Subject: DOCTOR WHO, JESSE AND JEREMY 67 Characters of DARK SHADOWS and BURNT OFFERINGS are held by Dan Curtis and others, no copyright infringment is meant. DOCTOR WHO, JEREMY AND JESSE 67 Collinwood stands on a hot summer day, the last of June…there is no wind…no birds chirping…just an oppressive heat… “My name’s Jesse McCartney. It was an uncharacteristically pleasant morning on the house on the hill–Collinwood as it stands on this hot summer day, the last of June in America’s bicentennial year 1976. Within its walls, my lover Jeremy Sumpter and I hope to hunt for one of many amid a sea of strange and suspicious characters in order to find the love of both our lives, other than each other that is…the Doctor. One young boy hopes to get a head … heeheehee har, I said head…a head start on the search by trying to meet the guests before a large dinner party later this day…returns to his room to change his very tight….DAMN! very tight pants. This sweet, sexy, innocent boy finds that meeting one possible candidate for who could be the Doctor, the Doctor having his memory lost and his face and body possibly changed and regenerated… could prove fearsome and deadly…as a burning point enters his belly button…as a dick enters…okay enough…and now…death may strike …” Jeremy went up to the room, opened the door and into the room. He left the door open and moved to the dresser, the drawers of which were filled with David ‘s clothing. David’s adjoining room door was still open. It had been left open from the night before and this morning. Suddenly, it slammed shut, causing Jeremy to startled again. He jumped. As he recovered, thinking—one tends to get startled a great deal in this house—he turned. Quentin Collins, the man from the painting he found, was there in the flesh. Jeremy looked into his eyes. “Who?” “My name’s not important. I see you’ve been snooping around David’s room as well!” “No,” Jeremy took a step forward, “You’ve got it wrong, it’s not like that, see it’s…” “Don’t move!” Quentin held a razor thin rapier. He held it at Jeremy’s throat. “I took this from downstairs, it was on the wall…” “I remember seeing it,” Jeremy looked at Quentin only, not at the rapier. His eyes began to tear a bit and he was not sure it was from being threatened or from the musty house. Was this the Doctor? “Observant little bugger, aren’t you!” He moved the point from Jeremy’s throat to the bottom of the shirt, which he then moved up with the point to reveal more of Jeremy’s hot, muscled belly. He put the point into Jeremy’s belly button, “Let’s see what you’ve got under there, shall we? I guess a certain portrait of mine can’t be under there, not enough room…” Feeling the shirt rub upward and the point nub his navel, Jeremy looked down at his impending doom. It kind of made him feel hot. He felt his dick rise up under his shirt and almost out of his tight pants. The tight pants were making his dickhead push up to the button that held the pants closed. This made him feel great and he felt wet as well. He was about to burst. Jeremy thought it was the tradition of most of Collins family to do what Quentin did next. Quentin kept talking, “…okay, let me get to the real point…if you don’t re turn my painting to me and tell me what you’ve done to hurt Barnabus…I’m going to run this right through your belly….NOW!” Jeremy could feel the point sting a bit into his navel…he looked up at Quentin…who moved his hand and arm inward! Suddenly, Quentin found the sword point entering the humid air. Jeremy’s belly just wasn’t there any more, for Jeremy himself wasn’t. Or at least his upper body. Jeremy bent backward, his stomach and upper body now horizontal to the lower. The sword moved above his stomach. Quentin looked down and began to swing again but Jeremy wasn’t remaining still. On the floor he twisted his body, put hands to floor, turning fully over, onto his hands but with his face and belly pointed toward the floor. He lifted his feet up toward Quentin’s legs, just below his knees and kicked. As he kicked, sending Quentin sprawling, he also pushed backward, launching himself at Quentin feet first, then followed by his torso. Quentin fell onto his back and Jeremy landed, straddled across Quentin’s hips, facing Quentin’s feet. “We only just met, really! It’ s a bit early in our relationship to be doing this!” Quentin yelled, “Get off me!” He still had the sword in his hand but he could not do much. He planned to put the edge against Jeremy’s right side and slice, as the boy was now facing away. Jeremy wasn’t remaining where he was. As Quentin tried to slice, Jeremy sprang to his feet and back flipped so that he was over Quentin’s head. Shaking his head in disapproval, he stood over Quentin. “Tut tut. Now can we talk civil…” “Civil war maybe!” Quentin had stood up and swung the sword again. Jeremy ducked and the sword swiped a bunch of David’s old toys—-the models of the Spindrift, the Jupiter 2, the Chariot from LOST IN SPACE, the Voyager from the animated FANTASTIC VOYAGE, the Seaview, the Flying Sub on its stand, a replica of THE TIME TUNNEL, and the Proteus from the movie FANTASTIC VOYAGE, the LOST IN SPACE robot, a NANNY AND THE PROFESSOR lunch box—off a taller dresser. Downstairs, Jesse looked up as he heard the crash. It wasn’t loud