Final Service of the Day


In the picturesque county of Worcestershire, we have some really quaint villages and country inns and it was in one of these that I met Billy: Billy is certainly a character, rather roguish at times, generous with has money but always a real gent, however deep down I got the impression that there was more to him than what he was prepared to reveal. It took several weeks and some pretty heavy hangovers to get him to open up about his beginnings, as an apprentice mechanic/chauffeur for a well known luxury brand working out of London’s Mayfair. Below I’ve tried to replicate how a chance meeting changed his life.

I needn’t add that all persons mentioned here were 18 or over.


Even from an early age I knew I was different from the other boys and by the time I was 20 years old I was fairly open about being gay. Now coming from a strict family this didn’t fair well with my family so as soon as I started to earn a decent wage my bastard of a father kicked me out.

At that time I was about 5’10, fairly muscular with a good athletic figure; I wasn’t into body building for working with the limo’s kept me fit and agile. Being gay I had had my share of young gentlemen but it had always been my fantasy to fuck an older man. I had tried but I always seemed to chicken-out (much to my detriment for the upper class gents didn’t take kindly to a ‘prick-teaser’,) however as soon as I met Gerald knew he was the one for me, for we seemed to develop a certain rapport, you know the kind, full of innuendoes and the like. Now Gerald would have been in his early fifties then, of substantial means and from certain angles looked a bit like Gregory Peck.

Following a week of trying to satisfy a few toffs (derogatory term for someone with an aristocratic background, belonging to the landed gentry or particularly those who exudes an air of superiority) somehow or other I had managed to swing it so Gerald’s car was my last delivery of the day, so following a rather lengthy shower I changed, slapped on some aftershave then drove his limo into the heights of Hampstead; his house or should I call it his residence was situated on Telegraph Hill, then as it is today a very classy or sophisticated suburb of London: I rang the bell and waited. Expecting a butler or maid to answer the door you can imagine my surprised when Gerald opened the door wearing what looked to be suit trousers and a white shirt.

“Evening Sir, can I get you to sign for the return of your vehicle,” I said dead formal like as I handed over the delivery document.

“Every thing in good working order” Gerald asked; as I looked up my pen rolled off the pad and landed at his feet.

“Sorry…allow me” I said crouching to retrieve the pen, as I bent down I noticed a rather large bulge in his trousers.

He grunted as he began signing the receipt then, with a slight smile he quickly quipped, “Nice bum, not a bad body too…I might add.” I’m sure I must have blushed slightly and for a moment I didn’t know what to say. He handed back the pen and pad. The momentary tingle that I felt when I noticed his package was now returning with vengeance.

Taking a chance I uttered “Is it?” His smile grew wider as I stepped closer before turning around. A hand palmed a cheek then gave a little squeeze, his other hand then slipped round and grabbed my rapidly hardening cock.

“Why don’t you come in and close the door behind you,” mumbled Gerald close to my ear.

Taking up on his offer I turned and followed his instructions. Soon we stood face to face in his hallway, each glancing down to the bulges in our trousers.

“Would you like to play with it?” He asked with a chuckle. “You’re beautiful Billy…you know that don’t you?”

“No Sir…but thank you for saying,” I stammered as I looked into his eyes. ‘Was that lust, was it desire, was it want or was it nothing that I saw there?’

“I think I’ve fallen in love with you,” he said with an unexpected and unusual hoarseness to his voice.

“I’ve never done this before,” I said in a stuttering whisper.

Wonderfully, but still not obvious with his intentions, Gerald leaned forward and cuddled me. It was lovely and in my aroused state very sexual. I have no idea how it happened or who prompted it or even if either of us did, but somehow our lips touched. Just a brief brushing together at first, but almost immediately it became a kiss, a real kiss, a lip to lip kiss. It didn’t last long, it was not with open mouths, we didn’t suck on the other’s lips nor did we use our tongues at all. But it was without a shadow of a doubt a real kiss and one that lovers give to each other.

‘He is interested, he does want me,’ crashed through my mind as I wondered whether I could go further and then, as a shudder went through me, I thought. ‘How far could I go? For I knew what was now expected from me but did I have the savvy to continue’

Our lips parted. I felt disappointed, but said nothing as he looked away from me, although fortunately, did not move. I knew then that I would have to push things further.

He Fatih Escort mumbled something.

“Sorry Sir, what was that?”

