Fallen Angel – Innocent Angel Pt. 04


Part I of the Fallen Angel Series

This is part of a 4 book series called the Fallen Angel series. I am entering into a realm that may offend people so let’s see what happens. Since all my stories are LHEA I hope everyone will like it.

This is basically an erotic love story and of course all characters are over 21. It will definitely start out as a love story and continue to build with fiery passion. Please vote often (fives are most welcome) and of course please leave constructive comments. I love hearing from you and love your ideas for the continuation of this story or ides for new stories.


Chapter 7

Clarissa hated to leave Dominic the way she had, but the thunderous roar of St. Peter in her head demanded obedience. She knew by the tone of his voice that she was in trouble, but she had really known that much earlier. The minute she showed up at Dominic’s California apartment she knew she was on a path that could create trouble for both of them.

There was something about him that drew her to him, something that called to her and something she knew she could never live without. In her earthly existence she had never met anyone that affected her like Dominic did. Life without him would be a lonely desolate place, but life with him would be full of passion and joy. So, she had to follow the path that led to Dominic and now whatever the price she had to pay it.

As she arrived at the pearly gates Clarissa stopped and looked around her wondering what her life would be like after her meeting with St. Peter. She knew there was going to be fallout from her love making with Dominic, but what? She paused looking at the structures glowing magnificently as she bask in the beautiful surroundings.

Clarissa straightened her back, stood tall as she headed into St. Peter’s office and was immediately ushered in. She folded her wings behind her and stood with her arms crossed under her breasts, in front of the imposing figure of St. Peter.

He looked up, his brow furrowed and in a low gravelly voice asked. “Do you know what you have done?”

Clarissa shyly looked down at her feet and replied, “Yes Sir, I think so!”

St. Peter looked stricken before he replied, “You can’t tell me that you let your tears touch a human on purpose?

Clarissa was troubled and confused with the turn in the conversation. She searched her memory for anything involving angel tears and couldn’t recall anything. She softly queried, “I thought you were upset with me about making love with Dominic. So, what does this have to do with tears?”

St. Peter looked exasperated as he answered, “Angel tears are one of the most potent life-changing emollients on earth or in heaven. Angel tears falling on the earth will turn barren soil into rich fertile earth that will feed people for decades. The same angel tears touching a person will unconditionally open their mind and heart to loving the angel that shed her tears. So, Dominic will always be in love with you and he will not be capable of loving another.”

Clarissa blushed now understanding what a horrible deed she has done. She thought Dominic had loved her before she shed her tears, but now she had cemented their relationship. While St. Peter scowled at her she tried to think of a way out and asked, “Is there an antidote?”

St. Peter’s tone softened a little as he added, “No there is no antidote. For your information you were specifically chosen to be with Dominic because we knew love would blossom between you two. You never experienced any kind of love in your earthly experience, especially the kind of passionate love that you and Dominic have found. Likewise, Dominic needed your love to ground him and guide him into the good and giving the man that he will become.”

“God created man and woman to be the most special in the universe. Out of all of God’s creatures a man and woman can turn the act of procreation into a beautiful and life-changing experience. The physical passion and emotional connections that occur between a man and a woman are unique in the universe. God enhanced the act of sex between a man and woman so that it would generate a bond that would last forever.”

“So, you see when you and Dominic made love you created a life changing bond that would keep you in each other’s lives forever. Your tears created a different kind of bond, a familial bond, and one that can’t be broken.”

He stopped talking, Clarissa looked at him and asked the question that had been on her mind since the meeting began, “What can I do now to fix things?”

St. Peter looked at her sadly and responded, “You must spend the rest of your life with Dominic and you cannot do that as an angel.”

He let that sink in for a few moments before he added, “You must give up your wings and your immortality. You must return to earth as a mortal, but still guide Dominic as his best friend, his mate, and you must love him unconditionally.”

Clarissa gave a beautiful smile and St. Peter knew that spending xslot her life with Dominic was what she really wanted to do. She jumped into St. Peter’s arms and gave him kind of hug he would never forget with their lips close to his ear she whispered, “Thank you!”