but his hearing was acute from years of singing and working in the music industry. He ran. David watched him go, “What’s wrong?” David followed out of the billiard room. Jeremy put his hands up, “Let’s just talk, shall we!?” Quentin leveled the sword again but Jeremy saw a gladiator sword on David’s wall and snatched it. He looked at it and ducked from another Quentin swing. ” Gladiator sword? What’s with this family?” He shrugged, “Should have known, David…gladiators…” He took the sword and blocked Quentin’s new strike with it. Quentin tried to push Jeremy back to a wall near the door and found it more difficult than he imagined. Jeremy smiled at him as their faces came closer together, Quentin a bit taller than he but as their swords were against each other, Quentin had moved closer. He actually pushed Jeremy back a bit and then tried to bring up his knee to strike Jeremy. Jeremy bent slightly and hooked his foot under Quentin’s knee and moved it back to throw Quentin off balance. As Quentin fell backward again, he surprised Jeremy by bringing up his sword to strike again. Jeremy just managed to back off and dodge it again, the sword just moving past his face. He blinked. That was too close. This guy means business. “I can see you mean business!” Quentin was back at his balance and savagely attacking again. “Who are you, a kid to be this good at sword fighting!” “Thank you!” Jeremy blocked again and thrust. His sword was shorter than Quentin’s saber but it was thicker. “My weapon’s thicker, innit?” “Who trained you?” Quentin said as he attacked again but each time was turned away by Jeremy’s moves. Jeremy turned fully around, whirling and meeting the sword side and pushing it back, dodging, parrying. “A ninja master, if you believe that!” “I do but it’ll do you no good. Soon, you’ll tire!” But it was Quentin who was sweating profusely. Jeremy had a bit of sweat on his brow and on his chest, the shirt ripped where Quentin scored a minor hit a few seconds after this bit of chat. There was some blood but not much. “Old man,” Jeremy taunted. “You don’t know how old!” Quentin attacked again. Jeremy used his free hand to hold Quentin’s arm back and he kicked out with his other side’s leg and foot. Quentin fell and Jeremy turned behind him and kicked him in the butt. The door opened more fully. “What’s going on!” Jesse yelled. He was standing by the door. “Jesse, stay back! He means business!” Jeremy ducked and kicked Quentin in the ass again. Jesse gasped and made a fist with both hands, “That’s right, Jeremy, kick his ass!” Quentin faked an off balance topple again but turned and in a sneak attack swung at Jeremy. While Quentin did this, Jeremy had turned toward Jesse. As he turned, Jeremy saw David join Jesse. “Quentin!” David, running up and colliding with Jesse’s back—-and not making much headway inward, yelled, “Stop that at once!” “David, stay back!” Jesse put his arms across both sides of the doorway to hold it and keep David from entering. David yelled, “Leave Jeremy alone, Quentin. He’s my friend!” “A spell no doubt!” Quentin attacked again. Jeremy spun and ducked and smacked his sword into Quentin’s and Quentin’s saber fell to the floor. Quentin reached for it but Jeremy put the sword angled at Quentin’s chest. “Unnn, uhnn,” Jeremy warned. “No way. It’s over.” Jesse put his hands down, followed by his arms, looking almost as though he were crucified. “If you hurt him…” He stared at Quentin. Jeremy kicked the saber away as David came in. They were all looking at Quentin, who stood up, following Jeremy’s nod to do so. “Carefully.” “My toys!” David looked at the mess on the floor. Jesse thought but did not say out loud, “He is so gay. How cute.” “You’ve won, this time…” Quentin moved to the door, facing them, backing out. “but next time…” “Quentin, they’re my friends…” Jesse stared at Quentin furious. “Make threats like that…” He pointed, ” And you’re the one who’s gonna end up…” “Jesse,” Jeremy interfered. Jesse fumed, “He deserves more than my own threats…are you alright?” Quentin studied the two boys and watched as Jesse checked Jeremy’s minor cut on his chest. As he did, Jeremy eyed Jesse, “I’m okay. I’ve had worse…” Then he looked into Quentin’s eyes. Doctor? “You’re…you said you’re a lot older than you look or something to that effect. Doctor?” “No. It’s you who might need a doctor,” Quentin said. “What do you remember about…” Jeremy started. How do you ask someone if they were time displaced to be born anew here. “You…had a childhood, didn’t you?” Which presented yet another problem. If the Doctor regenerated…would he turn into an old man, a woman (God, I hope not, Jeremy thought about that horror), or even a little child or a baby? Would he start a whole new life over again? And in what time did he materialize? He and Jesse both assumed, since they ended up in 1976, the Doctor might have, too. But what if he appeared many, many years before them and grew into a whole new life here? “Yes, and not a bad one at that, filled with wonder and surprises,” Quentin said and his sarcasm was not lost on all three boys. “Let’s not go down memory lane, shall we?” Jeremy thought back to the ghosts he had seen. “Do you know Jenny?” At that name, Quentin stiffened. “I’ll find a way to stop you. Then bursa escort