Family Love Ch. 06

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His mother was standing outside the restaurant waiting for him as Sameer pulled into the parking, she was on the phone with someone and waved to him as she ended the call. Getting into the car she buckled in and Sameer pulled out into traffic.

“How was brunch?” he asked.

“It was good. The food was great.” Veena replied.

Sameer nodded as he negotiated the traffic.

“Good. So, let’s head over to the fort for some sight-seeing then we can swing by Maria’s college and have an early dinner together.” Sameer said, as he overtook a slow-moving rickshaw.

“Sounds good, but can you have dinner by yourself?” asked Veena.

“Why?” asked Sameer.

“I want to spend some time with Maria, there is something important she wants to discuss with me and she wants to do it in private.” Veena explained, “Did she say something to you about what it is?”

“I think I know what she wants to talk to you about.” Sameer admitted.

“What is it?” asked Veena.

“It’s not for me to tell you, it would be best if you hear it directly from her.” Sameer said.

“Is everything okay?” asked Veena, worried.

“Don’t worry mom, its nothing bad. But it is something that is best coming from her.” Sameer said.

Still not convinced by Sameer’s explanation, Veena decided not to pursue it anymore. Sameer would never keep anything bad from her, especially if it involved Maria. The two of them had always been very close and she was sure her son would never knowingly allow any harm to come to his sister.

Settling back, she watched the sights as they passed as the two of them talked about the upcoming wedding and their plans once they were back on the road. Unsaid between them was the fact that the two of them would be once again alone for the next week or so.

Pulling into a free parking spot Sameer and Veena exited the car and started their tour of the old fort. For the next two hours they just roamed around seeing the sights, sitting down when they got tired and talking. Yet underneath the surface the tension increased as the day passed and the moment, they would be alone in the hotel room came closer.

After a few hours of visiting the sights, Veena and Sameer decided to call it a day. Heading back to the car they spotted a small café tucked away in an old building. Feeling a little peckish they headed in. The coolness of the interior was refreshing after the heat of the day. As their eyes adjusted Sameer noticed that the place was made up of small intimate tables with seating for two to four people. Spotting a table for two which was set in a private alcove he took his mother’s hand and led them to it.

Veena groaned as they sat down.

“Everything okay?” asked Sameer.

“Yeah, just tired. These shoes aren’t well suited for walking this long.” Veena said, as she rubbed her feet.

“Here, give me your feet.” Sameer said.

Veena placed her feet on Sameer’s lap and he proceeded to massage the kinks out of them.

“Ohhh…that feels good.” Veena moaned as her son’s fingers did their magic.

Sameer continued to massage his mother’s feet until their order came. The waiter gave them a strange look but did not say anything. Veena put on her shoes again and the two of them dug in. Finishing their drinks, they got up, Sameer paid and they headed back to the hotel.

“What is the plan for tomorrow?” asked Sameer as he pulled into hotel parking.

“We have to be at the venue by seven, and we have to pick up Maria from her dorm so we should leave by six. I have an appointment at the parlour in the morning so you will have to hang out on your own.” Veena replied as they entered the elevator.

“That is fine.” Sameer replied.

Entering, he saw that the maids had cleaned up the room. He glanced at his watch.

“If you are going to have an early dinner with Maria, we should leave soon.” Sameer said.

“Yeah, I am just going to take a quick shower and change then we can head out.” Veena replied.

Veena started to take off her clothes in front of her son, and Sameer was glad to see that his mother was comfortable enough around him to not be embarrassed. He watched with interest as his mother casually took off her clothes, naked she walked to the bathroom her tight naked ass swinging. He felt his jeans get tight around his groin area.

Veena was aware of the stares her son was giving her and she revelled in the feeling of being the object of desire for a handsome young man. Walking over to the bathroom she made sure to add a little extra swing in her buttocks. Stopping at the door she turned her head and found her son staring at her naked body with a glazed look in his eyes. When Sameer met his mother’s gaze, she gave him a dazzling smile, full of promise and went into the washroom.

Sameer quickly took off his own clothes as he headed towards the bathroom. He found his mother already in the shower her hair in a bun to keep them dry, her back towards him. Stepping into the steaming shower he hugged his mother’s naked body from behind his bahis şirketleri semi-hard cock nestling in her ass crack, giving her a soft kiss on the neck.

