Family Fuckery 04


Fake… Fantasy… Fiction… Incest Based Shenanigans And Fuckery

I’m making some character and story changes to the series starting with this chapter

“Hmmmm… What could those noises be? What oh what could they be?” Max strolls down the back hall at the Hollywood Diner towards the stock room.

She’s been hearing some interesting noises coming from back there that have peaked her very-curious interest.

She’s chomping her gum, and checking out her red nails, as she strolls down the hall. Her big titties jiggling around in her tight waitress uniform.

She stops!

(Sex noises heat up and blare out from the stock room)

“Now that’s interesting.” Max’s smart-ass smirk as she says that is a thing of beauty. She’s chewing away on that gum too, as she sneaks over to the door and peeks inside.

“God!!! UHHH!!!”

“Why, you little slut.” Max says to herself, still smirking, as she sees my chick Billie bent over some boxes, getting railed from behind by ol’ Bob himself.

“God, your dick feels so good in my pussy, Bob. Uhh!” Billie’s biting her bottom lip and groaning as her beautiful, bare pussy gets slammed by the charming, mature city councilman. Billie’s DD boobs are jiggling mightily from the steady force of Bob’s fucking. Her tight waitress minidress uniform unzipped all the way down front so her big, soft tits can breathe.

“Damn, why does she get all the really-fun breaks? I just smoke a joint or something.” Max asks herself as she leans against the door frame, chomping on her gum, as she watches the doggy-style work fuck across the room.

“God, doll… I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna fill this condom.” Bob let’s out a big, horny growl as his impending cum races to the finish line. He’s gripping Billie’s hips as he fucks her. Driving his ten-inch, mature cock deep up her hot, young snatch. His thick, old cock throbbing incessantly and pouring precum into the condom covering it.

Billie and Bob both let out intense groans of joy as Bibb starts cumming into the condom. He keeps fucking Billie’s pussy pie. Thrusting it as deep as he can up her honey hole every time he cock excitedly pumps out another glob of sperm.

Billie coos and slightly sticks her tongue out. Smiling, and breathing deep as Bob finishes cumming.

“That was wonderful, babe. You’re such a gorgeous, naughty vixen.” Bob chuckles. Billie giggles.

Bob backs up. His condom-covered and filled dick slides out of Billie’s dripping-wet pussy.

Billie zips up her uniform and makes sure it’s straight.

“Can you come over tonight? The wife’s gonna be out. I’ll be all alone.” Bob gives Billie a sort-of pouty look. She giggles and shakes her head.

“Bob… Don’t be greedy. You know my man comes first. Always. I wanna spend some alone time with James tonight. He’s been so busy lately with his business… and other women… I haven’t gotten to spend as much time as I want to with him. So, no. Sorry.” Billie grins and softly pats Bob’s disappointed face.

Max smirks again, then very-quietly closes the stock room door. She shakes her head herself at what she just saw, still chomping away on her gum, and heads back to the front of the diner, pushing her fabulous boobs up to make sure they’re as perfectly fitted into her uniform as possible. Big Boobs = Big Tips… Usually. Its been a slow day so far at the diner today.

A couple of minutes later, Bob’s waving bye to Billie and Max, and leaving the diner.

“So… Enjoy your break?” Max smirks once again as she replaces the ketchup and mustard bottles on the front counter.

“Huh? Oh… Yeah.”

“Good.” Max… always the smart-ass ball-buster… is teasing Billie, but she hasn’t picked Kıbrıs Escort up on that yet.

Billie looks at Max curiously. Max’s teasing smirk is getting bigger and bigger.

“Are you OK?”

“Sure, why wouldn’t I be?” Max can’t help herself. Her smart-ass smirk is plastered all over that gorgeous, ball-buster face of hers.

“Wait a minute… Did you see???”

“YES! I SAW YOU GETTING DICKED DOWN BY THE CITY COUNCILMAN! YOU FILTHY SLUT!” Max teases. She laughs, wickedly bouncing her eyebrows at Billie too.

“MAX… Why were you spying on me?” Billie looks around to make sure no one else is listening to them. There’s only a couple of customers in the diner at the moment anyway. She stands there behind the counter. Her hands on her hips, giving Max a frustrated… but still very sexy… sneer.

“I wasn’t spying on you. I heard some noises down there, so I walked over to the stock room and peaked in. That’s all. No big deal. But… YOU FUCKED BOB!” Max laughs again. Her “ball-busting” never stops.

“Max, stop. Someone will hear you.”

“Well… I already heard you… GETTING FUCKED BY BOB!” More teasing laughter from my… and Billie’s… best friend.

Billie shakes her head in frustration and walks off. Sitting on a stool in front of the counter, away from Max.