bayan you will be sorry for what you’ve just said and what you’ve done to Barnabus…” David was taking toys from the floor and shuttling them in his arms, cradling them and their remains to a low desk to try to piece them back together. While the other three sparred words, he was making trips back and forth to salvage what he could of the toys and models. Quentin turned and left without another word. Jesse nearly spat, “What’s with that guy?” David looked, “I’ll go and see….” He turned to leave but Jeremy touched his arm. “David, wait a sec,” Jeremy said. “Yeah?” David blinked. He was closer to Jeremy than he was before and wasn’ t uncomfortable with it but the beauty of the boy held him in a semi trance and then a trance. David snapped himself out of it. “Jeremy…” he seemed to huff that out in slow release of air. “Quentin. He’s about what? 33? Did he grow up here?” David’s eyes moved from side to side. “No one’s really sure. I mean it was strange. There were ghosts haunting Collinwood. It was, I think about 1968 or 69. It’s hard to remember. One seemed to be Quentin or some ancestor that looked like him or something.” “When did he show up here?” “Quentin. About when the ghosts vanished.” Jesse sneered, “Do the ghosts ever vanish from this place. I mean fully?” “So Quentin just sort of appeared one day?” Jeremy asked. “One night,” David said, “Like Barnabus, a kind of distant and long lost relative.” “I see,” Jeremy nodded, still holding David’s arm and giving him tingles up it. “And your cousin, Barnabus. From what Quentin was babbling about, something’s wrong with him, too,” Jeremy looked into David’s eyes. “I’ll go and find him and find out.” Jesse started, “We’ll go with you.” David nodded, “No, no. I’ll go alone. He’s a very private person and…and, well, I think I’ll get more out of him than you two would. Alone…” David emphasized. Jesse held David’s other arm, “Okay,” and smiled into his face, “But be careful…” “Jesse,” David shook his head a bit in awe of someone liking him this much, “I’ve grown up around here. I think I’ll be okay.” Jeremy let go of David’s arm, “Okay but like he said, be careful.” David smiled, “I will. Oh, and uh…” he stopped at the doorway. “While I check out the Old House, Barnabus and Quentin, you might want to check out the new groundskeeper, caretaker. Actually, I think he’s training to watch homes, you know, big ones, like our’s.” “You think he might be the Doctor?” Jeremy asked. David shrugged, “I dunno. He talked with a British accent on the phone.” “Okay, that sounds like it`s worth checking out,” Jeremy nodded. “I’ll draw you a rough map to the caretaker’s cottage, I’m a…a good artist.” David went to one of the many bookcases and took a sheet of paper from a book he took off there. Jesse smiled, “One of your many talents.” Finished quickly, David handed it to Jesse, allowing his hand to stay on Jesse’s for longer than it needed to be. He, too, smiled, “Meet you both at the pool house, you can’t miss it, past the small Rose Cottage. And wear my speedos.” David moved to a draw and took some out and put them in a duffel bag he fished from under his bed. He handed it to Jesse. “Take your pick…” “I pick you,” Jesse laughed. He pointed his finger at David as David winked and left. “I dunno. Maybe one of us should have went with him.” “These are his stalking grounds. He’ll be okay,” Jeremy said. “But do you think he’s hiding something?” Jesse went to the bedpost to cling to it, “Dunno. Nah, it’s David. I mean, we only just kinda met him but…with this strange family, who knows. It seems like they all might be hiding something.” “Yeah,” Jeremy put his hand on Jesse’s and kissed it, then rubbed his hand up Jesse’s arm and brought his boyfriend closer to him. “We’ve got another problem though…” “Oh yeah, what now?” Jesse sat on the bed with the feet hanging over the edge. “I just thought of something. What if…well, what if the Doctor…we assumed …” “Never do that you make an ass out of you and me…” “Yeah, old joke,” Jeremy frowned, distracted. “Not in 1976.” “Anyhow…we assumed the Doctor landed in 1976 like we did. But it might not be. If the Doctor was thrown out of the TARDIS like we were, or even if he was still in it and tossed by that wormhole or whatever it was, he might not have landed in 1976…” “He might have gone back further?” “It’s possible. And if he did, maybe he just appeared one day, no memory. No life. Who knows what happened to the Doctor? He might be Quentin.” “I doubt that,” Jesse jumped off the bed and whistled. “Even memory gone, the Doctor wouldn’t treat anyone the way that guy treated you. And…pfttt, it’ s you we’re talking about. If anyone would trigger the Doctor’s memory to come back, it’d be you…” Jeremy put his lips close up to Jesse and Jesse swallowed, his eyes closing. “You first…” “No, he digs you more,” Jesse turned his head. “Oh, come on,” Jeremy said, and moved to grab the back of Jesse’s head, ” He’s never shown favorites. He loves us both equally…” “Yeah, it’s just…I miss him, man, I really do,” Jesse said and a tear came from his eye. Jeremy wiped it with one finger. “C’mon. Let’s go check this caretaker guy out…okay?” Jesse nodded, “Okay.” Jeremy started for the door but turned back to Jesse and grabbed him gently and pulled him to himself. He