“Mmmm…” Veena moaned as she felt her son’s naked body.

The feeling of her son’s hands over her body felt amazing, as he ran them from her crotch to her breasts. Veena again moaned when Sameer cupped her breasts, holding them in his strong hands. She turned her face up to her son and who pulled her to himself, his lips searching out hers. She moaned softly as they kissed, her arms circling his neck as he held her close, her soft breasts pressing warmly against his body.

“Mmmm, that’s nice,” she purred as they parted, his swollen member pressing against her abdomen.

“Here,” he said as grabbing the bar of soap and lathered up his hands. “I think it’s best if we help clean each other up.”

Working up a good frothy mess, he passed her the soap. His fingers immediately sought out her breasts, squeezing the pillowy flesh of her tits in his slippery hands as he moved them all around them.

“I think you might have a good idea there.” Veena replied as she looked up at him kittenishly. As he continued to lather up her tits, she put the soap down and wrapped her foamy hands around his semi-hard cock. She felt it pulsate in her grasp as she gripped it lovingly and started to teasingly slide her hands back and forth. Immediately, she felt it start to swell under her fingers.

“Mmmm…” Sameer moaned, “That’s it, Mom, get it nice and hard… just the way you like it.”

He saw the look of desire on her face as she looked down at his hardening cock, her slippery hands pumped more and more blood into the stiffening rod. His cock wasn’t the only thing that was hardening, he could see her luscious nipples also harden and stand out, poking into his palms like thimbles. He rolled the firm buds between the thumbs and the finger of each hand, feeling them come alive in his hands.

“Mmmmmm, that feels so good.” Veena moaned as her son his soapy hands with her breasts.

Her eyes closed with pleasure as Sameer worked on her tits, fighting the rising feelings of pleasure emanating from her body.

“Sameer, we shouldn’t.” she pleaded feebly as her son pulled her to him and kissed her deeply. Their hands never leaving each other’s body. As their kiss intensified, she rolled her tongue over his in a tantalizing incestuous dance. His cock felt like an iron bar in her hands.

“Turn around.” Sameer said as he unwillingly pulled his mouth away from hers, leaving both gasping wantonly. He used his hands to turn her around, pushing her forward until she was leaning against the wall of the shower, water falling on them. Moving closer behind her, his erection slid into the glistening crevice of her backside.

“Sameer, we… we can’t.” she said as she turned and looked at her son over her shoulder, her voice quivering, but she also didn’t move away from him.

“Don’t worry, Mom.” Sameer said as he soaped up my hands again and slid them between her firm ass cheeks, the lather filling the beautiful crack. “I know it’s not time for that…yet. But I’ve got something else I think you might like.”

Veena shuddered internally at the way her son had said ‘Yet’, she knew that it was only a matter of time before the two of them went all the way. While her body screamed for her to take his cock in her cunt, her head was still fighting her. She felt her son step closer and lean forwards, directing the engorged head of his swollen dick against her puckered little rosebud.

“Aaahhh…” she hissed as the hot crown rubbed teasingly over her tight ass hole, she had never had her asshole played with until this morning and now she couldn’t help but draw pleasure from it being touched. Sameer angled his hips up and slid forwards, his shaft sliding up into her foamy ass crack with the cockhead rising to the small of her back.

“Mmmmmm…” she purred as Sameer pressed himself tightly against her, the soft sultry skin of her backside fitting snugly around his member. Meera felt him draw his hips back along the warm channel until the tip of his cock once more teased at the puckered opening of her anus. He wrapped his arms around her and cupped her tits as he flexed forward once more, his hard cock pressing deep into the hot slippery crevice of her ass.

“Oh Sameer, that… that feels so good.” she said.

Leaning forward against the shower wall in front of her she rolled her hips back against her son. The two of them set a nice smooth rhythm as Sameer made sweet love to Veena’s beautiful warm crevice, the lather billowing out from her hot ass crack as his throbbing cock moved back and forth, precum oozing all over her lower back.

“Oh God… oh God…” Veena moaned, as Sameer rolled her stiff bullet-like nipples between his fingers. The hot water from the shower continued to rain down upon them, the misty steam filling the stall as he continued to plow along the trough of her ass.

