julie, who slowly pulled her stretched lips up my shaft to the ridge line and then drilled her tongue into my ‘spot’ before pulling off with a ‘suction pop’. She gripped my cock and took a few strokes as June walked herself toward it.

June put her hands-on Julie’s tits for balance and slid onto my cock as Julie guided it in. June let out a long demonic groan as my fat knob pushed inside. Julie giggled and said, “Save some for me, okay?” June’s head bobbed up and down but I don’t think she heard a thing Julie had said. I let June take control and she started arching her back and thrusting herself on and off using Julie’s tits as leverage.

In June’s position she couldn’t really slide herself forward and back. Her hips just torqued to roll her sex forward and back. The only help I could offer was to grip her hips and hold her firmly on my cock. As she got going, I added my own upward thrusts with my own hip rolls as best I could.

After a few minutes, I could tell from the grin on Julie’s face and the tension in June’s body that her orgasm was coming in fast and I was hurrying to catch up. I knew I wouldn’t be able to, which was okay. Maybe Julie could get some too if she swapped positions with June quickly after she got off.

June lurched forward to bury her face into Julie’s shoulder and neck as she burst into her climax. Her pussy clenched hard on my cock, which pulled my orgasm to the edge. I tried to hold it back for Julie but I knew I couldn’t.

Then June pushed herself back from Julie and fell back against my chest. Julie pulled my cock from June’s pussy and drove her mouth half way down my shaft just as I launched my hips upward and fired many shots of cum into her mouth. She was ready for the load and she began swallowing immediately. She took all the jizz I could give and pushed my knob into her throat and then pulled back to the ridge. She tongued the ‘eye’ for any post-cum and then pulled off.

Julie stood up and leaned in to share what she still held in her mouth with June. June pulled forward to accept Julie’s lips and they slurped their prize back and forth a few times.

The sound of a car in the driveway pulled us back to our senses and June scrambled out of my lap and pulled her shorts back on and her tee shirt down over her aroused nipples. Julie ran her hand around her face and chin in search of any escaped cum. They were both examining each other when the front door opened. They kissed each other as I pulled my robe back in place over my softening dick.

Both Max and Jerry were carrying two cases of beer each when they came down the hall toward the family room. They threw the cases up on the bar and Jerry put one in the refrigerator. Max said, “There, now you have beer for your company.” Jerry pulled five beers from the case he was putting in the fridge. They were frosty with condensation. He passed them around and we all popped our tabs. We all lifted the cans in the air for a toast, but no one offered one.

I took a sip and said, “How long are you guys staying anyway?” I was thinking that they had brought a lot of beer. Were they staying a month?

Jerry laughed and said, “Don’t worry. We have a motel room in town. We are here for a week long Police Investigations Seminar put on by your college. It starts on Monday morning. We came up early to umm… as you say, get laid.” We all laughed.

Max added, “We are in class all day and would like to spend our off-time with June and Julie if they want to.”

We all looked at the twins and they were grinning like the Cheshire cat. They both vigorously nodded their acceptance. I was glad they would get out on the town a little. I don’t think they had dated anyone since we got here.

Mom and Dad had left me in charge of my younger sisters, as ridiculous as that sounded. I knew it and Mom and Dad did too. The twins gave some credence to the notion and looked at me for my approval anyway and I agreed. I knew they would do whatever they wanted.

We all drank several beers each and it was getting late. At midnight, Julie got up and staggered over to Jerry and pulled him from his seat. He set his empty can on the end table and stood. Julie had been with Max earlier, so I noted the change. June pulled Max up too. Julie said, “Can we borrow your bedroom for a few minutes. We won’t mess it up. I promise.” I knew the twins were going to give the guys blow jobs to send them on their way. I had expected that they were staying the night, but I guess not.

I gave them a knowing smile and said, “Okay. Just don’t mess it up, and watch out for my books.” Julie led Jerry with June hand in hand with Max close behind.

Max looked back and said, “Good night Dex. We’ll see you later.” I just side escort nodded and popped the tab on the last beer sitting on the table beside me. I sat back and reminisced about Julie’s blow job a couple hours earlier and thought, ‘You are two lucky fuckers.” I was sure they already knew that.