“Oh calm down. I’m just busting your chops a little. So… How was it?” Max leans over on the counter, looking right at Billie… chomping away on her gum and grinning. No smirk, just a friendly… well, maybe kinda smirkish… grin. She manages to lighten the mood.

Billie shakes her head again and chuckles. “Didn’t you fuck him in his car that one day? You should know.” Billie playfully grins back.

“Oh… I almost forgot about that. Thanks for reminding me.” Max grins even wider as she chews her gum, helping her best buddy chill even more. “He is kinda good… if I remember correctly. The old fart.” Max laughs. Billie does too. Things are back to normal at the Hollywood Diner.

At home…

“There you go. Fuck your mom. Give her that huge, gorgeous dick, big daddy. Feed that sexy bitch. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Good, boy. Good, good, boy.”

Aunt Beth encourages me. She’s kissing my cheek and rubbing my chest as my mom Kelly rides me. We’re in mom’s room. Going all Fuck City USA times three on her bed.

Mom’s smiling. I’m smiling. Beth’s smirking. My cock’s grinning from tattooed… shiny gold stars inked all over my cock and balls… tip, to tattooed balls. It’s a beautiful thing.

Mom’s heavenly coochie pie is squeezing and showering my mighty meat. Her delicious juices marinating my very-fat, very-veiny, very-hard shaft as she bounces on it.

Her all natty 34FFs bouncing with her pussy. Gripped super-tight by my loving, horny hands.

Beth’s rubbing her all natty 38F breasts all over my left arm and nipple. My nipple piercing being stimulated beyond perfectly by those enormous, milky-white, lactating melons. Small droplets of milk spurting out of her fat nipples, dribbling all over my nipple and upper-chest.

Mom bounces a little faster on my cock. I grab my beer from the small cooler on the bed and chug about half of it as Beth bites my neck, purring so slutty as she sucks my neck. Then, she sits up and starts kissing mom. The two, long-blonde-haired beauties swapping sexy spit and playing with each other’s huge, heaving, natural knockers as mom bounces wildly on my excitedly-throbbing monster.

My dick can’t stop throbbing inside mom’s cream-oozing snatch. She’s cum twice already and all of that milky delight has been, and is, glazing my fourteen-inch cock as it thrusts deeper and harder up her Lefkoşa Escort pussy every time mom ferociously slams down on it. Moaning, groaning, and cooing ecstatically the whole fucking way.

I’m grinning my perverted-freak ass off watching my mom and favorite, bad-ass, boss-bitch bbw aunt make-out for me. I can see the spit racing between their mouths as they kiss.

I have one hand on mom’s mind-blowingly perfect titties and the other on Beth’s. Squeezing, shaking, and kneading both deep, dirty, and extra-horny. Those four massive mounds delighting my hands so very-fucking-much. Four rock hard nipples twitching hard. Beth’s dribbling milk. Mom’s rubbing against Beth’s, getting milk-bathed by the constant drops of milk leaking out of Beth’s feverishly-rocking nipples.

Both huge titty milf bitches’ hands squeezing harder and more intense on each other’s titties as I grin away. Growling blissfully as mom’s magically-spasming pussy has me ready to erupt like a sexually-charged volcano.

When I cum, mom rides me faster and faster. Moaning loud and proud. Lovingly-smiling down at me and blowing me sweet, sexy kisses as aunt Beth moves around behind her. Reaching around mom to play with those awesomely-perfect tits. My favorite tits ever. My two favorite pairs right here with me on mom’s bed.

Beth shakes and bounces them in her hands like two basketballs, then kneads them all around. Squeezing them super-deep and hard as she sucks on mom’s beautiful neck.

Mom’s grinding my cumming cock now. She’s biting her bottom lip and heatedly-sucking it, groaning with pure, erotic delight from Beth’s mouth and hands… and my massive, tattooed cock. All of us working together to get exactly what we want…


Mom squirts again. All over my own cum-pumping sex pipe. It’s lurching and throbbing outta control inside mom’s jizzing snatch. Her pussy clenching down so hard on my cock. Our combined cum mixing and flooding her honey hole. It runs down my base and all over my balls. Glazing them like two big, meaty doughnuts.

Fuck! Fuck, Fuck, Fuck!

Beth moves down mom’s back, laying down on her enormous titties, on the bed. She starts licking all over my pussy-cum-glazed nuts. Lapping them clean as mom grinds my cock, then leans down and feeds me her massive, magical tits. I ravenously suck them both. Squeezing the base of them as I vacuum-suck each one. Stuffing as much of each into my mouth as I possibly can. Very-happily growling away as I suck the sweet, sweet soul outta them both.