He didn’t look at me, but said very quietly. “I am sorry Billy.”

“Sorry…sorry what ever for,” I queried

“I shouldn’t have done that, but you look so beautiful and I love you so much.”

Hardly able to stop my hand from shaking and so worried that I might have got it all wrong, I reached out for his wrist. Gripping it lightly, I paused for a moment as I plucked up my courage and then thought. ‘Go for it.’

I crouched in front of him before undoing his buckle and zip. Having pulled down his trousers I reached out, gently stroked his shaft then reached in only to find a damp patch on his boxers where his precum had soaked through. I continued to rub his cock through his boxers, I was sure that I had never felt anything so thick. I dropped onto my knees and sat back on my heels.

“Can I see it Sir?” I asked playfully.

He chuckled and slowly unveiled his cock. I looked at it for a moment with a mixture of excitement and nervousness.

“You can touch it and for christ sake stop calling me Sir” He uttered.

“Sorry Sir, force of habit…May I,” I replied gleefully. It was about 8 inches in length, drooling precum, its foreskin was slightly pulled back exposing a shiny deep purple dome; his cock was thick, very thick and covered with bulging blood vessels, one could say it was gnarled but to me it was beautiful. I raised myself off my heels and lent forward until my mouth was an inch or two from the head of his semi erect cock. As he began to unbutton his shirt I first blew softly across its tip, causing Gerald to squirm. Holding his erection securely, I stuck out my tongue and began to lap up the precum from its tip. His cock twitched and continued to grow upwards. My mouth was now salty from the precum and I was salivating at the thought of trying to take his cock deep into my throat, but I held back. I ran my tongue along the underside of his cock until it was almost fully erect, occasionally stopping to tickle the tip, then I dropped back onto my heels.

“Can we go somewhere more comfortable?” I inquired.

“Follow me,” he replied first kicking off his slippers and trousers; he then led me through the house losing his shirt and boxers somewhere on the way and into his bedroom where he sat totally naked on the bed. I made to kneel in front of him but he stopped me. “I want to see what you’re hiding under those jeans,” he said. I stood in front of him and unbuttoned, then teasingly turned away and slowly slid my jeans to the floor.

“Now stop your teasing and come here, I want to feel your cute mouth around my cock again.”

Now I knelt between his legs, bent over, grasped his thick cock with one hand, his balls with the other and lowered my lips over the glistening head. He moaned as I slowly worked myself lower and lower. With each trip up and down his length, his cock became increasing engorged and I knew it wouldn’t be long before I would get to taste him. He had a hand resting on my bum before squeezing and teasing or tracing my crack through my boxers. My hole was itching to be filled but I wasn’t sure if I could fit him in. He seemed to sense what I wanted and slipped his hand inside my boxers and began to gently caress and tease my tight hole. I moaned and thrust my mouth deep onto him, staying with his cock in my throat for as long as possible before surfacing.

“Stop!” he bellowed pulling at my head, “You’re going to make me cum and I’m not finished with you yet.”

Looking him directly in the eye, I took hold of my shirt with both hands and in one movement pulled it up, over my head and threw it into some distant corner of his bedroom.

His eyes inevitably went straight to my naked chest and my horrendously swollen nipples. Soon he reached out and rested his hands against my breast.

“Oh Billy, they’re lovely,” he exclaimed as he expertly pinched and pulled my rock hard nipples. ‘God how I loved to have my nipples squeezed.’

“You like?” I whispered as I kissed him again and he reciprocated just as he had done before. With his hands on the back of my head I moved and kissed each nipple, I could not stop my hand plunging towards his gorgeously swollen erection, as I ran my fingers up and down its length; I then looked up at him as I expressed my excitement.

It was not just the sensation on my hand or the feelings it sent through, but also the look on Gerald’s face. One of part arousal, part pleasure, part thanks, part desire and part affection: I had never seen such a look before and I realised that what summed up those looks and made them a whole was love. Gerald was looking at me with love on his face and I knew in his heart as well. As I gently stroked his cock we looked at each other I was hoping that he was seeing the same look on my face as that was precisely what I felt for him. Complete and total, unmitigated and full love for him; I felt so close to him and wanted to give him so much pleasure Fatih Escort Bayan from me and my body. I kissed his tummy then ran my tongue down a so that it touched the tip of his cock.

