Exploring Gary…


The piece that follows is based on a true story. I welcome any and all feedback. The story is dedicated to LS, for fanning the flames of mutual desire and gay erotica…


When I was 18 my parents had been split up for almost ten years. My mom, who I lived with, had dated a few times, and now had a serious boyfriend who had a son of his own. My mom vowed she’d never get married again, and I believed her. Too much heartbreak had ended her marriage to my father, and she seemed to be in a good place.

Gary, the son of my mom’s boyfriend, had just graduated college. He and his dad would often spend the night at our two bedroom apartment, with Gary sharing my bedroom with a trundle bed that we’d set up a few feet from mine.

Being New York City in the summer, things got pretty hot in our apartment. We had no AC, so we’d take cold showers before going to bed in our underwear. Gary had a great personality-funny, warm, and intelligent. He never spoke of girlfriends in college, and I never did either. I had a semi crush on one of my best guy friends, but never acted on it.

One night after our showers, on a particularly hot night, neither one of us could sleep. We would often lay awake and discuss life and our parent’s relationship. Our talk came around to our relationships and to my surprise, Gary revealed that he was bi-sexual. He said he really loved being with women, and he enjoyed the feel of their wet pussies, but he admitted that his favorite thing was feeling a guys mouth giving him head. He said that guys gave the best blowjobs because they knew exactly what felt good. He also enjoyed feeling the power of having another guy succumb to, well… …his cum. Seeing another guy swallow his cum and want to was the thing that turned him on the most.

Laying there in the dark, I could feel my cock swell and raise the sheets Bayrampaşa Escort off my hips. All of his talk about sucking cocks and swallowing cum made my mouth go dry and my heart race. I was surprised by my reaction but I felt intoxicated with desire to suddenly try pleasing him.

He asked me if what he shared made me feel uncomfortable, and I said no, that it kinda excited me.

He told me that since it was hot out, the only thing that could cool him down was if he was gently tickled and scratched lightly. He said the chills he gets cool him off. He asked me if he minded pushing his bed against mine so I could do that for him.

“Of course, Gary” I said, not volunteering to stand up for fear he’d see my hard on.

Gary got out of bed instead, and in the dim light there was no doubt he was very hard, as I could make out the outline of his formidable bulge. He pushed the beds together and laid down on his back under one sheet.

“Why don’t you start on my chest and go from there. You can tickle above or below the sheet-makes no difference to me.”

Gary was now giving me what felt like an open invitation to explore his body with my hands. I started making figure eights on his chest, skirting my fingers around his nipples.

“That’s it-that feels great. If you want to squeeze my nipples too that would feel awesome.”

I did a few more figure eights and then I took one erect nipple in my fingers and gave them a gradual, but firm squeeze.

“Like that?” I asked.

“Fuck, yes. Just like that. That definitely feels great. Can you do the other?” He whispered, as he guided my hand to his other nipple. I repeated the process and I could tell now that we were in for an interesting night.

I slowly worked my fingers down to his belly button in a similar swirling motion. I could clearly Bayrampaşa Escort tell now that the sheet was tenting upward, since my fingers encountered a bit of resistance as the sheet created friction around his fully erect bulge.

My fingers traveled down his hips to his thighs, avoiding his bulge. I repeated this in a nice steady rhythm, and I noticed that his hips started to gently arch upwards, and he started to slowly gyrate into the sheet.

I was so nervous to do what I wanted to do most which was to run my fingers up and down his cock above the sheet.

In the process of tickling his thigh, my forearm grazed the length of his cock. It twitched immediately into my arm more, so I continued to work his thigh with my fingers, while slowly brushing up against his cock with my forearm up and down. We’d cross the line now and there was no going back.

I was leaking precum into my bed at this point, and it was a bit difficult to reach all the way over into his bed.

I inched my way closer to the crack between both our beds so I could have greater leverage and he moved over to the edge of his bed, and he pulled me closer so I was now lying in bed with him.

“Brian, you’re touching me in all the right ways. You’ve never been with a guy before?”

“No, I haven’t but I’m really enjoying touching you. Is there anything else you want me to do for you?”

“You’re really sweet. Here, give me your hand.” He took my hand and brought it to my mouth.

“Coat your hand with your mouth and tongue until it’s wet with your saliva.” I did as I was instructed.

He pushed the sheet and his boxers down in one motion and took me by the wrist and wrapped my hand around the base of his cock.

“Slide your hand up my cock and squeeze out some precum,” he whispered in my ear.

I did Escort Bayrampaşa as I was told. Feeling his pulsing cock throb in my slick palm and fingers felt soo good. It felt so good to please another guy and see how much he enjoyed me following his every direction. A steady trickle of cum drizzled down my fingers.

“That’s it. Now, taste each finger and clean your hand with your mouth.” He dipped each finger in my mouth until I had savored every drop of cum.

“It’s sweet! And kinda salty!” I whispered eagerly into his ear. I reached down and repeated the process, this time on my own without his prodding. At this point I was greedy for more, and desperately wanted to taste Gary at the source of his leaking manhood.

“Go ahead, Brian-put it in your mouth, I can tell you want it.”

That was all of the encouragement I needed. I took a deep breath and travelled down so that my mouth was pointing right for his cock. Grabbing it at the base, I gently squeezed more precum out as I had done before only this time the precum traveled directly into my waiting mouth. Kissing his cum slit I squeezed some more in a steady pattern so that I slowly gave him a hand job while blowing him simultaneously. He gently applied pressure to the back of my head so that my mouth welcomed more of his cock and his cum, traveling up and down with my hand. I couldn’t believe how much we were both clearly in heaven at this point. Gary grabbed the bed with both his hands as I felt him stiffen and stop breathing. I knew he was about to let a massive load explode into my mouth and I was ready for it.

I quickened my pace when I felt the first rope of cum jet down my throat, and kept it up when each torrent of cum filled my mouth until I had taken a good half dozen swallows of his man juice. I was humping the sheets at the same time I was swallowing until I had cum as well. I gently squeezed his now softening, spent cock in a similar manner the way this all began, and took the last load in my mouth as I kissed his cock head and swallowed. I wiped my mouth on the sheet and laid next to Gary.

This was the beginning of a very hot summer indeed…

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