We spend the next fifteen glorious minutes or so with mom on my right and aunt Beth on my left, both feeding me their very-delicious breasts. Me, sucking all four. Drinking Beth’s milk and furiously sucking mom’s fabulous breast flesh, smiling so happily the entire freaking time.

Both ladies cooing beyond-blissfully as I devour their magically-delicious boobs. Ha. Going back and forth between the four. Drowning in massive, heaving, gorgeous, white breast flesh. Oh fucking WOW! My heaven. Balls… or mouth… deep in it. Ha.

We drinks some beer. Belch. Drink some more. Belch some more. Smoke a little. Then, make-out. Fun, fun times with my two busty, blonde goddesses.

I brought in my new aunt Ronda Rousey to help me out with my weed biz. Ronda recently married my uncle Harv. Smart move by Harv. I’ve got a huge crush on Ronda, and thankfully… she feels the same way about me.

My uncle Harv, by the way, is a really cool dude. Nice guy. Charming. Funny. Very fat. Huge beer belly. But… the dude gets pussy. Tons of it. He got Ronda to marry Girne Escort him, so that’s that.

His nickname is Harv The Hog. It shouldn’t be too damn hard to figure out why. Ha. Big fat dude with a real fat dick. Yeah… see… simple. Ha.

Ronda’s taking a break from wrestling, so I figured I get her to help me out. The more hot bitches I got working for me, the more supply I move. Aunt Alia and myself have been tearing it up lately, so we could use the help anyway.

“Who’s that Bob guy, James?”

Ronda and I are partaking in some puff and pass festivities in her car as we wait in the Hollywood Diner parking lot for Billie to get off work.

“He’s a city councilman. He’s been dating Kaia. He’s her old boyfriend’s dad. Why?”

“He was mackin’ on me earlier at the gas station. He asked me if I knew you and your mom and I told him I was your aunt. He’s a smooth talker, that guy. Haha.” Ronda puffs nice and sexy for me, then passes to me, playfully rubbing my face and tickling my chin.

“My smokin’ hot aunt.” I smirk.

“You know it. And…” Ronda smirks back at me, reaching over and grabbing my bulge and softly squeezing it. “You’re my smokin’ hot nephew.” Ronda leans in and gently kisses my lips. Then licks them. Then bites them. Then kisses me again. Deep and nasty. I’m really digging this broad.

I smoke. Cool, calm, and collected as Ronda sucks on my neck while she rubs my bulge. Cupping and gently squeezing it as she rubs it. Purring softly, but kinky. This bitch knows how to turn a dude on for damn sure.

“Suck my dick.” I cut to the chase. Still smoking.

Ronda smirks at me again, then heatedly-bites my neck once more. She lowers her head to my lap and pulls my cock out of my white velour sweatpants… Billie bought them for me… and starts sucking my cock. No warm-up licks. Straight to the sucking. Bobbing her dirty-blonde-haired head… tied in a long ponytail… in my lap as she loudly slurps my still-soft meat. It’s still so heavy in her hands, she grabs it with both hands and slurps it even louder and even messier. Her spit hanging everywhere. Her tongue bathing my shaft as her lips stretch wide around it. Ronda cooing so happily as she greedily-gobbles down my fat, thick-veins-covered meat.

I sit there in the passenger seat of Ronda’s Escalade, smoking, as she bobs away on my cock. Getting about nine inches of fully-hard cock down her throat at a time.

I grab her ponytail and wrap it around my left hand and pull it. Smirking away. Ronda turns her head to me and smirks back. Wickedly. Enjoying me taking charge.

The next ten minutes are Ronda furiously sucking me off. Her saliva wetting my pants. Her head swirling around and bobbing fast… with me constantly pulling on her ponytail.

My cum is violent. It explodes out of my piss-slit and rockets down Ronda’s throat. She turns her head towards me and grins as she swallows the rest of my load. Her throat bouncing fast as she drinks my sticky seed, moaning the sluttiest, sexiest moans you can imagine. I just smile, dude. A big, smokey smile. I’m now officially in love with another aunt. My aunt Beth has some new competition for my favorite aunt. Ha. Oh yeahhhhhh.

Ronda sits up when she finishes drinking me dry. I pass her the blunt and watch her smoke. She blows smoke rings, one after the other and winks at me. I laugh, and turn my head to the door. Billie’s off.

I get out and hug my chick. Kissing her too. I pick her up and put her in the back seat and join her there.

We all head home. Smoking and chatting. Billie in my lap. I kiss her neck and nuzzle it, so freaking happy to see her.

When Ronda drops us off, Billie waves bye to her and heads inside. I stay outside for a few and talk over Ronda’s deliveries for later with her.

Tune in next time for more fun with Billie, mom, Beth, Ronda… and more. Plus… will Spence make his return? Read chapter 05 and find out. Peace and hot pussy grease, my fellow freaks.

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