hugged him tightly. When he let Jesse go, the bemused Jesse asked, “What’s that for…not that you need a reason…” “I just felt you needed a hug.” “I think, before we get the Doctor back, IF we get him back…” “We WILL.” “…we’re both gonna need a lot of hugs.” Jeremy smiled, pulled him back to his tight body and hugged him again. “Good thing we got each other, too.” “Yeah,” Jesse cleared his throat, “Now, let’s go or we’ll never get outta here…” Jeremy laughed, turned, and walked out. Jesse took a look around the room before they left, feeling something was inside it, watching them. He wondered if it was Ryan trying to send a message through time. Or…or maybe the Doctor somehow, trying to do the same. Something was in this room, something watching them. He shook the feeling off and followed Jeremy. Outside, the house, the warm summer day continued. They walked the way David told them, past the strange Rose Cottage, which looked like a kid’s playhouse, all warm and summer in color and feel, yet leaving both boys cold and feeling chilled to the bone. Something about it made them glad they didn’t have to go there. Even though it was surrounded by a beautiful rose garden, all reds, purples, lavenders, yellows…and whites. Collinwood itself: the house was so big and the area so large. Jesse put on David’s purple shades. Jeremy lead the way, past the arched sections of two other buildings and the cottage was a two story, quaint, thatched roofer. It was painted pink on the outside. It had many windows and two doors. Its walls were made of brick. Jeremy looked at Jesse just before he was to knock. The door suddenly opened. They stood back. “Oh. How can I help you two lovely boys?” The woman before them looked mad. Her hair was up in a single beret of some kind. She reminded Jesse of the actress Karen Black, who was once in some movie about being chased by a doll monster, TRILOGY OF TERROR he thought it was called. This woman had wide, wild eyes that seemed to stare even when the woman wasn’t. “I’m sorry. I’m Marion Rolf.” Jeremy studied her eyes. Why were they so strange? Jesse whispered as he also looked into her eyes, “Doctor…” “Excuse me?” Jesse nodded, “No, nothing.” “We’re guests from the main house. I’m Jeremy and this is Jesse. We’re friends of David Collins.” “Oh, he’s so nice. He hired my husband…” “May we talk with your husband, miss?” Jeremy said, putting on his most innocent voice. “Of course, of course, come in,” she said and lead them inside, closed the door behind them. Before doing so, she suspiciously looked around outside. ” Ben,” she called, “Ben…” The two boys looked around. There were two brick alcoves and a slight kitchen area with oven, overhead cabinets. The curtains were red and pretty but the main room had a nice velvety couch but the main object that drew the eye was a huge fireplace, also brick and the fire was going, which Jeremy and Jesse felt was odd as it was hot outside and this was summer. Jesse rubbed his stomach to remove some sweat and maybe to show off his hot abs as a boy came into the room. Too young though, Jesse thought. “Mom,” a chunky faced boy, not overweight, of about 13 came into the room from one of the back rooms. “Dad’s in the garage…” “Oh, I’ll get him,” Marion said. “If he’s working…” Jesse stared at the boy. The boy had bangs, slightly longish hair. A button down checkered shirt. And denim shorts with black and white sneakers. It was all very 1970s in style. He resisted the urge to smile at the boy but failed. Jeremy moved to Marion’s front, “If he’s working, we don’t want to disturb him …much…” “You know where it is?” The boy was about to tell them but stopped when Jeremy said… “It’s right outside. We passed it on the way here.” Jeremy moved to the door and opened it, “Are you sure he’s in there. It was closed when we passed it. Otherwise we would have seen him inside…” Marion nodded to her son, “My son, David, oh his name is David too but we call him Dee…” How gay of you, Jesse thought and nodded to Dee. Could the Doctor be a little boy, too? “…he’ll take you to his father…” Marion smiled but it was fake and the three boys could tell. “Nice meeting you both…” “You, too,” Jesse said and stared at the fire in the fireplace. It sounded so strange, unnatural. “Come along, Jesse, come along,” Jeremy said patronizing way. Jesse followed Jeremy and Dee outside, Dee overtook Jeremy and lead the way to the right, where a huge garage building was. Marion watched from the door, closed it, and then took to the main viewing window, a crisscross affair of white. Her eyes widened. Dee moved to the garage door. Jeremy followed while Jesse looked at the othe r buildings. Jeremy knew Dee had experienced what they both heard next more than once. Inside, the father was talking. At first, Jeremy thought there were two people inside, perhaps the man was having some kind of affair. But what nerve to have it here at the place where he was staying with his wife and teenage son. Jeremy thought he heard the man within say, “No, I’m not hot. But you are…” Was hot an expression from the 1970s and even if wasn’t, did anyone say that in the 1970s? “Dad!” Dee yelled and the door opened nilüfer escort faster than both Jeremy and Dee would have imagined, startling them both. Jesse, nearer to the