It took me three trips from the family room to the kitchen to collect all the empty beer cans. After rinsing them out, I dumped them in the Aluminum Recycle bin in the garage. As I came back down the hall past my bedroom door, I heard stereo, “AAAWWWKKK AWWWKKK AWWWKKs,” and male groans. The “AWWWKKKSS” changed to “MMMUUMMMPPHHH’s” and I could envision the girls sitting on my bed side by side as Max and Jerry stood in front of them fucking their mouths and throats. I smiled to myself because I knew that both girls liked that.

My cock was hard from the sounds of sex and I started jerking myself off as I listened at my bedroom door. Then I stopped because I was certain that as soon as the guys left, they would be wanting theirs. I went to the family room to finish my opened beer.

It wasn’t long before I heard male groans of, “Fuck” and “Oh Jesus” and “I’m gonna cum.”

I thought, ‘Well at least one of them was polite to announce that he was cumming; not that either of the twins needed any warning.’ I envisioned the girls gulping down their loads without difficulty, then sliding their lips back off their cocks and kissing their knobs as the guys wiped their sloppy cocks on the girls faces before zipping up.

In the hall, outside my room, the twins leaned in to their guys for a kiss. They were all practically the same height. I wasn’t surprised to see the guys pull back from their lips. They didn’t want to kiss the girls on the lips and taste their own cum. I chuckled to myself. I hadn’t been any different at first but I’d gotten past that. I still didn’t much care for the taste of cum, but to rebuff their kisses was disrespectful. According to Mom, anyway.

The guys gave June and Julie quick pecks on the cheeks and they disappeared into the Foyer. I heard muffled voices and then the front door opened and shut. Their car started moments later and they were gone. The twins were frowning when they came back into the family room. I said, “Trouble in paradise?”

Julie looked at me and said, “Oh shut-up.”

June piped in and said, “Yeah. Get your ass in your bed because we need some serious attention.” She stripped off her tee shirt and yanked her shorts to the floor. Julie giggled and did the same. I had been anticipating this and my cock sprang out through the opening in my robe as I stood up. The girl’s eyes went wide and June yelled, “Yes. That’s what I’m talking about.” They both led me by my cock to my bedroom and I shed my robe as they cleared textbooks from my bed.

This time, I read their minds. I figured that they had provided oral gratification to Max and Jerry expecting the same in return. They didn’t get it and that was the first order of business. I guided them both to the foot of the bed and sat them down on the edge. They looked at each other and giggled as I got on my knees between Julie’s spread legs. She laid back on the bed and put her feet up on the edge and pushed her sex up at me as I pushed my face between her thighs. She muttered, “You know just what we need.” June giggled and laid back and suckled on Julie’s closest nipple. Julie’s arms held her there while I got to work in her sex.

I pushed my tongue into Julie’s soaking wet pussy and my middle finger into June’s as she lifted her top leg to put her foot on the bottom knee. They both yelped and lurched before they settled down to enjoy my ministrations. I took my time. I was buzzed and really into this. I set a goal of getting at least two orgasms from each of them before we got down to business.

I switched back and forth between them to change things up and accomplished my goal about twenty minutes later. My tongue was exhausted and I could barely flick it on June’s clitoris when she groaned out that she was cumming again. Julie laid beside her like a rag doll. She’d already had her second and was just mumbling something incoherent as she fondled June’s closest breast. My cock had softened considerably as my concentration was totally on getting them off. I loved watching women as they pulsed through orgasms. The looks on their faces could be hilarious. I’m sure my face does the same. Sometimes their faces were just illuminated smiles as they eased through a climax. The hilarious visages indicated that they were engulfed in a massive orgasm and often seemed to leave this world for a few moments. At times, I know I do the same.

June had a goofy look on her face right then but it passed quickly into a look of pure serenity. I pulled my face back and the two girls rolled toward each other and kissed before letting out contented coos. I assisted their efforts to crawl up the bed and under the covers. I used the bathroom and June and Julie were lightly snoring when I came back to the room. I turned off the table lamp and crawled over June to find my place between them. If they weren’t going to continue now, I knew they would be before morning. They found my dick in their sleep and each controlled a half as I followed them into a deep sleep.

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