Sameer could feel myself getting closer, wanting bahis firmaları to make sure that they both came together, her cupped one of his mother’s tits in one hand, while sliding the other down the front of her body and slipping his soapy fingers between the pouty lips of her hot labia.

“Aaaaah… yessssssss…” Veena hissed as his fingertips rubbed teasingly over the throbbing button of her clit.

She twitched as Sameer took her erect clit and rolled it between his thumb and forefinger. Veena’s body quivered under her son’s tormenting caresses. Sameer pressed his rock-hard cock firmly against her, sliding it rapidly back and forth along the full length of the valley of her ass crack.

“Oh Sameer… OHHHHHHHHH GODDDDDDDDD!” Veena moaned loudly as she started to come. Her body started to convulse and shake in her son’s grasp. Sameer tweaked her clit and she groaned like an animal as she felt her juices splash out of her over heated cunt.

“YESSSSSSSSS!” groaned Sameer, as the first shot of thick cum jettisoned forth from his cock, the milky stream landing in a white streak, the long strand pearly semen landing on her shoulder blades. A second and then a third shot spat forth, each long ropey strand landing high on her back.

“So goooooodddd…” Veena moaned, continuing to shake and twitch beneath her son’s stimulating fingers. She could feel him continue to move his hips as she shivered through her release, creamy cum coating her back as she moaned her own release.

As his release ended Sameer slowed his hips, the final drops of his cum oozed forth to slither down from the cock to the underside of his still rigid shaft before clinging to the smooth skin of his mother’s lower back. He released her sensitive clit from between his fingers and slid his soapy hands back up her front, filling his hands once more with her spectacular tits.

“Oh Sameer, that felt so good…” Veena purred as she looked back over her shoulder, her eyes shining with blissful satisfaction.

“Did you like that, Mom?” Sameer asked as he slowly slid his cock along the channel of her ass.

“I… I did. I liked feeling you close to me like that, even if we weren’t… well, you know.”

Sameer knew she was talking about the fact that they hadn’t had intercourse, yet, something he intended to rectify soon. He pulled her back towards himself and she instinctively turned her head, offering her lush pouty lips for an endearing kiss. Sameer pressed his lips to hers, the warm satiny feel of her lips feeling exquisite as they kissed deeply.

“Sameer” she gasped, as she finally pulled her mouth back, “we’ve really got to get ready or we’re going to be late.”

“Okay.” he replied.

Letting her out of his grasp, they hurriedly finished showering, but even then, the two of them found plenty of opportunities to rub, fondle, squeeze and finger each other’s body.


Maria nervously paced her dorm room. Her mother and brother should be here any minute. Still struggling with what and how much to tell her she checked the time for the tenth time.

“Where are they?” she wondered out loud.


Her phone rang and she answered on the second call.

“Hi, we are downstairs outside your dorm.” her mother said over the phone.

“I will be down in a second.” she replied.

Heading down as quickly as possible, she exited the dorm and saw their car parked right in front. Her mother and brother exited the car as soon as they saw her. Maria immediately noticed the signs; her mother had the same glow and languid movements that she had picked up early.

Hugging her she looked over to her brother with an arched eyebrow. Sameer replied with a smirk which confirmed her suspicion. Stepping back, she looked over her mother. Veena was wearing a fitted jeans below a short kurta which buttoned up the front, her favourite style.

“Hi, sweetheart. How are you doing?” asked Veena.

“I am good. I am so happy that you came.” Maria replied.

“Of course. I am always there for you.” Veena said, “So where do you want to go to talk?”

“Will it be okay if we just talk in my dorm room? We can order pizza.” Maria said.

“That sounds wonderful.” Veena agreed, “Sameer what will you do in the meantime?”

“Don’t worry about me. I will catch a movie at the mall and grab a bite there. Should give you guys enough time.” Sameer said.

Both Maria and Veena nodded their agreement.

“Thanks bro, I know this puts a kink in your plans but I really need to talk to mom.” Maria said.

“Hi, I understand. Don’t worry about it.” Sameer said.

Hugging his mother and sister good bye, he got in the car and drove off. Maria and Veena smiled at each other and then headed up to the dorm room. In the lobby Maria explained to the matron that her mother was visiting for a few hours and will be in her room. The matron just waved her through, busy watching her show on her tablet.