other building, turned around. A man with strange gray/blue eyes stood before them, a huge wrench in one hand and he was slamming it into the other. His hair was straight and his cheeks a bit bulgy. They could see where the kid got his looks from. They were both, not unattractive. The man has work overalls on and they were full of grease. Jeremy came forward toward this intimidating figure but a klank on the ground stopped him. A device Ben was using had fallen off a wheelie cart and fell to the ground, shooting sparks and flame. Ben ran to it and pulled the plug from the wall stud. The flame went out but Jesse thought he saw it continue a few seconds afterward. Ben came back to them as if nothing had happened. ” Look, boys, I’m awfully busy, what can I do you for?” The voice was British. The man was British. Jesse came over to Jeremy from behind and whispered, “Jeremy, he’s British.” “Yes, I am. Came over here in the late 1950’s,” Ben put the wrench down and came over to them, “I’m really here learning the ropes…” “Is it me or does everything he say have a sexual connotation to it?” Jesse whispered. “Jesse,” Jeremy shot behind him. “Listen, sir…” “In truth, I met David’s mother, married, and had David so fast without regard as to my career. But here I am, caretaker…recovering alcoholic…” Jeremy moved over to him and shook his hand, introduced himself, and stared up into his eyes. Jesse followed and did the same. “So what can I help you two with?” “The pool, can we go in it?” Jeremy asked, “Is it safe?” “It is now,” he laughed. “I cleaned it and let it sit for two weeks before I was sure it was clean enough. This family…with all their money. They sure do neglect things. Lucky for them I came along. I’m really learning my trade here. I don’t plan on staying and oh, they know that. They’re already looking for another caretaker. I want to return to New York some day. Marian has her aunt there in a home and I’m sure some people there will have houses that need looking after…” “I see,” Jeremy examined the man’s eyes. “Well, thanks. We just wanted to make sure before we used it. I didn’t want to ask the family…even David…but one can never be too sure with swimming pools…” He turned and looked at Dee…David Rolf, who was staring at him in an unusual manner. “True, true. You can catch your death in those things if they’re not properly looked after…it’s open if you or any of the other guests want to use it. Mind you, when I found it a few months ago, well, its glass roof had fallen in, same with the floor of the entrance foyer, tile on the walls peeling, the drapes on the windows were ripped to shreds, come to think of it almost as if an animal had gotten to them. Leaves from decades were piled up. Branches. Homeless people might have even set fires there to keep warm.” “We saw some homeless people yesterday.” Jesse put in. “Yeah, well I try to keep them out but I’m not a security guard. They claim to be some kind of a cult. That wants to bring back a dead witch or something. Gives me and my family the willies. Bunch of superstitious nonsense, witches.” Jesse turned to look at Dee, the boy looked anything but scared. Almost reveling in the creepy factor. Something about the boy standing amid the glares of sun rays coming down …made Jesse shudder. The bricks looked more inviting of the sun’s warmth than this kid did. “Funny thing is when I first pumped water through to the pool again, blimey, it came out the color of blood.” “Blood?” Ben laughed, “Just years of rust building up there…black algae, grime…I saw those but the red…rust I’d say. Well, I hate to be rude but I have to be getting back to my work…on the cars…afraid the family’s neglected those as well …” “Okay, Mister Rolf,” Jeremy smiled and shook his hand again, “Nice to meet you.” “Bye,” Jesse smiled. “Bye now,” Ben stared, smiled, and then lost the smile when the two boys turned. He picked up the wrench, watching after their backs. Dee watched his father, then the two boys. Jesse whispered, “Jeremy, he looks just like that actor, Oliver Reed…” Jeremy nodded, “I know. I’m glad you didn’t say so in front of him. Watta you think?” “Not the Doctor. British, yeah but…” Jeremy smiled, “You know…” he said, as they moved toward the pool house area, “…the Doctor once told me he lost a bet with Oliver Reed…and the Doc had to swim the English Channel totally starkers…” “That’s Brit for naked…?” “Yeah.” “Wish I’d a been there,” Jesse pounced on his own palm with his opposite fist. Jeremy admitted, “Uh uh, me too. Did you notice that Marion, the boy, and Ben …all of them seemed NOT to be sweating.” “Yeah, and with a fire going, too. What’s with that? A fire in summer?” Jeremy shrugged, “Mmmm, maybe they were just checking out if the fireplace was in working order?” “Sounds like it could be what they were doing. I mean that Ben seems efficient enough. Look at the grounds around the pool house?” Jesse pointed. The green was green and the bushes were neatly cut and the grass mowed. There wasn’ t a plant or tree that didn’t looked groomed. The stone edifice looked uninviting however and as cold as the eyes of each member of the family. “I don’t know though, they seemed…a bit strange. Even for this town…” “I know. Marion, Ben, you don’t think they could be the Doctor, do