So as I licked the tip of Gerald’s cock I just hoped he was correct. The jerk of his body and the low moan that came from his mouth told me that indeed he did. That boosted my confidence and holding his warm, hard thickness I licked along its length, from the very tip to right where it goes into his balls.

Pumping my mouth up and down its length I was gratified to hear him sighing and saying how wonderful it was. I cupped his balls in my hand that was not holding his erection and gently squeezed them. I think it must have been good for him too for he gripped my head with both hands as if he wanted to sink himself further and further in my mouth. I speeded up the pace of plunging my mouth up and down him and felt his cock, if anything, getting harder. I guessed that he was near to cumming and whilst I would have gladly let him cum into my mouth, I was a little relieved when he pulled himself out.

“STOP!…You have to stop Billy.”

He stood up then directed me to get on my hands and knees on the bed before positioning himself behind me, pushing my shoulders down and forcing my bum into the air. He pulled down my boxers just enough to see his conquest, my winking orifice. He parted my cheeks, lowered his mouth to my ass and began to wet my hole with his tongue. My cock pulsed with anticipation for I wanted his big cock inside me.

“Let me get some lube.”

I nodded and relaxed a bit for I was scared, fucking scared but I wanted it. I wanted his cock up my ass. I didn’t really care if it hurt, I was hot and I wanted it bad. I could hear him muttering away as he rattled some stuff around in his bedside cabinet then he was back, lifting me whilst putting some pillows under my belly. Behind me he was rubbing my back low down, just above my ass, where it really feels good.

I felt his hand between my legs and spread my knees while he stroked my back, then the cheeks of my ass. He moved on to my anus—OK, I stiffened just a little—and I could feel the tip of a wet finger circling my anus. Because it felt good and trying to relax I moved my hips, then it slipped into me, I felt it going in then felt it moving and rotating as he tried to loosen my up. A few minutes later I was moaning, and then there were two fingers, and three, it felt fantastic.

“I’m going to lube you…” he whispered, and I felt something cold and solid press against my anus. I stiffened again; Gerald whispered, “It’s OK…its only lube so just relax…”

I tried, and eventually I did relax. The lube wasn’t so cold any more, just cool as it circled my opening. Then, gently, the lube was pressed into my ass followed by a finger, this went deeper warming my insides; it was a strange feeling my anal opening was cold yet my anal canal felt warm. After a few more twists and turns Gerald removed his finger then shuffled closer until his cock was poking at my anus. I braced myself. “Relax,” he said. “It’s OK…just relax.” I tried, and a moment later I felt his cock pressing into me.

I knew it was his cock for it was too soft to be a finger, and it was warm and… oh God, it didn’t hurt not exactly, but it stretched my sphincter and then FUCK it did hurt, for the head just popped in and its shaft wasn’t long following but still big enough to really stretch me. FUCK

I heard myself whimpering and Gerald saying, “It’s OK…I’m taking it easy…I’ll go slowly,” but I wasn’t whimpering from the pain. I didn’t mind that, really I didn’t. It was the incredible feeling of his cock the cock of an older man finally sliding into my ass and filling me up, boy was it filling me up. I was full of cock, like when his cock was in my mouth, but somehow different.

Then it was all the way in. The hairs on Gerald’s belly were pressing against my ass and his cock was all…the…way…in…in my ass…in my bowels. I was full. It felt like needing to go to for a shit, but I wanted it in me so I pressed back.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck this feels so good!” I kept saying

“Your ass is so tight!” he said.

He began pounding into me, pushing my whole body forward with each thrust. My anal ring clenched onto his cock as he pulled out, trying to keep it inside of me. He pulled all the way out of my ass and then lined the tip back up to my hole and pushed forward until he was buried inside me with one thrust. He did it again, and again, and again, each time his cock hitting my prostate, sending waves of pleasure through my body.

I was loving this so much. I loved feeling his bare skin slide along my anal canal. I loved feeling each vein in his cock as it passed over my ring. I loved feeling his tip hit my prostate. I loved how his long cock felt like it was going to push into my stomach and how much he stretched my ass open.

He pulled out again. Slamming into me again. The pleasure was finally too much for me. Three strokes Escort Fatih later I came like I’d never cum before. Indescribable. Shattering. My whole body was involved, with pulses of pleasure stemming out from nowhere; I hadn’t yet touched my cock, but my cock was spewing cum onto the bed in heavy spurts. I was cumming harder than I ever had before

“Oh, God, yes!” Gerald yelled. “I can feel your ass clamping down on my cock! I’m gonna cum soon! I’m gonna cum deep in your fucking ass… is this what you wanted?”