Chapter 8

It had been four days since Clarissa flew out of his life and Dominic was going stir crazy. He said prayers every night for her safe return and worked during the days, but she was always on his mind. He knew he loved her, but something in him said this was more than love. Something was missing in his life and while he knew it was Clarissa, there was an emptiness in his chest that just couldn’t be filled.

On the second night he found a BDSM club called ‘Leather and Lace’ and spent the night being a fill in Dom. He did two sessions with submissives whose dominant was out of town on business and both gave him rave reviews. As a result, he had been invited back on the fourth day of Clarissa’s absence. He wasn’t sure if he should have shown up, because he was having a hard time controlling his emotions and the dominant that couldn’t control his emotions was worthless.

Dominic had just finished a session with a very svelte, petite brunette and it had been a spectacular session. Not only was she a beautiful woman, but she was very passionate and he kept her in subspace for almost 45 minutes. When he finished, she was shaking as if she had been left in a snowdrift and it took her 30 minutes of aftercare before she quit shaking and could speak.

When her aftercare was over and she had left Dominic sat in the corner with his soul still empty. He knew he had to find Clarissa, but how do you find missing Angel. It was at that moment when all the noise in the club died down and his heart leapt into his chest as he looked up to see what was going on. An incredibly stunning woman had walked into the club completely nude with only her long silvery hair offering any concealment.

Her skin seemed to glow, with her firm full breasts wobbling insolently and her perky nipples seeming to beg for attention. Her tiny waist and tight abs shoved her womanly hips into a seductive strut that captured every eye in the club. It was then that Clarissa’s eyes met Dominic’s and from that moment on he was all she saw.

Dominic saw his beautiful angel walking seductively towards him, but something was very different. Her eyes had a sadness that he had never seen and it was then that he noticed her Angel wings were gone. His mouth hung open as he watched the woman, he loved coming towards him and he realized what she had to give up to be with him now.

They met in the middle of the room with neither saying a word, but their eyes said it all. Everyone in the club felt self-conscious watching the love being passed from man to woman. Clarissa had practiced what she was going to say ever since she met with St. Peter. She lifted her arms wrapping around his neck and pulling his lips towards hers. After a gentle kiss she whispered, “I love you and I need you to be my Master forever!”

Dominic wrapped her in his arms and as his arms caressed up her back, he encountered the scars on her back where her Angel wings used to be. His heart lurched in his chest realizing what she had given up just to be with him. His eyes began to moisten, but he couldn’t say a thing because the loving lump in the middle of his throat wouldn’t let him speak.

Finally, his voice croaked, “I’ve been waiting forever for you and I love you very much. You have come to the right place if you want to be my submissive.”

Clarissa looked at him with mischief in her eyes and almost purred as he said this. With an impish smile on her face she told him exactly what she wanted, “I’ll do anything as long as it’s you doing to me!”

He keep her in his arms gazing into her eyes as she conveyed her love for him through her misty eyes. He kissed her passionately, with both of them dueling with their tongues. Only when their lips separated did Dominic say, “After tonight you will know how much I love you and what it will be like to be my submissive.”

Dominic gently led her over to a small padded stool. He had her sit down and only when she followed his eyes did she notice the poles anchored on each side of her. Each of the poles had strong nylon ropes attached to the leather cuffs that he began attaching to her wrists and ankles.

After her wrists and ankles were bound, he knelt beside her and explained, “This is basically a rack except it doesn’t have the planks underneath. You will be suspended between the two poles with only the stool supporting your lower back. If at any point you feel as though you can’t take any more you just say ‘red’. I love you and I will never do anything that will hurt you.”

Dominic positioned her lying backwards over the stool and then began tightening her legs and then arms until she was suspended between the two poles. For the next few minutes he kept adjusting xslot Giriş the ropes and also the position of stool under her back.