you?” Jeremy wiped an arm across his brow. Jesse opened the duffel bag as they approached the pool house doors. Jeremy opened the doors. Jesse shrugged now, “Naw, I mean the kid has as much chance of being the Doctor as either of them. They seemed to ….in their eyes…I think if I saw the Doctor, I’d know it was him.” “They say the eyes are the window to the soul,” Jeremy went inside, passed the restored entrance area and area to locker rooms, and whistled in the Olympic sized swimming pool area. Sunlight shone inside from the glass roof. The chlorine smell was not too bad and the water looked clean and inviting, refreshing and relaxing. Jesse had followed him inside. “Reminds me of the time you tried to stab me… and not with your dick.” Jeremy turned around, a bit worried. “Oh, I’m sorry about that…” Jesse shrugged, “Oh, don’t worry. You weren’t yourself. Possessed by that cursed knife and axe, real props from two movies…anyways, I didn’t want to remind you of that…just that it…this place…” Jesse moved into the pool area further, “…reminds me of the TARDIS swimming pool area,” Jesse said and then his glee at being in such a posh pool house dissipated and his shoulders slagged. “The TARDIS…” he said sadly. Wanting to take Jesse’s mind off the missing TARDIS…and the missing Doctor, Jeremy smiled and put a hand on his shoulder, “Let’s get naked…” “Okay but hey, I just thought of another problem. The kid, even he could be the Doctor. I mean if the Doctor regenerated, how do we know he’ll even look like another adult? I think he could regenerate into a kid, a teenager or even a baby infant.” “If that’s so, we’ll try to check them all out,” Jeremy said. He moved to an old book and opened it. It had been standing on a pedestal. He wiped some dust off it. “This must have been sitting here for some time…” He opened to a few other pages. “What the hell?” They stared at a page of old yellowed photographs. On it, was Quentin. Wearing what looked like a bathing suit from 1896. Around him, sitting at white rod iron tables and chairs at this very pool house, were three women. Jeremy reached into the plastic cover holding the photograph. He turned it around, careful not to let it fall apart. He looked at the year on the back, “1896…” “That’s it, then, he hasn’t changed a bit since that year, he’s the Doctor,” Jesse nodded. “He can’t be,” Jeremy said. Putting his hands over Jeremy’s as the other held the book, Jesse squinted at the photograph, “Wonder what kind of camera took that? An old fashioned box camera I should think.” He looked closer at it, bringing the book up, almost to his small pert, cute nose. “Watta you doin?” Jesse looked, “Naw, can’t be him.” “Why not?” Jesse put the book back firmly in Jeremy’s hands, “He’s way too into all those girls around him. I doubt the Doc’s ever been that into women. Or at least human women…” Jeremy laughed, “I guess so.” He put the book down, “but then how do you explain Quentin being so young looking…” “Well, 35 at least…not really that young,” Jesse took off his shirt first, then sat on one of the colorful beach chairs and undid his sneakers and finally, opened his pants. He wasn’t wearing any underwear and his penis came out, flopping. Jeremy laughed, “Aren’t you going to change in the locker rooms?” Jesse shrugged, stood up, totally nude. “Why? Why not here? No one’s around …” But someone was. Someone was outside the pool building. Someone approaching. From that person’s point of view, the building came closer and closer. The still summer air gave way to a breeze as the person walked past the gate and into the entrance way area. The person peered out at them, watching… Jeremy took off his shirt also but Jesse helped him take it up to remove it over his head, “Allow me…” He lifted his bare arms up as Jeremy let go of the shirt. “We really…” Jeremy’s words got muffled up as the shirt went over his face, “shouldaaff…” Jesse left the shirt over his mouth for a few seconds longer than he should have and laughed and pulled it over his head, “That curly hair. Whatcha say?” “We really should put some clothes on.” Jeremy was still talking when Jesse planted a big kiss on his lips, even his open mouth. Jesse put his arms around Jeremy and pulled him tight to himself. They each could feel the other growing between them. “I…ahh…” “I fucking love you,” Jesse said and put his head on Jeremy’s shoulder and then not content to rest there, he kissed Jeremy’s cheek and rubbed his back and gave him another kiss. Watching, that someone was breathing heavier than before. “Me, too,” Jeremy said. Jesse threw his lover’s shirt down to the chair. Jesse stared at him and moved down, arms up, hands on Jeremy’s chest, rubbing, sliding over nipples. Jesse left his hands there, squeezing a bit and used his mouth to feel on the pants button. He used his teeth to undo the button and the right half of the pants front limped downward, revealing Jeremy’s tanned, bare flesh. Jesse moved up a bit to bite part of Jeremy’s belly button, lightly at first, then a bit harsher. Jeremy türbanlı escort put his head back and leaned backward a bit but Jesse used his hands cupped over nipples to steady Jeremy and pull him back some more. Jesse used his mouth to move the left side of the pants flap and Jeremy’s sturdy dick rocketed