I was whimpering, moaning, and grunting and my orgasm was at its height and I hoped his was too, except I wanted this to last forever and then oh shit, Gerald made a sound halfway between a grunt and a scream, and I finally felt his warm and pulsing cock spasm then shoot load after load deep into my bowels. Bent over my back and holding me in his arms he stood there letting his unprotected cock spill his seed into my rectum

“You seemed to like that?” He panted. I glanced back over my shoulder and smiled.

“Yes,” I sighed, “You can fuck me like that anytime again.” Gently with his cock still deep in my ass he rocked back and forth before pulling back. I wanted more. “Keep your cock in there,” I panted. I reached back, took hold of his bum and pulled it towards me.

We stayed like that for some time with him inside me. Eventually Gerald’s softened cock plopped out of my ass, I looked into his eyes and said, “Thank you, thank you, thank you so much,” I gabbled as his cum leaked out of my ass and ran down my thighs

“Don’t be silly Billy, don’t thank me, don’t ever thank me for making love to you.”

“We will do it again then?” I asked.

“If that is what you want Billy,” replied Gerald as he made his way towards the bathroom, returning a few minutes later with a couple of warm washcloths.



“Oh Billy,” he groaned as we lay side by side.

Looking at him, I saw that he had closed his eyes and wondered what they meant and was concerned that he would pull away. It was as though he was having an argument with himself about what he should do. “Yes Gerald, what?”

“Billy I love you so much, you do know that don’t you?”

“Yes Gerald, yes I do and I love you too.”

“Billy this can be so much more than sex you do realise that don’t you?” He said very quietly.

“Yes, of course.”

Then we kissed again. Once more it just seemed to happen, but wonderfully our lips merged together. The conversation and the kiss seemed to help him make up his mind. I felt his body lose the tightness I had noticed as I lay beside him, but more importantly, I felt his fingers glide towards my cock, I slid my arm round his neck and increased the intensity of our kiss.

His fingers squeezed my cock. It was like an electric shock and sent a strong shudder through me. I grunted , which, I think caused him to break the kiss. He moved away and just looked at me. I stared back at him as he slid his fingers into me.

A couple of guys had done this to me before, but none in the way he was doing it. Gerald watched my reaction as he slid his fingers in and almost out of me and, by pulling up on my anus encouraged me to pull my legs up and spread them apart. To feel myself being finger fucked was a fascination in itself, but to watch him doing it was simply amazing. I smiled at him and raised my ass higher as I revelled in the multitude of glorious sensations and emotions roaring through me. I couldn’t help keep thinking. ‘We are going to do it, yes, my Gerald is going to fuck me again.’

For some reason, although I thought I had done plenty to tell him how available I was, it seemed as though I had to continue making the running, to be the one who initiated things and to be the seducer. Perhaps, I rationalised, he needs that to assuage the guilt and doubt he might have about what we were doing after all compared to him I was still a boy. So if that was the case then so be it, I thought pushing his hand away and kneeling beside him.

“Gerald this is wonderful,” I breathed into his ear.

“Yes Billy, yes it is,” he groaned back as suddenly, I realised what I had to do next.

I reached down and gently but firmly moved his hand away from my cock. Looking him directly in the eye, I took hold of his gorgeously swollen erection as I ran my fingers up and down its length, I then looked up at him as I closed them round it.

The jerk of his body and the low moan that came from his mouth told me that indeed he did. That boosted my confidence and holding his warm, hard thickness I licked along its length, from the very tip to right where it goes into his balls.

Pumping my mouth up and down its length I was gratified to hear him sighing and saying how wonderful it was. I cupped his balls in my hand that was not holding his erection and gently squeezed them was so good. I think it must have been for him too for he gripped my head with both hands as if he wanted to sink himself further and further in my mouth. I speeded up the pace of plunging my mouth up and down him and felt his cock, if anything, getting harder. Soon the ‘gulk, gulk, gulk’ of my deepening thrusts filled the room, I sensed that he was near to cumming and whilst I would have gladly let him cum into my mouth, I was a little relieved when he pulled my head away.

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