Clarissa felt her back pop as Dominic tightened the rack and her shoulders ached as he pulled her harder. He kept tightening until she felt as if she her belly shrink to almost nothing as it barely separated the two halves of her body. She was stretched and as painful as it was, her elongated body felt oddly sensual and alive. Her every sense seemed heightened and she was aware of every color and sound that surrounded her.

Dominic tied the rope to the leg of the rack leaving her stretched tightly with only a small stool middle of her back. He pulled the chair over and sat down to watch her. His studies of her unnerved Clarissa and some of her fear began to dissipate, only to be replaced by anxiety. She began to calm as he watched her and she waited for him to make a move.

Dominic had seen beautiful women before, but Clarissa was the most stunning woman he had ever seen. Stretched tightly between the two posts she was beyond gorgeous. Her fit athletic body was stretched taut, hollowing her tiny waist that flared into her suggestive womanly hips with runner’s legs. Her toes were wiggling in the air with the strain only made her legs look more perfect. Her firm fleshy ass cheeks were tight with the strain and they made Dominic want to run his hands over her reddened skin.

Then of course there were her remarkable breasts. Her D cup breasts were always the focus of every male’s attention, but stretched and pulled high on her chest they were simply stunning. Her hard breathing made her breasts mouthwatering as they wobbled insolently. Her hard distended nipples seemed to be pleading for his attention, and they were about to get it.

Dominic focused on her eyes and saw that she had a confused, arrogant and scared look. She seemed to have no idea what was going on, so he asked, “Do you know why I am doing this?”

Clarissa’s face showed determination, but her eyes showed nervousness a as she whispered a little softer said, “No I don’t.”

Dominic gave her a passionately dominant look, and Clarissa’s resolve seemed to melt from her face. In a disappointed voice he said, “I want you to stop hiding from me and show me all your inner beauty, desires and secrets, because I will not accept anything less. If you hold back, we both loose. So, I want all of you, without misgivings or hesitation. It is what we both should accept and settle for nothing less.”

Dominic stood in front of her, looking deep into her eyes. Clarissa felt as though he could see her very soul and she couldn’t hide from him. All of her desires, perversions and fantasies were there for him to see and appreciate. The heat in his eyes told her that he was going to make every one of her dreams come true. The fire in his eyes filled her with desire, but also a belief and trust in him.

It was at that moment, bound, stretched and between the poles, that she knew she belonged to him. His eyes told her that he would never hurt her, only fill her with the kind of blissful emotions she never knew existed. Bound as she was, she knew she didn’t have a choice; he was going to rip her long-hidden desires from her. However, she knew she had to fight him, if for no other reason than for him to earn her submission. Even though she craved it, her pride still fought his dominance.

His deep penetrating eyes and strict mouth told her he would leave no desire unexplored. All her life Clarissa had longed for a man like Dominic. The man that would eagerly take what he wanted from her and make her feel like a woman. She also wanted a man that would uncover and explore her deepest needs. She quivered inside with both fear and anticipation on what this night would bring. As she looked at him with pride trying to cover the desperate longing in her eyes, Dominic knew she was ready to discover her inner most desires.

Clarissa suddenly sucked in deep breath as his fingers roamed over her tightly stretched skin. That seemed to be all that it took. His fingers on her skin made her forget about everything. All her thoughts and doubts disappeared as his touch filled her with desperate need. His fingers insistently roamed her legs, hips, belly and breasts, cajoling blistering cravings from her body. Clarissa’s eyes burned into his, desperately begging for more and she whimpered passionately.

She remembered her vicarious state of mind when she felt what his clients were feeling when she first met him, but those feelings were nothing like the sensations now. Her skin was overly sensitive to his touch with her breasts aching, her belly quivering and her pussy gushing. Even the first time they made love was nothing compared to this. She felt like every cell in her stretched form was on fire with passion for his touch.

Dominic whispered to her, “I knew you wanted me to conquer you. From the first moment we saw each other and we’ve had a passionate connection xslot Güncel Giriş that neither of us can deny. Both of us are smart, strong willed people used to getting our own way. However, I want you to trust me enough to submit your heart and body to me. It takes a strong woman to put her body in the hands of her lover and that’s what I’m asking you to do.”