up toward the glass roof. It had been too confined in the bell bottom pants far too long. Jesse licked it up and down, up and down, slowly at first, quicker a bit later. He blinked and cupped the head with his mouth, sticking his head over it and opening his mouth and taking Jeremy’s meat fully into his mouth. He moved his head down so the penis went down his …or rather up his mouth. As he did this, he took his left hand and pulled the right side of the pants down, lop siding the pants on Jeremy. One bare hip, bony and yet hot and holding some good deal of muscle. He took his mouth from the penis. “No, don’t stop…” Jesse gasped, “You’re so hot this way…” he took his right hand now, put his left hand back on tit above. His right hand reached down the pants—and he found it incredibly difficult to move his hand around in the tight—even though now opened bell bottoms. Yet he managed, by forcing his hand against bare skin of his lover and between that and the tight cloth. Into them and behind Jeremy’s ass. He cupped the balls from behind and at first, cupped them fully so Jeremy moved …thrust closer at him. Then he just barely touched them, teased them, stroked them, just a millimeter away from them, fingertips just barely brushing. Then when Jeremy squealed in delight at that, he touched them more fully and more manly. He had started sucking again but this time, making the dick move horizontally, making Jeremy feel his own hardness at moving that way. Taking the dick out of his mouth again, pre cum on his lips, Jesse added, “but you’re hot any which way! Fuck the pants!” Jesse took his hand out of them and used both hands to pull the pants down…pushing Jeremy back, back, back…more and more… Someone watched and the breathing became decidedly more heavy…almost frenzied …just the left of wild…someone was touching themselves… Jesse gasped, “Let them balls let it loose!” “Ahhhh!” Jeremy plunged backward into the pool…Jesse on his chest. They both hit the water. Jeremy used his feet to remove his sneakers… Quickly, Jesse followed suit by diving and pulling the pants off. Pre cum from both of them glistened in the pool and floated past Jesse’s face. Jeremy was moving his feet to stay afloat… Jesse saw the bottom, “Ten feet,” he said when he surfaced. Jeremy gasped, “Not that big.” “Seems like you are,” Jesse said, “I mean as you go that way, it goes further down and as you go toward the end we came from, it does get shallower.” “We hit it just perfectly…” Jesse said, “There’s something else I wanna hit right now…that’s perfecter. ” He waved his feet and he took Jeremy into his arms and the two of them moved further out into the water, about 17 feet over the bottom. Jesse took in a lot of air and nodded to Jeremy, who did the same. Then Jesse covered his lover’s mouth with his own and they hugged each other and rubbed each other’ s bare backs. They floated for a few seconds and as they moved legs and stopped moving arms, they floated downward. They combined lips entered the water first and the heat, the coolness of the water, which was just the right temperature, and the sensation of floating made them very horny and hot and gave them an added sexual feeling. Bubbles came from their mouths and floated up to the surface… …watched by someone who reflected off the surface of the pool…someone who watched the entwined bodies float as one down…down…down…down toward the bottom …pre cum and soon, cum would be rising upward along with the air bubbles… The person watching grew more intense with his breathing…more frenzied than before, wild, orgasmic…huffing, puffing…the sound of hand on member, jerking. As if a tongue was being moved from upper lip to lower lip. Below, the boys had their eyes closed as they nuzzled each other, mouths interlocked. Tongues hidden from pool by each other’s tonsils. Jesse rubbed his two hands to Jeremy’s buttocks and felt up the cheeks until he had to then enter both hands to the crack between. He took his two forefingers and put them inside Jeremy, who jerked to delight. Jeremy kept his lock on Jesse’s mouth. They each wondered when their air would give out as the bubbles came out, and seemed like larger bubbles than before. If either of them weren’t in the thralls of sex, they might have seen a figure standing at the pool side, watching, observing their intimacy, shimmering against the water from underneath but very visible in the clearness of it. Jeremy put his hands under Jesse’s arm pits and began to play there with his fingers as if playing a musical instrument. He knew this drove Jesse wild and their dicks played sword fight with each other. Wrapped around each other. Jesse pressed against Jeremy, drove him to him, pressed and pulled. Jeremy held Jesse tight now, using his arm pits but sliding his arms around him again from that spot. They clung to each other. Their bare feet hit the bottom of the pool. They felt the hard cement, a clean bottomed pool, which tingled their bare feet, from toes to heel and every bit in between. It made them even harder than they were before. Jeremy wondered if the temperature of the pool went up because of the hotness he was feeling from Jesse and Jesse wondered the same thing. The water seemed to heat up. Cum felt more fluid in the water. Thicker. Different