First Sex with Cousin

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Hi brothers and slut sisters. I am from India.

When I was 19 and my Dad’s Brother’s Daughter was 19 yrs too and her brother was 20years, she was so hot and sexy.

I was willing a sex with her when I saw her in a slutty way for the first time.

Then My Uncle and Aunt Settled in our City Permanently and she started visiting our house and playing with me like girls usually play with malls and barbies and one day we planned to play “Home – home.”

It seems Weird, In this Game we have to do our parents jobs like cooking going to duty and she said her brother that he had a different home and we had a different home in game and told that she will visit his home regularly as in game and then she started fake cooking in game and then the night came.

It was Time of Summer and We Slept but suddenly she asked for a big blanket and we both wore it. Then his brother asked for the same blanket and she told him he was in a different home, but still I got him another blanket.

And then we slept, and she turned off lights and closed the door of room and locked it and I asked why so she said no one should disturb us playing and my mom was at grandma’s house and dad at office and at that time I was not that type of boy, I was just an innocent boy.

Then she said “Night is going to last 30 minutes.”

My Brains Started to Generate Bad Thoughts, and then bahis siteleri inside the blanket she was moving. I Said “Why are you moving?”

She said “I am feeling cold.”

And told me to come closer I came closer and after 2 min she said it still feels cold you should put your leg on me, I hesitated and then my leg on her ass she felt something And then She inserted her hand inside her panties and started it moving I asked “What are you doing?”

She replied I was feeling wet in my hole.

I said “No it’s not.”

Then she suddenly Forcefully inserted my hand inside her panties I tried to take it out but she hold it tightly and then I started to feeling something It was a spongy pussy which was wet But for now I felt Attraction Towards Her and just inserted it for 1 minutes straight and my hairs on body started to stand and then I felt my cock hard as bone and then she said “I’m feeling good now, aren’t you feeling good now.”

I said “A bit” honestly I started feeling good.

She said “Can I see your private part from which you pee?”

I asked “Why?”

She said, “I think I can make you feel better.”

I couldn’t deny that I was feeling good, and she wore my whole pants up and wore her own. I asked her and she said these clothes are just barriers. I said “Isn’t it wrong?”

She said, “Not at all. We both are feeling good.”

Then canlı bahis siteleri she told me to pee, and I came back after peeing and then she asked if I could get some oil or something slippery.

I gave her vaseline and then she got to the bathroom and came, then she told me to touch her pussy again.

I touched then she said, insert your middle finger inside this front hole. I asked, “Wouldn’t it hurt you?”

She said, “No, I am used to it.”

And when I tried to insert my finger inside her pussy, she stopped and put the same vaseline I gave to her a bit and then I inserted slowly I went inside well my whole finger gone and she told to pull it back and do it again.

I did as she said. She started to feel good and now she pulled out my finger and held my cock and put vaseline on it and on her own and told me to insert my cock inside her pussy and said to do the same thing.

I did it with my finger. I started to feel so good but in seconds I got to the climax and then I said no, she said “I have not felt so good yet,” I carried on. I pumped for about 5 minutes and then I told her that something liquid was just going to be released from this.

She quickly removed my cock from her hole and started masturbating me and then I finally released “Cum” but she said “It should go on.”

She cleaned my cock and again but vaseline on canlı bahis it and started to fuck me again it already gone 30 min and his brother went to sleep and she saw him and carried on and I went 35 in continuous pump as I already cum but I felt a pleasure in between.

Now she started to move quickly. I think she was also feeling so good and I said, “I am about to release some liquid.”

She again pulled it out and just inserted it inside her mouth. I asked what are you doing? She said “It gives a good feeling”, and finally i cum inside her mouth. She was so happy and satisfied and she also cum and then she asked me to lick her pushing.

I refused, but she forced me and told that it gives a really good taste better than any fast food.

I licked her pussy, it was really incredible she also said you should try soaking and sucking with I did, her pussy was tasting so good I licked it for 10 minutes and then we wore our clothes and woke her brother and said 30 min is over but in reality 90 minutes got passed and we boringly continued the game so her brother won’t find out that something’s wrong and when she was going to her home, she said to me “If you won’t tell anyone about it I will come regularly and make you feel good.”

This was the first time felt something before

And Instead of masturbating to get first pleasure.

I got sex with my cousin.

This is how I had my first sex with my cousin, and it happened regularly.

We Continued this thing 2 years straight, and no one found us out.

And then she moved to surat (Gujrat) So this thing ends like this.

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