Dominic stepped back from her, took off his shirt and stood in front of Clarissa so closely that she could feel the heat emanating from his chest. Her face still had the prideful hard hungry look and began to soften as she felt the hairs of his chest provoking her skin. She could feel his hot passionate breath on her face as his eyes reached inside her and began tearing down walls around her heart.

She felt his fingers once again lightly caressing her tightly stretched skin, roaming over her hips, belly and breasts. Her skin seemed more sensitive now and each light caress chipped away at her humiliation and feigned fortitude. She ached to feel his hands on her skin and found herself pushing with her body trying to arch into his caresses. Her pride was washed away and she knew she hungered after his domination.

Dominic’s tongue came out and licked her lips, but when she reached for more, he pulled away. He gently kissed his way across her cheek until he nibbled at her ear. As he leaned in, the hairs on his chest maddeningly nuzzled her nipples and breasts. In his deep bass and gravelly voice he whispered into her ear, with each word pulsating inside her.

“You are your own strong and intelligent woman. I respect and admire that. You are incredibly beautiful and sexy, full of hidden desire and passion. You fill my mind with wondrous possibilities and my heart with the desire to protect you, even from yourself. Tonight, I will be your lover, your master, and your teacher as I discover all the passion you kept hidden from the world and yourself. Tonight, I will train you, possess you and find my own pleasure in you as we explore your long-hidden desires.”

Dominic backed away from her, leaving her mind spinning and her body throbbing. Her grit and humiliation were totally gone and now she only wanted him to fulfill his promises. She wanted him to teach her, to break down the walls inside her and let her finally feel love and ecstasy, like a real woman should. Oh God, she wanted this, but she was scared and her vanity let her admit that she wanted this. Her heart and body desperately craved what he was saying, but her mind fought him. Dominic knew that was his objective, to quiet her mind, push her into subspace so the needs of her heart and body prevailed.

Dominic walked up to her and let his hand weave through her hair at the back of her head. It was chillingly sensuous to have his hands meandering through her long silky hair and she pushed her face into his arm acknowledging the luxurious feel. In the span of a heartbeat his hand closed in a fist, pulling her hair and knotting it behind her head. She felt his raw masculinity controlling her as he bent her head back. Only then did his lips descend on hers in a primal mating kiss. The kiss was coarse and indecent, as it sent ripples of primitive desire surging through her body.

One of his hands caressed the front of her exposed form, while the other hand caressed down her back. The hand on her back stopped as he gently stroked the scars of her now defunct wings on her back. He was acknowledging her sacrifice and what she had given up to be with him. However, he was also letting her know that she was still his angel and now belonged to him.

She was stretched helplessly in front of a crowd of people with a man twice her size, taking whatever he wanted from her. It felt so fearfully delicious as his lips brutalized her mouth and his hands and lips roamed at will over her naked body. With anyone else, she would have feared for her life, but with Dominic she knew he would take what he wanted, but he would never hurt her. She realized that she did really trust him and she would be the ultimate recipient.

Her tongue battled with his and she strained, pushing with her body, stretching towards him to deepen the kiss. Her eyes closed as she let the kiss sweep her away. She felt his fingers sweep over her tightly stretched belly to her swollen breasts. His hands cupped her breasts while his fingers repeatedly tweaked her nipples. Again, his kiss made her head spin and her knees tremble, while his fingers electrified her sexual core.

Her romantic reverie was suddenly shattered as one of her nipple clamps closed excruciatingly on her left nipple. As her body arched away from the pain, her mouth was torn from his insistent lips and her painful scream echoed through the room. Clarissa gasp for breath as she tried to breathe through the pain, but it seemed as though every nerve in her body was crying out in sympathy.

Dominic ran his middle two fingers through her swollen pussy lips and deep inside her. He curled his fingers into her G-spot and pounded his fingers front and back, while rubbing her clit. Clarissa’s pain vanished as a wanton fury exploded between her legs. Her hands and feet fluttered as she went from pain to euphoria with her belly cramping as she fought waves of elation.

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