than the water around it. It floated up and hit Jesse’s chin, just as his had floated up and hit Jeremy’s. Jesse reached out and touched some of his own and mixed it up with some of Jeremy’s. Jeremy looked at it and smiled. More came from their slits and the parting was so different underwater…easier…sexy…and less rugged. It felt beautiful. They liked it both ways. Cum drifted and Jeremy scooped a bit of Jesse’s and through the water, waved some onto his chest. It slid there and up. The bottom of the pool seemed to explode in a cloud of white. The person above exploded and grunted, seemingly in pain but also in pleasure, “Aahhhhhhhhh!” He looked down and saw the cum cloud. Four feet kicked off the bottom. From the top of the cum cloud, rose two blond heads, the hair intermingling with each other, as one bowed on the other, then the bowed one up and the other bowed. Four glistening naked shoulders. Muscled arms wrapped protectively around the other’s meaty ribs; tight abs so close together they couldn’t be seen…almost. A few times the sloshing of water made their abs part, their chests bump to each other and as that happened, cum slid up and between, milking across an ocean of peachy boy flesh, tanned on tanned, yet not overdone. The two bodies were rising, bubbles of air leaving at faster rate. Almost mimicking the pearly white semen. A buoy of white milk alerted the watcher to the surfacing of the two lovers. He ran but stayed at the marble entranceway into the pool area to watch. Huffing and puffing, but laughing and giggling, Jeremy and Jesse broke surface, getting mouthfuls of cum and chlorinated water. They huffed for air, panting. Between laughs. They still held each other and kicked to stay afloat. “C ‘mere,” Jesse gasped and put his mouth roughly on Jeremy’s. He kissed him again and deeply. Jeremy reacted in same and kissed him back. They moved their heads around. The observer lost his seed in his pants…his gasping reached a crescendo but the other two couldn’t hear it. He cam and it felt so good, so very good… first time…splitting dick slit so that burning fluid could come out…filling his underwear with very hot, burning fluid…dick burnt…tingling sizzling…HOT! “Geeze–zus, that was hot!” Jeremy said and splashed himself and Jesse. He hit Jesse in the face with water and cum. Jesse laughed and moved away, feigned that he would head toward the edge of the pool, and then returned fire with a huge splash of his own at Jeremy. The two began splashing each other. They both moved toward the lower end of the pool, laughing, playing around, splashing…touching, getting behind one another and pushing body and head down in the water, water wrestling… The eyes watching were getting angrier. Madder. Satiated with the masturbation but now that that was over…there was nothing. Nothing but her bidding. Yet, the two he watched were still enjoying themselves, each other’s company. That had to stop. Jeremy and Jesse splashed and didn’t notice the water splashing irregularly. Jeremy yelled and moved out toward the middle of the pool again, having been renewed by their play and having caught his breath. He swam out toward the middle where they were. “I hope…this…” he huffed, “I hope cum will be cleared out by the filtering system.” Jesse followed him, “It will, I’m sure…” He swam arm over arm, feet behind him. Suddenly, what seemed like the waves of the oceans rose up. The water became choppy. A huge wave hit both of them, hitting between them. Washing over their heads. Something seemed to suck at them. “What the hell?” Jeremy asked. Water filled his mouth as another torrent hit him down. Normally, both of them would have liked that but this sucking was different. Almost like being caught in a whirlpool that you made as a kid when walking around an above the ground pool so much that it created a kind of whirlpool of a one way current. This was like that but from all directions. Jesse yelled, “Something’s wrong! We’re being sucked…” A wave spilled over his head. More and more waves, surrounded by brilliantly high splashes, rain from no where, and blasts. They couldn’t see each other, let alone their own bodies. And the splashes that came from no place as if someone were depth charging them from above. One giant splash rose up between them, separating them from each other. “Jesse! Where are you?” “I can’t see you!” The sky seemed to go cloudy and the grays moved in overhead. The sun seemed to vanish. The eyes watched the boys in the pool and gleamed with happiness at the predicament of the two boys. The waves grew choppy and both of them felt they were in the ocean just off some beach someplace. Both Jeremy and Jesse had been surfing before. Both had seen choppy waves and bad storms come up. Both knew the feel of the ocean and its ways. They both now knew this was like that…only worse…and soon their heads vanished from the surface of the pool… Rising and lower, the water washed over the pool and kept on storming, waves hit the sides of the pool until nothing could be seen…water washing up over the sides to the tiles on each side of the pool itself… The watcher could not see either boy…his eyes…Jeremy and Jesse were gone from the surface…only stormy seas remained… TBC

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