Veena looked around her daughter’s dorm room. It was cleaner and cosier than she kaçak bahis siteleri had expected, with a single bed against one wall and a small cupboard and writing table against the other. A window opened to the road outside. There was no private bathroom as she well knew but Maria had assured her the communal facilities were adequate.

Looking around where she should sit, she was interrupted by Maria.

“Okay so the pizza should be here in about thirty minutes.” she said, “Why don’t you take a seat on the bed?”

Nodding her head Veena sat on the bed, moving back until her back was against the wall. Maria joined her mother on the bed, the two of them sitting side by side their shoulders touching.

“So, what was so important that you wanted to discuss with me?” she asked.

“How much has Sameer told you?” Maria asked.

“Nothing. He insisted that it was something that should come from you.” Veena replied, “Although I was a little disappointed that you would tell your brother before me.”

“Don’t be…Sameer is just…” Maria started.

“I know, honey. I was just kidding. You and Sameer have always been very close. The only surprise for me was that Sameer was also in the dark about whatever is going on. I would have thought you would have told him everything.” Veena assured her daughter.

“Yeah, but it’s complicated. It took me while to get things straight in my head before I said anything, even to Sameer. I did not want to make things awkward until I was sure myself.” Maria explained.

Veena listened to her daughter work up to whatever she wanted to discuss with her. She could see the struggle in her face and her heart went out to Maria. She knew that she needed to let Maria explain things in her own way so she did not push her. Reaching out she wrapped one arm around her shoulders and pulled her into a hug. Maria face resting on her shoulder and waited for her to continue.


Sameer exited the cinema.

“Well, that was complete waste of time.” he grumbled to himself as he headed to the food court, “I wonder how mom and Maria are getting along.”

Checking his phone, he saw no new messages from either his mother or sister. Ordering a burger he ate it in silence, scrolling through his social media feeds to keep busy. When he was finished her headed back to his sister’s dorm to pick up his mother. Shooting off a message to let them know he was on the way.

As he reached the campus, he sent another message to let them know he was there. His mother and sister were waiting for him as he pulled up. He could saw them holding hands and their eyes were a little puffy, but they were smiling. The conversation seems to have gone well, he thought.

“Hi mom, hi Maria.” he greeted them, as he stepped out of the car.

“Hi Sameer.” Veena said, turning to her daughter, “It was great talking to you, I am so happy that you opened up to me. I will see you tomorrow when we come to pick you up for the wedding.”

Sameer hugged his sister good bye.

“How much did you tell her?” he whispered in her ear.

“Everything. I still haven’t told her who the man and woman are. But she knows that there are two that I am in love with.” she whispered back.

Nodding, he gave his sister a quick peck on the cheek and climbed into the car himself.

“See you guys tomorrow.” Maria said as she waved them good bye.


Veena was quite throughout the drive to the hotel. Knowing what had just been disclosed to her Sameer understood her mood and did not try to engage her in conversation. The silence continued till they reached the hotel room. Sameer put on the TV while his mother took one of the single sofas and stared out the window.

Sameer pretended not to notice, but he kept an eye on his mother. After an hour or so he heard his mother sigh and stand up. Sameer turned his head and found his mother staring at him. Crawling on to the bed she laid her head on his shoulder. Sameer wrapped his arm around her and waited.

“What do you think I should do?” asked Veena.

“What you have always done, be our mother.” Sameer replied.

“I don’t know how to help her.” Veena said.

“You can help her by just being you, by loving her, like you have always done.” Sameer said.

Putting his finger under her chin her raised her face and kissed her softly on the lips.

“You are a great mother.” he said. Placing another kiss on her lips, feathering out his tongue her ran it over her pouty lips, asking her to part her lips.

“She will be fine and you will be fine.” Sameer said, once again licking his mother’s lips.

“Ummm…” Veena moaned into her son’s mouth.

“I love you and Maria loves you.” said Sameer, as her pulled his mother until she was sitting on his lap.

“Ahhh…” Veena moaned as she settled onto her son’s lap, his semi hard cock pushing against her crotch.

“You need to relax, and think about something else.” Sameer said, as he started to unbutton his mother’s kurta.

Veena watched her son’s fingers as they worked on each button. “I suppose you have some ideas on how to do that.” she smirked.

“A few.” Sameer replied as he parted his mother’s shirt to expose her soft skin, his fingers lightly running over her hot flesh.

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